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Pastured Products Directory – Minnesota



View these farms on a LARGER MAP, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Visit our Minnesota Beyond the Farmpage to find local stores, restaurants and markets that sell grass-fed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Auntie Annie’s Fields offers chicken that was raised on fresh pasture and certified organic feed. We’re picky about making sure they never run out of good greens to eat in their pasture. We are committed to caring for our chickens and their pasture using natural, non-toxic methods.

We offer whole birds and also packages of breast, drumstick, thigh and wings. In addition to the standard meat breed, we also offer a slower-growing breed of chicken that’s bred for good taste and vigor. All our chicken tastes different than what’s available in the stores because of the birds’ diet and lifestyle, and the slower growing chickens have even more taste and texture than the standard breed. Live laying hens may be seasonally available.

Our farm is located about 45 minutes south of Minneapolis. Call to arrange a time to visit if you like. You get a discount of 10 percent off whole birds if you buy them on farm. We’re also present at farmers markets in Minneapolis, and we do drop-offs of pre-ordered meat in the Twin Cities during the cold season. Check our website for the latest information.

Auntie Annie's Fields, Elizabeth O'Sullivan and Ian Rhoades, 12456 Bagley Avenue, Dundas MN 55019. (507) 645-4662.
E-mail: auntieanniesfields@gmail.com. Facebook: www.facebook/auntieanniesfields. Website: www.auntieanniesfields.com.

Beaver Creek Farm specializes in Salad Bar meats, including chicken, beef, meat, goats, eggs, lamb, pork, rabbit, stewing hens and turkey. The meat is available by reservation from May through October on a first come, first served basis. Eggs are always available.

Customers can come to the farm to pick up their fresh rabbit and chickens. The larger animals are slaughtered on the farm to alleviate stress on the animal while preserving meat tenderness and then shipped to the butcher. Eggs may be delivered locally or picked up at the farm.

We consider ourselves stewards of the land. It is our responsibility as grassfarmers to care for and improve our farm to the best of our ability. This means that we do not apply artificial fertilizers of chemicals on our pastures. Our livestock are not fed subtherapeutic antibiotics, steroids, or arsenic as growth enhancers. However, they do receive probiotics, kelp meal, natural vitamins, fresh air, sunshine, and clean paddocks.

Customers and potential customers are welcome to come visit us at our farm, which is an hour's drive north of the Twin Cities. Call, write, or send an e-mail for an order form.

Beaver Creek Farm, Dale Barnick, 2518 Ivory Street, Mora MN 55051. (320) 679-0366.
E-mail: farmerhoggett@hotmail.com.

Braucher’s Sunshine Harvest Farm raises 100% grass fed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, and grass fed lamb.

Our animals are raised on pastures with organic standards; we do not use antibiotics, hormones, or any chemicals. They are treated humanely and are provided with plenty of sunshine, grass, clean water, and fresh air. The chickens are supplemented with flax and organic grains.

Beef is sold by the whole, half, or quarter and cut to your specifications. Smaller quantities are also available. Processing is done at a USDA inspected facility in Cannon Falls, MN. Beef, lamb, poultry, and eggs are available year round. Delivery is available. We also offer a meat and egg CSA with various options. We can also be found at the Mill City Farmers Market.

We believe in sustainable agriculture and management intensive grazing on pastures free of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

We are located off 35W, 30 miles south of Minneapolis. Please call or e-mail for prices.

Braucher's Sunshine Harvest Farm, Mike Braucher, 2230 35th Street West, Webster MN 55088. (952) 652-1911.
E-mail: sunshineharvestfarm@hotmail.com. Website: www.sunshineharvestfarm.com.

Buffalo Gal/Money Creek Buffalo Ranch maintains one of the finest quality bison herds in America today. Years of experience, dedication, and attention go into the maintenance and care of these top quality animals. Located in the Mississippi River Valley, our buffalo are raised on a diet of native grasses and sun-cured hay without fat-boosting hormones, antibiotics, or supplements. By using the intensive grazing method, our bison are kept as natural as possible. We also raise Russian wild pigs in the same manner.

Our company offers a full line of delicious and healthy buffalo meat products for your enjoyment. Items include jerky, summer sausage, pepperoni sticks, kippered strips, Buff Snuff, buffalo chips, steaks, roasts, brats, hot dogs, Italian and ring sausages, and our very own farmer's brand sausage. Be sure to check out our specials and meat gift packages on our website.

Processed products are shipped via ground transportation. Frozen meat products are shipped via UPS second day or third day select during the cooler months. Shipping and handling charges are based upon weight and destination. To order, call us at the number listed below or e-mail us.

Buffalo Gal/Money Creek Buffalo Ranch, Mike Fogel, 32488 Cody Drive, Houston MN 55943. (507) 896-2345.
E-mail info@buffalogal.com. Website: www.buffalogal.com.

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Cliff's Homegrown Beefsee K Creek Ranch 100% Grass-fed Beef below...

Cozy Meadows, Farm On Wheels provides MOSA certified organic 100% green grass-fed finished, grain-free beef and lamb. Our chicken, eggs, heritage and heirloom turkey, duck and goose are raised humanely on unrestricted open pastures without soy or corn. We have over 130 cuts of USDA fresh frozen meat products, most nitrate and MSG-free. Also available are our sweet corn (Aug – Sept) and pork, lard, and butter.

Green grass creates animal products that are nutrient dense with the highest levels of CLA, Omega 3, carotenoids, antioxidant vitamins, minerals, essential proteins. We enjoy participating in people's quest to find a better healthy life through more nutritious food. In buying our products you leave the lightest environmental footprint possible.

Thank you for supporting our local, sustainable, organic, multi-generation family farm. We believe where and how you spend your money you can change the world. Certified Organic since 1994. Grass-fed since 1988.

Visit our web site for a complete list of our products and where to buy them, including the following farmers markets. On farm sales by appointment; we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Farmers Market


St. Paul Downtown Market, 5th & Wall St

Saturdays, 6am-1pm

St. Paul Downtown Market, 5th & Wall St

Sundays, 8 am-1pm

St. Paul Downtown Winter Market, 5th & Wall St

Saturdays, 9am-Noon

Prior Lake Market, Main Street

Saturdays, 8am-Noon

Northfield Market, Water Street

2nd Thursday, 4:30-7pm

Northfield Market, 7th Street

Fridays, 11:45am-1 pm









Cozy Meadows, Farm On Wheels, Linda and Mike Noble, 53288 110th Avenue, Kenyon MN 55946. (507) 789-6679.
E-mail: linda@farmonwheels.net. Website: www.farmonwheels.net.

Dry Creek Red Angus: Our family raises registered Red Angus and Hereford cattle.

Our cattle are bred to be low-input, easy-fleshing animals without any grain in their diets. They are on pasture all summer long and as late into winter as possible. This varies based on the crop rotation that year, pasture we have available, rain we got, etc. After this we feed hay that we harvested during the summer.

We take pride in producing quality grass fed beef and it is sold in quarters, halves and wholes, and by the pound.

If you have any questions about the beef or would like to visit the farm please give us a call!

Dry Creek Red Angus, Jon Luhman or Jared Luhman, 23166 350th Street, Goodhue, MN 55027. (507) 271-5968.
E-mail: luhma020@umn.edu. Website: www.drycreekredangus.com.

Dutch Mill Farm has been a certified organic farm for ten years. Grass-finished lamb and beef are available from October through December. Lambs are sold whole or by halves. Beef is available in whole carcasses, halves, and 25# family packs.

Douglas Gunnink is a consultant in grassfed and organic production and can advise on fertilizers, soil amendments, seed, equipment, forage/soil testing and livestock supplies.

Dutch Mill Farm, Douglas and Janet Gunnink, 25303 461 Avenue, Gaylord MN 55334. (507) 237-5162. Fax: (507) 237-2343.
E-mail: dgunnink@prairie.lakes.com.

Earth-Be-Glad-Farm is a certified organic farm (MOSA) specializing in 100% grass-fed beef and certified organic free-range chickens. Our cattle graze carefully-managed rotational pasture as much of the year as possible. In the winter months the cattle eat our stored hay. Our chickens are fed only our own homegrown certified organic grains and the grass and bugs they choose outside.

Grass-fed beef is available year-round in any quantity, from individual frozen items to custom-processed quarter, half or whole beef. Chickens are available May-November with pre-orders encouraged. Processing of chickens is done twice monthly in season at a USDA inspected facility.

There are no synthetic growth-promoters, hormones, or antibiotics in any of our products. We strive to provide the best food possible using humane and earth-friendly methods. We have over 20 years experience selling our products directly to customers, at the Winona Farmers Market and at 2 local food co-ops (The Good Food Store in Rochester and the Bluff Country Co-op of Winona).

Earth-Be-Glad Farm, Mike, Jennifer, and Johanna Rupprecht, 18828 County Road 20, Lewiston MN 55952. (507) 523-2564.
E-mail: ebgfarm@hbci.com.

Earthwize Natural Meats is a coalition of small-scale family farmers committed to sustainable, environmentally responsible farming and to providing healthy, natural foods for their customers. "Earthwize farmers use time-tested traditional farming practices that are more beneficial to the environment and more humane for our animals. We give the animals plenty of room, clean water, and grass. We feed them a balanced, natural diet that includes foods such as kelp meal to strengthen their health rather than rely on antibiotics and other medications."

Beef is available year round in variety packs of 25 to 50 pounds. Pork is seasonal and is sold in variety packs of 30 to 40 pounds. Chicken is seasonal (spring through fall) and is available as whole chickens, which average 5 pounds and are packaged six to a box. All meat is frozen and processed at plants meeting USDA standards. Additional ordering information can be found at their website.

Earthwize Natural Meats, Mark Thell, 2100 CR 4, Carlton MN 55718-8141. (218) 384-9350.
E-mail: thell@computerpro.com.

The birth of Fockler Creek Farm was the result of two common stories: A father with diabetes, and a son who wanted to farm but saw no way in. Sound like a strange combination? Shouldn’t in this day and age. Through the experience of a serious case of diabetes (6 shots a day) being cured with whole foods, and a dream of farming becoming reality with the use of innovative and unconventional techniques, Fockler Creek Farms took flight! Brian the previous farmer-to-be, and Scott the cured diabetic, along with their wives and children now raise beyond organic pastured pork, grass-finished beef and lamb, and pastured poultry.

Fockler Creek Farm’s mission is “To implement and develop systems of agriculture that result in solvent farmers, sane people, and sound ecosystems.” Since we are all part of the whole, the creation, the ecosystem, or whatever other term you use to describe it, our mission directs us to provide you with food that nourishes and heals. We're also very passionate about this as we have seen the difference it has made in our own lives. We’re also very passionate about promoting farmer-centric methods of agriculture and ways of farming that affirm the value of life.  

For more detailed and technical information check us out on our website, focklercreek.com. We look forward to connecting you with the best our farm has to offer!

Fockler Creek Farms, Brian Wosepka, 2450 60th St. Ackley, IA 50601. (641) 373-4621.
E-mail: cleanmeat@focklercreek.com. Website: www.focklercreek.com.

Fruitful Seasons Dairy is a family operated small farm located near Alexandria, MN.

We are providing raw milk cheeses crafted from our small herd of Jersey cows. Our dairy is seasonal so the cows calve in the Spring. We move them to a fresh strip of grass several times a day. The cows also have free choice Thorvin Kelp and Redmond’s Real salt.

The pastures are maintained to optimal quality without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. When pasture season is over, most of the cows are dried up for the winter and we stop making cheese until the next spring.

We make our cheese from unpasteurized, fresh, clean milk so that all the beneficial properties of the milk are still intact. The cheese is ready after aging 60 days. We do not treat the cows with antibiotics or growth hormones. The left-over whey is given to the pigs which are on pasture.

Currently most of the cheese is sold locally but we can ship it directly also. Please check our website for available varieties and other seasonal products like eggs, pork and beef.

Fruitful Seasons Dairy, Marv and Kathy Hoffman and Family, 7917 CR 4W SW, Alexandria MN 56308. (320) 283-5134.
E-mail: mail@fruitfulseasonsdairy.com. Website: www.fruitfulseasonsdairy.com.

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George and Mary's Best Darn Chickens 'Round has more than chickens—they also provide pork and grass-finished beef. The beef is sold by the mixed quarter or half and is ready in November. Pasture raised chickens are available by order from July to September. Pigs are ready in November and are sold half or whole. Bacon and sausage are also available. All orders must be placed by May 1st.

George and Mary's Best Darn Chickens 'Round, George and Mary Seiler, 51745 396th Ave, Frazee MN, 56544-9420. (218) 334-4769.
E-mail: gmseiler@loretel.net.

Goettl Grove LLC is a small, family-run farmstead established in 2016. We started raising chickens to allow our family access to quality poultry. We produce:

  • Pastured Poultry: whole birds frozen, unless prearranged for fresh
  • Woodlot Pork: whole and half pre-orders

We do not medicate our birds and they are on pasture and moved daily to fresh greens. 

We also offer woodlot raised pork by the whole or the half. Our pork is non-medicated raised from birth on farm and given a barley ration to give an enhanced flavored pork that you can’t get from the store. They also get a wide variety of plants, roots and nuts available as they forage through our grove.

We offer an early season pre-order bulk chicken sale, which are available in packages three times throughout the summer, rather than all at once.

We are located outside St. Peter, a short 20-minute drive north of Mankato.

To learn more about our farm or products, and for ordering information, visit our website or contact us by email.

Goettl Grove, LLC, Matt Goettl, 41164 307th Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082. 507-381-1042.
E-mail: goettlgrove@gmail.com. Website: www.goettlgrove.com.

The Grass Fed Cattle Company is a small cooperative of local family farms, located within 150 miles of the Twin Cities. GFCC farmers are committed to naturally raising healthy animals without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Our cattle are 100% pasture raised and finished. We use the term "beyond organic" to describe our sustainable systems of beef production, which we believe are capable of transcending the standards affixed to foods and processes currently categorized by the term "organic."

We sell 100% grass fed beef by the eighth, quarter, half and whole directly to people all year round who desire a natural, healthy, and affordable product. We also offer a Beef CSA option where people who don't have a deep freezer can pick up a few different times throughout the year. The GFCC is conveniently located on 50th Street & France Avenue in Edina. Once an order is placed, we schedule a convenient time for customers to have their beef personally delivered right to their vehicle.

Our cattle are processed at a USDA inspected, family run facility, Lorentz Meats, in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Each cut of meat is vacuum-sealed, frozen, and labeled with specific cut and weight information. Ground beef comes wrapped in 1 lb packages.

Orders can be placed online, by email or by phone.

The Grass Fed Cattle Company, Abby and Marcus Andrusko. Pick up location address: 3939 W 50th Street, Edina MN 55424. Mailing address: 6304 Brookview Avenue, Edina MN 55424. (612) 581-7787.
E-mail: abby@grassfedcattleco.com. Website: www.grassfedcattleco.com.

Gray Duck Farms is a pasture-based family farm that believes in raising animals humanely and to produce the healthiest products for our customers. We raise grass-fed/grass-finished beef, pastured heritage breed pork, pastured chicken, pastured duck and duck eggs.

All of our meat is USDA inspected and vacuum sealed. We sell whole, half, and by the cut.

We use feed that is locally sourced transitional organic. We are a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO farm and do not use hormones or antibiotics on our animals.

We use sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices and strive to produce nutrient dense foods.

Check out our Meat CSA Program. Farm visits are welcome by appointment.

Gray Duck Farms, Stacie Mix, 4800 550th Street, Pine City, MN 55063. (651) 295-9931.
E-mail: grayduckfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.grayduckfarms.com.

Harmony Valley Farm has been dedicated to growing the highest quality certified organic vegetables for over 40 years. Our farm, located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin, is co-owned by Richard de Wilde and Andrea Yoder. While our focus is on growing vegetables, animals are also an important part of our farm and help us maintain hillside pasture areas not suitable for vegetable production.

Our vegetables and meat are distributed throughout the Midwest through our CSA program. We offer CSA share delivery in the following areas: Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI and the greater Madison area; La Crosse, WI; Onalaska, WI, Viroqua, WI. 

We raise certified organic, grass-fed beef and pastured pork. Our beef cattle are rotationally grazed on pastures in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter we feed organic hay harvested during the summer. Our pigs spend their days exploring the wooded hillsides, returning to their home base at the end of the day to enjoy vegetable scraps from the packing shed. In addition, we supplement their diet with a blend of organic grain.

We choose to raise our animals in an environment where they can exhibit their natural behaviors and characteristics. We treat them gently and with respect so they do not live in fear of human touch or presence. This creates a much more pleasant environment for them to live in and allows us to work amongst them more safely. 

We offer a variety of beef and pork packages for delivery in the months of May, November and December. All of our meat is cut and freshly frozen just ahead of delivery.

Harmony Valley Farm, LLC., Andrea Yoder, S3442 Wire Hollow Road, Viroqua WI 54665. (608) 483-2143x2.
E-mail: csa@harmonyvalleyfarm.com. Website: www.harmonyvalleyfarm.com.

Hay Creek Stock Farm offers 100% grass fed beef from Galloway/Shorthorn cross cattle. Meat is dry aged, cut and vacuum sealed under USDA inspection. Well-marbled, tender, and flavorful. NOT overly lean and dry like some grass fed beef. Cattle are from my own farm-born herd, and raised naturally (without administered hormones or antibiotics) on high quality, short rotation grass/legume pastures. Fresh piped drinking water is supplied to each strip pasture division.

Available in half, split-half and 30-35# box (one-twelfth) quantities. Reasonably priced HOME delivery available to St Cloud and Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.

Must be doin' something right as still able to keep doin' it 15 years since beginning from scratch.

Hay Creek Stock Farm, Mark Fickes, 44617 County Highway 75, Sebeka MN 56477. (218) 837-6109.
E-mail: haycreek@wcta.net. Website: www.haycreek.net.

HD Beef Works is a family owned and operated business (since 1972), located just south of the Twin Cities metro area (off of I-35 and Highway 19) in Northfield, MN. Our farm is committed to bringing you the healthiest and finest quality 100% grass-fed beef in the area with all the benefits it can provide. Our grass-fed cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. We do not use insecticides or commercial fertilizers.

You will not find an assembly line when you visit our farm in Northfield, MN. Rather, the production of 100% grass-fed beef is a process that requires flexibility in order to deliver consistency. We use reliable methods of sustainable production, high quality genetics and pasture grazing. This method provides our cattle with a lower stress environment in order to produce the best tasting, most tender and nutritious meat.

Our cattle are raised in a semi-wild state and have free range on our pastures. We feed and finish all of our beef on fresh-grown perennial natural grasses. We are small enough to intimately care for our land as well as large enough to raise herds of premium grass-fed beef. Our beef is harvested when the animals are ready. The beef is processed in a state inspected facility; it is dry-aged fourteen days, butchered into individual cuts, vacuum packed and frozen.

Beef is available for purchase year round. When you purchase beef from HD Beef Works, you can select from smaller packages of traditional cuts or purchase a quarter or half and work directly with the processor to determine your cuts. Pick-up is encouraged (come visit the farm); delivery is available. See our website for additional information and pricing.

HD Beef Works, Sean Hebel or Jeff Docken, 6320 Chester Avenue, Northfield MN 55057. (952) 461-3991 or (920) 723-4969.
E-mail: hdbeefworks@hotmail.com. Website: www.hdbeefworks.com.

Here at Hidden Acres Grass Fed Beef, we believe that healthy animals make for healthier people. We strive to be good stewards of the land entrusted to us and use sustainable methods to raise and process our cattle.

All our animals are bred, born and raised right here. Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, free of hormones and antibiotics. They graze in our pastures in the summertime and receive native grass hay made right here in the winter.

We are proud to raise healthy food and look forward to sharing it with your family.

Hidden Acres Grass Fed Beef, Paul Basballe, 30430 653rd Street, Lake City, MN 55041. (651) 345-2168.
E-mail: paul@advisors-group.net. Website: None.

High Land Hills is a small-scale, pasture based, sustainable, family farm located in Northeast Nebraska. Our mission is to produce meat that is good for our bodies, good for the animals and good for the land. 

We offer pastured pork by the half or whole. Our heritage breed Red Wattles are known for their exceptionally lean and juicy meat with rich beef-like taste and texture. Available only in fall, they come straight off pasture and are delivered to your local processor for optimal nutritional density. Pre-order today, limited quantity available.

Available in summer for on-farm pickups we offer beyond organic pastured poultry at below organic prices. Our broilers and free-range eggs are all-natural: no hormones, no antibiotics, just lots of fresh air, green grass, bugs and sunshine! Place your order, choose your pick up date and plan your annual day-trip out to the farm!

So invest in a deep freeze and ensure your family's year round supply of clean, healthy meat! And thank you for supporting local farms.

Serving Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

Farmers Markets: You can find our products at local Siouxland Farmers Markets, check our website to see where we will be that week!

High Land Hills, Ryan and Jessica Schieffer, 89119 555 Avenue, Crofton NE 68730. (402) 360-0648.
E-mail: hlhfarm@hotmail.com. Website: www.high-land-hills.com.

Hilltop Pastures Family Farm is a 100% grassfed, agriculturally sustainable family farm. We offer 100% grassfed and finished beef, pastured pork, free-range fresh for Thanksgiving turkeys, and free-range eggs.

All of our animals are raised on fresh pasture, sunshine, and fresh air. Our pigs and turkeys are also supplemented with a locally grown non-GMO feed. Our beef is completely grass finished.

Beef and pork are available by the individual cut, sampler and/or family packages, or by the bulk order. Please view our product and price list listed on our website to see all that we have to offer.

New to the farm this year ~ CSA subscriptions. Please visit our website to learn more about this awesome way to partner with our family farm.

Turkeys are available for fresh pick up the weekend before Thanksgiving. We offer the Bourbon Red heritage breed turkey that is your delicious link to the past, as well as the traditional white turkey. There is a limited amount of both breeds, so if interested, please order early.

We are located right off of Hwy 52 just 6 miles South of Chatfield and 2 miles North of Fountain. Please come see us on the farm Monday–Saturday from 7am–7pm; Sundays by appointment—please call. Look for us also at the Lanesboro and Midtown Minneapolis farmers markets.

Hilltop Pastures Family Farm, Sara Austin, 26134 Jasmine Drive, Fountain, MN 55935. (507) 867-0096.
E-mail: hpff@myclearwave.net. Website: www.hilltoppasturesfamilyfarm.com.

At Hobbs Hereford Farm we raise purebred, line-bred, all natural, grass fed registered polled Hereford beef cattle. We provide top genetics coming from our pastures to your dinner table, via our local trustworthy USDA certified locker services. Certified as a Minnesota Qualified Beef Producer, we take pride in our product from start to finish.

Our cattle are totally free of added hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or vaccinations and we use all natural vitamins and minerals, with no health problems in our herd of 30 years.

We sell to individuals/families privately, take orders directly, and can deliver to the twin cities, Brainerd and Alexandria. We offer a variety of options and try to have ample supplies on hand much of the time.

Hobbs Hereford Farm, Jim and Gloria Hobbs, 29525 County 13, Burtrum MN 56318. (320) 732-3325 or fax: (320) 732-3041.
E-mail: jghobbs4@gmail.com. Website: www.hobbsherefordfarm.com.

The Jerry and Jackie Januschka Family Farm is located in Central Minnesota. We have for sale pork, chicken, and certified organic grass-fed beef.

Pork and beef are available in 1/4, 1/2, or whole. Chickens are available whole only. Your animal will be processed at a locally owned and inspected butcher shop.

Our cattle are only fed grass. They are on pasture in the spring, summer and fall. They are fed organic hay in the winter. The pork and chickens are on grass and are also fed a feed mixture from our organically certified corn, soybeans and oats.

None of our animals receive hormones or antibiotics. Our beef, hay, corn, oats, and soybeans are certified organic by MOSA.

Januschka Farm Fresh Meat, Jerry or Jackie Januschka, 17865 183rd Street, Little Falls MN 56345. (320) 632-4321.
E-mail: jackiejanuschka@hotmail.com.

Johnson Family Pastures is a local, community-based, family farm located in the St. Croix River Valley. We produce quality chicken, pork, and grassfed beef from our pasture-raised, heritage breed livestock. All our products are raised with the health of the land, our animals, and our customers in mind. We welcome you to become a part of our community farm family!

Let us provide your family with:

  • Heritage Pork
  • Red Ranger Chicken
  • Grass-fed Beef

We sell our meat by the cut, or through CSA member shares. Whole and half hogs, half and quarter beef available.

Find our meat at farmers markets in Minneapolis, MN; deliveries to Stillwater, MN; and at Baker Orchard in Centuria, WI. On farm visits by appointment.

Visit our website or contact us for details and to see our online store.

Johnson Family Pastures, LLC, Tamara Johnson, 1206 State Road 35, Centuria WI 54824. (920) 960-4475.
E-mail: farmer@johnsonfamilypastures.com. Website:

KDE Farms produces all natural 100% grass-fed and finished beef for local consumers. 

Our family farm is based on three principles; Sustainability, Innovation and Stewardship. These guide our decisions as we expand into new products, such as pastured chickens and grains for direct sales. In addition, we select our products to provide options for those with food allergies. 

We sell beef by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole. We will also sell hides, horns and mounts as they are available. Cooking instructions and sample grass-fed beef recipes are included with any beef purchase.

KDE Farms, Brian Ehret, 14770 Keystone Avenue North, Hugo MN 55038. (651) 300-9701.
E-mail: info@kdfarms.net. Website: www.kdefarms.net.

Knutson Farm raises 100% grass-fed registered Black Angus. Our herd is exclusively grass-fed from conception to finish. We take extreme pride in the fact we use no GMOs, no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no chemical fertilizers on our pastures and hay crop. We believe in giving the animals what they were naturally made to consume.

Our grass-fed beef has very desirable marbling qualities. One of the keys to our quality of beef is that we have performance genetics that finish and allow for processing around 18–20 months of age ensuring tenderness and flavor.

Our farm is located 1-hour north of Sioux Falls, SD. Give us a call to learn more about our operation and passion for quality grass-fed beef or to schedule a tour of our farm. Our website has pricing and package options. We deliver locally and will ship USPS.

Knutson Farm, Gary & Kyle Knutson, 45915 210th Street, Volga, SD 57071. (605) 627-9400
E-mail: knutsonangus@hotmail.com. Website: www.knutsonfarm.com.

La Finca is located on a quiet county road in East Central, MN, about 100 miles north of the Twin Cities Metro Area and 50 miles south of Duluth.

Our forty acre farm is a mix of fields, forest, and wetlands where we grow 5 acres of vegetables for our CSA and raise chickens on pasture in portable hoophouses. As they range across our fields, the chickens have access to our locally milled organic chicken feed and fresh water. Unlike chickens raised in confinement, our chickens spend their days pecking away at various plant species and insects, taking dust baths, or resting in the shade. Their high quality diet coupled with the time they spend ranging in our fields produces an exceptionally flavorful bird.

The pasture-raised chicken share consists of 6 frozen chickens, which are delivered in 4 installments during the late summer and fall. The tentative dates for the chicken share delivery are 7/30, 9/15,10/15, and 10/30; each delivery includes 3 frozen chicken halves weighing 7–9 lbs. Delivery sites include St. Paul, Lake Elmo, Stillwater, Hopkins, and South Minneapolis, Duluth, Moose Lake, and at La Finca.

Visit our website or send us an e-mail for more information.

La Finca, Charlie Kersey, PO Box 93, Bruno MN 55712.
E-mail: lafinca@earthlink.net. Website: www.lafincacsa.com.

Lake Country Lambs, part of a fourth-generation family farm nestled in lush Central-Minnesota lake country, raises natural, grass-fed Katadhin lambs.

We strive to be environmentally friendly, humane, sustainable, and socially responsible while producing great tasting, nutritious lamb with only the finest ingredients: native grasses, sunshine, clean water and respect.

Visit our website to learn more about us or to place an order. Our lamb is available on a limited basis throughout the year so if you have a special event, reserve your lamb early!

Lake Country Lambs, LLC, Amy Mursu, 51113 340th Street, New York Mills MN 56567. (218) 385-LAMB (5262).
E-mail: info@lakecountrylambs.com. Website: www.lakecountrylambs.com.

Lakeside Prairie Farm specializes in 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pastured pork.

We seek to produce beef and pork that is healthy for the land and healthy for people. We raise our animals in a way that doesn't compromise our soil, air, and water; the health of the consumer or the farmer; the health of our rural community; wildlife; nor the robust flavor of well raised meat.

What sets us apart from other farms who are sustainably raising meat is our commitment to restoring the native ecosystems on our farm and using these as the primary source of forage for our pastured animals. That means that our cattle are rotationally grazed on native tallgrass prairie plants and our pigs rotated through our oak savanna. This provides for the coexistence of a great number of wildlife species (think pollinators and grassland birds) with our cattle and pigs.

We do not expose our animals to pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilizer, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or byproduct feeds.

We sell meat by the cut, quarter, half, and whole, with seasonal availability. Our meat is processed at locally owned and inspected butcher shops.

To purchase, contact Bryan by phone or email or fill out the order form on our website here.

Lakeside Prairie Farm, Bryan Simon, 20503 180th Avenue, Barrett, MN 56311. (320) 492-2526.
E-mail: lakesideprairiefarm@gmail.com. Website: www.lakesideprairiefarm.com.

The Lamb Shoppe is our on-farm retail meat store. This specialty shop is located on our 180-acre farm called Liberty Land & Livestock. We specialize in lamb but also raise beef, chicken, eggs, turkeys and other healthy products. All animals are pastured. 100% grassfed lamb and beef is available.

Although not currently certified, we have followed organic and biodynamic grazing practices for over 20 years and take great pride in producing the finest wholesome, nutritious meat available. Not only does our meat taste as pure and natural as the land it was raised on, but its nutritional profile is excellent. Our animals are nurtured and cared for with skilled, knowledgeable and conscientious stockmanship. The sustainable farming practices we do replenish the soil and make the plants and animals flourish. As friends of the earth, our family is committed to keeping the land and livestock in harmony.

The Lamb Shoppe offers meat locally in Minnesota and is Food Alliance Midwest certified. We do not ship; please buy local. We offer Metro-Minnesota weekly deliveries.

Fresh lamb from The Lamb Shoppe can be found at Wedge Natural Food Coop in Minneapolis. Restaurants offering our lamb include: Spoonriver, Café Brenda, and Barbette all in Minneapolis.

The Lamb Shoppe, Connie Karstens & Doug Rathke, 61231 MN Hwy 7, Hutchinson MN 55350. (320) 587-6094.
E-mail: Lambshop@hutchtel.net. Websites: www.ourfarmtoyou.com and www.healthbyconnie.com.

Land of Milk and Honey Farms is located in River Falls, Wisconsin, about 20 miles from the Minnesota border. We offer:

  • 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished beef.
  • Pastured, free-range, soy-free chickens processed at nine weeks; whole chicken or pieces available.
  • Our eggs are soy-free, non-GMO, organic fed. The egg chickens are free-range and shell color ranges from robin’s egg blue to deep copper brown.
  • Pastured, free-range turkey.
  • Whole pastured, free-range duck.
  • Whole pastured, free-range goose.
  • Free-range, soy-free, organic-fed duck eggs.
  • Soy-free, organic-fed quail eggs as well as quail for meat.

All animals are raised by us using “better than organic” and regenerative farming philosophies but they are not certified organic. We provide all poultry with certified organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed. Our beef rotationally graze on organic, non-GMO pasture. During the winter months, our beef eat organically-grown hay from our own land. None of our animals are fed hormones, antibiotics, or any enhancements. We do not vaccinate our animals however we do offer them kelp, vitamins and minerals as the animals choose to eat them. Every animal is moved to a fresh paddock daily.

We respect and love our animals and believe, as Joel Salatin says, that “letting a chicken be a chicken” is the best way to raise them. All our processing is done at USDA-certified sites.

We will deliver in the Twin Cities Metro area but cannot ship. Food products can be purchased on our farm website. Bulk orders welcome.

We welcome visitors and love farm tours. Please check our website/email for details. Meat, poultry, and eggs can be purchased at the farm as well.

Land of Milk and Honey Farms, Trevor and Jaclyn Wahlquist, W7134 870th Avenue, River Falls, WI 54022. 612-801-7416.
Email: info@landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com. Website: www.landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com.

Lighthouse Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located north of Minneapolis - St. Paul. We raise Berkshire pigs on pasture that yield incredible-tasting meat, and grass-fed beef cattle which are awesome!

We are dedicated to raising animals the way they were created to be raised. The meat from our farm is full-flavored, satisfying and healthy. Our animals receive unlimited sunshine and fresh air as they graze on our rotated pastures. Additionally, they are supplemented with organic kelp as an extra source of vitamins and minerals. While not certified organic, we use no growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides on our farm.

Beef are available throughout the year. Pork is pre-ordered in the spring, and available in the fall.

Prices are available on our website. Sign up for our free e-newsletter on our website. Its the best way to keep up with us.

Lighthouse Farm, John Mesko, PO Box 192, Princeton MN 55371. (763) 389-0554.
E-mail: john@lighthousefarm.com. Website: www.lighthousefarm.com.

Lynn Brakke Organic Beef, nestled in the heart of the Red River Valley in Northwestern Minnesota, offers 100% certified organic, 100% grassfed beef throughout the year.

Our Angus/cross cattle graze in a rotational pasture system spring through fall and are fed our own high quality alfalfa/grass hay during the winter months. Our beef is processed at a nearby state inspected, organic approved facility, dry-aged, then vacuum sealed in individual cuts, flash frozen, and boxed in 1/8th beef packages. check out our website for packages and pricing.

Lynn Brakke Organic Beef, Lynn Brakke, 5724 170th Avenue South, Moorhead MN 56560-7809. (701) 318 - 0834.
E-mail: lbrakke@aol.com. Website: www.lborganicbeef.com.

Maple Hill Garden: Organic, Sustainable Produce on the Edge of the Prairie Delivered to Your Door.

Maple Hill Garden is a multi-generation sustainable farm located on the edge of the prairie in West Central Minnesota. Our family has farmed and called Long Prairie home for six generations.

We have been producing fruits and vegetables organically (though not certified) since 1984. We also raise pastured broiler chickens and heritage grass-fed and finished Border Cheviot sheep.

We offer CSA shares (whole or half shares) for our fruits and vegetables. Contact us for pricing and share availability.

We provide the convenience of direct delivery from our farm to your door. This ensures you receive the freshest produce and also gives you a chance to get to know your farmer. We do deliver to St. Cloud and the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. We encourage you to come visit our beautiful farm and learn how we raise your food.

Maple Hill Garden,Colin King, 15261 County 38, Long Prairie, MN 56347. (320) 874-0744.
E-mail: colin.m.king@gmail.com. Website: www.facebook.com/MapleHillGarden.

McCann's True Cost Farm offers chickens, eggs, lamb, pork and sausage and is dedicated to raising the best tasting food possible. The fine flavor and texture of our products is a result of our focus on quality.

We use healthy, genetically diverse plants and animals. They grow in natural, pleasant living conditions and are treated with care and respect. True Cost Farm is proud to raise food according to what is true and what is right. No shortcuts.
Unfortunately, most producers focus on quantity, not quality. Their methods produce food that's deceptively cheap – but there are many hidden costs.

Conventional farming practices churn out bland, uninspiring foods which have dire and expensive consequences for individual and public health, the quality of our water, air and soil, animal well being and much more.

One of our goals is to repair the soil on our property and to continue to refine and improve our production practices. Each animal we raise reduces the number of animals raised in less humane conditions while providing you with a tasty and more nutritious meal. The products you purchase from us are a big help towards building our sustainable farming business.

McCann's True Cost Farm, Jack McCann, 4432 County Road 12 SW, Montrose MN 55363. (612) 217-1770.
E-mail: info@truecostfarm.com. Website: www.truecostfarm.com.

McCluskey Brothers put steak in your burger. How? We're grassfed beef producers, and when we grind our burger, we grind all the cuts but two (ribeye, tenderloin). Think ground sirloin plus. It's a burger beyond anything you've ever tasted.

Just as important, our farm is committed to making the planet a better place. We rotationally graze our cattle, frequently moving the livestock from pasture to pasture. These frequent moves – or “rotations” - give our pastures a period of rest and regrowth between grazings. Roots grow deeper, soils recycle more carbon, plants grow stronger, less rainwater runs off resulting in less soil erosion, and biodiversity is enhanced. All with the help of cattle doing what nature has always intended: graze grass.

We believe you have the right to know the farming practices that produce your food. Different practices yield different results. We choose rotational grazing for a reason. Continuous grazing - giving cattle continuous access to the same pasture for the entire season - actually damages the pasture, weakens the plants and diminishes soil health. Honored to be among the first farms in the country certified Real Organic (2018), we're also USDA certified organic (certifying agency is ICS). And 100% grassfed at Shillelagh Glen Farms means no grain. Ever.

We're the 4th generation on our family farm, a farm founded on the belief everything is connected...

sunshine ↔ soils ↔ plants ↔ cattle ↔ our farm ↔ food ↔ your family table ↔ our planet.

And that's the way we farm.

We're growing wholesome, healthy, flavorful food with sunshine, grass, and the rich organic soils of Shillelagh Glen Farms. Try McCluskey Brothers' grassfed beef and cheese, and maple syrup. Inquiries about beef shares (quarters or halves) welcome.

One click brings 100% grassfed goodness direct to your door. Yes, we ship!

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms, Kevin, Brian and Pat McCluskey, Office: E3609A Croal Hollow Road, Hillpoint, WI 53937; Farm: S7544 Hwy G, Hillpoint, WI 53937. 608.495.2552.
E-mail: mccluskeybros@gmail.com. Website: www.McCluskeyBros.com.

Misty Meadows Farm. We believe God has given us our farm to raise healthy food to share with others. We want to be good stewards of the land and be sustainable in our practices, which means farming without chemicals.

Misty Meadows Farm has had a goal of producing quality, 100% grass fed and finished beef and lamb, as well as free-range chicken and eggs. We take great pride in offering you meats free of hormones and antibiotics, naturally and humanely raised. We practice management intensive grazing which offers the animals a variety of fresh "salad bar" grazing regularly.

Our meats produced on pasture provide many health benefits. They are rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is a natural cancer-fighting amino acid, and Omega 3 fatty acids (which we lack in our diets in this country). We want to make our farm, your farm—a place where you can buy safe, healthy meats.

Our products are available year-round. We are located 15 minutes north of Rochester, Minnesota just off of Highway 52 North. We are also at the Rochester Farmers Market every Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to Noon, from May 1 to October 31.

Misty Meadows Farm, Paul and Lela Wiens, 23155 – 520th Street, Pine Island MN 55963. (507) 356-4350.
E-mail: plwiens@pitel.net. Website: www.mistymeadowfarms.com.

At Nelson Grass Farm, we pasture-raise pigs, eggs (laying hens), chickens, turkeys and rabbits.

We farm from the soil up. We care for the soil as it is a living thing. We use regenerative farming practices to ensure the plants in our pastures have a rest period, we do not use chemicals that kill the living creatures in the soil, we use nature to help fertilize and maintain the grasses we grow. When our soil is healthy, our plants will be healthy and then the animals that eat our healthy plants will be healthy. We benefit from eating our healthy animals, they are full of nutrients that came from our soil.

Our animals have had no chemicals, GMOs or antibiotics digested from either the soil, plants, injections or other feed eaten. All animals are moved frequently to fresh pasture, are forage-fed and fed non-soy supplemental feed if biologically necessary. We are truly passionate about regenerative farming and using holistic practices at Nelson Grass Farm.

We currently have delivery set up in the St. Paul / Minneapolis area. We will be delivering to St. Cloud and Duluth areas in 2017. The farm is also open for visitors and to pick up products. 

Our website and Facebook page have more details and pictures of farm life. 

Nelson Grass Farm, Ryan and Desiree Nelson, 1622 Garden Street, Ogilvie, MN 56358. (612) 290-8357.
E-mail: info@NelsonGrassFarm.com. Website: www.NelsonGrassFarm.com.

The Oak Center General Store, built in 1913, was resurrected from the dead in 1976 and is dedicated to rebuilding a better world from the earth up.

The store carries locally raised grass-fed and pastured chicken, beef, pork, lamb, buffalo, elk and eggs, as well as organic produce, fruit and herbs, fair trade organic coffee and bulk organic dried grains and herbs. Bedding plants and perennials are available in season, as well as a full line of gardening tools and homesteading supplies.

All the farmers we use as suppliers comply with our Minnesota Farmer Growing Practices Pledge, which includes treating livestock humanely by providing them with pasture, access to outdoors and fresh air, using no hormones or antibiotics in feed, maintaining and building healthy soils by rotating crops annually, using compost, cover crops and green manures, reducing tillage, and rejecting the use of GMOs, chemically treated seeds, synthetic toxic materials, irradiation and sewer sludge. They also work in cooperation with other farmers and neighboring communities to create a more sustainable way of life for future generations.

Oak Center General Store is also home-base for Earthen Path Organic Farm, a 14-acre fruit, herb and vegetable farm that raises pastured chickens, lamb and eggs and provides part of the produce for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. The CSA sells shares and provides produce for weekly pick-up (deliveries are also available).

Products can be purchased directly at the store and we also ship within our region. We are located on Highway 63, 10 miles south of Lake City, or 25 miles north of Rochester. We are open 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday and some Sundays.

Oak Center General Farm Store/Earthen Path Organic Farm, Susan Draves-Schwen and Steven Schwen, RR 1, Box 52 BB, Lake City MN 55041. (507) 753-2080.
E-mail: info@oakcentergeneralstore.com. Website: www.oakcentergeneralstore.com.

PastureDirect Products from Shepherd's Hill Farm offers pastured lamb and beef seasonally, It is raised sustainably on pasture. We process our meat at a USDA-inspected facility so small orders and individual cuts can be shipped anywhere in the US. The majority of our customers buy halves and quarters. Wool mattress pads, comforters, and lamb pelts are also available.

PastureDirect Products from Shepherd's Hill Farm, Steve and Cindy Calvin, 10970 Cody Lake Trail, Montgomery MN 56069. (612) 729-2553.
E-mail: info@pasturedirect.com. Website: www.pasturedirect.com.

PastureLand Cooperative's new "true raw milk" cheddar is the latest addition to our lineup of artisanal butter and cheeses available at http://www.pastureland.coop/buy/direct. Check our website for a full selection of artisan cheese including new cloth bound Meadowlark cheddar, and the Alpine Sisters.

All of our delicious butter and cheeses are made with the milk of our own grass-fed cows, grazing on live, lush pastures on family farms in the rolling hills of southeastern Minnesota. We are a small cooperative of family operated, grass-based dairy farms working together for the good of consumers, the environment, and member farmers to ensure a healthy, reliable community food source into the future.

PastureLand co-op members are committed to using sustainable farming methods: building the soil, grass varieties, and pasture eco-systems that nourish our animals. We take great pride in our ability to provide the high-quality pasture necessary for healthy dairy herds without having to supplement their diet with grain. Our cows receive of 100% of their diet from grass during the seven-month growing season, and are housed in sheltered pastures during the winter months.

All of PastureLand farms are certified organic, and have received organic and Food Alliance certification. We use no hormones or antibiotics to enhance growth or production.

PastureLand Cooperative, Goodhue, MN 55027. (888) 331-9115.
E-mail: info@pastureland.coop. Website: www.pastureland.coop.

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Pastures A' Plenty has a goal of "providing on farm employment for all family members and restoring the ecological and social balance of our farm and farming community." This two generation farm is being converted entirely to grassfarming. We produce our animals outdoors as much as possible. Sunshine and fresh air are the best guarantee of animal health.

Beef is grass fed and maintained in pasture. Hogs are kept on pastures or they live in the open airy hoops & barns on deep straw beds. We use no drugs in feed to promote growth & no liquid manure systems. We are a three generation farm.

Pork is available by the cut, whole, or halves year round.

Chickens, in halves and wholes, are available year round. All the animals are grassfed during the grazing season (April-November). All the meat is frozen.

Best to call/email ahead. Mon-Fri 8a-5p, Sat 9a-noon. Please check our website or Eatwild's Minnesota Beyond the Farm page for information about restaurants and stores that sell our products.

Pasture A' Plenty Co, Jim, LeeAnn, Josh & Cindy Van Der Pol & family, 4077 110th Ave NE, Kerkhoven MN 56252. (320) 367-2061.
E-mail: shop@pasturesaplenty.com or grassroots@pasturesaplenty.com. Website: www.pasturesaplenty.com.

Pedelty Lincoln Reds offer a breed of beef cattle known for their great taste. Lincoln Reds have won numerous taste tests in England. Part of the reason Lincoln Reds are so palatable is because they fatten so easily on grass. Also, the meat is tender because the animals are quiet and do not excite easily.

Because the Lincoln Reds are a rare breed we have only limited availability and reservations are taken for mixed quarters or sides to be picked up in October.

Pedelty Lincoln Reds, Sarah and Larry Pedelty, 9724 County Road 138 SE, Chatfield MN 55923. (507) 867-9041.
E-mail: LSPines@aol.com.

AGA logoPettit Pastures is a family owned and operated farm near Milaca, Minnesota. We raise 100% Grass-fed Lowline cross beef cattle. Lowline cattle are smaller framed than most commercially raised beef cattle in the U.S. today. Their smaller size helps create high quality beef on a forage diet without the need for grain supplements. Lowline cattle are very calm and this works well with our low stress livestock handling procedures. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotic supplements on our cattle. 

We sell sell our 100% Grass-fed beef by the quarter, half, and whole directly to our health-conscious customers. Individual cuts of Grass-fed beef can also be ordered on our website. We will deliver locally or you can arrange to pick up your order at the farm.

Pettit Pastures is proud to be certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA), signifying that we raise our cattle 100% grass-fed. AGA defines grassfed animals as those that have eaten nothing but grass and forage from weaning to harvest, have not been raised in confinement, and have never been fed antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, all AGA-Certified Producers are American family farms and their livestock is born and raised in the U.S. 

Pettit Pastures LLC, Jake Pettit, 13230 90th Street NE, Foley MN 57329. (612) 401-6872.
E-mail: pettitpastures@gmail.com. Website: www.pettitpastures.com.

Pork & Plants Heritage Farm specializes in raising heritage Red Wattle Pigs and American Milking Devons on native prairie and lush pasture, along with chicken, ducks, turkeys, and geese. All our animals our raised on our certified organic farm in SE MN (certified by MOSA for corn, hay, oats, barley, peas, grass/hay, vetch, millet, sorghum/sudan, clover and buckwheat) and fed only what our farm produces. Our Devons do not receive any grain. We do not use soy in any of the animals' diets and believe in providing them with the most diverse choice of food possible.

Red Wattles pork is available year-round by whole, half, and cuts available in our retail greenhouse store. Chickens and eggs are also available year-round. We take orders early spring for Milking Devons beef, ducks, turkeys and geese available later in the year.

Visitors are always welcome to come and visit our happy animals and farm (please call in advance).

Remember Healthy, Happy Animals make for Healthy, Happy People.

Pork & Plants Heritage Farm, Eric and Ann Kreidermacher, 16400 CR 114, Altura MN 55910. (507) 689-4032.
E-mail: eric@porkandplants.com. Website: www.porkandplants.com/HeritageFarm.htm.

Real Food Ranch, LLC grows nutrient-dense whole food naturally, producing organic real food that is delicious and nutritious.

We raise 100% grass fed beef cattle in the rolling hills of East Central Minnesota. We have multiple heritage British cattle breeds available in our herd; a mix of very lean meat to well-marbled – choose the best fit for your tastes and nutritional needs.

We practice a rotational grazing system during the summer months that allow the animals to eat a natural mix of pasture grasses with clean water in a fresh paddock daily. During the winter months, the cattle are fed local hay. Absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are ever given to our animals. Beef is available in the fall, but contact us now to reserve your quarter, half or whole animal.

Our heritage breed pigs are raised in the open on fresh pasture, sunshine, and clean water. We use fences to keep them in designated paddocks, which are rotated regularly. They even have a job to do: when we need some soil or compost turned over, we send in the pigs! Pork is available by the half or whole animal in the fall – reserve now.

Free-range chickens enjoy a new patch of grass on a daily basis where they can find bugs, greens, and seeds. They also eat an unmedicated ration sourced from local feed stores. Chicken is available by the whole, frozen chicken.  

Real Food Ranch LLC, Andy and Renee Crisman, 2959 Hornet Street Mora, MN 55051. (651) 387-9587.
E-mail: andy@therealfoodranch.com. Website: www.therealfoodranch.com.

Ritscher Family Farm is a fifth generation family farm located in picturesque Buffalo County in western Wisconsin. The farm is a mixture of forested hillsides and fertile meadows that produce a bounty of lush grass, the foundation of our all natural farm. 

We take pride at Ritscher Family Farm in producing healthy, nutritious meat that is raised humanely in an environmentally friendly way. We produce 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised poultry.

All of our animals are raised naturally with no antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemicals. We are not certified organic but everything that we do is well within the organic standards. All of our animals are produced right here on our farm so that we can personally vouch for the humane treatment and the highest quality of care. All of our meat is processed at local USDA inspected facilities that have the highest quality standards. We sell meat by the individual cut as well as in numerous bundles.

Visit our website or online store for a complete list of our products and prices. Our meat can be purchased directly at the farm which is open by appointment or through our online store delivered to one of our convenient drop off locations in the Twin Cities or western Wisconsin. We deliver to the Twin Cities once a month on the first Friday of every month and to Eau Claire, Menomonie, River Falls and other western Wisconsin locations every few months. We also plan to deliver to Winona, LaCrosse, and Rochester in the near future.

Ritscher Family Farm, Chris and Kendra Ritscher, W1137 Block Road, Alma WI 54610 (715) 651-8285.
Email: info@ritscherfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.ritscherfamilyfarm.com. Online Store: www.farmmatchcom/ritscherfamilyfarm.

Salad Bar Ranch believes healthy soils = healthy animals = healthy food = healthy you. That is why we eat and sell grass fed and grass finished beef, pastured eggs (in season), and pastured broilers (chickens). 

We manage cattle rotation to provide fresh grass and to ensure proper rest period for the grass. Our cattle are antibiotic- and hormone-free. Our laying hens are in portable shelters during grass season. We move them daily on fresh grass. Our broilers are also in portable shelters and are moved daily onto fresh grass. They are butchered on site and are shrink wrapped.

Drop by anytime for eggs.

Broilers are available with advanced order in summer/fall.

Beef is available in quarters, halves or wholes approximately September/October. 

Please contact us in advance to place your order.

Salad Bar Ranch, Corey Schaefer, 31501 405th Avenue, Hancock, MN 56244. (320) 349-0550.
E-mail: coreynamy31@gmail.com. Website: none.

Schlangen Family Farm converted to organic practices in 2000 and continues to grow food for our traditional foods community. We walked away from USDA certification (after 8 years of declining standards), and now specialize in pastured, mono-culture-free (no soy, corn, wheat—NO influence of monsanto) transitional eggs, chicken and pork—as well as fresh greens all year long. Cert Organic is fine for commercial scale; we can do more. We believe in the right to own your food at the farm (anyone can farm)!

In the process of representing our Trad Foods Community in preserving our right to real food and natural health, we’ve built a system of sustainable farms that serve hundreds of families. Our options are available thru Freedom Farms Coop, a collection of private food club members that know what it means to commit to a real, nutrient-dense food system. Check out www.farmmatch.com for local resources across America! Be well, Alvin.

Schlangen Family Farm, Alvin Schlangen, 33236 Oakland Road, Freeport MN 56331. (320) 250-6462.
E-mail: mnorganiceggs@yahoo.com. Website: www.schlangenfamilyfarm.com.

At Serene Green Fields, our cattle and sheep are raised in a humane, natural environment without the use of antibiotics, additives and/or growth hormones. They are rotationally grazed on managed pastures of alfalfa, clovers, trefoil, and multiple grass species. We raise Black Angus, Murray Gray, and British White cattle. Our sheep are Barbados Blackbelly and Katahdin crosses. These are hair sheep raised for their meat and not wool.

We follow the National Organic Standards, but are not certified. Lamb is seasonally available by the half or whole and - Beef by the quarter, half, or whole - aged 21 days at a USDA facility to further enhance its exceptional flavor.

You may pick up your meat either at our farm, or at the locker in Winona, MN or Black Earth, WI. We are dedicated to raising tender, flavorful meat on our ridgetop farm in the beautiful driftless area of Southwestern Wisconsin.

Restaurants: The Meat-ing Place, Main Street Station, Viroqua WI.

Serene Green Fields, Roger Christensen and Joi Leighton, S8251 Peterson Road, Readstown WI 54652. (608) 629-5623.
E-mail: rogerlc@mwt.net.

Shepherd Song Farm raises 100% grass-fed lamb and goat meat. We believe pasture-raised is absolutely, without a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, better for your health...which is better for you! We make a commitment to you to NOT use pesticides on our land and to use NO animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones. Our lambs and goats grow naturally on Wisconsin meadows. The cool northern summers of the upper Midwest produce outstanding pastures producing premium, lean lamb and goat in a healthy environment.

Our livestock spend their days in the open air and sunshine grazing our lush, green pastures. Our young stock spend the majority of their time safe with their mothers within the protective flock learning to choose from diverse forage. We do not confine our animals to stalls, on concrete or in feedlots.They routinely carry out their natural behaviors such as grazing, browsing, lactating and exploring their environment as appropriate to their species. Quality of life for our animals is one of our main values.

We are a small family farm. We use sustainable and holistic farming practices that improve the soil, increase biodiversity, and are beneficial to our local community's environment. In practice this means what we take out of the environment we put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil and fertility can be replenished and are available to future generations.

Our products are USDA inspected, vacuum-packed for quality, and meet high standards for freshness, tenderness and flavor. Individual cuts or family value boxes can be purchased year round. Religious requirements can be met such as halal certification.

We deliver locally to the Minneapolis, Minnesota /Menomonie, Wisconsin metro areas and ship across the country.

Our products can also be found in the following restaurants and stores:

Restaurants: In Minneapolis: Lucia's Restaurant, 1432 W 31st St; Bradstreet Restaurant, 601 First Ave N; Common Roots, 2558 Lyndale Ave S; Zelo, 831 Nicolet Mall; Solera, 900 Hennepin Ave; Merlins Restaurant, 3601 E Lake Street; Restaurant Alma, 528 University Ave SE; Nightingale, 2551 Lyndale Ave S; Barbette, 1600 W Lake St; Gigi's Cafe, 822 W 36th St; Cafe Maude, 5411 Penn Ave S; Cafe Maude at Loring, 1612 Harmon Pl; In Season, 5416 Penn Ave S; Mona Restaurant, 333 S 7th St #190; and at Bacio, 1571 Plymouth Road, Minnetonka, MN.

Stores: Mississippi Market, 622 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN; Specialty Meats and Gourmet, 1810 Webster St, Hudson, WI; and Polar Pete's Seafood & Meats, 2028 US Highway 8, St. Croix Falls WI.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with questions.

Shepherd Song Farm, LLC., Judith Moses, N12835 CR Q, Downing WI 54734. (715) 265-7637.
E-mail: buygrassfed@gmail.com. Website: www.shepherdsongfarm.com.

Snake River Farm: Bison, Beef, Hogs, Horses, Farm Tours. Open all year, but please call for appointment.

We raise bison, beef and a few hogs for sale direct to consumers, normally by the ¼. We pasture raise all of our animals in a natural setting. The Snake River winds through our 220 acres for almost a mile creating a unique landscape of native prairie, oak savanna, wooded lowlands, wet meadows and tamarack swamp.

Bison and beef are grass fed only. Our bison herd numbers less than 50 and our beef herd less than 20. We seasonally rotate the herds through open and wooded pastures as is best for the animals and the land. We raise a few hogs each year because they fit in well.

Meat animals are humanely harvested and then processed in a state inspected facility. We use no hormones or antibiotics. We tame and train mustang horses that we adopt from the BLM as yearlings. We sell mustangs gentled or trained to ride and drive.

Miles of trails, a one-room schoolhouse, farm museum and wildlife. We welcome visits and tours especially educational groups.

Snake River Farm, Tom Barthel, 18251 62nd Street, Becker MN 55308. (763) 263 2721.
E-mail: tom@snakeriverfarmmn.com.

StoneBridge Beef is a sustainable farm-ranch selling Prairie-Fed Beef direct from our farm, at farmers markets, and on our website. We are located near Long Prairie, MN. Our farm is blessed with nutrient-dense soils, a diverse salad bar of grasses, and humanely raised Devon-Angus cattle. The flavor of our beef is bright, robust, and tender—never dull or fatty.

Our specialty is halves, quarters (split halves), and 20-pound Variety Packs with our most popular steaks, roasts, burger, stew meat, bratwurst and ribs. We also sell Burger Packs with 20 pounds of our best "whole cow" burger. For enhanced flavor, we dry age steaks and roasts for 14 days.

Prairie-Fed Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass finished. We avoid hormones, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics, commercial fertilizers, and byproduct feeds on our farm. In addition, we consider our management plan "beyond organic" because we provide holistic care and concern for our cattle, our farm, our community, and our ecosystem.

Our beef is skillfully processed in small batches by Riverside Meats in Long Prairie, MN, a family operated, USDA inspected facility. Your decision to purchase Prairie-Fed Beef is an important statement in support of the "fresh and local foods" movement.

StoneBridge Beef sells at the Alexandria, Brainerd-Baxter, and Little Falls Area Farmers Markets. See our website under Contact Us for maps of these locations and other details.

StoneBridge Beef, Mike and Sue Stine, 26668 290th Street, Long Priairie MN 56347. (320) 594-0031.
E-mail: mike@stonebridgebeef.com. Website: www.stonebridgebeef.com.

Streblow Family Farm. We, Joshua and Randi Streblow, and our nine children live just west of Granite Falls in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley. We offer eggs, chicken, turkey, pork, and lamb. We raise all of our animals on pasture with no antibiotics and non-GMO grains when needed.

We began our venture into sustainable farming in recent years out of a desire to raise our own quality food. We delight in working together as a family, and find farming a perfect fit. We are committed to the principles of firstly regenerative and secondly sustainable agriculture. In keeping with our highest aim, which is to do all to the glory of God, we are eager to learn and grow in our ability to better steward our land, raise our animals, and enjoy healthy living.

Stop by anytime!

Streblow Family Farm, Joshua Streblow, 5196 Hwy 212, Granite Falls MN 56241. (320) 981-0199 (Joshua) and (320) 226-9685 (Isaiah).
Email: info@streblowfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.streblowfamilyfarm.com.

Tamarack Lamb & Wool is a family farm specializing in producing outstanding quality grassfed lamb. Located in East Central Minnesota, the short, cool northern summers result in exceptionally high quality native clover pastures that are the mainstay of our lambing and lamb-rearing program.

Tamarack utilizes breeds selected for their ability to turn pasture into a premium quality eating experience. While the Dorset is known as the "Angus" of sheep breeds in the US, the Ile de France is the premier market lamb sire in France known for muscling, with excellent tenderness and flavor. Lambs are butchered at a small, immaculate local shop where the lambs are taken care of promptly and with minimal stress.

Pasture-fed lamb is available seasonally in November and December. At this time, all orders must be picked up at the farm; no shipping is available. Tamarack is an easy 90-minute trip north of Minneapolis/St. Paul on I-35, located just 2 miles off the interstate south of Hinckley, Minnesota. For price list, please visit our website.

Tamarack Lamb & Wool, Janet W. McNally, 31077 County Highway 61, Hinckley MN 55037. (320) 336-9071.
E-mail: janet@tamaracksheep.com. Website: www.eatlamb.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/eatlamb/

Thousand Hills Cattle Company provides a year-round supply of fresh, 100% grass-fed beef available by the cut to virtually all of the health food and Kowalski stores in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area. We also sell larger quantities of frozen beef directly to customers. (Please see our website for more information.)

Our cattle are locally raised on small family farms in Minnesota and northeast Iowa, and processed at a state-of-the-art USDA inspected facility in Cannon Falls, MN. Our cattle are raised according to Eatwild.com production standards. In addition, we use a variety of methods, including sonogram technology, to select the most tender and tastiest beef around.

We are committed to making healthy, 100% grass-fed beef convenient for busy families. These stores are staffed by very knowledgeable meat managers, who always have a cooler full of fresh 100% grass-fed beef.

We are committed to assisting those family farmers who can produce more cattle than they can market by themselves. We will purchase those additional cattle that are raised to our demanding specifications, and make sure that these cattle end up in your grocery cart as 100% grass-fed beef, fresh from the meat case.

Thousand Hills Cattle Company, PO Box 323, Cannon Falls MN 55009. (507) 263-4001.
E-mail: tlein@thousandhillscattleco.com Website: www.thousandhillscattleco.com.

At Together Farms, we believe in sustainable farming and lovingly caring for all our animals. It seems the more we learn, the more we want to grow our own food. But without you, the customer, our small farm dream could never become a reality.

AWA logo

First, we search for the best-tasting foods we can find - typically means heritage breeds that tend to grow slower than their high-production counterparts where taste and personality are ignored. We raise Tamworth & Large Blacks (swine), Duclair ducks, assorted heritage turkeys, White Park (beef) cattle, Tunis & Leicaster Longwool sheep, and Freedom Ranger meat and other heritage egg chickens

All of our animals are in managed grazing systems. Things we don’t use on the animals: antibiotics, growth hormones, medicated feed or chemical de-wormers. In our finished products, there are no: nitrates/ites, MSG, preservatives, colorings, etc. Minerals and supplements, you ask? All absolutely natural (e.g., apple cider vinegar) so you know you are getting a nutrient-dense product. If our soils are not healthy, our animals will not be healthy. We are also working towards being totally free from soy-based feeds. [Check out Weston A. Price's Soy Alert page to learn more about soy and why we care.]

We are Certified Naturally Grown and Animal Welfare Approved and we are now out of our 3rd transitional year to be certified organic. We are working toward full certification by the end of 2013. The beef and lamb are 100% grassfed and approved by the American Grassfed Association.

We also offer “S3” Soap - an old-fashioned, cold processed lard soap! We use only all natural ingredients - check out our website or our Etsy page (www.etsy.com/shop/StephsSuperSwineSoaps).

Meat is available in wholes, halves, and CSA shares. Email/call for bundle options, pricing and drop-offs.

Farmers Markets: Our 2013 Farmers Markets include the following: Festival Foods in Eau Claire, Whitehall, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie. See website (www.togetherfarms.com) for dates, times and exact locations. Pick up on the farm for a 5% discount!

Check out our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and our Instagram for updates of the farm.

Owners Andy, Stephanie, Madelynne & Adeyle Schneider and assistants Amy & Giuseppe send heartfelt thanks for supporting small family farms!

Together Farms, Andy or Stephanie Schneider, W93 Norden Road, Mondovi WI 54755. (715) 926-5009.
E-mail: togetherfarms@gmail.com. Website: www.togetherfarms.com.

Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats offers grassfed beef and pork. We are a small farm and focus on quality for the animals.

Our cattle are rotated on pastures in spring, summer and fall. NO antibiotics or growth hormones are given to our animals. During the winter the cattle get alfalfa hay.The feed for our cattle and pigs is all grown on our farm without herbicides and pesticides.The hogs receive grass/legume pastures and soaked oats. During the fall the hogs are fattened on fall apples; they don't receive soy in their diets.

Our beef is sold in 1/4, 1/2, or whole. Pork is sold by 1/2, or whole. Your animal will be processed at a locally owned and inspected butcher shop.

Wacholz farm is located near the I-35 / I-90 intersection near Albert Lea. Come visit and see the animals!

Wacholz Farm Grass-fed Meats, Cazzi Wacholz, 81999 175th Street, Hayward, MN 56043. (303) 912-1499
E-mail: cwacholz@wacholzfarm.com Website: www.wacholzfarm.com.

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