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Purchase meat, eggs or dairy products
Go to our Pastured Products Directory, click on your state, then contact the farms or ranches directly using the phone numbers or e-mail addresses provided in their individual listings. Eatwild provides a place where producers who raise grassfed animals according to our criteria can advertise their products—we do not raise or sell any animals or animal products ourselves and do not profit from farmers' sales.

Questions about how to raise or feed farm animals
Please go to the Eatwild Bookstore for books on farming and also consider subscribing to the Stockman GrassFarmer. We do not have the expertise to provide most specific information about raising livestock.

Become a listed supplier on Eatwild.com, or update your existing listinghttp://www.eatwild.com/request.html

Media Requests
E-mail Jo Robinson

Compliments or complaints about an Eatwild supplier
Please send us an e-mail.

Questions about ordering books or kitchen tools from the Eatwild Store
E-mail The Store for Healthy Living/Eatwild Store or call 1-253-759-2318 or fax: 1-253-759-2318.

Note: To inquire about ordering meat or dairy products, visit our Pastured Products Directory to find contact information for the individual farms.

Eatwild Store Mailing Address
PO Box 99
Lilliwaup, WA 98555

Eatwild Store Shipping Address
PO Box 99
Lilliwaup, WA 98555

Contact Jo Robinson about future presentations or information for your organization or publication
E-mail Jo Robinson

Jo Robinson's Mailing address
Jo Robinson
9609 SW 288th Street
Vashon WA 98070

Report broken links or incorrect information on the Eatwild website
E-mail the Webmaster


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