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Pastured Products Directory – Ohio


Find a farm near you on our Ohio Map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Visit our Ohio Beyond the Farm page to find local stores, restaurants and markets that sell grass-fed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

A1 Heritage Breed Farms is located in west central Ohio, close to Indiana, not far from I-75. Like us on Facebook (HeritageBreedFarms) and keep up with us via our website.

We started our farm for several key reasons. First and foremost we wanted to be sustainable. We feel that God has entrusted us as stewards of his creation. Being sustainable keeps our land and animals in the best possible health and returns the land in better shape than when we received it. Secondly, we wanted to raise the best tasting food because food should never have additives if its authentically good! Third, we wanted our children to grow up on a farm—who wouldn’t? Lastly, and most importantly, we wanted food that was good for you. Raising a young and growing family, eating healthy food was a no brainer which is why we grow everything using organic practices. All of these decisions lead us to raising the heritage breeds of: Dexter cattle, Large Black and Red Wattle hogs, Buckeye chickens, Olberhasi goats, Katahdin sheep, Bronze breasted turkeys, and several other mixed breeds of animals, most of which follow the heritage breed lines.

We currently have pastured freezer pork available. There is lots of bacon on our hogs—32 pounds on average! No wonder they call large blacks “bacon hogs.” These are our personal favorites, they taste EXCELLENT. In our opinion, there is no comparison in taste and flavor! Our Red Wattles are also featured pork on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste.

Grass Fed Dexter beef is the fastest selling item on our farm. Dexters have excellent marbling for grass fed animals and have about a 20% larger rib eye for its size (my favorite cut! ) They are extremely docile and small. If you are used to ordering a half, then you want a whole; if you are used to a quarter, you want half a Dexter. This allows you to get all the premium cuts of meat without breaking the bank!

Pastured poultry. Please order ahead because we get our chicks in late winter/early spring. We can raise as many meat birds as our customers want, but we have to receive the orders early to get our preparations done ahead of summer. We also have pastured eggs layed by our favorite bird, the Buckeyes! What a great bird, raised in the same great state as its namesake!

Delivery available Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Indianapolis and closer.

As always thank you for your business and remember to eat local and eat fresh!

God Bless.

A1 Heritage Breed Farms, Brent and Beth Schulze, Russia, OH 45363. (937) 418-3790.
E-mail: 1701farm@gmail.com. Website: www.heritagebreedfarms.com.

Auburn Meadow Farm. It's true! Slow growing, old fashioned British breeds make some of the juiciest, most flavorful grass fed beef around. Meat rich with beefy flavor and fine, juicy texture – all on a grass only diet – special enough to be included on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste!

Our herd of rare American Milking Devons are about as close to their British roots as can be. We began our work raising cattle as a direct response to animal welfare, food quality and environmental issues. We follow non-certified organic methods and the cattle eat only grass and hay grown here at home. Our cows live a happy, natural life of grazing with their buddies, with plenty of spring water and free-choice shelter from cold, rain and blazing sun.

In beef cattle, there is a documented relationship between high butterfat content in the milk and superior marbling in the beef. And, a scientific reason the flavor and texture of the meat from smaller breeds given longer to mature is so much finer. We have taken great pains to resist the temptation to breed for increased size and beef yield thereby preserving the rich milk that made these cows such a treasure in their native Devonshire, England.

You’ve heard of Devonshire cream, haven’t you? Well these girls invented it…

We are located just about an hour north of Pittsburgh, and 10 minutes from Boardman, Ohio. We have limited amount of beef available each summer and are excited to share it with you. Don't miss out; when it’s gone, it’s gone until next year!

Auburn Meadow Farm, Jackie Cleary, 164 Bedford Road, West Middlesex PA 16159. (412) 600-5826.
E-mail: auburnmeadowfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.auburnmeadow.farm.com.

Autumn Harvest Farm, owned and operated by Marcus and Beth Ladrach and family, has grown as a family farm since 1946. We raise All Natural grass-fed beef, vegetables, and hay. All 230 acres of the farm have been certified organic by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) since 1996. All crops and pastures are certified organic.

Located in the rich agricultural landscape of Wayne County, Ohio, Autumn Harvest Farm is only 30 minutes from Medina, 45 minutes from Akron or Canton, less than an hour from Cleveland, and an hour and a half from Columbus.

Autumn Harvest Farm specializes in raising All Natural Angus cross-bred beef cattle on certified organic pastures with no grain or hormones. A rotational grazing program regularly moves the cattle through paddocks containing grass mixed with clover and alfalfa so that the animals have a nutritionally rich blend of pasture crops to eat. We take pride in raising beef calves up to full market weight on a 100% grass-fed diet, an effort that is reflected in the excellent quality and taste of the beef.

Grass-fed beef has rightfully gained a reputation for having higher nutritional value, less fat, and fewer calories that grain-fed beef, and we have found that their rotational grazing pattern contributes to the health of the cattle as well as to the health of the farm.

Farmers Markets: We attend the Downtown Wooster Farmers Market, June through October, Saturdays 8am- 12:00pm.

Grocery Stores: We sell our products at Local Roots Market, 140 S Walnut Street in downtown Wooster, OH.

Autumn Harvest Farm, Marcus and Beth Ladrach, 5109 Rice Hill Road, Wooster OH 44691. (330) 264-8708. (330) 264-8708.
E-mail: grassfed@autumn-harvest-farm.com. Website: http://autumn-harvest-farm.com.

Ayers Valley Farm has a passion for raising our livestock the way nature intended. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). We are organically minded and we take pride in providing premium grass fed finished beef, silvopasture-raised pork, and pasture-raised poultry for meat.

Our grass fed/finished herd is made of South Poll and Angus cattle. They are rotated daily to fresh diverse forage with access to clean water and 20 different types of minerals. This process produces a well-marbled meat that the whole family will enjoy.

Our pork is fed a non-GMO, soy-free feed to supplement their daily salad bar while living their best lives under a beautifully developed combination of trees and forage. The taste and juiciness of forest-raised pork will make your taste buds thank you!

Our poultry are moved daily to make sure they get their fill of fresh grass, bugs and plenty of sunshine. They are also fed a non-GMO, soy-free feed to supplement anything that mother nature cannot provide. This chicken will make you wonder why you've ever purchased it from the grocery in the past.

Through the years, we have partnered with nature to practice regenerative agriculture. We strive to ensure that our farmland is continuously improving for our livestock to feed your family. We care about how our meat is raised, so we decided to raise it ourselves. We quickly discovered that there is a difference with farm fresh meat; we want you to experience it too!

We take no shortcuts! We want to be your source for nutritious meat.

We can ship our frozen meat directly to your door anywhere in the USA or you can pick up on the farm by appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ayers Valley Farm, Taylor and Joshua Ayers, 9551 State Route 353, Russellville OH 45168. 740-222-1352.
E-mail: taylor@ayersvalleyfarm.com. Website: www.ayersvalleyfarmmeats.com.

Beautifield Farm in Dayton OH raises pastured, soy-free and organic meat and eggs on a 13-acre farm about 15 minutes from downtown Dayton. We currently pasture KuneKune pigs, Katahdin sheep, Red Ranger broilers and we raise ducks and chickens for eggs.

Our animals are all rotated frequently to enable access to fresh pasture. We never feed soy, and only use organic feed for our chickens and pigs.

We strive to always improve the health of our farm ecosystem, the nutrition of our food and offer our livestock the best possible life. As our 11-year-old said of our animals: "If you only have one bad day, you've had a good life!"

In stock we currently have eggs, pork by the cut (including bacon), and whole broiler chickens.

Beautifield Farm, Andrew and Mary Beauchamp, 4669 Bath Road, Dayton OH 45424. Phone: two four eight 890-4389.
E-mail: beautifield.org at gmail.com. Website: http://beautifield.org.

Berger's Green Vista Farm is owned and operated by the Berger family with the health and comfort of the animals as a top priority. We are a 100% grassfed-to-finish, all-natural beef farm. Located in the rolling countryside of northeast Ohio, Green Vista Farm offers a local source of gourmet 100% grassfed and finished beef along with antibiotic and GMO-free pork. We are a short drive from Medina, Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, and about an hour from Columbus.

We offer 100% grassfed and finished all-natural freezer beef by the whole, half, and split half (quarter), and pork by the half or whole. Approximate weights and pricing are on our website along with links about cuts and cutting.

After outgrowing our ability to produce adequate pork for our needs, the hogs now come from local Amish neighbors who raise the hogs to fit our specifications, including, but not limited to: no antibiotic or steroid type substance (ractopamine) use, and all non-GMO feed. The program helps to keep their small farms viable, and we are extremely happy to offer them a consistent premium over the fluctuating market prices for their efforts. See our website for more information.

Our beef and pork are also available in retail form during regular business hours from Whitefeather Meats www.whitefeathermeats.com in Creston, OH.

Canaan Meats www.canaanmeats.com does all our custom processing for customers buying freezer beef or pork.

We find no reason to use artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, insecticides, or herbicides. We pasture all the animals as much as possible year around. Our cattle are rotated through the pastures on a regular basis to the benefit of both plants and animals. When extreme conditions of cold or mud require us to temporarily bring the cattle onto a straw pack, they receive dry stored forages.

We absolutely love what we do and thank God for blessing us in this manner and for giving us the opportunity to share it with others.

Berger's Green Vista Farm, Jonathan Berger, 8200 Lattasburg Road, Wooster OH 44691.
E-mail: jon@greenvistafarm.com. Website: www.greenvistafarm.com.

Berry Family Farm, in Fairfield county, has been in our family for 200 years, starting in 1807. Brad is part of the 7th generation to live on the farm, our children are the 8th, and our grandchildren are the 9th.

We raise beef cattle, pork, chicken, turkey and sheep. We also grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. Our mission is to provide our family, friends, and the community with the products and the education needed to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. [Note from Eatwild: The Berry Family Farm sells some beef that is both grass and grainfed. Be sure to ask for their all grass-fed beef.]

In 2012, Berry Family Farm was chosen as the Environmental Stewardship Award winner for beef in the state of Ohio. We are committed to farming, in fact, our farm is permanently preserved through Ohio Farmland Preservation.

Farmers Markets: Lancaster Farmers Market, Tuesday and Saturday; Pickerington Farmers Market, Thursday.

Berry Family Farm, Brad and Mary Ann Berry, 5500 Canal Road, Pleasantville OH 43148. (740) 468-3579 or (740) 438-4463.
E-mail: berryfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: http://berryfamilyfarm.com.

Berry’s Naturally is located on a quaint 40 acres in Reading MI, near the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan boarders. We strive to maintain our small, cozy farm as nature intended, by raising and finishing our lamb, and beef on 100% natural grass pasture.

Our chickens are raised on NON-GMO grains and rotated to fresh pasture daily.

Please visit our site to see “our story,” get current pricing, and see what we are all about. We’d love to talk with you to answer any questions, so please feel free to give us a call.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you obtain the healthy food choices you are looking for.

Berry's Naturally, Bill and Angie Berry, 6351 Carpenter Road, Reading MI 49274. (517) 283-2873.
E-mail: wberry@dmcibb.net. Website: http://berrysnaturallyfarm.com.

BlueLoon Farm offers certified organic pastured, eggs, tunis lamb, jersey beef and jersey cow herd shares. Shares available for milk, cream and butter. Ghee now available.

BlueLoon Farm is a 46-acre, certified organic diversified farm located in West Salem, Ohio in the Northwest corner of Wayne County.

Our focus is on total farm health: soil, water, animal, vegetable, fruit, and wildlife habitat. A healthy farm will produce healthy quality products. Diversity and Preservation guide us in our livestock breeds selections as well as our vegetable and fruit crops.

BlueLoon now offers certified organic cow herd shares. The girls graze on pastures during the season and at times are supplemented with hay. During the winter, their diet consists of 100% high quality organic hay. The milk is outstanding year round—great for making butter, yogurt, cheese and any other cow-based dairy product. We offer shares for milk, cream, and butter as well as now offering ghee.

All our products are available here at the farm. We do make a weekly delivery to downtown Cleveland, so should you want to arrange a meet to have your order delivered, we can do so, just contact us.

Visit our webpage to learn more and get involved with your food!

BlueLoon Farm, Courtland Rocco, 13085 North Elyria, West Salem OH 44287. (330) 235-3953.
E-mail: courtland@blueloonfarm.com. Website: www.blueloonfarm.com. Facebook: facebook.com/blueloonfarm.

BP Farms raises 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef, Organic Pastured Heritage Pork, Organic Pastured Heritage Brown Eggs, and Organic Pastured Free-Range Chicken on our small family farm. We sell our products both direct to consumer and wholesale.

All our products are grown using only sustainable, environmentally friendly, agricultural practices without the use of antibiotics, hormones/steroids, medications, pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified products (GMOs). All our livestock are humanely raised on pasture.

Our beef is 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished. Our cattle eat only grass and forbs on pasture or as hay when pasture isn’t available; they never get any grain or soy.

Our pastured pigs are heritage breeds that forage on green pastures. Their forage is supplemented with only Certified Organic Feed that is gluten free. All seasonings and cures used in processing are also Certified Organic (no artificial preservatives/nitrates), soy-free, gluten-free, filler-free, and GMO-free!

Our meat chickens are lively heritage type birds that can run, jump, play, and forage. They forage freely on green pastures without cages, pens, or chicken ‘tractors.’ Their forage is supplemented with only gluten-free Certified Organic Feed.

Our eggs are from heritage breed hens that range freely on green pastures and are allowed to forage outdoors all day without cages or pens or any confinement. Their forage is supplemented with only gluten-free Certified Organic Feed.

We also have Certified Organic chicken feeds for sale.

Please visit our website to place an order or to contact us for more information. The website contact form and email are the best ways to contact us. You can expect a reply the same day. BP Farms, because you are what you eat eats!

BP Farms LLC, Bill Picken, 6300 N Rea Road, Dundee, MI 48131. (734) 430-4261.
E-mail: bill@bpfarmsorganic.com. Website: https://bpfarmsorganic.com/.

Brookstone Terrace Farm raises beef from a local line of 1950s-style cattle established by our neighbor two generations ago. All our cattle are born on our farm where we continue the tradition of naturally adapted genetics on 100% grass from conception to finish.

We are conveniently located 20 minutes west of Richmond, Indiana, off Interstate Route 70 and 50 minutes east of Indianapolis.

By the piece, quarters, halves, or whole beef, custom butchering is coordinated with our local processor so please call or e-mail for current availability and scheduling.

Please check with us for ground beef specials.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Brookstone Terrace Farm, Eric and Lisa Stickdorn, PO Box 63, New Lisbon, IN 47366. (765) 332-2107.
E-mail: estickdorn@gmail.com. Website: https://sites.google.com/site/brookstoneterracefarm/.

Callan Cattle Co. markets Texas Longhorn cattle, America’s healthiest breed of cattle, live, or in see-thru, frozen vac-packs. CCC doesn’t use extra hormones, or antibiotics.

Texas Longhorn cattle multiplied in the Southwest without Man’s help or interference from the 1520s to the 1930s. They were the first bovines on the American Continent, brought by the Spanish for use as oxen (tractors to pull their carts). Their survivability in the wild was Nature-Bred into their DNA with 400 years of natural selection.

Callan Cattle Co. Texas Longhorns eat grass, browse or locally baled hay from chemical-free fields. CCC Longhorns are efficient grass and browse-eating cattle. Texas Longhorns turn 6 pounds of grass into a pound of muscle gain without the excess back fat, common to other breeds of cattle, that needs to be trimmed off. Similar to Bison.

Longhorn’s low trim/back fat on the carcass hook in the processor’s cooler means you get more of what you pay for when priced by the hanging weight. And yes, Longhorn beef is tender. We’ve had compliments on our beeves for 20 years.

Give us a call. We’re five miles north of Newark, OH on State Route 657 (7688 Marion Road), between Johnstown, Granville and Utica, OH, and 35 to 45 minutes from Columbus, OH. Look for the big Callan Cattle Co. sign with the Texas Longhorn cow logo. Cattle of all colors, eating Ohio’s Natural Grass. Delivery to central Ohio areas upon request. 740-745-3348.

Texas Longhorn Beef, America’s Original Beef.

Callan Cattle Co., Ed Callan, 7688 Marion Road, Newark, OH 43055. (740) 745-3348
E-mail: jcallan@windstream.net. Website: http://callancattleco.blogspot.com.

Canal Junction Natural Meats & Farmstead Cheese is a grass-based farming operation where we believe in raising our animals for food the way God intended them to be raised. We have a dairy herd along with beef, pork, lamb, broilers, turkeys and layers. We direct market all of the products that we produce on the farm. We recently started to make Raw Milk cheese from our own milk.

The dairy, beef, and lambs are 100% grassfed. They do not receive any grain. The pork, broilers, turkeys and layers all are raised on pasture and are given supplemental feed. The broilers and turkeys are moved every 24 hours to another section of pasture. The layers are free ranged within the paddocks that we have the cattle in.

We have very heavy clay soil that at one time was a swamp (The Great Black Swamp). It has been drained off since the second half of the 19th century. What was left behind was a soil that is extremely high in naturally occurring minerals. Through proper utilization of grass farming we capitalize on the available nutrients for grazing animals, which in return makes the final product more nutrient dense. It has been said that food grown on heavy clay soil is some of the best tasting in the world. Find out for yourself today. Order some cheese or stop by the farm and buy some meat to try for yourself.

We sell the raw milk cheese and meat off the farm. The meat is in nice sized small packages and the cheese is in approximately 3/4 lb packages. Bigger blocks of cheese are available, just ask. The cheese we will ship, the meat must be bought through the farm store. We do have a wholesale price for the cheese for any retailers or restaurant owners. Cheeses available include Cheddar, Colby, Jack, Garlic & Herb, Jack & Dill, Pepper Jack, Italian Herb, Black Swamp Gouda, Miami Erie Canal Swiss and Wabash Erie Canal Gruyere.

Meat is also offered in bulk. Beef is available by the whole, half, quarter, or half of a half. Pork and lamb are offered by the whole or half. Unless other arrangements are made, it is the customer's responsibility to pick up bulk orders from the butcher shop once the order is finished.

Canal Junction Natural Meats & Farmstead Cheese, Kyle, Ralph & Sheila Schlatter, 18637 Road 168, Defiance OH 43512. (419) 393-2799.
E-mail: office@cjgrassfed.com. Website: www.cjgrassfed.com.

Cox Family Farms provides grass-fed heirloom beef from the rolling hills of Kentucky to the Greater Cincinnati area.

Like horses and bourbon, Kentucky produces world class beef! We receive accolades on taste and tenderness from local chefs and families alike but our primary responsibility is to provide our customers with the healthiest food available.

Our beeves are treated with utmost care and attention from pasture to plate. Our mission is to provide food to local families and businesses that is organically, ethically and environmentally responsible. We believe that people should be able to provide healthy, high quality food to their families for an affordable price.

We also carry pastured milk, cheese and eggs from other local farmers that meet our high standards. We deliver weekly to the Anderson, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Hyde Park areas. Please see our website for details.

Cox Family Farms, Elizabeth Cox, 151 Cox Lane, Foster KY 41043. (513) 484-8809.
E-mail: coxfamilyfarms@gmail.com. Website: http://thecoxfamilyfarms.com.

Crossroads Farm "strives to raise animals the way God intended them to be raised—on pasture, in a symbiotic relationship with each other in their own mini-ecosystem, not on a factory farm, feedlot, or corporate-owned chicken concentration cam. We use intensive rotational grazing of all species in order to improve the land and fulfill our God-given duty of being good stewards of His creation."

Pasture-raised broilers are available whole from June through October. Turkeys are ready in time for Thanksgiving. Grass-finished lamb, sold by the whole or half, is available from mid-summer to late fall. Brown eggs from pasture-raised hens are available throughout the year, by the dozen or case if in large quantities. Grass-finished beef is also available.

Crossroads Farm, Eric Rubel, 45021 Belmont-Centerville Road, Belmont OH 43718. (740) 686-2153.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrossRoadsFarmBelmontOH/.

Dry Creek Valley Farm is located in central Ohio, 30 miles east of Columbus. We offer grass fed and finished beef from our herd of Red Angus cows.

The calves we market receive nothing but grass and grass hay in the winter. No grain, no hormones or antibiotics at any time. We market the calves in the spring and fall at the end of the best grass growth. This is when the calves are gaining well and will marble for a great eating experience. We sell whole, halves or split halves cut to your specifications.

The entire farm was converted to grass in 1996. The cattle are rotated through 29 paddocks for a fresh salad bar every day. We are not certified organic, but there have been no chemicals of any kind or fertilizer applied for over seven years.

We were selected for Conservationist of the Year in Licking County in 2004 and the farm became a Century Farm in 2006.

Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead.

Dry Creek Valley Farm, Tom and Judy Maxwell, 2562 Dry Creek Road NW, Granville OH 43023. 740-587-2273 or 740-403-9422 (cell).
E-mail: tjmax@windstream.net.

E.A.T. Food for Life Farm provides chemical free, non-GMO raw dairy (milk, cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, frozen cream), pastured eggs, 100% grass fed beef, pastured chicken, pastured heritage pork, bread, fermented kraut and more.

Visit our Farm Store in Yorkshire, OH on Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday, 10AM–6PM or Saturday, 9AM–Noon. We also are open Saturdays from 8AM– Noon at our Dayton Farmhouse located at 1120 Wayne Avenue in Dayton, behind Carl’s Body Shop (near Keowee Street).

We have pickup locations in Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Troy, and Minster. Please check out our website to sign-up for a pickup location and order online.

E.A.T. Food for Life Farms, Dan and Nancy Kremer, 14360 Mangen Road, Yorkshire, OH 45388. (419) 336-LIFE (5433)
E-mail: dan@eatfoodforlife.com. Website: http://eatfoodforlife.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EATFoodForLife.

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Easter Rising Farm is a 90-acre family farm in Friendship, Indiana. We serve Southeastern Indiana, and the Cincinnati area.

We specialize in pasture-raised chicken, moved twice daily onto fresh pasture. Their yellow fat, and clean, bright orange legs testify to their nutritious diet and healthy living. Members can join our CSA at any time of the year, and have their chickens delivered. Contact Joshua Mincher for more information on joining our farm.

CSA members can pick up their chickens and other orders every other Thursday in Madeira, Western Hills, and Lawrenceburg.

Easter Rising also raises grass-fed heritage breed beef, grass-fed heritage sheep, and free-range eggs. We also have naturally-raised heritage hogs. We offer nitrite-free cured bacon. We raise Thanksgiving turkeys on pasture, moved twice daily. They graze green, growing forage at all times.

All of our animals are entirely GMO-free, and drug and chemical-free.

We all want a family doctor, a teacher for our kids, and a State Representative who governs according to our values and interests. Why not have a family farmer? One who is invested in your family's health and learning, and who will farm well the land you live on. Make a farmer part of your community.

Easter Rising Farm, Joshua Mincher, Farm Manager, 5736 East State Road 62, Friendship IN 47021. (704) 798-6071.
E-mail: easterrisingfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.easterrisingfarm.com.

Elm Run Farms is a 5th-generation family farm that operates on the belief that food should be consumed as it was created with no harmful chemicals, no GMOs, and no unnecessary processing. We use no hormones, no steroids, and no routine antibiotics.

Our Devon beef cattle (one of the best breeds for tender, grass fed beef) are 100% grass fed. We currently have ground beef, patties and a variety of cuts for sale. We can take orders for whole, half or quarter beef.

Our pastured chickens are fed non-GMO grain and are raised in open-air shelters, moved daily to fresh grass. We have whole or cut-up chickens and various other packages such as drumsticks, thighs, wings, boneless breasts, patties, etc.

Our pastured pigs are rotated through the pasture and also get a non-GMO grain. We have various cuts, including ham, bacon, pork roasts, sausage, etc., and we can take orders for whole or half hog.

Our 100% pure maple syrup is bottled in reusable Mason jars.

All meat is vacuum-packed and frozen. Current in-stock items are available at the farm. Local home delivery is available in the Jackson Township (Stark County area), and you can find us at the Frostville Farmers Market in North Olmsted. If you have any questions or have never ordered bulk meat before and would like to do so, call or email and we would be happy to talk with you.

Elm Run Farms, Ken and Sandy Ressler, 16808 Burkhart Road, Orrville OH 44667. (330) 317-7283.
E-mail: sandy@elmrunfarms.com. Website: www.elmrunfarms.com.


Elmwood Stock Farm is located in Georgetown, KY, and serves Central and Northern Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati with CSA, home delivery, farmers markets and an on-farm store. We offer online ordering and nationwide meat shipping.

Our grass-fed, grass-finished lamb and Wagyu-Angus beef; pasture-raised chicken, heritage turkey, broad breasted turkey, Berkshire pork, eggs and produce are all certified organic.

Our sixth-generation family farm spans 550 certified-organic acres in Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region. Elmwood Stock Farm honors a commitment to healthy and wholesome production of superior, high-quality, fresh farm products using regenerative-agriculture practices. USDA Organic Certification and GAP food-safety certification ensure that we follow safe and sustainable practices every day of the year.

We only offer items that we grow ourselves at Elmwood Stock Farm, so you can be assured of how your food is produced. All our meats and poultry are USDA inspected for food safety, and our butchers are USDA certified organic.

Visit us online to place an order and learn more about our healthy farm-raised foods, including our year-round, customizable CSA Farm Share (including meat shares), our organic meat bundles, the farmers markets we attend, and shipping throughout the contiguous US. Our current inventory is available on our website, and you can place an order for pickup or delivery. We want to be your farm!

Follow the farm on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Browse the new Elmwood Stock Farm store and sign up for a free weekly e-newsletter for recipes and specials at ElmwoodStockFarm.com.

Elmwood Stock Farm, Ann, Mac and John, 3520 Paris Pike, Georgetown, KY 40324. 859-621-0755
E-mail: elmwoodorders@gmail.com. Website: elmwoodstockfarm.com. Facebook: facebook.com/ElmwoodStockFarm/.

Faul Family Riverside Farm is a small family farm in Henry County, Kentucky. We currently raise Pastured Poultry, Pastured Pork, Pasture-Raised Laying Hens for Eggs as well as Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Our inspiration comes from Joel Salatin, thus we strive to mimic his farming practices. Our goal is to regenerate our farm through sustainable practices, using animals to rejuvenate our pastures and increase our soil fertility.

Ordering can be done through our website. We have several pick-up points around Louisville and offer free delivery on large orders.

Faul Family Riverside Farm, Andre Faul, 4845 Sulphur Road, Sulphur, KY, 40070. (502) 641-2641.
E-mail: riversidefarmky@gmail.com. Website: www.faulriversideky.com.

The Flying J Farm was started five years ago with the goal and motto: Restoring the land, the buildings, and the people. Our plan and hope was to restore health to ourselves and others through growing our own food, and better nutrition and lifestyle. We have been certified organic by OCIA and OEFFA for three years.

We raise grassfed, chemical-free Hereford cattle and try to have freezer beef in all cuts available year-round. The cows graze rotationally to maximize the pasture and their time on greens. We also raise organic food-grade corn, soybeans, and hard (make bread flour) and soft winter wheat. We raise hay for the cows, but feed them only what we need to get them through the winter. We also grow a large organic vegetable garden with help from interns and volunteers (always looking for more) and have a farm market as well as a CSA. Products from the garden are available during the growing season. We also make maple syrup and have it available year-round.

We do four major events each year to encourage urban folks to visit the farm and see how food is raised. These include a Maple Sugar Festival in February, a Mushroom Hunt in April, a farm tour and taste of local food in July, and a Fall Harvest Festival in October. We have some five miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking or cross-country skiing through woods and around lakes, ponds, and streams. We will soon have a B&B and we do small conferences, retreats, and concerts. We are always open to visitors if they call ahead.

The Flying J Farm, Richard S. Jensen, 5329 Van Fossen Road, Johnstown OH 43031. (740) 967-4030.
E-mail: rjensen4030@gmail.com. Website: www.flyingjfarm.com.

Four Oaks Family Farm is owned and operated by Ryan and Beth Slabaugh and their four sons. The farm specializes in grass-fed beef and sells locally to customers interested in healthy, lean, low fat beef that is raised and slaughtered ethically.

Our beef is fed only grass, just as nature intended. Situated in the cozy village of Hartville, Four Oaks raises their cattle in a low stress environment in open pastures away from busy roads and cities. Despite being high quality meat, our beef is affordable and competitively priced.

We are conveniently located between Akron and Canton, being about 30 minutes away from each.

For information on pricing, contacting us, and our farm, please visit our website at www.fouroaksfamilyfarm.com, or email us directly fouroaksfamilyfarm@gmail.com.

Four Oaks Family Farm, Ryan Slabaugh, 68 Mishler Road, Hartville OH 44632. 330-730-8902.
E-mail: fouroaksfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: fouroaksfamilyfarm.com.

Fox Hollow Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in the rolling hills of central Ohio in Knox County, an hour north of Columbus, near Mount Vernon in Fredericktown. We started farming in 1987 with an eye to finding a healthful and satisfying life for our family and future generations. We have developed that small start into our current successful farm and homestead operation.

Here at Fox Hollow Farm, we believe the healthiest food is naturally raised; that grass, fresh air, and freedom of movement make a difference in our animals' health... and ultimately in yours. No Added Hormones, Grass Fed and Finished, No Routine Antibiotics, Humanely Raised, Locally Processed, Delicious!

We sell naturally raised grass fed and finished lamb and eggs from free-range hens year round. We sell our products at the Mount Vernon Farmers' Market, directly from our farm (by appointment), and in the cooler months we have local free deliveries.

Let us know if you would like to visit the farm. Please visit our web site for more information or to contact us!

Fox Hollow Farm, Lisa Rickard, 20060 Gilmore Road, Fredericktown OH 43019. (740) 694-8528.
Website: www.foxhollowfarmnaturally.com.

We are FreshORR Family Farms and through transparency and regenerative farming practices we steward God's creation so the meat we raise for you is better for your body, provides a better life for the animal and a better future for your children and our land. We offer pasture-raised poultry, pork, and eggs.

We offer our hogs by the half/whole and a large variety of parts/products by-the-pack. We offer a large variety of chicken parts/products as well.

We don't just grow your food, together we are building a stronger, healthier community. In addition to the animals we raise, through our farming we support over a dozen other local farms and small businesses who have the same values, principles, and goals as we do.

We are more than just high-quality food. We value relationships with those who shop with us by connecting them to where their food is coming from and the benefits of it.

Join us – your body will thank you for it.

FreshORR Family Farms, Richard and Gina Orr, 6312 Cincinnati-Zanesville Rd (US HWY 22), Rushville OH 43150.  (740) 243-9085
E-mail: contact@freshorrfamilyfarms.com. Website: www.freshorrfamilyfarms.com. Facebook: https://facebook.com/freshorrfamilyfarms.

Full Circle Organic Farm - Grass-only lambs, raised on certified organic farm - 400 available. Located in Howell, Michigan, about one hour from Ohio.

We have 360 acres of pasture, all paddocks with fresh well water. Lambs are raised with all the organic pasture, hay, kelp, and organic minerals they want.

Lambs are available by private treaty or at the following grocery stores and restaurants. Grocery stores: Natural Local Food Express, Plymouth, MI., Grahams Organics, Rosebush, MI., Simply Fresh Market, Brighton, MI. Restaurants: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro, Saint Joseph, MI., and The Wooden Spoon in Brighton, MI. (Visit Eatwild's Michigan Beyond the Farm page for addresses and contact information for these locations.)

We also have certified organic wool, and certified organic seasonal peaches and cherries.

Full Circle Organic Farm, LLC, SuzAnne Akhavan-Tafti, 4545 Vines Road, Howell MI 48843. (517) 719-0073.
E-mail: chazmaven4545@yahoo.com. Website: http://fullcircleorganicfarm.com.

Full of Graze Farm. This year we are offering 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Grass-fed Lamb and Pastured Mutton (available in early summer and early fall – Jewish and Islamic dietary laws considered), Non-GMO Meat Chickens, Non-GMO Free-Range Eggs, Pastured/Woodlot Heritage Pork, Pastured Turkey, Grass-Fed Rabbit.

Full of Graze Farm is a pasture-based farm where we believe in raising our animals the way God intended them to be raised.

All of our animals are raised outdoors with access to grass, bugs, and sunshine—all things needed to live a healthy, happy life and provide healthy meat for our customers. Although we are not certified organic, our philosophy is to raise everything in a natural environment, without the use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or other hazardous chemicals.

  • Eggs – weekly drops in Dayton and Beavercreek
  • Broilers – available monthly throughout the summer
  • Beef – available in the fall
  • Lamb and Pastured Mutton – available in early summer and early fall
  • Pork – available in the early summer, and fall
  • Turkeys – available the week of Thanksgiving.

Please order early. Because we are a small farm, we raise our products according to our customer demand.

From Our Farm to Your Family!

Full of Graze Farm, Sean Wilson, 964 Long Road, Xenia OH. (937) 763-8036.
E-mail: fullofgraze@gmail.com. Website: http://fullofgrazefarm.com/.

Gilland’s Green Valley Pastures. My family raises Wagyu/Angus cows from baby calves to adult cows, from start to finish, here on our 70-acre certified (by ECO-CERT) organic rolling hills pasture farm. Our farm is located in Southeastern Indiana, about 60 miles south of Indianapolis, 50 miles west of Cincinnati, and 70 miles north of Louisville.

We move our 40–50 cow/calf herd to new fresh pasture everyday through the spring, summer, and fall. During the winter months they are fed good quality hay or bailage, free choice. Redmond salt/mineral and kelp are always available free choice.

Our cows are very healthy and fatten up nicely on pasture with no grain, no added hormones, and no antibiotics. This makes for delicious healthy steaks, roast, briskets, and hamburger with plenty of beta carotene, Vitamin A, Omega 3, and CLA. Our cows have plenty of fresh water always, with good shade in the summer and a barn or windbreaks in the winter. We are looking into grazing sheep, goats, or chickens, or maybe all three behind the cows, but only have cows for now. Our animals lead low-stress lives, and they are clean and happy!

We currently have three different local locker plants processing the meat which we sell to our customers by the half or quarter for $3–$5.00 per pound hanging weight plus processing. Please visit our website for the next available beef – we try to get locker plant appointments for late summer, or fall when our cows are coming off high quality clover and grass pastures for the highest Omega 3 content.

Call or email with questions. Thanks!

Gilland’s Green Valley Pastures, Steve Gilland or Grant Gilland, 6518 W CR 650 N, Osgood IN 47037. 608-479-1389 (Steve) or 812-756-1208 (Grant).
E-mail: sgilland10@icloud.com. Website: https://www.gillandsgreenvalleypastures.com.

Glenview Acres is located in North Lawrence, OH and is dedicated to responsibly stewarding land and connecting people to healthy and ethically raised food.

We offer our community 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs (supplemented with organic grain), and more! Visit our website to browse all our products: www.glenviewacres.com/our-products.

Our animals have the freedom and space to express their unique characteristics: cattle and sheep meander pasture and graze, pigs energetically root and explore, and chickens nibble in fresh grass every day. We are committed to the challenge and joy of a new type of farm, a place where people can directly access clean food.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a farm visit.

Visit our website to learn more, place an order, or find out where you can shop for our products in person.

Glenview Acres, Joe and Jen Lautzenheiser, 1649 Manchester Ave SW, North Lawrence, OH 44666. 740-616-0294.
E-mail: glenviewacresfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.glenviewacres.com.

Golden Hill Farms goes to grass finished beef.

Golden Hill Farms is in northwest Pennsylvania, about 40 miles south of Erie, 80 miles north of Pittsburgh, and about 2 hours from both Cleveland and Buffalo. We are 4 miles east of I-79 off exit 141.

For over 25 years we at have been producing and selling top quality show cattle, with the remaining calves being sold to feedlots for grain finishing. Since we are a grass and hay farm, this year we decided to keep 30 of our top feeders to finish on grass.

During much of this time we have also operated a meat processing plant. The animals in this program will be slaughtered under federal inspection and we will be processing the meat ourselves, in our facility on our farm. Additionally, the only meat we will be processing will be our grass fed beef.

This year the grass finished cattle will have an average dressed weight of 600–700 pounds. They will be sold by the half (300–350 pounds) or in bundles.

We have designed 7 different bundles that we hope will meet everyone's needs. The contents and price of each can be seen on our website.

  • Large Family Bundle (60 pounds)
  • Steak Lovers Bundle (15 pounds)
  • Economy Bundle (20 pounds)
  • Ground Beef Bundle (25 pounds)
  • Family Bundle (30 pounds)
  • Roast Lovers Bundle (15 pounds)
  • Sampler Bundle (15 pounds)

We would also like to send a special invitation to come and visit us at anytime. Please call ahead to be sure we can devote some time to you—we love visitors.

Golden Hill Farms, Bob and Saundra Rose, 20405 Lauderbaugh Road, Cochranton, PA 16314. (814) 425-7063 or (814) 720-5864.
E-mail: info@goldenhillfarms.com. Website: www.goldenhillfarms.com.

Grassroots Farm & Foods is a family farm of 380 certified-organic acres, producing: 100% grassfed Red Devon beef, 100% grassfed Katahdin lamb, woodlot pork, pastured chickens, and pastured eggs. In addition, Susan’s Soulful Kitchen (certified by Ohio Department of Agriculture) creates:

  • Grassfed Chili
  • Moroccan and Vietnamese Sliders
  • Short Rib Burgers
  • Bone Broth
  • Chicken Stock
  • Bolognese Sauce
  • Beef Barbacoa
  • Pulled Pork, and
  • Meatballs.

Our pastures and our kitchen generate nutrient-dense, convenient, and delicious foods, guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We produce food you can trust.

On-farm sales, plus weekly delivery to Cincinnati area. Will go to Dayton and Columbus, Ohio for large enough orders.

Grassroots Farm & Foods, Drausin & Susan Wulsin, 1727 Frost Road, Hillsboro, OH 45133. (740) 634-2440.
E-mail: drausin@grassrootsfoods.biz. Website: www.grassrootsfoods.biz.

GreatAmericanLambCompany.com—See Shady Hill Farms, Ltd. below.

At Green Grass Farms, our philosophy is to grow healthy, quality meat in the most natural and environmentally sustainable manner we can. For us, this means that we move our animals to new paddocks of fresh grass everyday. This method has advantages for the animals, the land, and for you.

Our animals enjoy a healthy grass diet out on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine. The land is fertilized by the carefully managed cycle of sun-grass-animal-manure-soil. Our customers' health benefits from the high nutrient quality of the grassfed meat, while their conscience benefits from the knowledge that our animals are raised naturally with care and respect. We use no growth hormones, no subtherapeutic antibiotics, and no herbicides or pesticides on our pasture land ever.

We offer Green Grass Beef Quarters (60–75 pounds) and Green grass whole lambs (25–35 pounds). Our animals are processed at a state inspected facility and are cut and wrapped in 1–3 pound packages. The meat is fresh and shipped via UPS in coolers directly to your door. Home delivery is offered in Athens County and through the Athens County CSA.

Our price is $4.99/lb for beef and $5.49/lb for lamb (based on retail weight not hanging weight, so you pay for only what you receive!)

Ordering details may be found on our website or by calling (740) 591-5485.

Green Grass Farm, Kathryn Cooper, 12840 Cowan Road, Athens OH 45701. (740) 591-5485.
E-mail: kcooper@intelliwave.com. Website: www.greengrassfarm.com.

Harmon Creek Farms is a family farm that raises and sells 100% grass fed and finished beef, pastured poultry and pigs, along with free-range pastured eggs and raw honey. We also offer wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon and pacific cod.

We provide fresh green pastures for all livestock on our farm in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. We employ sustainable farming methods including rotational grazing, which allow our animals to live in a stress-free environment and continually feast on fresh grasses, while naturally fertilizing the land. Our farm uses no hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed.

Our farm store in Hartville is where you can stop by and purchase any of the items we sell on Monday – Friday (closed Tuesday) from 9–6. You can even place your order online and have it ready for pickup when you arrive, or just stop in and shop anytime.

We also run a local delivery service monthly that allows people throughout northeast Ohio to enjoy our products. You can place your orders online and pickup at a preset time and location currently in the following cities: Strongsville, Rocky River, Hudson, Chagrin Falls, Canton and Massillon.

We offer packages ranging from $100–$265, or discounted pricing on larger custom orders. We also sell whole, half and quarter steers, as well as whole and half pigs. Bulk quantities are limited in order for us to serve our retail, wholesale, and restaurant customers as well, so get your orders in asap if interested. Receive updates by following us on Facebook or signing up on our website for our newsletter .

Farm Store located at 13222 Congress Lake Ave NE, Hartville, OH 44632 is open M-W-TH-F from 9–6. If those hours don’t work for you, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Harmon Creek Farms, Justin Miller, mailing address: 13222 Congress Lake Ave NE, Hartville OH 44685. (330) 418-5847.
E-mail: justin@harmoncreekfarms.com. Website: www.harmoncreekfarms.com.

Heirloom Beef Company would like to thank our customers for their business. We appreciate all the comments on how great the beef is. Thank you for all the support.

We offer beef exclusively from our own herd of Angus cows. The calves are raised on a total grass and forage diet. They are never implanted with hormones or given growth promoting antibiotics. The calves we market as grass fed never receive grain or by-products of any kind. Our goal is to produce a high select/low choice grade product. Juicy, tasty, and tender with great beef flavor.

Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility, vacuum sealed and is dry aged at least 14 days. It is available by the half and quarter.

Heirloom Beef Company, David Simpkins, 23173 State Route 247, Seaman OH 45679. (937) 763-5536.
E-mail: david@heirloombeef.com. Website: www.heirloombeef.com.

Highland Haven Farms is a small, grass-based, diversified family farm in Hillsboro, OH. We are located off the grid and rely on horses and hand labor instead of petroleum-powered equipment to do our farming. Some of our products are Raw Milk and Raw Dairy products, Raw Cheese, Raw Goat Milk, Eggs, Grassfed Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit and Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Bulk Veggies, Veggie boxes, and much, much more!

Dairy cows are fed a small amount of GMO-free corn (approximately 2# per milking), along with a high forage diet. We don't use any antibiotics, hormones or chemicals on our farm.

Our Vision: Working together to produce an ever widening variety of foods using ethical and environmentally sound growing practices without chemicals and GMOs.

When you buy from Highland Haven Farms, you are supporting:

  • zero waste
  • sustainable farming
  • carbon sequestration
  • clean, healthy, locally-produced food at a fair price.

We are a Private Membership Association with weekly deliveries throughout the Cincinnati and the Dayton areas. We are constantly adding new delivery locations, so contact us to find the one closest to you and to learn more about the many authentic heritage foods we offer.

Highland Haven Farms, Coordinator Morgan Phelps, Hillsboro OH 45133. (937) 901-7992.
E-mail: highlandhavendairy@gmail.com. Website: www.farmmatch.com/highlandhavenfarm.

Hochstetlers Grass Fed Beef is a small, 15-acre farm raising grass fed beef.

We take orders for quarters, halves and whole beefs, butchering offsite in the summer months. We do not feed any grain, or add hormones or antibiotics. We are not certified organic, but are all-natural.

We do rotational grazing in the warm months, and feed hay in the winter months that is all natural as well.

We have ground beef readily available that we sell by the pound.

Hochstetlers Grass Fed Beef, Rhoda or Phil, 8717 State Route 736, Plain City, Ohio 43064. (614) 205-4367.
E-mail: hochstetlermeats@gmail.com  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hochstetler-Meats-431861307278651/.

Hoffman Holistic Cattle is an All Natural USDA Certified Grass Fed Cattle (beef) operation working in harmony with nature in the heart of Ohio. We are a family-owned and operated farm raising beautiful Belted Galloway cattle.

We offer beef whole, half, and quarters processed to your liking by a USDA state-inspected processor. All beef orders are custom cut to the buyer preference, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed for freshness and longevity. Current pricing is $500 per quarter beef, plus processing that averages $80 per quarter beef. Beef can be delivered upon request.

We also sell registered Belted Galloway breeding stock, cows, heifers, bulls. We pride ourselves on efficient, self-sustaining cattle.

Hoffman Holistic Cattle LLC, Lance Hoffman, 30520 Lemaster Road, Richwood, OH 43344. (513) 218-2527.
E-mail: hoffmanholisticcattle@gmail.com. Website: www.hoffmanholisticcattle.com.

Hoopes Heritage Farms: “Farming focused to facilitate not manipulate.”

Hoopes Heritage Farms offers beef, pork, chicken, soy-free eggs, lamb and dairy herd shares. Retail cuts and bulk orders are available, with pick up at the farm by appointment or through monthly deliveries at select locations.

Beef: 100% grass-fed and finished Hereford cattle in a closed herd system. We do not acquire cattle from any outside source such as sale barns or day-old calves from conventional dairy farms. No hormones or antibiotics EVER; this includes vaccinations!

Pork: Our purebred Berkshire hogs are raised entirely outdoors and moved regularly, incorporating both pasture and woodlands. We offer a daily ration of organic and soy-free seed which we source and sprout ourselves, focusing on proper omega 6 to omega 3 ratios. We encourage natural growth rather than maximum daily gain.

Chicken: We facilitate old-fashioned breeds capable of natural self-breeding—not “super-hybrid, laboratory created and bred chickens” fed out in 6 to 9 weeks. Heritage chickens can take 4 to 6 months to raise properly. They are smaller, leaner, and packed with true chicken flavor. Our chickens are 100% pastured and allowed to mature at a natural pace. We supplement our chickens with organic, soy-free feed which we source and mix ourselves. We prioritize achieving a balanced omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acid profile.

Soy-Free Eggs: We strive for longevity in our heritage breed hens, appreciating them for all they provide—from the incredible eggs to the incomparable, nutrient-rich broth they will create after a long life helping keep our pastures clean. Respecting the reproductive system’s natural design, we do not artificially force production during winter.

Lamb: We raise purebred Jacob sheep in a closed-herd system. Our sheep are rotated regularly on full pasture year-round.

Dairy Herd Share: For those interested in enjoying the many benefits of owning a 100% grass-fed, A2-A2 Jersey, without all the work.

Hoopes Heritage Farms, Matt and Tiffany Hoopes, 3064 Lemon Rd NW, Malvern, OH 44644. 330-639-9394.
E-mail: mwhoopes@gmail.com. Website: N/A

Jubilee Meadows Farm, LLC. offers beef by the quarter or by the piece from our 150-acre grass farm. Our beef is grass finished with no grain fed.

We offer pastured broilers and eggs.

Our pork is pasture raised and fed surplus milk from our dairy herd. Buy by the half or by the piece.

Other products are offered through buying clubs that pick up at the farm. Raw milk is available through our herd share program only.

Jubilee Meadows Farm, LLC. Steve Miller, 5867 Township Road 97, Mt. Gilead OH 43338. (419) 946-1413.
E-mail: stevofarms@outlook.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jubilee-Meadows-Farm-136563793040695.

At Kiko Family Farm, we work with nature. We raise our cattle with a holistic approach. We say 'NO' to chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. We believe in grass-fed beef the way nature intended. Our cattle can be found roaming our 200-acre farm eating 100% grass, never any grains.

We are a family-run farm with three generations working toward one goal... leaving this planet healthier than we found it!

Kiko Grass Fed Beef, Joni Kiko, 1022 SW Lebanon Road, Dalton, OH 44618. 330-417-1739.
E-mail: joankiko@icloud.com. Website: https://www.kikofamilyfarms.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kikofamilyfarms.

Lamppost Farm brings culture and agriculture together. We raise pastured and grass-fed animals in order to give customers quality product and the opportunity for hands-on learning.

Our broiler chickens live most of their lives on our pastures, move daily to a new selection of bugs and grasses, then are processed on the farm in groups by people who care about quality. Our layer hens produce fresh brown eggs. We anticipate the addition of our grass-fed beef and pastured pigs.

Steve came to Lamppost Farm from a college campus where he developed skills in group/team building and leadership development. Now, he combines these skills with holistic agricultural opportunities to encourage guests to learn with the head, hearts, and hands. Melanie’s strengths include program planning, hospitality, mentoring, and relationship development. Together, these skills allow Steve and Melanie to offer more than high quality food. Here, food is an experience that continues to give for months and months beyond.

Visit us and buy from us. Experiences and food are "as available.”

Meat is available directly from our farm. We also sell Solar-Powered Chickens through the Grow Youngstown CSA. Also available from the farm is custom sawmilling, kiln dried lumber, furniture, and cabinet building.

Lamppost Farm, Steve and Melanie Montgomery, 14900 Market Street, Columbiana OH 44408. (330) 531-4240.
E-mail: lamppostfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.lamppostfarm.com.

Limeridge Farm raises heritage breed Club Forest sheep for sale, whole and live, and sells lamb by the cut (frozen).

We will also take a sheep to the processor for you, so you can order it butchered as you like. This last service is available only in November, when remaining sheep are butchered. By prior arrangement we will also sell a half lamb during November.

Limeridge Farm, Karin Bergener, 8034 Limeridge Road, Ravenna OH 44266. (330) 608-5906.
E-mail: info@limeridgefarmohio.com. Website: www.limeridgefarmohio.com.

LittleFoot Family Farms, located 10 miles north of Marysville, Ohio, provides fresh, high-quality food raised using natural methods. As a growing young family we understand the importance of homegrown food.

Currently we raise pastured broilers (meat chickens), layers, turkeys, and pigs. Our animals live outside and are rotated every few days using portable fencing and portable shelters. This gives them access to fresh air, sunlight, and green grass 24/7. We are not yet certified organic, but strive to follow those guidelines. In addition to fresh grass our animals are supplemented with a hormone-free, antibiotic-free, non-GMO feed ration.

We have fresh and frozen whole broilers for sale from June–September, fresh turkeys and pigs available in the fall, and eggs available year-round. Call or email for an order form.

At Little Foot Family Farms we have nothing to hide! You are encouraged to visit our farm and witness production practices from start to finish. Just like our chickens, we strive to be “Outstanding in our field!” Please contact us any time for more information.

LittleFoot Family Farms, Michael and Nicole Martig, 22195 State Route 739, Raymond OH 43067. (937) 243-4335.
E-mail: nmmartig@earthlink.net. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MikeMartig.

Longhorns Head to Tail Store is open 7 days a week in the summer and Saturday afternoons the rest of the year. LHT Store sells pure Texas Longhorn beef grass-raised at one ranch from conception until consumption. Texas Longhorns not only provide all the basic nutrition, but excel in high protein, and low fat and cholesterol.

All LHT beef is raised on the 4,000 acre Dickinson Cattle Company Inc. of Belmont County, Ohio in the rich Appalachian grasslands. Over 40 springfed pastures allow cattle production and natural rotation the healthy way.

Most 100% grassfed beef is sold as grind product. [Note: The store also sells grassfed beef with a short grain feed period.] An all-free-range natural ground beef product vacuum-wrapped USDA or ODA inspected is available in amounts one pound to a truck load. Check both sites and see the healthy environment and quality of life for the family owned DCCI herd. All cattle are one owner, open air, free- range raised and bred.

Longhorns Head to Tail Store, Darol Dickinson, 35000 Muskrat Road, Barnesville OH 43713. (740) 758-5050.
E-mail: darol@texaslonghorn.com. Websites: www.texaslonghorn.com and www.head2tail.com.

Lucky M Farm. Grass Fed is Best Fed.

Our peaceful and happy Murray Grey cows are raised on pasture and hay on the lush rolling hills of Highland County. Our farm is managed organically but we are non-certified. Our farm’s mission is to produce the healthiest animals and best possible beef.

Sunshine, well and spring water, and grass allow our cows to produce lean, healthy and flavorful beef. Our loved and loveable cows are rotationally grazed so that they are provided fresh, wholesome grass. This practice also protects and enhances the soil and the environment.

Vaccinations, hormones and prophylactic levels of antibiotics are never given to our animals.

With our meat you will be serving a wealth of healthy benefits to your family. Grass fed beef is:

  • Low in total fat and calories
  • Rich in Omega 3s and Vitamin E
  • Three to five times higher in CLA than meat from grainfed animals

Beef is sold by the quarter or half on a seasonal basis and can be picked up at a local state-inspected processor. Orders can be taken any time of the year. Contact us early so you don’t miss out!

Lucky M Farm, Clem and Rosemarie Moenster, 10064 East Berrysville Road, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. (513) 520-0729.
E-mail: cmoenster@aol.com.

Luginbill Family Farm is a family farm raising beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, and eggs. All are raised and fed quality feeds and raised without the use of drugs, antibiotics and growth promoters.

We offer whole or half animals processed at local butchers. We also offer vacuum packed cuts of all animals and poultry. Please check our website for the products offered and their prices.

Supporting local farms helps you to secure quality food for the future.

Luginbill Family Farm, Gary Luginbill, 14081 Road 3, Pandora, OH 45877. 419-384-7212.
E-mail: luginbillfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: http://luginbillfamilyfarm.com/.

Mackenzie Creamery is located at Whistling Pines Goat Farm in Hiram, Ohio, just 40 minutes southeast of Cleveland, Ohio. On the farm we produce extraordinarily delicious award-winning fresh chevre goat cheese.

Our fresh chevre goat cheese has received ten national awards. Our gourmet chevre is incredibly rich and smooth and comes in a variety of flavors.

Whistling Pines Goat Farm & Mackenzie Creamery, Jean Mackenzie, 6722 Pioneer Trail, Hiram OH 44234. (888) 975-4628.
E-mail: info@mackenziecreamery.com. Website: https://mackenziecreamery.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mackenzie-Creamery-108828519155808.

The Maker's Meadow is a grass-based family farm located in southwestern Ohio. We sell organically-raised Grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured chicken and turkey and whole wheat breads made with traditional methods.

We understand you're busy and it is not always easy to get food that helps heal your family instead of harming their health.

So it's simple:

  1. Place an order at themakersmeadow.com.
  2. Pick it up on our farm or choose free delivery to your door in the greater Dayton area.
  3. Enjoy delicious nutrient-dense meat raised with Integrity in your community.

The Maker's Meadow, John Filbrun, 3135 N Preble County Line Road, West Alexandria Ohio 45381. (937) 336-7025.
E-mail: makersmeadow@gmail.com. Website: http://themakersmeadow.com.

McNutt Farm cattle are raised on open pasture, with grass hay fed in the winter season months. The animals are a mixture of shorthorns and Brown Swiss, and their meat is free of hormone and antibiotics. Ground beef and individual cuts are available.

The McNutt Farm, 6120 Cutler Lake Road, Blue Rock OH 43720. (740) 674-4555.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/McNuttFarm/.

Merrell’s Texas Longhorns. Mark and Linda Merrell raise Texas Longhorns on a healthy diet of 100% lush green grass on 130+ acres of wonderful Warren County, Ohio pastures. Our farm is located in Waynesville, just minutes from Dayton and Cincinnati.

Our Longhorns are never fed grain. We use no growth hormones, or antibiotics. Our pastures are not treated with anything but natural manure as the cattle are rotated between fields.

Texas Longhorn beef is high in protein, with low fat and cholesterol content.

Most of our 100% grass fed Longhorn Beef is sold as ground product. All Longhorn beef is vacuum-wrapped in a USDA inspected local facility. Our beef is available in one-pound packages to large quantities.

Call or send us an e-mail for more information.

Merrell's Texas Longhorns, Mark Merrell, 3900 E Street, Rt 73, Waynesville OH 45068. (513) 897-1222.
E-mail: mark@memerrell.com.

Miller Livestock Co. is located in northeastern Ohio about 30 minutes from Youngstown. We strive to produce high quality beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey on clean, chemical-free pasture.

Beef is available nearly year-round, but spring and fall are the best time to purchase meat because the grass is the sweetest at these times. We sell beef by the half or quarter, as well as individual cuts and ground meat. Lamb and hogs are available summer and fall with greatest availability in the fall. Fresh chicken is available early June, September, and later in October. Turkeys are available throughout the fall or can be held for Thanksgiving. White and brown eggs from free-range laying hens are plentiful year-round.

Visitors are welcome—please call ahead. We welcome your inspection of our farm and look forward to meeting you.

Miller Livestock Co., Aaron and Melissa Miller, 9924 Kinsman-Pymatuning Road, Kinsman OH 44428. (330) 876-5655.
E-mail: millergrassfed@aol.com. Website: https://www.millergrassfed.com.

Millgate Farm raises grass fed beef. They are on pasture in the summer and balage in winter. They also get salt and kelp with a trace mineral called selenium which is deficient in our soil.

We also raise pure blood Berkshire pork. Along with a diet of roots, grass, acorns and whatever else they can forage in the woods, they get a ground diet of barley, oats, alfalfa, organic mineral mix, salt, kelp and flax seed. They do not get any corn or soybeans. The feedback from customers, after eating our pork has been a pretty consistent: "That's the best tasting, juiciest pork I've ever eaten."

We also raise eggs with the same diet and no corn or soy.

You can come to the farm and pick up any of our products or have the pork shipped FedEx by ordering it online from our website. Or come to one of the farmers markets where we sell; visit our website for current locations and times.

Millgate Farm, Tod Mogren, 2084 Eagleville Road, Jefferson OH 44047. (440) 563-3852.
E-mail: millgate@millgatefarm.com. Website: www.millgatefarm.com.

Oak Top Farm is a local, family-operated farm located in Licking County, Ohio. We offer grass fed / grass finished beef from our herd of Angus / Belted Galloway cattle.

The cattle have never been off the farm (from birth till harvest), no grain, no hormones, no antibiotics, no GMOs, just grass, clover and alfalfa. Rotationally managed grazing in summer and stored grass (hay) in winter; organic practices used, not certified. Healthy for the animals, the planet, and you—tasty too!

Whole and half beef delivered to the processor of your choice locally; smaller quantities available at the farm. Call for prices, looking forward to talking to you.

Oak Top Farm, Mark Zeune, 7807 Fairmount Road, Thornville, OH 43076. (614) 946-6825.
E-mail: mzeune@gmail.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paleofriendlycows/.

Ohio Grass-Fed Lamb is a small family farm located just 35 miles southwest of Cleveland in beautiful, historic Wellington, OH. Our goal is to bring you the healthiest and tastiest grass-fed lamb available.

Our lambs are born in springtime onto lush, green pasture and remain on pasture throughout their growth. Our pastures are pesticide- and herbicide-free, and have been planted and managed to provide an ideal diet for grass-fed animals. The lambs are moved to fresh pasture every few days, and are never given even the smallest amount of grain. Needless to say, they are never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

In early November, our lambs are taken a short distance to an Ohio state-inspected butcher, where we work closely with our butcher to make sure that our lambs are processed according to our specifications. Throughout all of this, our animals are handled as gently and humanely as possible.

In 2004, our farm enrolled in a conservation program overseen by the Lorain County Soil & Water Conservation District, and in 2010 we were awarded the Conservationist of the Year Award. This conservation program promotes sustainable farming practices that contribute to the health of our local rivers, lakes, and water supply.

If you would like an email attachment with all of our pricing and ordering information, send us an email and let us know. We do the hard work for you: We walk you through the choices of cuts, transport your lamb to the butcher, communicate your cutting instructions to the butcher, and pay the butcher. The only thing you have to do is pick up your 100% grass-fed lamb from the butcher and enjoy it!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ohio Grass-Fed Lamb, Linda Wasil, 26545 Hawley Road, Wellington OH 44090. (440) 647-0037.
E-mail: ohiograssfedlamb@yahoo.com.

Paul and Colleen Yoder and family have been running a grass-based farm in beautiful SE Wayne County, OH since 1991. We raise 100% grassfed beef and lamb which is sold by hanging weight or by the cut.

We also raise pork, broilers, and turkey on pasture, supplemented with a non-medicated, no hormone added feed mixed specifically for us at the local feedmill. We are dedicated to quality meats that are good for the body.

See Beyond the Farm for information about possible buying clubs.

Paul and Colleen Yoder, 8561 Bear Hollow Road, Apple Creek OH 44606. (330) 698-0340.
E-mail: yodergrassfedmeats@gmail.com.

Payne Family Farm provides our private herdshare members with raw goat’s milk, with classes to make all-natural ice cream, and kefir, and goat cheese. We also have a cow herdshare program for obtaining fresh grass fed milk, butter and cream (soon provolone and mozzarella cheese) to our herdshare members. We raise pastured poultry that is custom butchered to your specifications, free-range turkey for Thanksgiving, and free-range brown eggs.

We use stainless steel milking machines and a cooling system to ensure clean milk. We also have quality control programs in place to ensure the safety of our bounty. Our fields are organically re-mineralized every year and we run the water supply through a filtration system for sparkling clean water that our animals really enjoy drinking. All farm products are scheduled for pick up through the office.

Scarlett Payne is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner who sees over 250 regular clients for a variety of health issues. Her office is currently accepting new clients who are looking for a natural alternative approach to permanently fixing the root cause of the problem instead of taking prescription drugs to cover symptoms. Because you are what you eat and a correct diet is the cornerstone of good health, Payne Family Farm became a natural extension of the healing process of Alpha & Omega Wellness Service. We also have contacts for other all-natural, and organic producers like ourselves that want to honor our Creator in our farming practices.

It’s all connected: the soil, the plant, the animal, and the human’s health. To God be the glory great things he has done! Contact us for order forms, herdshare fees, and or office visits.

Payne Family Farm, Scarlett Payne, 3056 Lookers Lane, Utica OH 43080. (740) 892-3720.
E-mail: organicmilkandmeat@gmail.com.

Pleasant Valley Family Farms: We live in the greatest nation in the world, with more access and resources than anywhere else on the planet—yet disease, depression, and dependence are at an all-time high and rising. As we've walked our own journeys, we've noticed how much difference what we put into our bodies makes on our overall health, energy levels, and emotional well-being. As we've made changes in our own lives and seen the amazing benefits of eating natural foods created using natural and sustainable methods, we've set out on a mission to share some of the fruits of our labor with you! Come join us and see for yourselves what nature has to offer. What do you have to lose?

At PVFF we focus on building sustainable soil health using regenerative and natural methods. We never using harmful chemicals, vaccinations, or de-wormers, but use a variety of animals to work with the land to keep the soil healthy to continue to produce healthy forage for our animals.

We offer organically grown (non-certified), soy-free, non-GMO, pastured broiler chickens, turkeys, and pastured eggs. These animals work in synergy with our 100% grassfed/grass-finished Black Angus beef cattle. Throughout the entire life of our grass-finished cattle, they thrive solely on high quality forage, hay, and free-choice minerals. We also offer Black Angus bulls, steers and heifers for sale that have been bred to produce cattle that thrive solely on grass and minerals. Our 100% grass-finished, completely natural beef is sold by the half, whole or as individual cuts. We welcome on-farm sales as well as offer our products for sale at Keller Market House in Lancaster, OH, along with other local farmers that produce amazing products.

We'd love to share our farm experience with you and welcome visitors. Please call ahead and we'll be happy to arrange a tour.

Pleasant Valley Family Farms, Bobby Sykes, 5721 Pleasant Valley Road SW, Lancaster OH 43130. (614) 554-7202.
E-mail: info@pleasantvalleyfamilyfarms.com. Website: www.pleasantvalleyfamilyfarms.com.

Premium Quality Longhorn Beef is a partnership between Bonnie Glen Longhorns in Coshocton and Morris Land & Cattle Co. in Perrysville committed to bringing you the best locally raised, grass-fed Longhorn beef in central Ohio.
Our cattle graze in safe and natural conditions and we work hard daily to improve the natural environments that surround them. We control the natural springs that water them, make our own hay for winter and offer free-feed minerals.

Texas Longhorn beef is higher in protein while having less fat, calories, and cholesterol than typical ground beef, lean ground beef, pork, turkey, and white meat chicken. Texas Longhorns are the original breed of the cattle empires from the 1800s. Formed by 400–500 year of natural selection, they are disease and parasite resistant and calve easily. University studies consistently shows them to have longevity and productivity that exceeds nearly every other breed. It was these very characteristics that nearly bred them out of existence as the early ranchers crossed them with the less hardy European breeds, like Angus.

We currently sell our meat at Forbes Farm Market, 5614 McCurdy Road, Perrysville, Ohio 44864; Black Fork Bistro, 153 W Main St, Loudonville, Ohio 44842; and Buehler’s, 1055 Sugarbush Dr, Ashland, Ohio 44805.
We have whole, halves, and quarters, as well as individual cuts. Email or call for availability and selection options.

Farm Tours are also available!

Premium Quality Longhorn Beef, Jeff Morris, 3626 Pleasant Hill Road, Perrysville OH 44864. 419- 565-7591.
E-mail: browninglr81@gmail.com. Facebook: Morris Land & Cattle Co.

Selah Farms grew out of a desire to return to our roots, to live a life abiding in the principles found in the bible stewarding our bodies, our land, and our animals with care and intentionality. We offer a space for families to come together to pause and nourish. We want you to experience farm life through our farm to table gatherings, our annual events and an open invitation to visit! We run numerous homeschool and family workshops throughout the year, catering to garden planting and harvesting, preserving, bone broth making and will expand to meet the desires of our customers.

You will notice our 100% grass-fed and finished heritage beef cattle grazing happily on organic pastures, our laying chickens roaming freely and our red ranger broilers following the cattle in their chicken tractors while our woodlot pigs are down by Apple Creek foraging in our back pastures.

As Hartzlers, we take notes out of Grandpa Harold Hartzler's book to farm and live as nature intended, honoring the soil and the animal. The farm utilizes regenerative farming principles beyond organic to ensure the soil is continually enriched and fosters creation of humus, not to be confused with hummus—though that's pretty delicious! We believe life starts in the soil and that microorganism colonies are not to be disrupted by farmers but supported to flourish. It never ceases to astound us how dynamic agriculture is!

To serve you well we offer pick up locations bi-monthly in Wayne, Summit, Medina, and Cuyahoga Counties on a rotating schedule and are establishing a shipping program to deliver our meats straight to your door. You are always welcome to visit our farm store located on our property: Monday–Saturday 10am–6pm; Tuesday 1pm–6pm, or by appointment. Call ahead and we can have your order ready! We are proud to be your local farmer.

Selah Farms, Kimberly Hartzler and Jordan Hartzler, 3287 Apple Creek Road, Smithville, OH 44677. 330-465-7011.
E-mail: info@selahfarmsohio.com. Website: www.selahfarmsohio.com.

Seven Sons Farms is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty.

We offer a variety of pasture-raised meats and organic groceries, including: 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb, and bison. Pasture-raised eggs. Wild-caught seafood. And much more!

We offer shipping locally and throughout the continental United States! You can place your order online to be shipped to your door.

Visit our website to see all our available products.

Seven Sons Farms, Blaine Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Rd, Roanoke IN 46783. (877) 620-1977.
E-mail: support@sevensons.net . Website: www.sevensons.net.

Sirna's Farm and Market, a family-owned and operated sustainable farm in Ohio, is located in Auburn Township of Geauga County. On the farm, we grow a large variety of vegetables and fruit, eggs from our free-range Golden Buff hens, 100% grass-fed, pure Angus beef, and award-winning sweet corn. The market, located on the farm, carries an assortment of jams, homemade peanut and almond butter, honey from our own hives, Amish cheeses, our produce, our grass-fed beef and eggs, over 125 Ohio wines, and other wholesome local Ohio products.

While we are not certified organic, we use sustainable agriculture with organic methods. The major contributor to our absence of chemicals are beneficial insects (we believe that for every bad bug, there's a good bug). Also, we grow three different ways: hydroponically, in high tunnels, and raised bed plastic.

All the cattle on the farm are raised the way nature intended—eating grass. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics and they never eat grain. Our chickens' diet consists of grass and lots of sunshine, which makes their eggs high in vitamin D.

The Farm Market is open seasonally, June thru October, Monday – Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Tour groups by appointment only.

Credit cards and SNAP/EBT accepted.

Sirna's Farm and Market, Craig and Anne Sirna, 19009 Ravenna Road, Auburn OH 44023.
E-mail: info@sirnasfarm.com. Website: www.sirnasfarm.com.

Stoll Farm Cattle, a preserved farmland family operation for over 50 years, is located in the rolling hills of the Mad River Valley in West-Central Ohio. We pride ourselves on direct service to our customers and a quality product.

On the farm we raise 100% grass-fed beef through a managed intensive grazing system by a Beef Quality Assurance producer. These cattle are born and raised on the farm to average 1050 pound processing weight.

Cattle are typically available in the early summer to late fall and are sold as a whole, half, or half of a half portion of beef. The cattle are delivered to the local processor and the customer is responsible for submitting cutting instructions and picking up the meat from the processor. Costs to the customer include a price per pound based on hanging weight and processing fees.

For more information contact Bob and Lois Stoll via phone or e-mail.

Stoll Farm Cattle, Bob and Lois Stoll, 5952 State Route 540, Bellefontaine OH 43311. (937) 935-7505.
E-mail: Stolllois@gmail.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StollFarm.

Sweet Grass Dairy is located about 40 miles north of Columbus, Ohio. Our love for farming was God given from a young age. We started farming at this location the spring of 2013. Our desire is to teach our children to farm responsibly and provide you with nutritious fresh food.

The center piece of our operation is our OEFFA organic-certified dairy herd. Herd shares are available after an interview and farm tour. We have other enterprises that revolve around the dairy such as grass-based broilers in the summer time and fresh eggs from laying hens that follow the cows. Grass-finished beef is also coming available here on the farm in the near future.

Our dairy herd is a mix of breeds. We have been using A2A2 breeding, so the herd is producing a lot of A2A2 milk now, but not 100%. The dairy herd is grass based, with at least 97% of their ration coming from the pastures. At times we balance the cows’ energy needs with a small amount of grain (no soy products) and molasses (under five pounds). We do this to maintain the cows’ energy needs, so as not to sacrifice their health when the grass is not supplying enough energy.

We strive to grow as nutrient dense foods as possible for your family. Please contact us if we can help fill your family’s food needs.

Sweet Grass Dairy, Jacob and Elizabeth Coleman, 6049 Bryant Road, Fredericktown OH 43019. (317) 258-3864.
E-mail: milkmanjj@hotmail.com. Website: https://sweetgrassdairy.grazecart.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetgrassssdairy.

Sweet Meadows is pleased to offer a wide selection of 100% grassfed beef and provide pastured pork, free-range chicken, brown eggs from pastured hens, and certified organic apples from our farm. All our animals are grown outdoors on lush green pasture in Southeastern Ohio without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. Our pigs and chickens are supplemented with natural grains grown on the farm.

We offer all our meat in individual cuts as well as halves and wholes. We also support several local farmers by carrying their local honey and maple syrup.

Order online. We deliver to your house for free (minimum order required) if you are within our delivery area.

Sweet Meadows, Katie Brown, Roseville OH 43777. (740) 697-0679.
E-mail: sweetmeadowsfoods@yahoo.com. Website: https://www.sweetmeadowsmarket.com.

Sycamore Valley Farms is located in the heart of Ohio, approximately one hour south of Cleveland and one hour north of Columbus. We are a small family farm, and we are committed to conserving Heritage breeds that were raised by our forefathers. These breeds are of a bygone era before industrial agriculture became a mainstream practice. They were carefully bred and selected over time to develop traits that made them well-adapted to the local environment and they thrived under traditional farming practices that are very different from those found today.

We are committed to humanely raising heritage beef, pork, and chicken breeds through sustainable agricultural practices. Our animals are bred naturally, raised humanely, and always on pasture, and we believe in investing in infrastructure that allows us to mimic the natural environment through rotational grazing using a variety of species.

We believe in transparency. You want to know how our animals are raised? We welcome your questions, encourage visits to the farm, and open the doors through our social media. We want you to know to know your farmer and the food that you feed your family.

Sycamore Valley Farms, Joshua & Lindsey Welch, 753 Co Road 1775, Ashland, OH 44805. 419-922-9484.
E-mail: sycamorevalleyfarms.ohio@gmail.com. Website: www.sycamorevalleyfarms.com.

Triple R Pastures is a growing ranch that focuses on using regenerative practices to heal the land and people through nutritionally-dense food. Currently, we offer a high-quality meat chicken raised on daily fresh pasture and organic feed.

We would love to aid you and your family in achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Triple R Pastures, Gilbert R., 15317 Lebanon Crittenden Road, Verona KY 41092. (320) 492-7643.
E-mail: ruegemersregenerativeranch@gmail.com. Website: https://triplerpastures.com/.

Valley Ridge Farms offers pasture-fed and finished freezer beef. Located about 35 minutes northeast of Marietta, Ohio, we raise Black Angus cattle, known for its superior beef marbling characteristics. They fatten naturally (without grain) on the broad variety of fresh forages grown in our pastures.

Although we are not certified 'Organic,' we follow organic principles in raising our cattle. We do not use any growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, wormers, animal by-products, growth promoters, or feed additives. Our beeves are raised on pasture in the fresh air and sunlight.

Ground meat is sold by the pound all year at the farm. We offer freezer beef twice each year – once in late spring/early summer, and again in early fall, timed with optimal pasture condition. We sell quarters, halves and wholes by hanging weight. The price includes processing, cutting, wrapping and freezing.

Please contact us to be included on our e-mail list to receive notices of beef sales.

Valley Ridge Farms, Ltd. Phil and Louise Billick, 33088 County Road 15, Lower Salem, OH 45745. (740) 934-2073
E-mail: louise@valleyridgefarms.com. Website: www.valleyridgefarms.com.

At Walnut Hill Farm, we are dedicated to raising high quality meat the old fashioned way. We raise grass-fed Angus beef, lamb and pastured poultry (summer months only—broilers and turkeys).

All of our animals are grass-fed on actively rotated pasture which is never sprayed, and fed high quality hay and round bail silage all winter. Excepting supplemental grains for the poultry, none of our stock is ever grained. We use no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones in any phase of our operation, and pride ourselves on producing a high quality product in a sustainable fashion.

We encourage you to taste the difference (the 'good for you' is a bonus!).

Walnut Hill Farm, Michael and Karen Kovach, 4965 Saranac Drive, Sharpsville PA 16150. (724) 646-2984.
E-mail: mkovach@thewalnuthillfarm.com or karen@thewalnuthillfarm.com. Website: www.thewalnuthillfarm.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WalnutHillFarm.

Whispering Grass Farm is a pasture-based farm business located in Eastern Ross County, an hour south of Columbus and an hour and 40 minutes northeast of Cincinnati. We are committed to raising quality 100% grassfed and finished beef while protecting and enhancing the grassland ecosystems we are responsible for managing. We have over a decade of experience managing grasslands in different climates and on uniquely different farming operations

The pastures we currently manage are owned by Maple Lane Farm and certified Organic through OEFFA.

Our beef can be picked up at the farm or arrangements can be made for drop offs in the Cincinnati or Columbus areas. We believe in transparency, so if you would like to tour the farm please feel free to contact us to schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

More pasture-raised products to be offered in the near future.

Whispering Grass Farm, Sarah Prendergast, Brendan Prendergast, 4181 State Rte 28, Greenfield, OH 45123. (513) 532-3160.
E-mail: whispergrassfarm@gmail.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whispergrassfarm.

White Clover Farm is a 300 acre family owned and operated farm located in Hillsboro, Ohio. We produce 100% grassfed beef raised on our farm from birth to market.

We use no antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. Our black angus cattle are on pasture year around. We practice rotational grazing with cattle moved to fresh pasture every 3–5 days. They graze stockpiled tall fescue, supplemented by alfalfa/orchardgrass hay during the winter. The cattle have access at all times to minerals and natural spring water. Wooded areas provide shade in the summer and protection from the wind in the winter.

The beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility for your protection. Sold by the 1/4 or 1/2 carcass with delivery in the greater Cincinnati area.

White Clover Farm, James Linne, 782 Watch Point Drive, Cincinnati OH 45230. (513) 562-7298
E-mail: grassfedbeefohio@gmail.com. Website: www.whitecloverfarmohio.com.

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