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Pastured Products Directory – Nevada


Find the farms near you on our Eatwild Nevada map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Find local stores, restaurants, and farmers markets that sell grass-fed products, on our Nevada Beyond the Farm page.




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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Albaugh Ranch, located in Fallon, NV offers Native Shorthorn cattle and Dorper Hair sheep. Beef and lamb are our specialty!

Ranching since 1946, Albaugh Ranch cattle and sheep graze irrigated pastures of alfalfa and native forages, with our own hay provided throughout the winter months. Our animals are artificial hormone- and antibiotic-free, as our Creator intended.

Shorthorn cattle are renowned for tenderness, fine textured meat and old-world flavor. Their meat is very well marbled. We believe you will find none better! Please visit our website and read comments from our customers.

Our lamb is tender and tasty.

Albaugh Ranch also has semen for sale for those looking to build superior genetics in their Shorthorn herd. Our cattle are in the “Native Program” and can be traced back to the 1820 through the original herd books of the American Shorthorn association.

Albaugh Ranch, Norris Albaugh, 5909 Tarzyn Road, Fallon NV 89406. (775) 423-3361.
Website: www.albaughranch.com.

Diamond Mountain Ranch is a family-operated ranch in Northern California that specializes in 100% Pasture Raised, Grass Fed and Finished meats for consumers who want to know where their food is raised. Our goal is to consistently improve the land for generations of animals to come.

We raise 100% pastured and grass fed bison, (beef) cattle and yak, including Red and Black Angus, American Wagyu and Lowline Angus. We raise heritage breed pigs (pork) such as Berkshire, Tamworth, Red Waddle and Mangalitsa, as well as Californian Meat rabbits and Suffolk and Dorper sheep (lamb). Our chickens, turkey and ducks have ample room to forage for bugs and seeds while having a spacious coop to escape the heat of the day and predators at night.

We raise our animals in a respectful and kind way. We choose a “lead them with feed” method to move from pasture to processing rather than using force and fear. All the animals have an abundance of feed and fresh springs water, all sourced from our land. In the months where grass is dormant, our animals are given hay produced on our ranch. We strive to be sustainable and use everything we can to limit waste, helping to keep cost to consumer as low as possible.

Our products can be found at six Southern California Farmers Markets located in Irvine, Orange, Torrance, Mar Vista, Studio City and Long Beach. We also offer direct to door shipping on pre-determined and custom meat boxes to anywhere in the Continental U.S., as well as discounts on customized subscription boxes.

Want to save money on your purchases? Join our membership program to receive 5% off every purchase as well as access to news and recipes though our weekly newsletter.

Farmers Market Locations

Diamond Mountain Ranch, Jeff Miller, 3999 Diamond Mountain Road, Greenville CA 95947.
E-mail: info@buyranchdirect.com. Website: www.buyranchdirect.com; www.diamondmountainranch.com.

Family Friendly Farms was established in 2008 as a means to produce Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, Meadow-Grass Lamb, and Free-Range Chicken, without corn, soy, GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics. We thus produce a Health Food that can be cooked on a barbecue and eaten without limit. We now maintain a very consistent quality of healthy meat that contains plenty of unsaturated fat for tenderness, with an outstanding degree of nutrition and flavor.

We reside in Grass Valley California on 250 acres of sunny grass-lands, watered by the Sierra snow-melt. All of our products are certified USDA approved and can be provided in primal bulk or in individual cut packages.

Family Friendly Farms, Phil Zeiter, Zach Zeiter, 19625 Bear Hollow Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949. (530) 268-8000.
E-mail: fff.meat@gmail.com. Website: www.familyfriendlyfarms.com.

The Larder Meat Co. is a farm-sourced meat CSA servicing California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Washington, Utah, and Idaho. Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of humanely-raised pork, beef, and chicken sourced from small California farms.

Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised, and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically-raised meat.

In partnership with Hearst Ranch Beef, our newest box includes:

  • 6 pounds Hearst Ranch Grass Fed and Finished Beef (1.5 pounds flat iron or sirloin steaks, 1.5 pounds rib eye or New York steaks, 1 pound fajita, 2 pounds ground)
  • 2 pounds pasture-raised Chicken (1 pound thigh meat, 1 pound breast meat)
  • 2 pounds pasture-raised heritage Pork (1 pound ground, 1 pound chops)

For over 150 years the Hearst family has raised cattle on 150,000 acres of rich, sustainable native grasslands on California’s Central Coast. A conservation easement protects the Hearst Ranch’s working landscape, preserving its agricultural productivity and biodiversity in perpetuity. Hearst Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed and always hormone and antibiotic-free, produced from free-ranging and all-natural cattle.

Pay monthly or pre-pay for 3 months and take $10 off per month; skip or cancel at any time.

Sign up on our website.. For questions call us at 1-833-SLO-MEAT or email us at info@lardermeatco.com.

Note from Eatwild: The Larder Meat Company's chicken and pork meet Eatwild's criteria, but only some of the beef; specify grass-fed and grass-finished beef for your healthiest option.

The Larder Meat Co., Grace and Jensen Lorenzen, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. 805-439-4240
E-mail: info@lardermeatco.com. Website: temporarily unavailable (1/26/2024).

Orvis Cattle Company is California's oldest registered Hereford herd established in 1918. The ranch has been family owned since 1873. The ranch has been placed in a conservation easement with the California Rangeland Trust. This ensures our family will continue the ranching tradition for generations to come on the historic Snow Ranch 11 miles east of Farmington. As a seedstock producer for commercial operations throughout the West, we know beef. Our grass-fed beef is raised entirely on green forage under native rangeland, irrigated pasture, and Alpine summer range.

Beef is available in quarter, half, and whole animal for private use. Our great tasting beef is cut and wrapped at the House of Beef in Oakdale. And our price per pound is for the finished cut and wrapped product. Our retail beef goes through a USDA inspected harvest facility with arrangements for fresh, vacuum packed boxed beef delivery to wholesale customers.

All grass-fed beef are harvested to order and are available year round as supplies last. Each animal is hand picked for harvest when an ideal finish weight is achieved. It is not uncommon for our beef to grade Choice, with marbling and flavor to match. Of course, our beef is naturally raised with no use of artificial growth promoters and all grass-fed cattle are ranch raised and "never in lifetime" treated with antibiotics.

Orvis Cattle Company, Susan Harper, 9601 Hwy 4 East, Farmington CA 95230. (209) 559-2122.
E-mail: beefsales@orvisbeef.com. Website: http://orvisbeef.com.

At Primal Pastures, we believe that nature knows best.

That's why we are proud to offer a full line of our pasture-raised meat:

  • Pasture-raised beef, lamb and pork
  • Certified organic-fed, corn/soy/GMO-free pastured chicken
  • Wild, local, sustainably caught fish
  • Raw, local, unfiltered honey.

All our meats are truly antibiotic-free and rotationally grazed to benefit the environment, year after year. Our animals all live outside on green pasture 24/7/365.

We offer online ordering with weekly home delivery nationwide. We offer a la carte items, discounts on bulk shipments for budget cuts, all the way to quarter, halves and whole animals.

Primal Pastures, Rob McDaniel, 25391 Washington Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562. (951) 297-9933.
E-mail: info@primalpastures.com. Website: www.primalpastures.com.

The Shepherd Boy is a natural vegetation management service in the Sierra Nevada foothills. My sheep and I enjoy a semi-nomadic lifestyle, creating healthy landscapes and reducing fire danger through managed grazing.

The sheep are Dorper and Katahdin, hair breeds which are known for their mild flavored meat. Their diet consists of a variety of forages, occasionally supplemented with grass hay. They are handled using low stress techniques, and never receive antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines.

Lamb is available seasonally. Call or email for more info or to order.

The Shepherd Boy, Aaron Crew, 230 American Hill Road, Nevada City CA 95959. (530) 798-0013.
E-mail: aarontheshepherd@gmail.com.

Sonny’s Farm provides premium meats, including the highest quality grass-fed and finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, chicken, and eggs.

Our mission is to bring the most nourishing food to your table by working in harmony with nature.

We ship to all locations within the continental United States, with the exception of PO Boxes.

Sonny’s Farm, 3000 Alexandrite Drive, Rescue CA 95672.
E-mail: contact@sonnysfarm.com. Website: https://sonnysfarm.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sonnysfarmsocial. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sonnys.farm/.

Page updated on 1/26/2024.

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