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Pastured Products Directory – Arkansas

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Find a farm or ranch near you on our Arkansas Farms and Ranches map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Find markets, restaurants, stores and buying clubs that feature grass-fed products on our Arkansas Beyond the Farm page.

The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

4B Longhorns is proud to offer lean, healthy, grass-fed Registered Texas Longhorn beef. Our family has been raising this beautiful and nostalgic breed since 2011 on our ranch south of Tulsa, OK. Our herd is over 100 strong and growing. We sell registered breeding stock in addition to providing wholesome, free-range, grass-fed and grass finished beef. They are hormone free, antibiotic free and live a very serene life on the ranch. Longhorn beef is known to have very low cholesterol values, on par with skinless white meat chicken!

We have been providing beef to many satisfied customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility in western Arkansas.

We sell whole and half beeves, as well as ground beef by the pound. We also sell longhorn beef jalapeno/cheese snack sticks which are a hit with everyone! Our whole and half beeves are $3.25/pound and $3.50/pound, respectively on the hanging weight and the customer pays the processing fee directly to the facility. A typical 24-to-30-month steer will yield a hanging weight of 500 pounds for a whole beef. Our 90%+ lean ground beef is offered $6.50/pound.

Please call or e-mail us for additional information or to place your order. We would love to hear from you. We would also like to invite you for a ranch tour so you can see how we raise our happy herd!

—The Boses

4B Longhorns, Michael Bose, 7056 Hackberry Court, Tulsa, OK 74132. (281) 793-5622.
E-mail: 4blonghornsok@gmail.com. Website: www.4blonghorns.com.

Acres to Graze Farms is a family-owned and operated farm following principles of regenerative grazing to produce the healthiest possible food for your table, to raise happy, healthy animals, and heal the land. Contact us for orders of lamb, goat, beef, rabbit, or duck.

All our ruminants spent 100% of their lives on pasture, with rotational grazing and no concentrate additives at all. In the winter we feed local grass hay, however we are working towards reducing the external input through improving our pastures and building a stockpile.

Our ducks are completely free-range and have a barn for shelter if they so choose. The rabbits are kept colony-style in Joel Salatin rabbit tractors (hare pens). They are moved regularly with wooden boxes for shelter, and eat grass, forbs, and shrubs from the farm with pellets added as needed.

We offer beef by the whole, side or quarter. Lamb and goat are available seasonally and are sold whole. All are processed locally. Rabbits and ducks are available frozen, live, or fresh (fresh with advanced notice).

Acres to Graze Farms, Joanna Thompson, 5909 State Highway 142 W, Doniphan, MO 63935. 607-379-4929.
E-mail: AcresToGrazeFarms@gmail.com.  Website: N/A. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acrestograze.

At Twister Ridge Ranch is located 10 miles east of Vinita, Oklahoma in the beautiful rolling hills of northeast Oklahoma’s Green Country, not far from the Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri borders. We are a second and third generation, family-owned ranch raising grass-fed / grass-finished Aberdeen Angus beef. We raise our beef naturally without using hormones, antibiotics, or grains.

Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish breed of small beef cattle that are well proportioned with a more compact, smaller frame size. They offer all the advantages of Angus cattle but in a smaller package; heavily muscled, quality carcass, with typically larger rib eyes per 100 pounds of body weight than the larger Angus.

We offer whole and half beef at 18 months to 2 1/2 years of age, delivered to quality USDA inspected meat processors in the surrounding area. Current pricing as of 5/17/2022 is $3.60 per pound of hanging weight, averaging 225 to 425 pounds.

For more information or to order a beef call (281) 468-5881 or e-mail us at alanna@twisterridgeranch.com. We have the beef available this summer and fall and the processing dates through 2023, so reserve your beef now to save your date and guarantee your freezer will not go empty.

At Twister Ridge Ranch, Alanna Frank, 430799 E 220 Road, Vinita, OK 74301. (281) 468-5881.
E-mail: alanna@twisterridgeranch.com. Website: http://TwisterRidgeRanch.com.

Bulmanski Farms LLC. Welcome to the farm! We are a family farm located in southwest Missouri and offer pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs, as well as grass-fed, grass-finished Dexter beef.

We raise our animals in the sunny pastures and woods where they have freedom to roam, forage, and live the way they were intended to live. They are never given vaccines nor unnecessary antibiotics.

Our pigs and chickens are supplemented with non-GMO, locally sourced feed, and our Dexter cattle are raised on grass only. We love our Dexter breed, originally from Ireland, primarily because they do excellent finishing out on grass alone, making their beef delicious! You can feel confident that our meat comes from animals that lived an incredible life with lots of attention and care.

All our products are available for direct purchase, and we provide local delivery and scheduled pickups to various surrounding locations in SW Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. We are also at the Rogers Local Food Market on Saturdays. Check out our website for the most up-to-date delivery and drop-off schedule.

Please call, text, or contact us on our website with any questions.

Bulmanski Farms, LLC, Brady Bulmanski, 24271 Farm Road 1075, Washburn, MO 65772. 870-613-2789.
E-mail: brady@bulmanskifarms.com. Website:https://bulmanskifarms.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bulmanskifarms/.

Happy Critters Farm & Orchard, LLC offers grass -finished beef by the cut, half, or whole animal. Our small herd receives No grain or other finishing concoctions, No pharmaceuticals (vaccines, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, chemical de-wormers, etc.), and our pastures receive No chemical amendments (fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides etc.). With thoughtful land and stock management there is little to no need for these things and their long-term side effects.

Our herd consists of Red Devon and South Poll cattle. Our focus on regenerative land management promotes forage diversity and building soil. Our stockmanship focuses on low animal stress, which in turn makes them calm, safe, and a joy to interact with. We rely on rain, sunshine, and mobile electric fencing to keep the cattle moving to fresh forage during the growing season and we strip graze hay on pastures that need a fertility boost in winter. Our cattle always have free-choice access to sea salt and kelp.

Out of a desire to offer quality meat, we aim to “Grass Finish” our cattle. Grass-fed vs grass-finished are not the same. Finishing quality meat on grass practically requires regenerative land management, and that’s what we strive for. Annual precipitation and individual animal genetics have an influence on quality of finish as well. We make it our job to constantly observe environmental conditions and respond with adjustments to the timing of animal movement. The pastures tell us when we’ve made good choices and when we haven’t. Grazing is an art and a science, and we enjoy learning what the land teaches us from year to year.

Thank you for considering us for your local, grass-finished beef. We’re about 15 minutes south of Mountain Grove, MO.

Call or email us for questions, availability, and to schedule a pick-up.

Happy Critters Farm & Orchard, LLC, Nate Gellman, RR 2 Box 224FF, Mountain Grove MO 65711. 417-349-1197.
E-mail: info@happycrittersfarm.com. Website: happycrittersfarm.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyCrittersFarmandOrchard.

Mountain Meadows Farm — Quality Meats…Beyond Organic. Sustainable Farm Living — Beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, and eggs.

We are committed to growing wholesome food for families to increase health, awareness, and a cooperative spirit. We want to return to our roots and support the small farmers, while being ecologically aware and efficient with the land God Entrusted to us.

We grow everything from grass-fed beef to wholesome poultry. We are a family owned and operated farm with the goal of producing meat products with excellent quality. We use non-GMO certified feed and pasture our cows, pigs, laying hens, broilers, and turkeys to increase nutrition and to give a natural environment for the livestock.

We are making every effort to ensure that our meat products are as natural as possible. Our pastures are chemical fertilizer- and herbicide-FREE. We use a pasture rotation system which ensures clean pastures for our livestock’s consumption, while enriching the soil naturally. We process our broilers and turkeys ourselves in a humane way, and our cattle and pigs are processed at an USDA inspected facility.

All of our animals are antibiotic-, steroid-, and hormone-FREE.

Quality meats at a reasonable price! We offer individual cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, as well as eggs. We also offer bulk orders of beef and pork by the whole, half, or quarter. In addition, we have packages that include a quarter of beef, a quarter of pork, whole chickens, and turkey.

Mountain Meadows Farm, Don & Mary Kelley, 255 Polk Road 30, Hatfield, Arkansas 71945. (479) 234-8245.
E-mail: mmf@jadoke.com. Website: www.mmfsustainablefarmliving.com.

Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch is home to about 80 American Bison just north of Bella Vista, Arkansas in SW Missouri, an hour's drive south of Joplin. And yes, each one of these buffalo is named, has a definite personality, and is special to owner Carol Klein.

We invite folks to visit our farm for a tour of the herd and to purchase the healthiest, tastiest meat available anywhere. (We do not ship meats, except for snack sticks and jerky which do not need refrigeration.) Our meats are frozen and vacuum sealed, and are sold right here at the farm by the pound in individual cuts such as roasts, steaks and burger.

At Oakcreek, we try to raise our animals in the most natural way possible. To learn more about how our animals are raised and the nutritional value of the meats, please visit our website and call with any questions. Many of our customers are referred by Metabolic Weight Loss Center for a low calorie, nutritious and delicious addition to their weight loss program. Body Builders from FUSE Gym in Bentonville appreciate those qualities as well, and there is a restaurant at the gym where you can try a delicious meal featuring Oakcreek bison. You can also buy Oakcreek bison meat at Cooks Natural Market in Rogers.

Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch is a treat for customers who enjoy a short trip out to this beautiful countryside and a visit to the fascinating bison herd. We welcome you to visit also.

Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch, Carol Klein, 1245 Little Missouri Road, Jane MO 64856. (417) 226-4540.
E-mail: oakcreek@olemac.net. Website: http://ourbuffalofarm.com/.

Ozark Pasture Beef produces grass-finished beef in northwest Arkansas. We are a group of family farmers striving to produce beef in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manner.

Our beef is finished on grass only, no grain or animal by-products are used. The cattle are born and raised on the farm so that we can assure our customers that no shortcuts have been taken in the production of the beef they purchase.

We offer a variety of beef cuts, all of them cut, packaged, and flash frozen under USDA inspection to assure quality and wholesomeness. Our website provides a detailed list of our products and prices. We also sell whole, half, or quarter carcasses, cut to your specifications if you are interested and with some advance notice. Availability is not an issue with us as we have a steady supply of cattle from our farmer members. Seasonal issues are minimized due to our almost ideal climate for growing grass in the Ozarks. We offer the ability to trace each retail package to the farm of origin. We test each carcass for tenderness and package our beef in clear plastic to allow you to see the quality. Make Ozark Pasture Beef your choice for beef today.

Ozark Pasture Beef, Ann Wells, PO Box 3005, Fayetteville AR 72702. (479) 409-8772.
E-mail: webmail@ozarkpasturebeef.com. Website: www.ozarkpasturebeef.com.

Peace Valley Poultry raises field-grazed chicken, turkey and beef. In 1996 our family began growing wholesome range-raised poultry. We are still a small family farm committed to providing high-quality, healthy meat in a manner that respects God's creation.

Our chickens are treated carefully and naturally from day one. The ration we feed them is one we mix from whole grains, vitamins and minerals, and does NOT contain Genetically Modified ingredients or any medications. The pasture they are raised on is pesticide-free/herbicide-free and is managed holistically with rotationally grazed cattle, although it is not certified organic. The chickens are raised in hoop houses that are moved to fresh grass daily to insure healthy birds and pastures. At processing time we continue our practice of careful handling to provide high-quality fresh chicken. The end result is a truly tasty bird; "Like chicken used to taste," as many of our customers say. The chicken is sold either whole, split (in half), cut-up, or in packages of individual parts.

In November we sell turkeys that are raised the same way the chickens are. We have heard many reports from satisfied customers who don't want anything but field-grazed turkeys now that they have tried one. Fresh turkeys are available on the farm and at delivery locations before Thanksgiving.

We sell our poultry from our farm and also meet customers in Springfield and Rolla. We are looking for someone to organize a buying club in St. Louis. Our chicken is also found in MaMa Jean's in Springfield, Ozark Country Market in Poplar Bluff, and can be ordered through American Grassfed Beef http://www.americangrassfedbeef.com/pasture-raised-poultry.asp .

We buy beef steers in the spring, graze them all summer and fall and process them in December.

Feel free to visit our website to see photos and learn more about our farm.

Peace Valley Poultry, Jim and JudyJo Protiva, 8290 County Road 1980, West Plains MO 65775. (417) 277-5869.
E-mail: info@pvpoultry.com. Website: https://peacevalleypoultry.com/.

Peculiar Pastures is a small family farm located in Newton County, Missouri. Our goal is to strengthen our family, our community, and our land by growing clean and nutritious food. We are currently selling non-GMO, organic-fed chicken and raw chicken dog food.

We do not expose our soils to synthetic inputs or our animals to pharmaceuticals. We focus on growing rich soil, quality forage and healthy, pasture-based animals.

We require transparency in all of our management practices and our farm is always open for a visit from our customers.

Learn more about us, our farm, and how we raise our chicken on YouTube at https://youtu.be/zx4HqNuGDec and https://youtu.be/Bp5Co_zrDYw.

Peculiar Pastures, Lee-Ann Davis, 30678 Highway J Wentworth, MO 64873. 509-590-3301.
E-mail: leeanndavis01@gmail.com. Website: Coming soon. Facebook: Peculiar Pastures.

Spring Forest Farm in Hulbert, Oklahoma helps you nourish the ones you love.

We currently offer beef by the cut, quarter, half, or whole and are working to add sheep, pigs, and/or goats. We will offer pastured poultry based on customer demand. In the future we may also offer pecans, wild blackberry, chestnuts, elderberry, pears, and apples.

We aim to work with nature to nurture life by practicing ecological principles as taught through Holistic Management, Permaculture, and Keyline Scale of Permanence (via Regrarians Platform). We observe, observe, and observe to better understand animal behavior and changes in the farm ecosystem as it develops.

We do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We practice low-stress animal management and ecologically sound grazing practices in an intensive silvopasture setting. In the winter, we feed local, chemical-free hay while continuing to move through our paddocks. In rare, as-needed situations, we may supplement individual cows/heifers with organic alfalfa hay, pellets, or cubes as a protein supplement.

We can offer pastured poultry products, supplemented with organic feed or organic soy-free feed, based on customer demand, and will do our best to provide a humane slaughtering experience by selecting the best processors available to us. To improve our access to a good processing facility, we are researching the viability of either running our own processing plant or partnering with others who have a similar passion for animal welfare.

We serve local farmers markets and arrange deliveries as well. Please visit our website for details and contact us with any questions.

Customers are encouraged to join our email list via our website to stay up to date on when products are available and to receive recipes and helpful tips.

Our prices are available on our website: https://springforestfarm.com/beef-prices/.

Spring Forest Farm, Julie Gahn, 14846 N 458 RD, Hulbert, OK 74441. (918) 207-9107.
E-mail: juliegahn@gmail.com. Website: https://springforestfarm.com/

Updates posted 4/15/2024.

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