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A confirmed case of "mad scientist disease"

Mad cow disease can cause a frightening and fatal illness in humans, justifying the public's present concern about modern livestock practices. To many Americans, the fact that diseased cattle were being fed to cattle—whether in the United States or Canada—is an appalling revelation. This practice is now banned in the United States. But, behind the scenes, feedlot cattle are still being fed a long list of other objectionable ingredients, including chicken manure, stale candy, chicken feathers, recycled newspaper, and municipal garbage. The concept "garbage in, garbage out." has yet to be applied to industrial animal production.

The use of each of these ingredients is backed by at least one scientific study proclaiming its benefits. It makes one wonder—perhaps the scientists and the meat industry are mad, not the cows.

See studies about some of the "cost-efficient feedstuff" recommended for our cattle.

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