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Pastured Products Directory - South Carolina

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Looking for a farm or ranch near you? Find it on map of South Carolina farms, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Find local stores, restaurants, and markets that feature grass-fed products, on our South Carolina Beyond the Farm page.


The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products.

Bluestem Acres Farm is located in Aiken, SC and specializes in pastured pork and 100% grass-fed beef.

Cows are ruminants, intelligently and creatively designed to eat grass to sustain life. Our grass-fed beef is raised on grass alone from birth to finish in order to produce the best and healthiest product for you, the consumer.

Our pastured pork is supplemented with non-GMO feed throughout their lives in order to produce a healthy product for you, the consumer. The pigs are on pasture or forest all their lives (they also clean up brambles and ponds). They thrive in this setting, it being their natural environment.

If you would like to visit the farm, feel free to contact me.

Bluestem Acres Farm, Marcus Hostetler, 1539 Reynolds Pond Road, Aiken SC 29805. (803) 507-3118.
E-mail: bluestemacresfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.bluestemacresfarm.com.

Brick House Farms is located in Gaffney, SC and has been providing farm fresh foods since 1943. We offer pastured, grass fed Devon and Angus beef; pastured, free-range eggs from Heritage chickens; pastured, free-range Label Rouge style chickens; and pastured, free-range Red Wattle, Berkshire, and Tamworth pork.

Our goal is to preserve some of the rare heritage breeds that are so important in maintaining genetic diversity, while providing you and your family with wonderful, farm fresh all-natural foods. Our animals are grown on pasture with no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. The animals are rotated frequently to fresh pastures.

Brick House Farms currently offers Devon and Angus beef; pork will be available Fall 2009. Heritage Royal Palm and Slate turkeys are available for the Holidays. Order soon, quantities are limited.

Visit our website for more information, farm updates and specials.

Brick House Farms, Jim and Eve Lyle, 1139 Brick House Road, Gaffney SC 29340. (864) 490-7108.
E-mail: thelylefamily@brickhousefarms1943.com. Website: www.brickhousefarms1943.com.

Butter Patch Jerseys and Jersey Thyme Farm, a working family operation established in 1981, is now taking orders for Red Poll and Black Angus pastured beef. These steers are noted for their natural tenderness and marbling. They have been pastured on succulent forages and have never received steroids, antibiotics, or hormone supplements.

You can purchase a whole, half or quarter beef that has been processed and vacuum sealed at a USDA inspected facility. We also offer whole Grade A raw milk from our herd of registered Jersey milk cows, brown eggs from free-range chickens, and a few lambs will be available this spring.

You can be assured that the food you purchase from us has been produced naturally and humanely—no confinement housing. Our quality guarantee is this: We don't sell any food that we would not allow our grandchildren to eat.

Butter Patch Jerseys and Jersey Thyme Farm, Mike and Patrice Buck, 175 Dairy Lane, Saluda SC 29138. (864) 445-7399.
E-mail: butterpatchjerseys@embarqmail.com. Website: pending.

Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs, a division of Double M Farm, Inc., produces delicious all-natural grassfed, grass-finished beef, free-range pastured brown eggs, pastured pork and pastured poultry.

We use no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or de-wormers on our cattle, chickens and pigs.

Beef, pork and poultry are processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum-sealed, flash frozen, and sold in our farm store.

BEEF: We start with a superior line of heritage breed Trask Polled Hereford. We knew Mr. Trask personally and have had Trask cattle on the farm since 1950. We choose animals that show phenotypic traits for finishing exceptionally well on grass based on information gained through years of studying the teachings of Gearld Fry and the late Charles Walters.
We rotationally graze our cattle, and use only small amounts of fertilizers approved for organic farming. We mix our own minerals with sea salt as the base. We feed no grain, grain by-products, or animal by-products to our cattle. Beef is dry-aged for four weeks and sold by the cut, half, and whole carcass. We have a waiting list for half and whole beef.

CHICKEN & EGGS: Our chickens free-range 500 acres and do what chickens do: scratch the ground, eat bugs, grass, and the soy-free feed we mill ourselves. We do not use commercial layer feed or animal by-products. We sell whole chickens, livers, feet, and brown eggs by the dozen and the flat (2 1/2 dozen).

PORK: Our pastured pigs spend their days doing what pigs do: rooting, wallowing, and eating weeds, roots and the soy-free feed we mill for them.  Our heritage breeds include full and crossbred Berkshire, Duroc, and Hereford for exceptionally delicious pork. We sell pork by the cut.

We are located in the beautiful foothills of Anderson, SC, 13 miles from the Georgia State Line. Our family has owned and operated Double M Farm, Inc. since 1847 and produced the finest Grassfed Beef since 2004.

Carolina Grassfed Beef and Free-Range Eggs, Mac & Robin McGee, John & Kalyna McGee, 3456 Highway 187 South, Anderson SC 29626. For Beef and Eggs call Mac @ 864-844-1621. For Pork and Poultry call John @ 864-844-1505.
E-mail: robinmcgee16@gmail.com. Website: www.carolinagrassfedbeef.com.

Chucktown Chickens are grown right here in South Carolina on beautiful lake Marion alongside River Run Farms' grass fed beef. The chickens are never given any antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts. The chickens are grown on fresh green pastures, moved everyday in floor-less cages, free to eat all the bugs they can find along with any grass and seed pods—of which they eat a great amount! Aside from what they find on pasture, they are fed a natural diet consisting of corn, soybeans, oats, fish meal, kelp meal, Fertrell's Nutri-balancer (a probiotic/natural mineral supplement), brewers yeast and oyster shell. Our chickens average 3lbs in weight, but are available from 1.5lbs to 5lbs on occasion. We also offer cut up chicken so you can get boneless/skinless breast, thighs, drumsticks and wings as well as hearts and

We are happy to announce that we now offer free range eggs from our newly matured laying flock. Our hens are raised with the same standards as our broilers except they are afforded much more ranging area to ensure the best possible yolk quality.

We ship our products only in SC and deliver on Saturdays to Charleston and the surrounding areas.

We also have bulk buying programs available.

You can find us at the downtown Charleston Farmer's Market located on the King Street side of Marion Square Park on Saturday mornings, 8am-2pm from April to late December. You can also find us at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market located off of Coleman Blvd on Tuesday 3pm-dark from mid April to late October.

Visit our website for more information.

Chucktown Chicken, Mike Milligan, 187 River Run Drive, Vance SC 29163. (803) 308-3661.
E-mail: chucktownchicken@gmail.com.

Copperhead Homestead – It is my passion to raise and sell food the way my grandparents (and great-grandparents!) did. Raising trustworthy food without chemicals, medications, or factory farming techniques. Healthy, pastured beef cattle and hand-planted heirloom produce, never coated with pesticides or herbicides.

My dream is to bring back the golden days of farming: when farmers could feed their food to their own children, when neighbors could trust their local farmers to provide safe and responsible nutrition. I believe the only way to ensure the safety and sustainability of your food is to form a relationship with your local farmer; I want to be that farmer for you. If I am not, I would still like to help you find someone to fill your family’s needs.

My cows enjoy free range over more than 200 acres. To ensure their diet remains healthy and lush, they are moved seasonally around the farm, always having access to fresh grass. I don’t need to preach about the benefits of grass fed cattle; you know their guts aren’t designed for corn, sugar, or other dietary additives they are often given for rapid weight and fat gain. This has never, and will never, happen on Copperhead. Each and every cow I sell has been raised from birth on my farm. This ensures that the cow was never given antibiotics or hormones early in life, and that the cow was not fattened with corn. This also allows me to control the genetics of my cattle population. Our cows have never received medication of any kind, and are exclusively pastured on grass and well water.

We offer several packages and free delivery on large orders to almost all of Georgia and North Florida. Delivery is available to South Carolina, Tennessee, or Alabama for a fee.

Copperhead Homestead, Andrea Story, Reinhardt Road, Ashburn, GA 31714. (678) 637-7001.
E-mail: Andrea@CopperheadHomestead.com. Website: www.CopperheadHomestead.com

DC White, LLC is pleased to offer pastured chickens and turkeys and grassfed beef. We ship our products to most parts of the United States but it is most economical for the eastern half of the country.

Given the climate of the southeast we are able to raise our product year round. Our cattle are born and raised on the farm and are mostly Hereford, Angus and now with a little Jersey mixed in. The poultry receive a ration of grains (primarily non-GM) and a vitamin mix based on Kelp meal and some fish meal for protein. They get no antibiotics, coccidiostats or artificial growth promotants.

Visit our website or call us. Farm visits are by appointment only.

DC White, LLC, David and Pattie White, Darlington SC 29532. (843) 395-0793.
E-mail: thewhites@freerangechicken.com. Website: www.freerangechicken.com.

Ebenezer Farm is a family farm in the rolling Piedmont hills. St Croix Hair Sheep, a threatened breed according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, share our farm with guard donkeys, Angus cattle, American Dominique chickens and abundant wildlife.

St Croix sheep are a good fit in our grass and legume based pastures. They have natural parasite resistance and require minimal handling. St Croix lamb products, such as French racks, loin chops, lean ground lamb, kabob cubes, leg of lamb and other cuts are known for always delivering mild taste with each tender bite. We do not crossbreed so the flavor is consistently enjoyable. The St Croix breed and lamb products are listed in the US Ark of Taste by Slow Food USA.

Flocks are rotated on pastures, provided high quality minerals and if supplemental feed is needed, we provide locally grown hay. The flocks are maintained as registered sheep so that part of each lamb crop can be used to start new flocks and to preserve this rare gene pool. We do not allow the ewes to lamb in the worst of winter or the hottest months of summer for the sake of their health and for the safety of the newborn lambs.

Market lambs are grown in stress-free pastures and are available most of the year. Whole lamb is available and can be cut to your specifications. It will be processed, shrink-wrapped and frozen by Glenn and Linda, at Northwest Meats, a state inspected facility. We are highly impressed with their cleanliness and service. Smaller portions and individuals cuts are available from our friends, Tom and Linda, at Happy Cow Creamery.

Thank you for calling us between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM, Eastern Time. We go to bed with the chickens!

Ebenezer Farm, Eddie and Pam Martin, 3740 Highway 413, Anderson SC 29621. (864) 296-0454.
E-mail: theebenezerfarm@yahoo.com.

Ecoexist, LLC is a farm started with health and the environment in mind. Located in Winder, GA we are raising grass fed heritage pork. The hogs are a cross of an Idaho Pasture and Gloucestershire which creates a wonderfully delicious product. We offer free delivery within 50 miles.

Our main priority is that the food we create is a healthy product—just the way nature intended. By prioritizing the health and well being of the hogs, we guarantee the lowest negative impact on the environment. We do this by feeding the pigs sprouted fodder in addition to their forging in healthy pastures, never giving them hormones or low dose preventive antibiotics. We are equipped to remove and treat any animal from the pasture if it shows signs of illness.

Hogs are our first adventure in farming and are providing an income that is allowing us to do more research in sustainability. A majority of pork sold in stores today is shipped overseas and then shipped back as processed pork for consumption in the United States. Why are we loading animals on trucks and boats to be shipped to other countries for processing when it could all be done right here? This would save our precious fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions while ensuring the best quality product for our loved ones. 

Please visit our website and like us on Facebook to see what we are up to. This is just the beginning of our adventures and we are dedicated to helping humanity achieve food independence beginning here at home. In addition to the pigs, we are beginning a large scale aquaponics system to provide clean, healthy fish and vegetables year round. Together we can change food miles to food feet and obtain total food security starting with Georgia.

Ecoexist, LLC, Shaun Krupp, 329 Royal Oaks Drive, Winder GA 30680. (269) 277-9221. 
E-mail: Skrupp1981@yahoo.com. Website: www.Ecoexistmovement.com

Fading D Farm is a small family-owned and operated Water Buffalo Farm in North Carolina. We are one of only a half dozen Water Buffalo Dairies operating in the United States. Our pastured Water Buffalo cows produce a wonderful tasting A2A2 milk that is 30% higher in protein than cow’s milk and has a butter fat level of 7–9%. In our Farmstead Creamery we transform this magnificent milk into great tasting cheeses and gelato

Our bulls produce meat that is more flavorful than beef, lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken breast or bison, and high in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3.  

Our meat buffalo are pasture raised and pasture finished, only supplemented with cut hay when needed. In addition to grasses, our milking buffalo receive a small amount (5–6 pounds/day) of cotton seed while in the milking parlor.

No growth hormones or routine antibiotics are ever used on our farm.

Our meat is processed in a USDA inspected plant, vacuum packed and frozen. Buffalo can be bought as whole animal, half, or in individual cuts. Pricing is available on our website. We sell at both the Davidson Farmers Market and Matthews Farmers Markets in NC. Meat can also be shipped in winter or picked up at the farm by appointment.

Fading D Farm, Faythe or David DiLoreto, 295 Fading D Farm Road, Salisbury, NC 28144. (980) 330-8189.
E-mail: fadingdfarm@gmail.com. Website: http://Fadingdfarm.com

Fairfax-Lewis Farm is a 100% grassfed beef farm located in Cerro Gordo, NC. We have a limited availability of 100% grassfed beef.

For more information, e-mail or give us a call.

Fairfax-Lewis Farm, Geoff Lewis, 442 Tuton Road, Cerro Gordo NC 28430. (910) 234-1012.
E-mail: fairfaxlewis@gmail.com.

Greenbrier Farms is located on 300 acres just 20 minutes from downtown Greenville, SC. While we may be small, our dedication is anything but. Through specific agricultural techniques that are in sync with nature, we enhance and enrich the environment and enrich our products. The result are fields of harmony offering meats and produce that are both good tasting and good for you. We specialize in everything organic (not certified), like 100% grass fed beef, pastured poultry, pasture raised pork, and organic vegetables.

Greenbrier Farms offers a full CSA program for both produce and proteins. In addition to our CSA, we can be found at local farmers markets, Whole Foods Markets in South Carolina and a variety of culinary institutions and restaurants in the upstate. We offer fresh picked organic vegetables, whole/half beef and pastured pork along with a variety of individual cuts sold direct to the consumer.

Greenbrier Farms also has a fully equipped event space where we host a variety of events like weddings, farm to table dinners, spring plant sales, fall harvest fest and private events.

Greenbrier Farms also has a full internship program with details being on our website.

Greenbrier Farms, Roddy Pick, 772 Hester Store Road, Easley SC 29640. (864) 855-9782.
Website: www.greenbrierfarms.com.

Hereford Hills Ranch is a sustainable family ranch where our animals enjoy a natural lifestyle to provide the best possible meat for our customers, while preserving and improving the land for future generations.

Our beef cattle are grassfed on a pasture rotation system to provide them with fresh natural forage 24/7 all year long. They have access to fresh well water and wooded areas for afternoon naps. They enjoy a natural breeding and birthing system and all babies stay with their mothers until weaning.

Our heritage pork is pasture raised in our natural breeding and birthing system with plenty of nuts and roots for them to eat. They have great mud holes for wallowing in, fresh well water and wooded areas for keeping cool on warm southern summer days.

All our meat is slaughtered and processed in a USDA approved facility, vacuumed sealed and flash frozen to assure the freshness our customers are looking for.

None of our animals receive any hormones or antibiotics at any time and there is no animal by-products added to our pig feed.

Please see our web-site for more background on our family ranch and a complete listing of available products and prices.

We sell our products at the Union SC Farmers Market and at our ranch. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Hereford Hills Ranch, Lewis and Libby Oliver, 1141 Pineland Road, Union SC 29379. (843) 367-1820.
E-mail: info@herefordhillsranch.com. Website: www.herefordhillsranch.com.

Hill Creek Farms is a family owned and operated, grassfed, grass-finished beef cattle farm which began in 1991. 

Our herd of Angus/Angus cross cattle produce beef of exceptional flavor and consistent quality. They are rotationally grazed on our expansive pastures the way nature intended. We are dedicated to the humane treatment and welfare of our animals. 

Our grassfed beef is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, young, lean and tender. It is processed in a USDA inspected facility that is Halal and certified humane. Our beef is dry aged, then cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen to preserve freshness. We offer beef by the cut, 20-pound assortments, quarter, half or whole cow. 

Our beef is available for purchase directly at our farm or at numerous farmer’s markets, general stores and restaurants in the Pee Dee region, Columbia, Myrtle Beach and Summerville areas. Please contact us for specific times and locations. 

Farm tours are by appointment only. 

Hill Creek Farms, John Rogers, 2056 E. Home Ave, Hartsville, SC 29550.(843) 858-3395.
E-mail: jrogers195@bellsouth.net. Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hill-Creek-Farms-Hartsville/378267018915219?ref=br_tf

Keegan-Filion Farm is a sustainable farm. We raise our animals on pasture either free-range or pastured. Our feed is composed of NON-GMO ingredients and we do not use any antibiotics or hormones. We do not feed any animal proteins.

We raise both red broilers and cornish rock chickens for meat, our turkeys are bronze and white broad breasted as well as some crosses that are black, and auburn. Our pigs are heritage (Tamworth, and Tamworth cross). Our beef cows are primarily Angus and Charolais. The beef is all grass fed.

All of our animals are processed at a certified humane facility.

Keegan-Filion Farm, Marc or Annie Filion, 1475 Keegan Drive, Walterboro SC 29488. (843) 538-2565.
E-mail: akfilion@yahoo.com. Website: www.keeganfilionfarm.com.

Middle Sparrow Ranch is a small family owned farm near Florence, SC. Our mission is to sustainably produce grass-fed beef, raw Jersey milk and farmstead cheese for the Pee Dee, Midlands, Grand Strand and Low Country areas of South Carolina.

Our small registered Jersey herd is 100% grass-fed except for very small amounts of grain offered to get them in for milking. We offer raw milk, butter, and cheese. We also have a small herd of Santa Gertrudis cattle which provide us with our 100% grass-fed beef. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics on our animals.

We soon will be offering delivery points in the Marion, Conway, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Summerville, North Charleston, Charleston, and Mt Pleasant areas.

Middle Sparrow Ranch, Earle and Alice Boller, 400 Ralph Lane Road, Timmonsville SC 29161. (843) 330-8652.
E-mail: info@middlesparrowranch.com. Website: www.middlesparrowranch.com.

Old Paths Farm is committed to the goal of producing the world's best food—food that is nutritious, delicious and reasonably priced—in a manner that protects, nurtures and improves the land we're blessed to farm. In pursuit of that goal, we use no chemical fertilizers, animal hormones or pesticides of any kind in production of salad bar beef, pastured pigs, eggs from pastured hens, and garden vegetables.

Customers may order fresh beef and pork in bulk year-round, or stop by the farm for frozen goods, baked items, and other family-produced wares. We offer garden produce when we have excess from growing our own veggies and fruits. We also make the farm available for weddings, parties and other family events. We welcome visitors to the farm, and can arrange tours in advance. No Sunday calls or visits, please.

We view our farm as much a ministry as a profitable business. We want to provide what our customers can't get anywhere else, namely locally-produced food that's fit to eat and that supports the rejuvenation and continuation of the family farm for the generations to come.

Old Paths Farm, Travis and Stacy Childers, 144 Strawberry Road, Gaffney SC 29341. (864) 504-5401.
E-mail: thegoodlife@oldpathsfarm.com. Website: www.oldpathsfarm.com. Facebook: @OldPathsFarmLocalFood and @OldPathsFarmEvents

Our Local Foods at Thornhill Farm is a certified organic farm that offers grass fed beef, free range chicken, pastured pork, farm fresh eggs and certified organic vegetables. We are home to "Kitchen Table Cuisine," a regional delivery program of locally produced meat and other locally produced food items.

On Thornhill Farm, we produce wonderful farm fresh eggs from hens that are raised free range and we grow certified organic vegetables on a 10-acre organic vegetable production area. We work with other wonderful local farms to bring a wide variety of locally produced foods to our customers via our unique regional delivery program. We service the Beaufort to Myrtle Beach area with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Thornhill Farm is a collaboration of a thriving working farm enterprise, Our Local Foods, LLC and a unique non-profit organization—Adaptive Gardens of the Lowcountry—that serves the special needs community. This synergistic working relationship has created a farm full of life and community purpose.

We welcome visits to our farm and farm store. Please stop by when traveling along Highway 17 between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Our farm store is open Monday–Saturday from 10–5 pm. Visit us online, give us a call, or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Celebrate Local!

Our Local Foods, LLC is located on Thornhill Farm, Maria Baldwin, 10882 Highway 17 North, McClellanville, SC 29458. (843) 887-3500.
E-mail: info@ourlocalfoods.com. Website: www.ourlocalfoods.com

Ovis Hill Farm produces grass fed and pasture raised beef, lamb, free range eggs, chicken, and certified organic vegetables (certified by Clemson University).

We practice rotational grazing using a combination of permanent pastures with seasonal no-till planting. We offer educational programs for schools and groups as well as host an on-farm annual Fall Family Farm Festival featuring arts and crafts, sheep shearing, fiber artist, games, meal from our products, hay rides with border collie demonstration, and more.

Our beef, lamb and chicken is processed at a USDA inspected packing plant that is Halal and Certified Humane. Our beef is dry aged 30 days, lamb 10 to 14 days, then cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen to preserve freshness. Our meats are offered in bulk or by the cut at our markets and in our on-farm store. We network with other SC farms to offer our collective products at our markets (see Eatwild's So. Carolina Beyond the Farm page for details). Shipping is possible.

Ovis Hill Farm, Charlie Caldwell, 1501 Weaver Street, Timmonsville SC 29161. (843) 992-9447.
E-mail: charlie@ovishillfarm.com. Website: www.ovishillfarm.com.

At Park Creek Farm and Preserve, 33 acres of our 36 acre farm is a preserve with a variety of plants and animals including beaver, herons, mink, otters. A trail is the only use of this acreage. The three front acres have a variety of berries, fruit and pasture for our free range (in tractors which are moved daily) hens.

We sell eggs, vegetables and fruit in season. Blackberries and blueberries are our primary fruit. We farm organically. We also offer shares of our food in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

We are 10 miles from Abbeville, 40 from Greenville, 25 from Anderson, 8 from Honea Path. Someone is usually home.

Park Creek Farm and Preserve, Errol Hess and Barbara Ervin, 355 Mt. Lebanon Road, Donalds SC 29638. (864) 379-8061.
E-mail: errol@kitenet.net.

Peaceful Meadows Farm, a family farm established in 1996, is owned and operated by Philip and Sheila Brooks and Jeremy and Laura Brooks. It is located just 25 miles from the Charlotte city limits in eastern Union County, NC, and just 9 miles from the South Carolina state border.

Our animals are grown completely from birth on our farm and enjoy wide open free range, sunshine and fresh air. We never use pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or other growth enhancers in our production of beef or pork.

Although we are not officially organic we are very careful to use organic practices in raising our livestock.

At present our cattle are a mix of Black Angus, Red Angus and Red Devon. They are completely grass-fed without ever receiving any grain. Our pork consist of the Berkshire and Tamworth Heritage breeds that are crossed to provide a delightful eating experience of ruby colored meat with a rich distinctive flavor. They eat a diet of home blended grains with organic mineral supplements, as well as grass, berries and nuts found in the wooded pastures.

All of our meat is processed in a very clean USDA facility and packaged in clear vacuum sealed packages. We sell both the beef and pork in bulk quantities picked up at the farm. Watch our web site for offerings in the near future for pricing by the cut or smaller sample packages.

Our products are available at various times throughout the year, so it is best to send us an email address notifying us of your interest. It is our practice to send out a broadcast email at least a month in advance of when we plan to have bulk meat to be purchased.

Your questions are welcomed any time about our products or our farm in general.

Peaceful Meadows Farm, Philip H. Brooks, 1740 Camden Road, Marshville NC 28103. (704) 233-4902.
E-mail: peacefulmeadowsfarm@windstream.net. Website: www.peacefulmeadowsfarm.com.

Puddle Moon Farm is located in Edgemoor, SC, just below Charlotte, NC. A delicious eating experience awaits you from fresh air, sunshine, clean water and livestock raised the way God intended in a natural environment.

Our pastured pork are rotated in shaded paddocks every few weeks and are only fed Non-GMO all-natural grain.

Our grass fed beef are purebred Red Devon and Red Devon/Black Angus crosses. They are rotated daily to fresh grazing paddocks.

We also have Cornish Cross organic chickens raised outside in fresh air and sunshine. Like the pigs, they eat Non-GMO grain grown by local farmers. Please check out our website to see what our customers are saying about the healthy, delicious meat products from our farm.

Puddle Moon Farm, DeAnn Harris, 4354 Simpson Road, Edgemoor SC 29712. (803) 487-7103.
E-mail: deann.harris@yahoo.com. Website: puddlemoonfarm.com

R and J Ranch is a small, family-run ranch located in Slabtown, SC. We are conveniently located 15 minutes from Anderson, Greenville, Easley and Clemson. We offer frozen chicken, quail, chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs and rabbits. An up-to-date price list can be found on our website. We do not offer shipping at this time.

Our Cornish Cross Broilers are raised on pasture from 4 weeks of age (earlier if weather permits) and supplemented with organic feed. Our chicken is unique in that we do all slaughtering and processing on site. Processing on site allows us to decrease the amount of stress the chickens experience resulting in a more tender meat. We are proud to offer a variety of frozen chicken cuts including: boneless breast, boneless thighs, drumsticks, leg quarters, wings, livers, gizzards, feet and whole chicken. 

Our Laying Chickens and Ducks are allowed to roam freely around property and have constant access to a natural pond. On occasion, we do offer frozen duck but it is not always available.

Our rabbits spend time out in the specialized “Rabbit Garden” daily. Their garden is kept stocked with fresh growing greens fertilized with our own rabbit manure, and allows them time to behave as rabbits should. Our rabbit breeds include: Californian, American, Dutch, English Spot and Palomino. Our rabbits are handled daily and kept well socialized. At this time all rabbit sales are limited to live rabbits only.

We are South Carolina Meat and Poultry Inspected, registered as a SC Livestock Premises, a Licensed SC Egg Wholesaler, Licensed SC Quail Breeder and Members of the National Rabbit Breeders.

R and J Ranch, Tabitha Brock, 1821 Christopher Lane, Liberty, SC 29657. (864) 556-5718.
E-mail: randjranch.sc@gmail.com. Website: randjranch.net

River Run Farms is located in the beautiful Santee Cooper Lake country of South Carolina, near the town of Santee. Plentiful rainfall and moderate temperatures allow us to grow and graze grass and legumes on 400 acres year-round. Our commitment to sustainability means no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used on the farm.

With our own herd of Angus mama cows, our calves are born on our farm and spend their whole lives here. They go from mama's milk to grass, grass hay and mineral salt which is their entire diet. They are antibiotic, hormone, vaccination, wormer, and most importantly grain-FREE. Average live weight at harvest is 1000 pounds, and average age at harvest is 24 months.

Our beef is USDA inspected, dry aged for 21 days, and vacuum packaged and frozen. We sell it by the individual cut or in packages from 10 pounds all the way up to a whole cow. We also make specialty items like beef jerky, snack sticks and all beef garlic brats.

You can find us at farmers markets in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Columbia, or you'd be welcome to come to the farm. Give us a call.

River Run Farms, The Olivers: Ray, Nancy, Les and Page, 187 River Run Drive, Vance SC 29163. (803) 492-9878.
E-mail: riverrunfarms@live.com.

Stabler Family Farms is located in the Sandy Run community of Gaston, SC.

Eggs: Our chickens are pasture raised and moved every two days. A large mobile house provides clean shelter from weather, etc., with nesting boxes and roosting bars for the chickens. A homemade pipe watering system provides clean fresh water.

We use no antibiotics, pesticides or hormones in our animals.

We have a beautiful mixture of brown and blue eggs that are full of flavor. We offer eggs by the dozen.

We are in the beginning stages of providing quality food at a price anyone can afford. Our eggs are just the start. We have started our cow herd and will soon offer 100% grass-fed beef from our farm. Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

Stabler Family Farms, Ben or Amy Stabler, 294 Kaiser Road, Gaston SC 29053. (803) 513-4886.
E-mail: stablerfamilyfarms@gmail.com. Website: None.

The Wright BeefSee below

Walker Century Farms are located in northern Anderson County, SC. We raise and sell purebred Red Devon cattle and processed beef and pork. Our breeding program uses older traditional genetics primarily focused around Noyl Boy M78. Our program will soon include traditional genetics from semen and embryos imported from England.

For the meat market, we have steers that exhibit excellent marbling and are raised to about 1100 pounds before slaughter. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and receive no animal products or GMOs, nor is any hormone therapy administered. We market our beef as individual cuts, vacuum-packed and frozen or one-pound ground beef packages.

We are using Tamworth, Mulefoot, and Gloucester Old Spot breeds to produce crosses that have excellent flavor and tenderness. Our pigs are allowed to roam freely in the forest and fields. They are given supplemental feed, but not antibiotics or hormones. We market our pork locally frozen and vacuum-packed as individual cuts or one-pound packs of sausage.

Although not certified organic, sustainable and organic practices are utilized.Our pastures are managed with organic fertilizers and no hay is cut from the fields. Rotational grazing is practiced where the cattle move to a new section of pasture resulting in a more efficient grazing and better use of the land.Each section is allowed to grow new grass before being grazed again.

Walker Century Farms is committed to producing healthy, tasteful meat in a sustainable manner. The benefits of grassfed beef include 2-4 times more omega-3 fatty acids, higher CLA amounts, and higher vitamin E content than conventional grain fed beef.

Walker Century Farms, Nancy Walker and Bill Walker, 1130 Shackleburg Road, Anderson, SC 29621. (864) 226-2668.
E-mail: walkercenturyfarms@yahoo.com. Website: www.walkercenturyfarms.com.

Watson Farms Pastured Meats is proud to offer 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken, all of which are raised with no added hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products.

Our animals are all raised on our family farm near Lowrys, S.C. We are a real farm and depend on agriculture for our livelihood, so you can be assured that sustainability is one of our foremost concerns, along with offering a great product to keep our customers coming back. We serve south Charlotte, N.C. as well as York and Chester counties, S.C.

We can be found at Old Town Market in downtown Rock Hill, S.C., on Thursday evenings from 5–8 pm and Saturday mornings from 8 am–12 noon.  

Take a look at our website, then contact us to experience for yourself the benefits of Watson Farms Pastured Meats.

Watson Farms Pastured Meats, Matt and Kelly Watson, 713 Colony Road, Chester SC 29706. (803) 581-8926. 
E-mail: kelly@watsonfarmsbeef.com. Website: http://watsonfarmsbeef.com.

The Wright Beef has been a grass based family farm for over 55 years. Our farm is 1570 acres located in Abbeville County, SC, about an hour drive from Greenville. We are devoted to raising natural grassfed to finished Angus beef on grasslands grown on mineral rich soils.

All of our cattle are born and raised right here on our farm. They do not receive grain, hormones or antibiotics. They are handled as stress free as possible. We produce great tasting gourmet quality beef that is healthy for your family. It is processed locally, aged 21 days and vacuum packed for flavor and freshness. We offer a whole, half or split half.

Anyone interested in eating wild, please give us a call and visit anytime.

The Wright Beef, Billy and Cameron Wright, PO Box 68, Lowndesville SC 29659. (864) 348-2706.
E-mail: suzwright55@yahoo.com. Website: http://thewrightbeef.com.

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