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Pastured Products Directory - Idaho

idaho map


Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Idaho map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Looking for markets, stores and restaurants that carry grass-fed products? Visit our Idaho Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

24 West Ranch — See below

Alderspring Ranch offers a complete line of beef products including all typical cuts, ground beef (90-95% lean), a variety of sausages made without preservatives, and hickory smoked steak strips. Small quantities are available seasonally at the Boise 8th Street Farmer's Market and year-round at the Boise Consumer Co-op. Packs of 20-40 lbs. as well as quarters, halves and wholes are available for home delivery in parts of Idaho and Western Montana.

Our Angus cattle are raised from start to finish on our mountain ranch in remote east-central Idaho, eating nothing but intensively-managed pastures and locally-harvested stored forages in the coldest months. We use no antibiotics, additives, genetically modified feeds, animal byproducts, steroids, hormone implants or pour-on insecticides. Our remote valley has no row crop industry, eliminating contamination from agricultural or industrial chemicals. We use quiet, stress-free management because it is the right thing to do, and for improved animal health and meat quality.

We harvest animals at approximately 18 months and dry-age 20 days for optimal leanness and tenderness at a USDA inspected family-owned processor. We have been finishing and selling direct for over ten years, and have perfected a production and processing model that gives a consistently tender delicious beef.

Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Beef, Glenn and Caryl Elzinga, PO Box 64, Tendoy ID 83468.
E-mail: alderspring@salmoninternet.com. Website: www.alderspring.com.

Broken Spoke Yaks is a family operation in the high mountain valley of Star Valley, Wyoming. We have pristine air and water. Our yaks are naturally pasture raised on organic fields. We raise our own hay from these fields also. No pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals of any kind have been used since.

We bought our farm in 1986. Our animals are not fed any grain. They are 100% grass fed. We do not vaccinate or use antibiotics. We rotate pastures for parasite control. Our meat is processed at a USDA facility and has been certified e-coli negative. The meat has been dry aged for 10 days then flash frozen in cryovac packaging. This ensures the most nutritious, flavorful and tender meat.

Please visit our website for the nutritional facts and pricing. You may call 307-887-6638 (or text) or email brokenspokeyaks@gmail.com for further information. Visitors are always welcome.

Broken Spoke Yaks, Gene or Colleen David, 1909 Hwy 241, Star Valley WY 83110. (307) 887-6638 or (307) 887-6639.
E-mail: brokenspokeyaks@gmail.com. Website: http://brokenspokeyaks.com.

Here at Campbell Triangle C Beef we are More than Grass Finished ... Ours is OUTRAGEOUSLY NUTRITIOUS BEEF

I have been raising the beef with a focus on the superior health benefits for...

  • Humans who enjoy this nutrient-rich, toxin-free and naturally tasty BEEF
  • Animals by providing mineral-rich forages and removing toxins. Every day my cows enjoy Sea Salt Brine (92 minerals in nature's balance), detoxing clay, iodine, boron, selenium, organic ACV and diatomaceous earth
  • The Earth with the restoration of minerals and increasing the biology in the soil. A grazing tall rotation helps sequester carbon, which is at the root of soil, plant, animal, and human health.

Campbell Triangle C Beef Promise:

COUNTRY ORGANIC. We have not sought out any local or national certifications at Campbell Triangle C Beef. Our cows are not exposed to antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs or ethanol byproducts. A detoxifying clay is supplemented daily to my cows to ensure that this nutritionally maximized beef is as natural and clean as it can. OUR COWS DON'T DO DRUGS

TENDER BEEF. I have been tutored in, and practicing for twelve years, the art of seeing the external indicators on the animals which are associated with tender, flavorful meat on the inside.

GRAIN-FREE. Campbell Triangle C Beef is full of: brain-food (Omega 3s) and CLA, cancer-fighting FAT. I am excited for the opportunities that my fourteenth year of grass-finishing cattle brings and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for supporting a local, non-GMO ranch. As always, stop by and see us anytime.


Campbell Triangle C Ranch, Steve Campbell, 2365 Echo Avenue Parma, Idaho 83660. (208) 315-4726.
E-mail: trianglec3@gmail.com. Website: http://trianglecbeef.com.

Cascade Creek Farm is a Family Farm raising Pastured Pork, Grass-Fed Beef and Pastured Poultry on land registered organic with ISDA.

"Our mission is to sustainably produce good tasting, healthy and humanely raised food. In doing so, we will positively benefit our family, our animals, our community and the earth through our enterprise."

Our practices go beyond organic standards. We are proud stewards of our patch of earth, striving daily to nurture our land as well as our animals. All our animals enjoy healthy, hormone-free lives – they thrive in their natural environment given proper space, clean water and good food. We support local farmers who grow pesticide/herbicide-free grains for our poultry and pigs.

Our pork and beef are available by the cut, whole, half, and split half (beef). We feature our own organic Sausage Seasonings and Cure which are all nitrite/nitrate/msg-free. Our pigs lead a good life; born without crates they grow up on rotated paddocks with room to root and roam. Our Angus Beef Cattle are strictly grass-finished, with a harvest window of June-October.

Pastured Broilers and Turkeys are available seasonally.

Retail cuts available on farm. Come buy and visit! Some of our products are also available at the Sandpoint Farmers Market, several grocery stores, and the One World Spokane restaurant. (Viisit our website or Eatwild's Idaho and Washington Beyond the Farm pages for details.)

Cascade Creek Farm, Mimi Feuling and Rob Fredericks, 5261 Westside Road, Bonners Ferry ID 83805.
E-mail: mimi@cascadecreekfarm.com. Website: www.cascadecreekfarm.com.

Castle Rock Ranch raises grass-finished beef from heritage breed cattle along the Coeur D’Alene River. Our unconventional management style means we move our cows onto fresh pasture every day to simulate the way wild herds graze and results in the building of topsoil, increased water infiltration and biodiversity, which are hallmarks of a healthy ecosystem.

We never feed grain or use growth hormones or antibiotics on our cows and we never use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on our pastures. We grass finish with a goal of creating fat and inter-muscular marbling that makes meat tender and flavorful. Our heritage breed Aberdeen Angus and Dexters are smaller framed than most cattle and produce more manageable cuts of meat for customers that don’t want a 16 oz steak (you can always eat two 8 oz steaks).

Animals are purchased by the quarter, half or whole where customers pay by the pound, with a typical quarter beef yielding a manageable 75 pounds of packaged beef. We only harvest July through November so that all animals have had at least 90 days on green, growing grass to maximize nutrition and quality. All of our beef is dry-aged for 10 days and then custom cut and frozen by local butchers. 

Pickup is at the butcher in Coeur D’Alene or our ranch and delivery is possible to the Seattle area but we do not mail beef. 

Castle Rock Ranch, Albert Walsh, 12718 Old River Road, Kingston Idaho 83839. (208) 682-9537.
E-mail: albertvwalsh@gmail.com. Website: www.cdariverbeef.com.

At Cunningham Pastured Meats, located on the Oregon/Idaho border, we raise grass-fed and finished beef and lamb. We also raise pastured pork and chicken. All of our animals graze our wild meadows and have access to clean water and plenty of open space. We have been selling pastured meats for several years and are happy to help anyone looking to start buying bulk meat for their freeze.

  • Our animals are NEVER given antibiotics and hormones. 
  • Pigs and chickens receive supplemental NON-GMO grains.
  • We sell bulk freezer meat at a price that families can afford compared to supermarket store prices. 
  • Use a small local butcher for harvesting animals that you can get cut to your specific request for bulk orders. 
  • We harvest meat several times throughout the year to keep your freezers full!
  • Pre-boxed options are available year-round on our website for local pickup or delivery.

All the information you need to know about our animals, management practices and ordering are on our website. 

Cunningham Pastured Meats, Liz Cunningham, Jordan Valley OR 83702; Pickup location Boise ID 83702. (208) 649-4403.
E-mail: liz@cunninghampasturedmeats.com. Website: http://cunninghampasturedmeats.com.

Dirty Boots Ranch, located 30 minutes North of Spokane, provides grass-fed Berkshire pigs and Finnsheep lamb. All are raised using organic practices but we are not certified.

Our Berkshire pigs come from premier Iowa stock and consistently produce healthy piglets. Our boars and sows live on the Ranch with their piglets. They are pasture and woodland raised and receive non-GMO feed. We occasionally have breeder stock available.

The Finnsheep are grass fed and receive hay that we produce at the Ranch. They live with their guardian Alpacas and Great Pyrenees dog named Freya. 

Our animals are reared without antibiotics or hormones, live outdoors with shelters during inclement weather, and are allowed to have the most natural lives possible. 

We are a family farm and a portion of the proceeds go to our children's college funds. Meat is sold in halves and whole. Delivery to Seattle area possible. Please visit our website or contact Amy directly at (509) 238.5187.

Dirty Boots Ranch, Amy and Kurt Monsen, 27912 N Elk Chattaroy Road, Chattaroy, WA 99003. (509) 238.5187.
E-mail: amonsen@hotmail.com. Website: www.dirtybootsranch.com.

Dirty Spur Cattle Company raises pure bred Texas Longhorns. All of our animals are born and raised right here in Highland, Utah and never leave one of our pastures. They are grass fed from the day they are born to the day they are slaughtered, and are never given any hormones or antibiotics.

We process our meat at the only USDA certified slaughter house in Utah County and we deliver our meat right to your home. You can trust that these cows are all-natural, hormone-free and never given anything but grass to eat all the days of their lives.

Our meat is extremely lean and has been tested at 92–98% lean. Thanks to Texas Longhorn beef, today's health-conscious consumer doesn't have to avoid tender juicy steaks. Not only is Longhorn beef leaner than that of other breeds, it is also lower in saturated fats. The flavorful Longhorn beef has less cholesterol and calories than chicken. Definitely good news for a healthy lifestyle!

"Lean beef is good for you – and the key word is lean. Longhorn meat on the average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a surprise to many dieticians." —Dr. Joseph Graham, Cardiovascular Surgeon at St. John's Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri.

We sell our beef in quarters, halves and full cows. You can also purchase ground beef from us in any quantity at any time of year. You can read more about the amazing qualities of Texas Longhorn lean meat on our website. We'd love to talk to you more about these amazing animals. Please give us a call.

Farmers Markets: We are vendors at the Thanksgiving Point Farmers Market on Friday from 3-7pm starting in August and ending in October. We are also vendors at the Happy Valley Farmers Market on Fridays from 5-9pm starting in August and ending in October.

We ship our meat anywhere in the continental US via UPS. Buyer pays shipping costs.

Dirty Spur Cattle Company, Mike New, 11151 N 6000 W, Highland UT 84003. (801) 361-3542.
E-mail: orders@dirtyspurlonghorns.com. Website: www.dirtyspurlonghorns.com.

Double Diamond Ranch is a family farm located in the high-desert foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon, near the Idaho border. Our pastures are irrigated by snowmelt from the Eaglecap Wilderness. We have been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since June 2000 to sell Certified Organic/Grass-fed Lamb and Beef.

Naturally. . NO: hormones, antibiotics, by-products, GMOs, feedlot, or irradiation.

Our annual crop of about 150 lambs and 30 beef is harvested from late July through September to capture the meat at its grass-fed prime. We offer two purchase options: 1) Processing through a USDA inspected, organically certified plant; 2) purchase of the live animal for local processing.

Orders may be placed by phone or e-mail, and shipped (at the customer's expense) almost anywhere in the US. We accept VISA. For more information about us and our product look for Vicki Wares' profile on Facebook and access our Double Diamond Ranch page.

Double Diamond Ranch, Paul Wares, 45008 Houghton Creek Road, Baker City OR 97814. (541) 853-2320 or (541) 519-5805.
E-mail: dbldimon@gmail.com. Website: http://doublediamondranch.netbiz.com/.

Double Aught Angus Ranch, located near the South Fork of the Clearwater River in northern Idaho, is a small family farm dedicated to raising quality beef by providing our cattle a quality life.

Environmentally sound practices:
Our 100% Angus cattle have Lowline Angus breeding, a smaller-framed Angus known for superior meat quality and superior grass-efficiency. They graze pastures that are managed for clean, healthy grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees. The variety of forage species, clean water, and free-choice minerals keep our cattle healthy and satisfied. In addition to naturally pastured beef cattle, our ranch is managed for a broad range of wildlife and plant species to ensure an ecologically diverse and sustainable environment.

Better beef in smaller packages—Small-framed cattle are easy on our customers’ pocketbooks and easy on the environment:
Eat the whole steak! Smaller steers yield smaller cuts to better suit most customers’ needs. Our steers will yield about 260 pounds of packaged meat and are available as whole, half or mixed quarters (cuts from front and hind).

All natural:
Always grass-fed, never grained. No added hormones nor antibiotics.

Always humane:
Our cattle are naturally docile and always handled gently, with respect. Calves are weaned later without the distress of early weaning or isolation from their mothers Fresh pasture is provided when possible and quality locally-grown grass hay is continuously available when winter weather does not permit grazing. Steers are never subjected to the stress of being shipped for slaughter. They are humanely ranch-killed and packaged by a local family-run processor.

Double Aught Angus Ranch, Susan Hagle, 379 Lee Road, Harpster ID 83552. (208) 926-4545.
E-mail: 2lazyh@wildblue.net. Website: www.wix.com/2lazyh/lowlineangus

GrassRoots Meats is committed to supplying all natural, grass-finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef and lamb to health and quality conscious individuals who desire an enjoyable and flavorful alternative to standard commodity meat products.

From birth until market our animals breathe fresh clean air, graze on lush green grass, and drink crystal clear water. Our business is built on the foundation of placing God and family first, and maintaining honesty and integrity throughout all phases of our operation. We like to think of our customers as friends and partners, and we want you to feel comfortable about buying your meat from someone you know and trust. Your comments and questions are welcome.

GrassRoots Meats is located in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, but we also have grazing leases in Oklahoma and New Mexico. Our meat is available year round, and is shipped in thermal lined freezer boxes. We can ship quite reasonably throughout the entire United States. Your meat will arrive still frozen and ready to put into your freezer.

Our meat is dry-aged and USDA inspected. Select the individual retail cuts that you want or choose from one of our many packages. The meat is vacuum packaged, in stock and ready to ship, but halves and wholes are available by advanced order only.

For more information, or to order our delicious meat, visit our website or e-mail us. For references be sure to check out the testimonials posted on our website.

GrassRoots Meats, PO Box 429, Pagosa Springs CO 81147. (970) 731-1471 or toll-free (800) 681-2260.
E-mail: grassroots@centurytel.net. Website: www.grassrootsmeats.com

Hardgrass Beef is our family's farm in Lostine, Oregon. Providing families 100% Organic (USDA-certified) Grass fed, Nutrient Rich, Dry-Aged, Scottish Highland Beef.

Our farming philosophy is simple: Combine the best breed of cattle with the optimal environment and stewardship of the land, followed organic logowith humane care and respect for the animals to create the best nutrient rich beef from our family to yours!

  • 100% USDA certified Organic, Grassfed. No Antibiotics, No Herbicides, No Pesticides, No Hormones.
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs
  • USDA small scale Artisan Butcher
  • Stewardship of our riparian areas and upland grasses through rotational grazing practices and protective fencing

Purchase our meat online. All meat is USDA inspected. All meat is humanely harvested, dry-aged, artisan butchered then flash frozen and cryo-vacuumed packaged. We offer our beef for sale as ground beef, premium steaks, quarters, halves and whole beef options.

To purchase our meat or learn more about our family farm, please visit our website or give a call.

Hardgrass Beef, LLC., Getty Pollard, 69602 Warnock Road, Lostine OR 97857. (541) 263-1545 or (888) 333-9812.
E-mail: info@hardgrassbeef.com. Website: www.hardgrassbeef.com.

Harper Valley Ranch is a small, family-owned and managed ranch focusing on raising grassfed, grass finished beef and lamb.

Our goal is to provide safe and healthy meat at a competitive price. Farm to table is a lot more than a catch phrase for us. We believe in transparency and open dialogue. If you have any questions about the ranching practices at Harper Valley, please call or e-mail. We love to talk about the ranch and our animals.

Our animals feed only on pasture and hay. We do not administer ongoing antibiotic treatments, utilize feedlots, steroids, or growth hormones. We strive to raise quality meat in an environment that is low stress, humane and natural for our animals.

HVR delivers on a regular schedule to the Treasure Valley and Ontario areas.

You can order online at harpervalleyranch.com, or call us at (541) 358-5321. Our products include beef and lamb by the cut, in bundles, halves or whole animals. We also have CSA packages with monthly delivery.  

Harper Valley Ranch, Sandy Sturgis, 3099 Little Valley Road Harper OR 97906. (208) 371-5321.
E-mail: Sandy@harpervalleyranch.com. Website: www.harpervalleyranch.com.

Homestead Natural Foods LLC is a co-operative of four ranching families that have joined together to bring real food to health-conscious consumers. We’ve gone back to raising cattle, pigs and poultry the way our grandparents did: born and bred on natural pasture, with no hormones or antibiotics.

Homestead Natural beef is raised antibiotic free, growth stimulant/hormone free, and grain/corn free and are all raised from birth to finish on a grass diet.

Homestead Natural pork is raised 100% free range and fed a minimal amount of barley, no corn, soy beans or GMO feeds.

Homestead Natural poultry products are raised free range on grass pasture and fed a minimal amount of grain.

Cattle, pigs and poultry raised in “concentrated animal feeding operations” (CAFOs) may cost less at the checkout stand, but you pay a high price in taste and nutrition. You see, beef, pork and chicken raised on natural pasture don’t just taste better… they’re better for you. And when it comes to flavor, just ask the folks who have eaten our beef, pork or chicken at Idaho restaurants like the Red Feather Lounge, Bitter creek Alehouse, Café d’Paris, Jenny's Lunch Line, Lucky 13, St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, Galena Lodge, Segos and CKs in Sun Valley, Brick 29 in Nampa and Bon Appetit in Caldwell.

Beef, pork and chicken raised with sustainable agricultural practices may cost more, but like our grandparents would have told you, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to your health, isn’t that worth a little extra?

NOTE: Homestead Natural Foods has a local delivery option if you live within 100 miles of the Boise, Idaho metro area, OR in Twin Falls, Idaho. We deliver every Tuesday.

Homestead Natural Foods, LLC, Bill and Carol Gale, Ed and Debbie Wilsey, 12174 FGalloway Road, Middleton ID 83644. Bill & Carol Gale: (208) 880-8923 or (208) 585-6694. Ed & Debbie Wilsey: (208) 337-4780; Mike and Joan Fluit: (541) 432-5071; Keith and Sharon Heuttig: (208) 539-7261.
E-mail: homesteadnatural@live.com. Website: www.homesteadnatural.com.

Kindred Family Farm offers a wide variety of pasture-raised meats including pork, beef, and chicken.

Our animals graze on a cornucopia of plants and grasses growing on the property. Our pigs and chickens also consume non-genetically modified animal feed that we grind ourselves, which consists of peas, oats, barely, wheat and organic supplements such as nutri-balancer, molasses, oyster shell, salt, kelp and diatomaceous earth. Our animals have access to fresh springs and ponds on our property and are free to live how they were created to in the open air, rather than in cramped quarters. We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our animals.

We put emphasis on raising quality meats as healthy alternatives for people looking for food that will sustain and fortify their bodies and satisfy their taste buds as well. Our desire is to provide our customers with healthy and humanely raised animal products that they can trust and enjoy!

We hope that you will take the opportunity to try our products for yourselves. As we raise our animals we trust that they will put smiles on faces around tables all over the country from Kindred Family Farm to yours.

Please visit our website for details on specific meats, cuts, pricing and availability or email us at adoptiongospel@gmail.com.

Kindred Family Farm, Mickey Kindred, 424 Cedar Creek Road, Kooskia, ID 83539. (208) 926-0097.
E-mail: adoptiongospel@gmail.com. Website: www.kindredfamilyfarm.net.

Lau Family Farm is a fifth generation family ranch operating in the Five Mile Meadow just north of Soda Springs, Idaho. We are proud to offer naturally raised, grass-fed beef and lamb. Our animals are raised without hormone implants or antibiotics. Our livestock graze on intensively managed pastures and are fed our own high quality hay crops during the winter months. They are never fed antibiotics, animal by-products or any grain products.

Our meats are USDA inspected and dry aged for enhanced flavor and tenderness. Both beef and lamb are offered as individual cuts (vacuum packed or cellophane and paper wrapped). We offer beef subscription bundles, as well as whole, half or quarter beef. Our lamb is available as whole or half lambs. In the summer of 2006, we will have jerky, made with no preservatives, made from our meat available as well.

You can also find our meat at the following locations—Farmers’ Markets: Southeastern Idaho Farmers Market, Pocatello, Idaho Saturdays, May to October 9 am to 1 pm; and Cache Valley Gardeners Market, Logan, Utah Saturdays, May to October 8 am to noon; Grocery Stores: Vita-Mor in Montpelier, Idaho and D & C Natural Foods in Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Restaurants: The Painted Table in Logan, Utah.

During the summer we make monthly deliveries to Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Ogden, Utah. During the winter we make monthly deliveries to Logan, Ogden, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. Please contact us for our delivery schedule or to place an order!

Lau Family Farm, John and Lori Anne Lau, PO Box 337 / 675 Highway 30, Soda Springs ID 83276. (208) 547-3180.
E-mail: lorianne@laufamilyfarm.com. Website: www.laufamilyfarm.com.

Lava Lake Lamb is 100% natural Idaho grass-fed lamb – never placed in a feed lot, never given any hormones, never given antibiotics.

Our lambs graze with their mothers and continue to drink mother’s milk all their lives, getting important antibodies for good health and vitality, and making the best-tasting meat. Lava Lake’s lambs also spend most of their lives grazing on wild, fragrant range grasses, herbs and other plants, as Nature intended.

Raised with care by our experienced shepherds, our lambs are truly “free-range.” Traveling from the deserts of the Snake River Plain to the high mountains near Sun Valley, our animals log hundreds of miles during their lifetimes – they are never confined in feedlots. The result is meat that is lean yet tender and flavorful – we think you’ll find it the best you’ve tasted.

Our headquarters is Lava Lake Ranch, located just southeast of Sun Valley in Idaho’s Pioneer Mountains. As a family of ranchers and environmentalists, we are committed to restoring and preserving this land because of its history, its beauty and its biological diversity. We are so committed to this principle that all net profits from our grass-fed lamb sales help fund our land conservation work.

Lava Lake Lamb is available year-round and can be purchased by individual cuts, halves or wholes and shipped anywhere in the U.S. It is USDA-inspected, dry-aged for ten days, then frozen and cryovaced to retain its freshness and flavor.

To place an order, or for more information, visit our website or contact us at (208) 788-9778.

Lava Lake Lamb, Mike Stevens or Kathleen Bean, PO Box 2249, Hailey ID 83333; (208) 788-9778.
E-mail: kathleen@lavalake.net. Website: www.lavalakelamb.com.

Malheur River Meats was created with the belief that great tasting meat can be healthy for you while being produced using humane, sustainable poly culture practices. We are family owned and operated, residing in the high desert region of Malheur County in southeastern Oregon.

At Malheur River Meats we believe that producing great tasting healthy meat starts with happy, healthy animals. We accomplish this by providing an environment in which our grass-fed Angus beef, pasture raised heritage Duroc pork, pasture raised heritage turkey (seasonal) and grass-fed goat (seasonal) are raised the traditional way, the way nature intended. Our animals spend their lives expressing their natural behaviors of foraging on grasses, browsing, or just rooting around. These animals are free of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and animal by-products. We also do not use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures.

Our beef and pork are available year around for pick-up, delivery or mail order. It is sold as frozen individual cuts or bundles and by half or whole carcasses. All of our beef is dry aged 14 to 21 days. Our goat is available during the fall and winter months, while our turkey will make a great centerpiece for your holiday table.

To place an order or to find out more information about our products, feel free to visit us at our website, call or e-mail. Look for us also at the Nampa Farmers Market in Nampa, Idaho and the Capital City Winter Market in Boise, Idaho.

Malheur River Meats, 4276 John Day Hwy, Vale OR 97918. (541) 473-2151.
E-mail: malheurrivermeats@mindspring.com. Website: www.malheurrivermeats.com

McIntyre Pastures is family owned and has been in the family for over four generations. We offer 100% grass finished beef, along with pastured pork, and eggs.

You can order beef and pork in bulk and we also have cuts available. Once you place an order we will find a mutually beneficial place to meet and deliver your products. We are in the process of changing over our pastures to be certified organic.  

Our pasture-based system helps to keep a low carbon footprint. Also, our pigs and chickens receive non-GMO grains grown right on the farm. The animals are not given antibiotics or hormones. Our animals are humanely raised on pasture and we breed for docile animals. This creates a low-stress environment, for not only animal but also humans. All the animals are rotated throughout the pastures to increase soil health and also regenerate the land. Without healthy soils we cannot have healthy plants, animals, and humans.

  • Cows: 100% Grass finished, never fed grain
  • Pigs: ration-grown on farm, no crates or pens, with movement allowed to develop intramuscular fat (taste)
  • Chickens: free range chickens, allowed to forage for food, mineral-rich eggs

For more information about our animals, you can visit our website or contact us.

McIntyre Pastures, Evan Lynam, Brad McIntyre, 17995 Lewis Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607. (208) 573-4923.
E-mail: sales@mcintyrefamilyfarms.com. Website: www.mcintyrefamilyfarms.com.

McKerracher Family Farm is located halfway between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho in a beautiful little forested valley. We raise all our chickens and plants without chemicals and with fresh air, sunshine and earthworm friendly soil. We have Pastured Poultry, local fruit, and vegetables. 

See our website at www.mckerracherfamilyfarm.com

McKerracher Family Farm, Julie McKerracher, PO Box 70, Careywood, ID 83809 - (455 Bear Track Lane), (208) 818-0208.
E-mail: JJMckManna@gmail.com. Website: www.mckerracherfamilyfarm.com

Naff Family Farm is a small, family-owned and -operated farm. We live on our farm, do the work of our farm, and eat from our farm. Our purpose in farming this land is to sustain our family and to share the life and abundance of our farm with our community.

Our farming philosophy is based upon the understanding that we are farmers of grass and stewards of our soil. Our goal is to work with our grazing animals to increase the health of our pastures. Robust soil, fresh air, and our Northwest rain produce lush pasture grasses. Grazed by our cattle, they provide nourishing and delicious food for you and your family.

Naff Family Farm sells grass-fed, pasture finished beef by the whole, half, and quarter. We also sell milk-fed pork and pastured rabbit.

Naff Family Farm, Ted and Sarah Naff, Bow Road and Highway 3, St. Maries ID 83861. (208) 416-9486.
E-mail: tedandsarah@naff-farm.com. Website: www.naff-farm.com

Nauman Beef offers natural grass finished beef produced without hormones, antibiotics or grain. Currently selling in whole, half. or split-half carcasses. Dry aged a minimum of 14 days to insure tenderness.

Available July thru Sept. Supply is limited. For ordering and price information phone or e-mail.

Nauman Beef, Nona Nauman, 1239 Mann Creek Road, Weiser ID 83672. (208) 549-2479.
E-mail: nnaum1@hughes.net

Palouse Pastured Poultry, located just 30 miles south of Spokane and about 20 miles from the Idaho border, is a small family-owned farm in the heart of the Palouse country in eastern Washington. It is an area renowned for its rolling hills and grain production.

We specialize in raising all natural pastured poultry, including USDA certified-organic, free-range broiler chickens and turkeys; grass-fed, free range chicken pullets and eggs, and duck eggs.

You can call us directly to place an order, or visit us at the Spokane Farmers Market, Saturdays and Wednesdays, 8am–1pm, or the Kootenai County Farmers Market, Saturdays, 8am–1pm; both markets run May–October.

Palouse Pastured Poultry, Allen Widman, 4 West Babb Road, Rosalia WA 99170.(509) 523-4833.
E-mail: allen@palousepasturedpoultry.com. Website: www.palousepasturedpoultry.com.

Ramstead Ranch is a diversified farm located 80 miles north of Spokane. We are committed to sustainable agriculture using grazing methods that help our land and our animals thrive. 

Find our price list and place your orders online. You can pick up our meats at local farmers’ markets and specialty groceries in Spokane, WA and Sandpoint, ID. Come by the farm to buy directly from your farmer, or join our mailing list to hear about our growing number of drop sites to pick up our meats in your local area.

You can buy the following meats in custom portions (whole/halves/quarters) or as individual market cuts:

  • Beef—100% Grassfed and grass-finished on our lush pastures; steaks, roasts, ribs and more.
  • Lamb—100% Grassfed and grass finished Romney lamb for a sweet, mild flavor
  • Pork—Pasture-raised Berkshire pork; chops, sausages, bacon, hams, and more
  • Chicken—Pasture-raised chickens are moved to new pastures daily; whole birds, breasts, legs, thighs and more 
  • Turkey—Pasture-raised turkeys that forage on actively growing pastures; whole birds available seasonally; ground turkey, legs, thighs and wings.
  • Organ meats, lard/suet, and bones are also available by the package.

Raw Wool Fleeces. Don't forget the fiber! Our Romney and Romney-cross sheep not only produce tender lamb, but they also grow incredible fleeces. Two out of three farmers here at Ramstead are also handspinners who take care to raise beautifully clean fleeces that are a dream to handle.

Ramstead Ranch, Eileen Napier, PO Box 470, 990 Dennis Road, Ione, WA 99139. (509) 442-4725.
E-mail: eileen@ramsteadranch.com. Website: www.ramsteadranch.com; Facebook: www.facebook.com/RamsteadRanch

Red Star Ranch is located along the Snake River canyon in south-central Idaho. As 4th generation farmers, we are continually seeking innovative ways to improve and sustain the proud traditions of agriculture in our family. This search has led us to combine new technology with historical practices. On the farm you can find GPS technology and the latest strip-till implement running in a field next to heritage livestock grazing on non-GMO cover crop pastures.

Our livestock operation raises grass-fed beef as well as pastured pork and poultry. We specifically select breeds that fit in our low input system and thrive on our forage and grass pastures year-round. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones and seek non-GMO locally grown forage if pasture levels run low. We use low-stress management techniques to wean, handle and care for our animals. 

We at Red Star Ranch are blessed to sit down at our family tables knowing how and where our food was produced. We know we are giving our children the healthiest options available. Check out our products to bring these same options to your family table.

Beef and pork are available by the cut or in larger bundles. Poultry is available seasonally with pre-order recommended.

Red Star Ranch, Krista Huettig, 1908 E 1300 S, Hazelton ID 83335. (208) 751-9510
E-mail: pasturemaster@redstargrassranch.com. Website: www.redstargrassranch.com

Rocky A Ranch is nestled under Oxford Peak in Southeast Idaho, about 20 miles west of Preston. Our grass fed beef eat only grass and hay that we have produced here on the Ranch, mostly natural timothy hay.

We are certified organic by the State of Idaho, but we go well beyond what the state requires for certification. We raise our animals in a natural stress free environment not only because it makes the meat healthier and better tasting, but also out of respect for the animals that we raise. Some of the native tribes of this continent may have had it right when they reverenced the spirit of the animal that had given its life for the survival and health of the one consuming it.

You can learn more about us and get specific information on how we can help you feed your family in a healthier fashion at our web site.

Rocky A Ranch, Blake and Susan Atkin, 7579 North Westside Highway, Clifton ID 83228. (208) 747-3414.
E-mail: blake@rockyaranch.com. Website: www.rockyaranch.com.

Rolan Bison Ranch located near Weippe Idaho raises grassfed bison. We started raising bison because of the health benefits for our family. Now we would like to help provide a source of healthy meat to others who are also committed to eating healthy. Our animals are pastured on a mix of natural grasses that are free of pesticides and herbicides. They are supplemented with natural vitamins and minerals with absolutely no animal by-products, growth hormone, or antibiotics. They receive no grain, but the meat is very lean, flavorful, and tender. We use a mobile butcher because it is more humane and eliminates unnecessary stress to the animals. Animals that are less stressed yield a more tender, higher quality product.

The bison meat is available in individual packages, split halves, or halves. Because our animals are grassfed, we butcher in the late summer or early fall. Orders are taken throughout the year for halves or quarters to be delivered at the time of butchering. We also sell live animals for breeding, robes, skulls, etc. You are invited to contact us for additional information or to schedule a tour of our ranch.

Rolan Bison Ranch, 1040 Four Mile Road, Weippe ID 83553. (208) 435-4138
E-mail: lraultz@frontier.com

Running Water Farms is a small, family owned farm near Evanston, Wyoming (right down in the Southwest corner of the state, near the Idaho border). We raise grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry and free range eggs using methods that allow our animals to express their natures. Our cows graze, our pigs root and our chickens scratch.

Only natural ingredients are used in all our feeds and only foods the animal would recognize. When we say grassfed, we mean grassfed. We use no hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics and no soy. We also use low stress handling methods to ensure our animals are kept comfortable as well as healthy.

We feel a responsibility to our land as well as our animals so we use environmentally sound and sustainable practices.

Call us to order or stop by for a visit. We want to be "Your Family Farmer."

Running Water Farms, Lyle WIlliams, 10360 Highway 89 N, Evanston WY 82930. (307) 789-3903.
E-mail: lyle@runningwaterfarms.com. Website: www.runningwaterfarms.com.

organic logoThe Selkirk Ranch is all about small family ranching and the production of healthy, top quality certified organic grass-fed and finished beef. We are located in the mountains of North Idaho near Sandpoint. Our beef tastefully features:

    No Antibiotics
    No Administered Growth Hormones
    No Herbicides
    No Pesticides
    No "Man Made" Fertilizers
    No Grain and No Sagebrush
    Open Pasture Grazed on Fine Grass and Legumes
    14 day minimum "Dry-Aged" for Peak Flavor
    Great Taste and Low Saturated Fats
    Continuously Inspected and Certified Organic since 2002
    Naturally High Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids
    Humanely and Respectfully Treated Animals
    Red-Angus Beef

We  offer quarters, halves, and wholes (cut and wrapped) for local delivery. Our processing facility, Wood's Meats, is USDA inspected and certified organic for our commercial and direct customers. We process our product only during our grass finishing months, June through September.

Due to our quality and long-standing market presence causing us to often have more customers than cows, we send an email to our customer list every May and generally sell out within 24 hours.

Our ground beef is “whole grind” and is available in 1½ pound tubes usually in October each year. It can also be purchased at our sole retail location, Pilgrim’s Natural Foods Market, 1316 North 4th Street, Coeur d’Alene, ID. Whole grind means we remove the tenderloin and grind all the cuts. The finest quality ground beef.

A ranch tour is available at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8vsPYvpxzo

The Selkirk Ranch, Chip Lawrence, 1504 Selkirk Road, Sandpoint ID 83864. (208) 255-7093.
E-mail: orders@theselkirkranch.com. Website: www.theselkirkranch.com.

SkyLines Farm near Moscow ID has been growing exquisite spinning wool and premium grassfed lambs using sustainable and organic methods since 1992. In 2007 we began producing premium grassfed BEEF. Then we added pastured heritage-breed PIGS. Using time-tested management methods that respect the animals as well as the land, SkyLines Farm animals grow up happy and healthy without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or chemical wormers. The beef receive no grain at all; the pigs get a small ration of locally grown, non-GMO grains to supplement their pasture. 

Our carefully managed rotational grazing program ensures that all the animals are dining on "salad bar fresh" green grass every day, all summer long. Research has shown that grazing animals harvested from actively growing green grass can produce the best tasting, most nutritious meats (see Jo Robinson's excellent books). We harvest SkyLines beef and pigs in October, just as they reach their peak of flavor and tenderness and before the pastures begin to retire for the winter.

Over the past 25+ years, we have worked hard to perfect our sustainable and organic management methods. And it’s working! Our practices include frequent doses of nature's miracle herb garlic; providing excellent nutrition year-round, including trace mineral supplements like kelp; rotating and resting barnyards and pastures to break parasite cycles and protect plant and soil health, and much more. Educated, thoughtful, caring animal husbandry practices help us keep all of the animals happy, healthy, vigorous...and drug free.

Visit the farm website for the whole SkyLines story, including hundreds of beautiful photos of our happy, healthy animals living the good life at SkyLines Farm of Idaho. 

Purchase quarter, half, or whole beef; half or whole pig. Reserve throughout the year, with free delivery in fall to regional meeting locations. (Sorry, no shipping) We sell out every year well in advance of harvest, so place your reservation early. 

SkyLines Farm of Idaho, Melissa Lines, Owner/Farmer, 4551 Highway 6, Harvard ID 83834. (208) 875-8747.
E-mail: melissa@skylinesfarm.com. Website: www.skylinesfarm.com

Teddy Bear Farm, located near Mount Spokane, has been family owned since 1944. We raise grass fed beef on natural grass and clover pastures.

Several local processors are available to process your half or whole beef to your specifications.

Teddy Bear Farm, Warren and Sylvia Riddle, 13616 E Mt. Spokane Drive, Mead WA 99021. (509) 464-4490.
E-mail: info@teddybearfarm.biz. Website: www.teddybearfarm.biz.

Teton Waters Ranch is a producer of premium-quality, 100% grass-fed beef.

The care we take to raise our animals with no hormones, no antibiotics, no grain, and no feedlot allows for the natural, healthy development of our herd. We move our cattle across our ranch on horseback to ensure low stress conditions for the animals and appropriate stewardship of our pasture land. The resulting grass-fed beef is a source of great pride for us. Our premium cuts are rich with mouth-watering flavors, are tender and juicy, and have all the health benefits people seek in premium grass-fed beef. We invite you to taste the difference and we guarantee your satisfaction.

There are several ways for you to get your hands on some TWR grass-fed beef. The convenience, reliability, and cost effectiveness of buying TWR beef through our online store gives responsible consumers simple, year-round access to premium-quality grass-fed beef. Browse our sale page for discounted items, or follow us on Facebook for weekly specials and hugely discounted promotions. We offer free shipping anywhere in the US.

Lastly, we sell to many restaurants and retailers in the local area and beyond. Please do reach out to us if you are interested in our year-round, fresh grass-fed beef wholesale program.

We trust you’ll appreciate our sustainable, responsible pasture management practices (organic, not certified) as well as the humane and conscientious treatment of our animals. The results of our efforts can really be found in our exceptional beef, and we hope you’ll try it for yourselves.

Teton Waters Ranch, Jeff Russell, 3560 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216. (720) 340-4590.
E-mail: info@tetonwatersranch.com. Website: www.tetonwatersranch.com.

Texas Ridge in Deary, Idaho is home to exceptional quality pastured pork and grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

Our specialized beef cattle and grazing pigs are uniquely bred for flavor and responsibly raised and finished on pasture. The result is healthy meat with flavor intensity that can't be matched anywhere else on the market. Texas Ridge beef is 100% grass fed, grass finished, and grain free. Texas Ridge pastured pork receive species-appropriate supplementation of 100% locally grown, non-GMO grain and legumes.

Customers can order with confidence knowing Texas Ridge exceeds organic and sustainable standards by employing regenerative agriculture principles to every phase of its operation, including managed intensive rotational livestock grazing and no-till cover crops, all designed to restore and improve soil condition and fertility. We are on the leading edge on the use and integration of these practices in the Northwest, and have demonstrated success employing these methods to actually improve land over time, meaning Texas Ridge beef and pork is better for the animal, better for you, AND better for the planet.

We offer a full range of beef and pork products from whole and half animal orders to individual cuts of meat, processed under USDA inspection. Custom orders are welcome. Free local drop-point delivery is included with no minimum to order.

Also ask us about our top-quality ADGA Registered Nubian dairy goats and working Livestock Guardian Dogs!

"Texas Ridge Everything good grows here.™"

Texas Ridge LLC, Erika Sattler, PO Box 255, Deary, ID 83823. (208) 907-1405.
E-mail: texasridge@hotmail.com. Website: www.texasridge.com.

24 West Ranch offers premium, 100% all-natural, grass-fed beef and certified-organic produce, raised right here in the Treasure Valley, just west of Boise, Idaho. Owned and operated by the Watterson family, the ranch has been in operation since 1924.

We graze our cattle on over 25,000 acres of open air in the Owyhee Mountains and finish them on our grass pastures in Star, Idaho. Our animals never see a feed lot, grain, antibiotics or growth hormones and our land is farmed using organic practices. We feed our cattle GMO-free, certified organic hay/alfalfa that is never sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. Our policy is no antibiotics ever. No growth hormones ever. No chemicals ever.

By using sustainable practices and treating our cattle humanely, we’re able to provide the best in local grass-fed beef. You can feel good about eating our beef, knowing where they come from and how they were raised.

We sell our beef by the whole, half, quarter or a 40-lb variety box and it is available year round. We deliver in the Treasure Valley, Wood River Valley and Magic Valley. Our beef is also available at Porterhouse Meat Market in Eagle, Jenny’s Lunch Line in Boise, Shore Lodge and Whitetail in McCall and through Idaho’s Bounty and Brown Box Organics.

If you’re looking for a healthy, local, sustainable alternative to today’s industrial food choices, call today to order beef for you and your family.

24 West Ranch, Jill and Joe Watterson, 12601 New Hope Road, Star ID 83669. (208) 989-6667.
E-mail: jill@24westranch.com. Website: www.24westranch.com.

Wilsey Ranch has been family owned and operated for 30 years Our cattle run on intensively managed range in the Owyhee mountains their entire lives, feeding on a unique mix of grass and forbs. We supplement them with ranch-raised hay in the winter months, and they are finished on irrigated meadows in the summer. They are given no hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or genetically modified feeds; they are as natural as a cow can get. We handle our cattle humanely with the least amount of stress possible.

Our beef has an excellent flavor, rich full texture and is aged 25 days for optimum tenderness. We use a USDA inspected, family-owned processor who will cut and wrap to your specifications.

Currently we offer beef in whole, half, or split half for summer and fall harvest.

For ordering information or a brochure you can contact us by e-mail, phone or regular mail.

Wilsey Ranch, Debby and Ed Wilsey, 16550 Highway 95, Marsing ID 83639. (208) 337-4780.
E-mail: wilseyranch@fmtcblue.com.

Idaho page updated 1/28/19.

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