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Pastured Products Directory - North Dakota

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Brown's Ranch/Nourished by Nature is a highly diversified and multi-generational operation that is located just East of Bismarck. We raise and direct market our grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured pork and poultry and free-range eggs.

All of our livestock are raised in an eco-friendly manner without the use of GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Our animals are allowed to express what each species does best through the way we manage them. Whether it is the cattle grazing across our beautiful North Dakota prairies or a chicken chasing after that tasty grasshopper, our animals are grown and enriched in a stress-free environment.

Our products are processed at a state-inspected facility which allows us to sell by the cut, quarters, halves and wholes. We sell our products at the ranch, through buying clubs, and at farmers markets in the Bismarck/Mandan area.

Nourished by Nature, Paul Brown, 12550 71st Avenue NE, Bismarck ND 58503. (701) 527-5573.
E-mail: brownsmarketingllc@gmail.com. Website: nourishedbynature.us.

Effertz EZ Natural Beef Ranch is located on the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark slept some 200 years ago. Our ranch is home to hundreds of deer, rabbits, game and song birds and raptors like the bald eagle. It is also home to the largest herd and first Australian Lowline cattle imported into the United States back in 1996.

These half-sized cattle were developed from old style registered Aberdeen Angus cattle by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture at the Trangie Research Centre. This breed and its resulting crosses are uniquely adapted to the production of extremely high quality, tender beef on a grass/forage based ration. For the past 9 years we have selected only the most productive high quality Lowline genetics in five different trips to Australia to insure that our grass based beef production was built right from the genetics through the production protocol to insure the healthiest, tastiest, most nutritious, most tender grass fed beef available.

We offer grass fed steers and young bulls for custom slaughter and sell beef by the half and quarter (split half). Our beef can also be found occasionally in Bismarck at the Bistro American Cafe and at Johns Quality Meats.

We also offer Lowline breeding stock, embryos and semen.

Effertz EZ Natural Beef Ranch, Neil and Jan Effertz, 17350 North Highway 1804, Bismark ND 58503. (701) 223-5202.
E-mail: effertz@bektel.com Website: http://www.loala.com.

Feiring's Grassfed & Finished Beef is located in the rolling plains of western North Dakota, on the Montana border. We have been raising registered Angus cattle for 34 years and grassfed beef for the past 5 years. We started raising grassfed beef after listening to Dr. Don Huber speak at the Grassfed Exchange. At that point, we decided that if we don’t have our health, then neither will our soil or livestock.

Our cattle are raised in a holistic manner without antibiotics, GMOs, growth hormones, commercial fertilizers or pesticides. We practice low-stress livestock handling to assure our cattle are raised in a stress-free environment. Our ranch has been practicing holistic resource management since 2012. The main motto on our ranch is "If you take care of the soil, it will take care of you!" We utilize conventional and high-density rotation grazing to assure the cattle are on the highest plain of nutrition.

Our products are processed at a USDA federally inspected facility which allows us to sell by the cut, quarters, halves and wholes. We sell our products at the ranch and local farmers markets in the area. We also deliver to Dickinson and the surrounding area.

You can find updates on product availability on our Facebook page: Feiring’s Grassfed & Finished Beef.

Feiring's Grassfed & Finished Beef, Donnie and Trisha Feiring, PO Box 725 / 16851 21st St SW, Beach, ND 58621. (701) 872-5888.
E-mail: feiringcattleco@yahoo.com. Website: none.

Lakeside Prairie Farm specializes in 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pastured pork.

We seek to produce beef and pork that is healthy for the land and healthy for people. We raise our animals in a way that doesn't compromise our soil, air, and water; the health of the consumer or the farmer; the health of our rural community; wildlife; nor the robust flavor of well raised meat.

What sets us apart from other farms who are sustainably raising meat is our commitment to restoring the native ecosystems on our farm and using these as the primary source of forage for our pastured animals. That means that our cattle are rotationally grazed on native tallgrass prairie plants and our pigs rotated through our oak savanna. This provides for the coexistence of a great number of wildlife species (think pollinators and grassland birds) with our cattle and pigs.

We do not expose our animals to pesticides, GMOs, chemical fertilizer, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or byproduct feeds.

We sell meat by the cut, quarter, half, and whole, with seasonal availability. Our meat is processed at locally owned and inspected butcher shops.

To purchase, contact Bryan by phone or email or fill out the order form on our website here.

Lakeside Prairie Farm, Bryan Simon, 20503 180th Avenue, Barrett, MN 56311. (320) 492-2526.
E-mail: lakesideprairiefarm@gmail.com. Website: http://www.lakesideprairiefarm.com

Paul Ranch / Wild Prairie Beef sells all natural, grassfed ground beef that has exclusively been born and raised on our family-owned and operated cattle ranch 30 miles south of Carson, ND. Since every pound of beef we sell has been raised by us, we know that it has been treated ethically, and never given any antibiotics, hormones, grain, GMOs, or byproduct feeds, and their forage has never been fertilized.

We strive to build a strong ecosystem by grazing the shortgrass prairie briefly, and then allowing it to rest and grow undisturbed. This method of grazing (rotational grazing) promotes excellent soil and plant health, and a rich wildlife habitat. We know that healthy land will raise healthy cattle, which in turn produce healthy beef for your family (and ours) to enjoy!

We sell ground beef by the pound and 1/3-pound ground beef patties. Our beef can be purchased from us, or in Bismarck at the Bisman Community Food Coop, 711 Sweet Avenue (opening in May of 2016).

Wild Prairie Beef, LLC, Daniel & Tresa Paul, 5935 92nd St SW, Carson, ND 58529. (701) 522-3644.
E-mail: ranch@wildprairiebeef.com. Website: www.wildprairiebeef.com

Prairie Rose Organic Farm is a certified organic family farm in north central North Dakota located near the rolling Turtle Mountains. We raise Aberdeen Angus grassfed beef on prime pasture during grazing season and premium hay in the winter months.

We are certified organically through Nature's International Certification Service of Viroqua, WI which means all organic pasture, hay, supplements (such as minerals and kelp) and natural health needs are used. If health concerns require antibiotics, the animal is identified with a red ear tag and is not considered organic.

We meet the requirements set forth by AGA but are not certified by them. We have been certified by GAP (Global Animal Protection) for humane treatment of animals. 

All our beef is processed at a USDA federally inspected processing plant and we sell by the whole, side, or quarter of beef. We also sell by the individual cut. Grassfed cuts will be available after December 15, 2011 and bulk orders maybe placed any time. Pickup on the farm is by appointment and we deliver up to 100 miles @$.55/mile.

We do ship through Fed Ex with fees dependent on distance and individual package size and weight.
We look forward to serving your grassfed needs. Please feel free to call or email.

Prairie Rose Organic Farm, Jay and Elizabeth Rose, 2225 91st St NE, Willow City ND 58384. (701) 228-3338.
E-mail: prairieroseorganicfarm@gmail.com.


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