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Pastured Products Directory – Wisconsin


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Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Wisconsin Map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Visit our Wisconsin Beyond the Farm page to find local stores, restaurants, markets, and buying clubs that offer grassfed products.

The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Anderson Farm 2 is a small family farm committed to raising our animals humanely and with the feeds they were intended to eat. We have 100% grass fed beef that is raised on a rotational grazing system and good quality hay from our farm in the winter. Our pigs are raised out on pasture with a supplemental feed from our local feed mill.

We have individual packages, 20-pound beef boxes, and 1/4 beef available! Pork is sold by the box (approximately 1/4 pork), half, or whole hog.

Contact us for pricing!

Anderson Farm 2.0, Rachelle Anderson, N6501 Manore Lane, Arkansaw WI 54721. 715-495-0836.
E-mail: andersonfarmwi@gmail.com. Website: https://www.andersonfarm2.com/.

Bashaw Valley Farm & Greenhouse is a family-run retail farm and greenhouse operation.

We are certified Organic by MOSA on all of our fruit which includes Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apples, Pears and Asparagus. We offer pick your own or pre-picked by order as well as frozen fruit year round at our on farm store.

Bashaw Valley Farm also specializes in 100% grass-fed All Natural Angus Beef and Pastured Pork by the cut, quarter, half or whole, all year around at our on farm store.

Our beef animals are rotationally pasture-grazed during the summer and fed alfalfa grass hay, harvested from our fields, during the winter months. None of our beef are raised in confinement and no antibiotics, growth regulators or hormones are used on any of our meat animals. Our farm is also a member of the Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Coop.

Our pork is also raised on our pastures as well and is fed some concentrates to supplement their diets. Our pigs receive no antibiotics, growth regulators or hormones either. Some concentrates are necessary because pigs have a simple stomach.

We now offer online ordering and shipping of our frozen meat and berries only to Speedee delivery areas: http://speedeedelivery.com/find-a-location/.

Our farm is a relaxed country setting and we welcome each and everyone of you to come and experience Bashaw Valley Farm & Greenhouse. We are located 2 miles north of Shell Lake, WI, or 4 miles south of Spooner, WI off of Highway 63.

Bashaw Valley Farm and Greenhouse, Steve Degner, W7402 Fox Trail Road, Shell Lake, WI 54871. (715) 468-2591.
E-mail: bashawvalley@gmail.com. Website: www.bashawvalley.com.

At Kummrow Farm's Battle Creek Beef & Bison LLC, we breed and raise both American Bison and Murray Grey cross Beef on our fifth and sixth generation farm located in Waukesha County. These hearty breeds were chosen because they thrive on a grass-based diet, are easy calving, are wonderful mothers and produce lean, flavorful meat. All breeding, in both herds, takes place naturally, in the pasture. Our son Nate now raises heritage hogs (pork) here also.

We have an on-farm store where we sell beef, bison and pork by the cut, any quantity desired, as well as an assortment of sausages. Our sausages are made MSG-free. Our store is open Thursday and Friday 1PM to 6 PM and Saturday 9 AM to 1PM or “when we’re home, we’re open.” We are located 2 miles west of Hwy 67 on County Hwy DR, or Delafield Road just south of Oconomowoc, WI.

We raise our cattle on homegrown grass and hay, grown without chemical herbicides or pesticides. We use natural substances and compost to fertilize our fields. No hormones are ever used in raising our animals. Antibiotics are given only to save the life of an animal…a very rare occurrence. We do not feed any grains to our cattle. They are 100% grass fed and grass finished on pasture.

Our meat is processed and frozen in a state-inspected plant after undergoing a period of aging for ultimate flavor. Custom cutting is available when ordering a half or split side. Note: we do not take credit cards at this time.

Battle Creek Beef & Bison LLC, Greg and Pat Kummrow, 38413 Delafield Road, Oconomowoc WI 53066. (262)593-2622
E-mail: patriciakummrow@gmail.com. Website: www.beefandbison.com.

Beltie Beef LLC/Caldwell Farms offers Certified Organic (MOSA), Grass-fed Belted Galloway organic seal"BELTIE" Beef from the Heart of Wisconsin. We sell our fresh and frozen quality custom cuts of beef and beef products to stores, restaurants, and directly to consumers.

Please look at the nutritional information on our new type of beef summer sausage—a delicious unique, healthy certified organic grass-fed beef summer sausage low in calories, low in fat, low in cholesterol, low in sodium and without nitrite preservatives and monosodium glutamate, yet still preserving the vitamin and polyunsaturated fatty acid content found in grass-fed beef.

We use the beef from our roasts/ground chuck for our sausage product. Our partnership with Peter Blokhuis, our USDA and Certified Organic processor, was critical to accomplish our goals. Peter is a Netherlands-born meat processor schooled in the European methods of meat processing and sausage production.

Visit our website for the story about us, our beautiful belties, as well as the tenderness and genetics of belties. Also look for the new “Butcher Shop” section featuring cuts of beef and other resources/information, and a list of companies, stores, and restaurants selling our beef products.

Beltie Beef LLC/Caldwell Farms, Lorna M and Michael D. Caldwell, 3138 Yellowstone Road, Milladore WI 54454. Toll-free: (877) 846-5721.
E-mail: belties@caldwellfarms.com. Website: www.beltiebeef.com.

At Big River Ridge Farm, we are committed to producing a healthy product that will provide our consumer family with an enjoyable eating experience. Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Our focus starts with soil health. We apply regenerative farming practices such as adaptive grazing and cover cropping to improve the overall health of our soil and a more nutrient-dense food for our animals and consumers.

We don't use any hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs on our animals. They are fed baled forages in the winter months. They thrive in the healthy environment provided for them.

Big River Ridge Farm, Paul Beskar, N5519 1090th Street, Prescott, WI 54021. 651-207-9512.
E-mail: paul@bigriverridgefarm.com. Website: https://www.bigriverridgefarm.com.

Bit O' Country Ranch is located in NE Wisconsin just south of Green Bay. We raise Angus and Hereford crosses on pasture as 100% Grass Fed Beef. We follow the organic practices and choose not to be certified. Our beef graze day and night on natural grass and legume pastures.

We sell our beef year-round in quantities anywhere from 10 pounds to a whole beef. We harvest beef annually in June, September and December and carry an inventory of beef to help "fill in" between harvests–or for a new buyer to try our beef.

To learn more, place an order, or to visit our ranch, please call or e-mail me. Thank you for your interest, and enjoy a happy and healthy life!

Bit O'Country Ranch, Mark Vander Linden, N4725 County Road U, De Pere WI 54115. (920) 470-4728.
E-mail: msvander@athenet.net. Website: www.bitocountryranch.com.

Brass Family Farm: 100% Grass-fed Red Devon Beef

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe farmers have an exceptionally important calling: To grow and raise the most healthy, nutrient-dense food possible so that current and future generations can thrive and be nourished.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: We are not in the commodity beef business. We are in the food production business and are directly responsible for the health, intelligence, and longevity of the consumer. We refuse to compromise our convictions for the almighty dollar. Sadly, not every farmer or business shares in this philosophy.

OUR FAMILY: We are a 4th generation family farm located 5 miles Southwest of Rockford, IL. near Stillman Valley, IL.

OUR CATTLE: We raise Red Devon cattle. Red Devon cattle are one of the oldest heritage beef breeds in existence today. They are the breed that the Pilgrims chose to bring with them to America in 1623. George Washington also owned a herd of Red Devon cattle. Devon grass-fed beef has a particularly rich and robust flavor that is juicy and fine-textured.

OUR FARMING PRACTICES: Our herd is 100% grass-fed. They never receive grain. Our cattle are born on our farm and spend their entire lives on pasture. During the growing season, our herd is moved once a day to a new “salad bar” slice of pasture. During the dormant season, our herd either grazes winter cover crops or is fed grass/alfalfa hay.

Please visit our website for more information about our farm and our 100% grass-fed beef.

What we offer your family is the same meat we feed to our family. You get the very best of what our labors produce. Put another way, we won’t ever sell you something we wouldn’t happily eat ourselves.

Brass Family Farm, Stephen Brass, 9402 North Meridian Road, Stillman Valley IL. 61084. (815) 218-5076.
E-mail: Stephen@Brassfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.BrassFamilyFarm.com.

Caldwell FarmsSee Beltie Beef LLC.

Cates Family Farm, now in the hands of its third generation, has been in the Cates Family for over 50 years, and has produced beef on its pastures for over 100 years. Our lean, natural Jersey and Angus steers are raised through managed-grazing practices and are grass-fed and grass-finished, without growth hormones or antibiotics. Flavor and tenderness are enhanced through the aging process prior to packaging.

Our beef is a delicious and healthy product and is available "by the cut" as steaks, roasts, lean ground beef, and summer sausage, or "by the bulk" from 1/8 (~50#) and 1/4 (~100#), up to 1/2 and whole animals, all prepared at Straka Meats, in Plain, WI, a state-inspected processing plant certified for Animal Welfare Approved processing.

Please visit our website for more information and to 'visit' our wonderful farm. Thank you very much for your interest, and we hope to hear from you.

Cates Family Farm, Eric and Kiley Cates, 5992 County Road T, Spring Green WI 53588. (608) 512-7327.
E-mail: eric.r.cates@gmail.com. Website: www.catesfamilyfarm.com.

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Cylon Rolling Acres is a grass-based farm in Western Wisconsin where the Svacina family raises grass-fed goats and sheep for meat using rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices.

Farming alongside nature is at the core of how the family raises its livestock while working to improve the soil and ecosystem where the farm is situated. Cylon Rolling Acres has been recognized for their work by the Nature Conservancy in Wisconsin.

The grass-fed goat meat is sold through our website as packaged cuts of meat (stew meat/curry cubes, ground, leg, shanks, chops, roasts), organ meat, bones, as well as sausage and gyro. The farm also offers a quarterly Farm Club subscription box.

Orders ship nationwide and a local pick-up option is available for customers in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities.

Join our Friends and Family List to learn about specials, recipes, product restocks, and know what’s happening on the farm.

Cylon Rolling Acres LLC, Leslie Svacina, Deer Park, WI 54007. 715-607-0248.
E-mail: hello@cylonrollingacres.com. Website: https://www.cylonrollingacres.com. Facebook: http://facebook.com/cylonrollingacres.

Dach's-N-Belt's Farm produces pasture-raised, lean Belted Galloway beef. All of our animals are humanely raised "naturally" on pesticide-free pastures and without antibiotics or growth hormones. In supplement to the pasture, cows are fed good quality hay.

The beef is sold by the halves, quarters, bundles, or individual cuts.

We are located six miles west of Hillsboro near the scenic Kickapoo Valley. We are 50 miles southeast of LaCrosse and centrally located 30 miles from the cities of Viroqua, Richland Center, Reedsburg, Tomah, Sparta, and Mauston.

Belted Galloway cattle produce tender flavorful meat that is low in fat and cholesterol. We are dedicated to raising quality beef products.

Dach's-N-Belt's Farm, Bill and Rita Schiller, S1795 County Hwy V, Hillsboro WI 54634. 608-489-2199.
E-mail: dachsnbelts@mwt.net.

Earth-Be-Glad-Farm is a certified organic farm (MOSA) located about 15 miles from the Wisconsin border. We specialize in 100% grass-fed beef and certified organic free-range chickens. Our cattle graze carefully-managed rotational pasture as much of the year as possible. In the winter months the cattle eat our stored hay. Our chickens are fed only our own homegrown certified organic grains and the grass and bugs they choose outside.

Grass-fed beef is available year-round in any quantity, from individual frozen items to custom-processed quarter, half or whole beef. Chickens are available May-November with pre-orders encouraged. Processing of chickens is done twice monthly in season at a USDA inspected facility.

There are no synthetic growth-promoters, hormones, or antibiotics in any of our products. We strive to provide the best food possible using humane and earth-friendly methods. We have over 20 years experience selling our products directly to customers, at the Winona Farmers Market and at 2 local food co-ops (The Good Food Store in Rochester and the Bluff Country Co-op of Winona).

Earth-Be-Glad Farm, Mike, Jennifer, and Johanna Rupprecht, 18828 County Road 20, Lewiston MN 55952. (507) 523-2564.
E-mail: ebgfarm@hbci.com.

Farm Sweet Farm is an 80 acre family farm dedicated to producing naturally grown foods for your health and environment. The farm is your home to healthy grass-fed beef, delicious pastured chickens and farm fresh eggs.

Cattle are grass-fed on managed pastures and hay in winter. They receive organic mineral supplements to balance their mineral needs. Beef is available year round; call us for availability. Chicken are raised on pasture from two weeks of age and on. They receive an organic feed to supplement the pasture nutrients. Chicken can be preordered in early spring to guarantee fulfillment of the order. Otherwise, its first come, first served.

Farm Sweet Farm is also home to beautiful song birds, howling coyotes and lots of deer. Farming in cooperation with nature is one thing we are doing, but what we truly aim to accomplish is providing local, direct from the farm, naturally grown, healthy foods for all our friends and family.

If you would like to become a part of our family of friends, please contact us and come for a visit and experience farming with Mother Nature. We are 3 miles northeast of the Chippewa Valley Music Festival grounds in between Cadott and Cornell, WI. We’d love to show you around!

Farm Sweet Farm LLC, Heather and Mark Flashinski, 16294 250th Street, Cadott, WI 54727.(715) 289-4896.
E-mail: mhflash@centurytel.net. Website: www.farmsweetfarm.com.

Forest Hill Farm raises certified organic, 100% grass fed beef from registered Red Angus cattle. The beef is dry aged for flavor and tenderness. We follow MIG grazing practices for both cattle and sheep.

Our Lamb is certified organic, 100% grass fed. Organic certification is through OCIA.

Forest Hill farm offers pasture-raised pork from our Gloucestershire Old Spots which graze certified organic pastures. Seasonal plantings of oats, buck wheat, rape seed, clover, and pumpkins add to the quality of our pork.

Pasture-raised poultry is available beginning each June. Free-range, heritage bred turkey is available beginning in November. Duck is available beginning in September.

All our livestock is raised using organic practices, however only the beef and lamb are certified organic.

We sell retail cuts of organic beef, organic lamb, and pastured pork and poultry.

Interested in buying larger quantities?

  • Whole, half, quarter steers
  • Whole and half lamb
  • Whole and half hogs

Iowa Delivery Locations: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Dubuque

Illinois Delivery Locations: Oak Brook, Crystal Lake, Woodstock

Wisconsin Delivery Locations: Prairie Du Chein

Forest Hill Farm, Glenda Plozay, St. Olaf, IA 52072. (563) 783-2670.
E-mail: foresthillfarm@netins.net. Website: www.foresthillfarm.com.

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GFBC–Brunkow Cheese Cooperative is a fourth generation cheese manufacturer in the heart of America's dairy land. Our cooperative of grassfed dairies is committed to the production of the finest quality grassfed cheese products on the market today.

We continue our tradition of quality and dedication to the all-natural foods industry. Our cheese products incorporate the use of Old World/Hand Made recipes and a rennetless (no animal by-products/no crymosin) cheesemaking process with premium quality grassfed milk provided by our cooperative members.

We are the only United States grassfed cheese manufacturer to use an independent third party verification system/audit trail to certify product claims.

Contact us today for the finest quality grassfed cheese products.

GFBC Brunkow Cheese Cooperative, 9991 Highway 81, Darlington WI 53530. (800) 338-3773.
E-mail: brunchee@mhtc.net. Website: www.pcmli.com/cw_bk.htm.

Gifts From the Good Earth is a MOSA-certified organic farm offering certified organic, pasture-organic sealraised poultry and organically raised grassfed/grass-finished Belted Galloway beef.

Our poultry is fed a certified organic feed ration supplemented with pasture grasses. Our birds, averaging 5 pounds in weight, are processed at a USDA-inspected plant and sold as frozen, whole birds. This allows us to have them available for our customers year-round.

Our beef, which is processed June – November, can be purchased as individual cuts year-round, or in quarter, half or whole animal quantities when ordered in advance of our processing dates.

Except for during the winter months, when our beef herd is fed dry hay made on our farm, our animals are grazed in an Intensive Rotational Grazing system. This ensures that they eat primarily from lush, tender pastures, which are grown from soils receiving only natural amendments such as compost, green manures and minerals. Because of this, you will find our meats to be a more pure, fresh and flavorful product.

Our farm, which is approximately 2 miles west of Milladore, is centrally located between Marshfield, Stevens Point, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids. We welcome farm visits if scheduled in advance.

Gifts From the Good Earth, Mike & Deb Hansen, 10431 Mayflower Road, Milladore WI 54454. (715) 652-3520.
E-mail: farmer@goodearthfarms.com. Website: www.goodearthfarms.com.

Golden Bear Farm raises 100% grass-fed beef and Berkshire pork on pastures naturally fertilized and enhanced with sea minerals. Our animals are rotationally grazed on fresh pastures and have access to fresh air, fresh water, sunshine, and space to exercise. We never use pesticides, herbicides or any artificial additives on our land, and we never feed CORN, SOY, processed foods or any GMO’s to our animals.

In addition to grasses and legumes, our pigs are fed apples, vegetables, barley, and oat and pea balage. We never dock tails or ring noses. All of our animals have plenty of fresh, deep-well water, fresh air, sunshine and room to move around. In the spring, summer and fall they live outdoors with access to natural shelter within the trees and bushes. During the winter our cattle are heavily bedded behind a wind block and the pigs have access to the barn and barnyard.

We practice sustainable farming to promote a healthy environment for all living creatures. Visit our website (which includes a short video) to see why we and our animals love living here.

We sell quarters, halvesm and whole steers; halves and whole pigs cut to order; and selected cuts of meat from our home. Please call for availability and pricing. Our products are also available at the Sheboygan Winter Farmer’s Market, 310 Bluff Avenue, Sheboygan, WI, most Saturdays, 9am – 1pm, November through April.

Golden Bear Farm, Steve and Marie Deibele, 15115 Lax Chapel Rd, Kiel WI 53042. (920) 333-0005.
E-mail: steve@deibele.com. Website: www.goldenbearfarm.com.

Grass Point Farms is a group of farms whose dairy philosophy centers on the well being of every cow on all of our farms. All of our farmers have pledged to take every measure to ensure that their herds are humanely treated at each stage of their life and that they are allowed to thrive on their natural diets of grass while enjoying their pasture life.

All of our farms and herds meet the third party certified Grass Point Animal Compassionate and Grass Fed Program Standards. These stringent standards, which are unique to Grass Point Farms, require a nutritious pasture diet without antibiotics or artificial hormones. The animals are raised humanely in conditions that support natural animal behavior.

At Grass Point Farms we offer a very special line of milk, cheese and butter products. It is this diet that produces the purest, most wholesome milk possible. Studies have shown that grass fed dairy products have increased levels of CLA and Vitamin D (because the cows get outside), which helps reduce body fat, increases metabolism, combats clogged arteries, prevents or delays the onset of diabetes and fights certain cancers.

You may also follow us at http://twitter.com/GrassPointFarms.

Grass Point Farms, Arlene Frye, 503 N Adams Street, Thorp, WI 54771. (715) 669-7546.
E-mail: arlene@wiorganics.com. Website: www.grasspointfarms.com.

Grassroots Meat, located in River Falls, WI, just minutes from the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, offers 100% grass-fed beef and pastured poultry.

Our herd consists of Galloway cattle, a Scottish breed, ideal for pasture grazing in the cold Wisconsin climate. Our cattle receive plenty of fresh grass and water, in summer, and in winter, quality hay that is raised and stored at our farm. Galloway cattle are not bred to be “oversized;” therefore, they produce flavorful meat which is healthy with less fat.

We sell our beef in a variety of cuts and quantities in order to offer our customers a wide selection. Our chickens are allowed to forage on as much living grasses as they desire. Their diet is supplemented with grains that are free of artificial hormones and antibiotics. Our chickens are available in July and August, but we will take pre-orders in February. They dress out at 3-7 pounds.

For information on ordering our 100% grass-fed beef and chicken, please call us.

Grassroots Meat, Mark and Jean Moelter, 1669 County Road M, River Falls WI 54022. (715) 821-1975 (please leave a message if no one is available to take your call).
E-mail: grassrootsmeat@dishup.us. Website: www.moeltersgrassrootsmeat.com.

The Grassway Farm is a diversified certified organic (MOSA) grass-based dairy farm located between cold, clean Lake Michigan and picturesque Lake Winnebago. In addition to milking 100 dairy cows, we direct market bulk chicken, turkey, brown eggs, beef, and pork. All of our animals (beef, pork, chicken, and turkey) are fed certified organic feed.

The farm consists of over 200 acres of fresh green growing meadow grasses. After each milking our herd of jerseys and Holstein cows takes a leisurely stroll to a new paddock of fresh grass and spends the day grazing, ruminating and resting. The cows receive only 2–3 pounds of oats or barley, kelp, naturally mined mineral and sea salt per day to help them maintain body condition.

On our farm, everyone grazes, so the egg-laying free-range chickens are allowed to dine on juicy bugs, tender grasses and a small amount of grain. Our pastured meat birds live in moveable, open bottom pens out on the same pasture. They are protected from predators, but can still enjoy the sunshine, bugs and grass. The Jersey steers graze with the dairy cows to get the very best pasture plus a small amount of grain. Finally, our "pigerator" pork comes from pigs that are allowed to do what they truly love to do: root through and compost the winter bedded pack from the cows.

We would love to hear from you. May you be able to live close to the land.

The Grassway Farm, Wayne and Kay Craig, W2716 Friemoth Road, East Troy WI 53120. (920) 894-4201
E-mail: grasswayorganics@gmail.com. Website: https://www.grasswayorganics.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grasswayorganicsLLC.

Graz-Orr Pasture-Raised Meats originally came from our need to have healthy meat for our family members. We have since raised more animals to provided our friends and neighbors who do not live on a farm or raise livestock. All our customers get personal attention and a 100% buy back guarantee on their order.

All of our animals have access to pasture so they can dig and forage for food, vitamins, and the minerals they need. We are in the process of certifying our pastures and lambs to be organic. We supplement with organic salt and minerals and use state inspected processors to cut and wrap the final product.

We sell pasture-raised lamb by the half or whole; lamb is seasonal from November - April. Our quality grass-fed beef can be bought in 25-pound convenience packs, 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef from September - January. Some pasture-raised pork is available in September and October.

If you are interested in placing an order, please call and we will be happy to talk with you and send you an order form.

Our on-farm stand is open May–October, 9 am to 6 pm for garden produce, fall produce and meat.

Graz-Orr Pasture Raised Meats, Michelle and Dean Orr, N4340 State Road 49, Waupaca WI 54981. (715) 258-0605.

Harmony Valley Farm has been dedicated to growing the highest quality certified organic vegetables for over 40 years. Our farm, located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin, is co-owned by Richard de Wilde and Andrea Yoder. While our focus is on growing vegetables, animals are also an important part of our farm and help us maintain hillside pasture areas not suitable for vegetable production.

Our vegetables and meat are distributed throughout the Midwest through our CSA program. We offer CSA share delivery in the following areas: Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN; Madison, WI and the greater Madison area; La Crosse, WI; Onalaska, WI, Viroqua, WI.

We raise certified organic, grass-fed beef and pastured pork. Our beef cattle are rotationally grazed on pastures in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter we feed organic hay harvested during the summer. Our pigs spend their days exploring the wooded hillsides, returning to their home base at the end of the day to enjoy vegetable scraps from the packing shed. In addition, we supplement their diet with a blend of organic grain.

We choose to raise our animals in an environment where they can exhibit their natural behaviors and characteristics. We treat them gently and with respect so they do not live in fear of human touch or presence. This creates a much more pleasant environment for them to live in and allows us to work amongst them more safely.

We offer a variety of beef and pork packages for delivery in the months of May, November and December. All of our meat is cut and freshly frozen just ahead of delivery.

Harmony Valley Farm, LLC., Andrea Yoder, S3442 Wire Hollow Road, Viroqua WI 54665. (608) 483-2143x2.
E-mail: csa@harmonyvalleyfarm.com. Website: www.harmonyvalleyfarm.com.

Helstrom Farms in northeast Minnesota is simply the best place to raise 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef.

Our farm and pastures are surrounded by thousands of acres of forest which filter and purify the already clean air. We do not have to worry about chemical drift because large-scale agriculture is not practiced in our region. Through regenerative grazing practices, cool season forages grow in abundance which nourish the cattle. Meat chickens are are also rotated through the pastures and supplemented with all natural, non-GMO feed.

Orders can be placed online and shipped to your doorstep. We ship to a 7-state area or visit the farm for pick-up!

Check out our website and follow us on Facebook for more information!

Helstrom Farms, Jason Helstrom, 10955 S Town Line Road, Hibbing, MN 55746. 218-969-6064.
E-mail: jason@helstromfarms.com. Website: www.helstromfarms.com.

At Hephzibah Farms we raise our animals with the utmost respect and loving kindness, believing that happy and healthy animals will help create happy and healthy people! We sell our beef, lamb and pork in bulk but also have a farm retail store where you can buy our farm-raised products by the cut.

All our animals enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and freedom to roam, living humanely and naturally.

We raise 100% grass-fed beef and grass-fed lamb outdoors on high quality pastures. They are never fed corn or grains and are 100% grass-fed and finished. The beef and lamb our animals produce has a higher Omega-3 ratio, is extra lean and extremely tasty. Beef is available usually in fall and is sold by the quarter, half and whole. Lamb is also available in the fall and is sold by the half and whole.

We raise range-raised pork outdoors on wooded pastures throughout the year. The pork our pigs produce is exceptionally wholesome and remarkably flavorful. Pork is available in the spring and fall in half or whole.

We produce pastured eggs from layer chickens that roam and forage all over our farm. Eggs are available year-round from the farm.

We raise whole broilers and turkeys with outdoor access to forage and supplement them with organic feed. Broilers are available year-round or until product runs out; turkeys are available from right before Thanksgiving through Christmas. We take deposits on turkeys just prior to Thanksgiving.

Beef, pork, and lamb are cut to your specifications and picked up from our butchers. Our meat is wrapped, frozen and labeled at locally owned USDA or state-inspected butcher shops. If you want to try our meat or are not interested in buying in bulk, we also have cuts available in our on-farm retail store. Store hours differ depending on the season; contact us for updates.

We are located just minutes south of the Wisconsin state line.

Hephzibah Farms, Inc., Anita Miller, 13202 Hebron Road, Hebron IL 60034, (847) 530-7373.
E-mail: Anita@hephzibahfarms.com. Website: www.hephzibahfarms.com.

Hickory Springs Farm is nestled in a beautiful picturesque valley with springs flowing from the hillsides, many coming together to help form Seymour creek. We have been MOSA certified organic since 1999 for dairy, we started the beef soon after. We also have brown eggs, and broilers. We like to hatch our own chicks for our laying chickens so there are occasionally some very tasty five month old roosters to cull.

Our beef is USDA inspected The closest butcher is an hour and half drive, Lederburs in Winona, MN. the beef is cryovac packaged. The organic pasture raised broilers are also USDA inspected and cryovac packaged at Decorah, Iowa.

We practice rotational grazing, though not intensive. We don't have to chase our animals—for the most part they follow us everywhere they want us to put them. The animals are beautiful to watch and it's so relaxing to take a walk around the pastures to enjoy them. Even though initially they come running and set up such a chorus of bawling that you can't hear, they calm down to eating soon. We also have seasonally asparagus, rhubarb, ramps (wild leeks), and watercress lot'sa springs. Come for a visit, bring your tents, etc. and camp in our woods. Several weekends are open. Gary and Darline & children.

Hickory Springs Farm, Gary and Darlene Nicholson, 30698 Ottoman Avenue, Elroy WI 53929. (608) 463-7512.
E-mail: ordernow@hickoryspringshack.com. Website: www.hickoryspringshack.com.

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The Homestead is a 125-year family farm in the rolling hills of Grant County, Wisconsin. We converted this dairy farm into a ranch to raise grass-fed beef. Our cattle are born in late spring on the open range, raised by the mother cow on chemical-free milk and grass and watered at a spring-fed stream. Grass-fed beef is often called "beyond organic."

The average serving of beef has lived on four farms, traveled through five states, and spent months confined in feed lots eating things cows were not meant to eat. Our cattle spend their entire lives on the range, eat lots of grass, have a cool drink and lay in the shade to think about things. The result is lean, clean, tender and reasonably priced meat.

Processed in the fall, seven miles from the pasture at a state-inspected facility. Order a few packages of selected cuts or quarters, halves or whole animals cut to order. Farm pick-up preferred, but we'll deliver within reason. No need to pay Farmers' Market premiums for healthy food. Give us a call. We'd love to meet you and be your farmers.

Homestead Beef, Dan and Cathy Swenson, 3709 Homer Road, Boscobel WI 53805. (608) 375-2205.
E-mail: swensondc@mwt.net.

The Honest Bison started as one family’s quest to eat healthier and get fit. When it turned out that sourcing authentic, unprocessed food was harder to do than it sounds, the family decided to do what they could to change that.

Our ranchers practice a method of ranching called Holistic Management, which promotes the growth of a large variety of native grasses that are in turn used to feed the animals. This enhances the flavor of the meat and eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemically enhanced farming practices. In addition to our pasture management, all of our bison are processed at USDA inspected plants. Our bison are raised on holistically managed ranches in South Dakota, Oregon, Montana, and Wisconsin. Our elk and venison are raised in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

We promise The Honest Bison will always provide meat of the highest quality—100% grass-fed and humanely and sustainably raised. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family and friends, we wouldn’t feed it to you.

100% Grass-fed Bison, naturally-grazed Elk and Venison we offer from our online shop:

  • Steaks (Tomahawk, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Skirt, Flank)
  • Chuck Roast
  • Sirloin Tip Roast
  • Round Roast
  • Tri-Tip
  • Ground and Ground Blend
  • Burger Patties
  • Brisket
  • Short Ribs
  • Bratwurst
  • Broth Bones and Bison Tail
  • Bison Tallow
  • Offal cuts (heart, tongue, liver, kidney, rocky mountain oysters)
  • Dog Food ground organ meat blend

Want more info about The Honest Bison? Need help placing an order? Looking for delicious bison recipes? Feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out. To make a purchase and have shipped to your address please visit our website.

The Honest Bison, Sean Lenihan, Founder, c/o Crescent Quality Meats, 15332 WI-27, Cadott WI 54727. All orders are shipped directly to our customers from Wisconsin via FedEx. Mailing address only: 407 N 47th Circle, Camas WA 98607. 360-399-6363.
Email: Sean.m.lenihan@thehonestbison.com. Website: http://thehonestbison.com.

Honey Creek Farm — Where "We Do It on Grass" offers grass-raised and finished Hereford beef, free-range chickens and eggs. The chickens are raised seasonally. Birds should be ordered by June 15 to assure availability, but may be available on a first come basis later. Pickup is in mid-summer to early fall. Beef is sold as mixed quarters and halves each fall and also by the cut when available. Eggs are generally available on the farm (ungraded-brown)

All animals are raised on our legume/grass pastures and are fed no stimulants or drugs to enhance growth. Cattle are fed a kelp/salt mixture as free choice for minerals and are wormed using only non-chemical means such as diatomaceous earth, basic H soap, and the browse of young black walnut trees.

Honey Creek Farm, Jim and Ginger Quick, W1532 Bluffton Road, Green Lake WI 54941. (920) 294-6896.
E-mail: honeycreekfarm@centurytel.net.

Idaho Valley Farm is located on Highway K between Reedsburg and Lime Ridge, Wisconsin. We feature several breeds, mostly red and white and black and white Holstein. They are nicely marbled and very tasty.

We offer quarters, halves and whole beef, processed at Staka Meats, Inc. (Plain, WI), or Hart and Vold Meat Market (Baraboo, WI.) Both processors have very good reputations. Call about delivery.

Idaho Valley Farm, Steve Ihde, E4161 Highway K, Reedsburg WI 53959. (608) 986-5356.

Irish Grove Farms was established in 1910 and has been home to five generations of the Flynn family. Our products include organically-managed hay, 100% grass-finished Murray Grey and Angus beef and pastured eggs, both of which are marketed directly to consumers. Please email Jackie for product availability and to be added to our product mailing list.

Irish Grove Farms is situated in beautiful north-central Illinois, only 7 minutes south of the Wisconsin border. We are within easy driving distance of Galena, Rockford, Freeport, Chicago, and Madison, WI.

Irish Grove Farms, Inc., Jackie Flynn-Batista, 9027 Best Road, Pecatonia, IL 61063. (815) 239-1325.
E-mail: jackie.de.batista@gmail.com. Website: www.irishgrovefarms.com.

Johnson Family Pastures is a community-supported family farm located in western WI. We humanely raise quality pasture-raised pork, and 100% grassfed beef and lamb. All our products are raised with the health of the land, our animals, and our customers in mind. We welcome you to become a part of our community-farm family!

Let us provide your family with:

  • Heritage-breed, pasture-raised pork
  • 100% grass-fed Angus beef
  • 100% grass-fed lamb

We sell our meat by the cut and through CSA member shares – whole and half hogs, quarter beef, and whole lamb available.
Find our meat at farmers markets in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in western Wisconsin. On-farm visits are available by appointment.

Visit our website for our online store, share sign-up, and more.

Johnson Family Pastures, LLC, Tamara Johnson, 872 320th Avenue, Frederic WI 54837. (262) 354-5737.
E-mail: farmer@johnsonfamilypastures.com. Website: www.johnsonfamilypastures.com.

Kay's HomeFarm, Inc provides branded Purely Pastured beef year round at Kaehler's Mill Farm, located in the historic Cedarburg countryside about 30 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee and two hours north of the Chicago Loop. "We have learned the art of finishing beef on pasture through the use of pasture management and Galloway cattle. We are one of the oldest Wisconsin retailers of pasture-finished meat."

Convenience Packs contain one cubic foot (25 pounds) of Purely Pastured boneless New York strip, rib eye and top sirloin steaks, bulk ground beef, patties, minute or sandwich steaks, kabob cubes, roasts and stew meat. Convenience Packs and additional orders of tenderloin steaks, ground beef and roasts can be picked up at the farm.

Kay's HomeFarm, Inc., Kay and Steve Castner, 8707 Kaehler's Mill Road, Cedarburg WI 53012. (414) 531-9700.
E-mail: kjcastner@yahoo.com. Website: www.kaysfarm.com.

Kinnikinnick Farm is a diversified, pasture-based farm on a smallholding in Northern Illinois. Our mission is to produce exceptional meat, AWA logoeggs, and in-season produce for making delicious and nutritious family meals. We also offer other high-quality products from neighboring farms.

We sell:

  • Chicken: whole, parts, ground, sausage, bone broth
  • Brown Eggs: from old-fashioned, heritage breed, dual-purpose hens
  • Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Whole Steer Ground Beef
  • Heirloom and Ancient Grains
  • Produce: in season. We grow organically but discontinued our certification two years ago.

Our free-range laying flock is certified by Animal Welfare Approved. We raise slow-growing meat chickens on pasture using temporary fencing and Range Coops we move daily. We buy-in grass-fed, grass-finished steers from Dietrich Ranch for whole-steer ground beef. We also sell a line of unbleached, unbromated heirloom and ancient grains grown and milled at Hazzard Free Farm in Pecatonica.

Our feed is local non-GMO grain mixed and ground to our specifications by a local, family-owned, feed mill. No hormones or antibiotics. We keep a small herd of dairy goats that provides milk and cheese for our family, helps us manage our pastures, and provides a winter bed pack which we compost in the summer and spread on the market garden in the fall.

We started out, in 1994, as certified organic produce growers. Today we are a Chicago-area, direct-to-consumer, e-commerce farm with weekly pick-up sites in Chicago, Evanston, the western Chicago suburbs, and on the farm.

Visit our website to learn more about our products, our farm, our Family Farm Stays, and/or to open an account.

Kinnikinnick Farm, David Cleverdon, 21123 Grade School Rd., Caledonia, IL 61011. 815-292-3288.
E-mail: kinnikinnickfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.kinnikinnickfarm.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/kinnkinnickfarm/.

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Lambsquarters was born in a quiet way several years ago with a shepherd's heart, a handful of ewes, and a vision for providing a healthy, wholesome, and great-tasting product to our local community here in central Wisconsin. We are located 6 miles north of Athens on Highway 97, and everyone is welcome to visit the farm and see how the animals are raised.

While most of our lambs are home-born, occasionally we do buy some feeders in the spring to better utilize our pastures. Our lambs start out on their mother's milk and then are moved out to pasture as soon as the spring grass starts growing. They remain there until fall, then some are moved to another field where they are finished on turnips and local hay. Only the lambs finished without the turnips qualify for listing on Eatwild as only the turnip greens are allowable. Our goal is to raise the lambs 100% organic, but we are not certified organic.

The lambs are normally ready in November or December, and we generally have lamb available through April of the following year. Quantities are somewhat limited so order early. We usually use a local processor, but can always take them to the facility of your choice. We offer lamb as whole, half, or individual cuts.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction! Here is a testimonial from one of our local repeat customers: "Your lamb is the best I've ever had: so tender and juicy, just right. Next year I'm going to buy five from you!"—Victor, Athens WI.

Lambsquarters Grass-Fed Lamb, Adam Christenson, 6881 State Highway 97, Athens WI 54411. (715) 297-4415.
E-mail: grasslandlamb@gmail.com.

Land of Milk and Honey Farms is located in River Falls, Wisconsin, about 20 miles from the Minnesota border. We offer:

  • 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished beef.
  • Pastured, free-range, soy-free chickens processed at nine weeks; whole chicken or pieces available.
  • Our eggs are soy-free, non-GMO, organic fed. The egg chickens are free-range and shell color ranges from robin’s egg blue to deep copper brown.
  • Pastured, free-range turkey.
  • Whole pastured, free-range duck.
  • Whole pastured, free-range goose.

All animals are raised by us using “better than organic” and regenerative farming philosophies but they are not certified organic. We provide all poultry with certified organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed. Our beef rotationally graze on organic, non-GMO pasture. During the winter months, our beef eat organically-grown hay from our own land. None of our animals are fed hormones, antibiotics, or any enhancements. We do not vaccinate our animals however we do offer them kelp, vitamins and minerals as the animals choose to eat them. Every animal is moved to a fresh paddock daily.

We respect and love our animals and believe, as Joel Salatin says, that “letting a chicken be a chicken” is the best way to raise them. All our processing is done at USDA-certified sites.

We will deliver in the Twin Cities Metro area but cannot ship. Food products can be purchased on our farm website. Bulk orders welcome.

We welcome visitors and love farm tours. Please check our website/email for details. Meat, poultry, and eggs can be purchased at the farm as well.

Land of Milk and Honey Farms, Trevor and Jaclyn Wahlquist, W7134 870th Avenue, River Falls, WI 54022. 612-801-7416.
Email: info@landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com. Website: www.landofmilkandhoneyfarms.com.

Larsons' Greenfarms, LLC, is located about an hour and a half northwest of Chicago, near Brodhead, Wisconsin. We sell certified organic grass-finished and grain-finished Black Angus beef and certified organic chicken. You can also find our products with select retail merchants throughout the northwest.

We ship anywhere in the US and deliver in the Chicago and Madison markets. Call us toll-free to find out more.

Keep the world green and clean.

Larsons' Greenfarms, 13246 West Sagen Road, Brodhead WI 53520. (800) 762-2092.
E-mail: writelarson@yahoo.com. Website: http://larsonsgreenfarms.com.

LoveTree Farmstead Cheese produces of some of the world's finest and most unique sheep cheese and dry-aged "European" style grass-fed organic lamb.

LoveTree is organically farmed with 130 acres devoted to grazing lands and 70 acres to wildlife habitat. This not only makes for a healthy environment, ecologically speaking, but it also offers us some unique opportunities for flavor enhancement of our cave-aged cheeses and our lamb. Our goal is to bring you the flavor of the northwoods through our raw milk cave-aged sheep cheese and our succulent grass and milk-fed lambs.

We milk the sheep seasonally (April–September) while the grass is green. We only make the raw milk cheeses from the grass-fed milk. Our market lambs are weaned from their mothers at approximately 45 days and are then reared on whey from the cheeseroom, grass, and sometimes a minimal amount of corn if we have late pastures or an early winter (no more than 1/2 pound of corn a day per lamb when or if it is necessary to feed corn).

What We Grow: Raw milk cave-aged sheep cheeses and raw milk cave-aged jersey cow milk cheeses (when milk is available); European style lamb (live weight between 75–90 pounds) June–December; Hot House lambs (live weight 40–55 pounds) April–May; replacement stock for sheep dairies; and livestock guardian dogs.

Where We Sell Our Products: St. Paul (MN) Farmers Market, every Saturday April–December, 7 AM–1 PM. Winter Market sale days are every other weekend, January–March, 9 AM–12 PM, corner of 5th & Wall Streets, St. Paul. We also have on farm sales by appointment only at this time. Web/mail order items include raw milk cave-aged cheese.

LoveTree Farmstead Cheese, Dave and Mary Falk, 12413 County Road Z, Grantsburg WI 54840. (715) 488 2966.
E-mail: m@lovetreefarm.com Website: http://www.lovetreefarm.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovetreefarmsteadcheese.

McCluskey Brothers put the steak in your burger! We're grassfed beef producers, and when we grind our burger, we grind all the cuts but two (ribeye, tenderloin). Think ground sirloin plus. It's a burger beyond anything you've ever tasted.

Just as important, our farm is committed to making the planet a better place. We rotationally graze our cattle, frequently moving the livestock from pasture to pasture. These frequent moves – or “rotations” – give our pastures a period of rest and regrowth between grazings. Roots grow deeper, soils recycle more carbon, plants grow stronger, there's less rain run off and less soil erosion. Biodiversity is enhanced. All with the help of cattle doing what nature has always intended: graze grass.

We choose rotational grazing for a reason. Continuous grazing – giving cattle continuous access to the same pasture for the entire season – actually damages the pasture, weakens the plants and diminishes soil health. Honored to be among the first farms in the country certified Real Organic (2018), we're also USDA certified organic (certifying agency is ICS). And 100% grassfed at Shillelagh Glen Farms means no grain. Ever.

We're the 4th generation on our family farm, a farm founded on the belief everything is connected → everything from the sunshine, soils, plants and cattle on our farm to the food on your family table to the air we all breathe and water we drink. And that's the way we farm.

We're growing wholesome, healthy, flavorful food with sunshine, grass, and the rich organic soils of Shillelagh Glen Farms. Try McCluskey Brothers' grassfed beef and cheese, and maple syrup. Inquiries about beef shares (quarters or halves) welcome.

One click brings 100% grassfed goodness direct to your door. Yes, we ship!

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms, Brian and Pat McCluskey, Office: E3609A Croal Hollow Road, Hillpoint, WI 53937; Farm: S7544 Hwy G, Hillpoint, WI 53937. 608.495.2552.
E-mail: mccluskeybros@gmail.com. Website: www.McCluskeyBros.com.

Miller Brothers Grass Farm is located 3 miles northeast of Oconomowoc. Our beef, lamb and poultry are all raised on lush, clean, rotationally grazed pastures. All meats are antibiotic and hormone free and our beef is 100% grass-fed.

See our website or call for more detailed production information, product availability, and ordering information. Visitors welcome, please call in advance.

Miller Brothers Grass Farm, Luke and Mark Miller, N68W35460 County Road K, Oconomowoc WI 53066. (262) 490-2950.
E-mail: millerfarms2@yahoo.com. Website: www.millerbrothersgrassfarm.com.

Morning Star Farm has Grass-Fed Beef available to you. We offer good meat raised and pastured in small, closed herds. Grass-Fed Beef is rich in Omega-3 and has five times the level of conjugated linoleic acid of grain-fed livestock.

Our animals are raised naturally, humanely, without any chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. They live in a stress-free growing environment till they are at least 18 to 24 months old. Our beef comes from animals raised within our herd only, and they are raised above the USDA organic standards. Our animals graze on grass pastures spring, summer, and fall. In the winter they munch on grass hay with shelter available.

Prices are reasonable—fair for the farmer and for the consumer. The meat is state inspected and available for you to pick up directly from the Richland Locker, in Richland Center, WI. Or it can be delivered for a nominal fee.

Meat is available by the quarter, half or whole, sold by the pound already processed. We also have hamburger by the pound (minimum 10 pounds). All hamburger is lean and available now. Please feel free to e-mail or call for pricing and availability.

Morning Star Farm, Don and Michelle Hansen, 32602 County Highway V, Cazenovia WI 53924. (608) 983-2578.
E-mail: mmarr@mwt.net.

Mountain Lane Farms, Wauzeka, WI, is nestled in the hills of Crawford County. It is a place where time stands eternal. Our Angus cattle graze 80 acres of rolling pasture in the same way they did when my father purchased the farm back in 1964. This provides our cattle with a simple diet of sunshine, legumes, grasses and water. While a simple approach, we believe this is best for the animal and ultimately in producing the best beef.

As we are a minute operation, we currently do not possess the means of rendering our product on site and shipping it direct. Our philosophy is that when you buy from Mountain Lane Farms, you choose the animal and witness firsthand where it was raised. You have an opportunity to voice how you would like the beef prepared, etc. If you wish, we can ship the animal to you. We have tremendous rendering professionals who can customize your order. If you wish we can even bring your order right to your door. We value you not only as a customer, but a new friend before, during and after the sale.

As a small operation, we don't have all the amenities of other operations. What we have is a food source that has been raised naturally by good folks who are concerned more about you than your sale. Give us a call, get directions and come see Mountain Lane Farms. The cattle will continue to graze, but friendships are precious. Make friends at Mountain Lane Farms.

Mountain Lane Farms, Tom and Sharon Martin, 27911 Mountain Lane, Wauzeka WI 53826. (608) 874-4414.
E-mail: martint@mhtc.net.

At Narrow Gate Farm we believe in raising animals in a natural environment. All our animals are raised on pasture with stored hay as winter feed. We work with mother natures' rhythms to produce some of the finest quality beef, chicken, turkey, pork and eggs on the market today.

Our grass-fed cattle graze on lush green grass ensuring high omega-3s and a rich vitamin content in our beef. Our chickens and turkeys forage for bugs and seeds in the fresh air, giving their eggs orange yokes rich in beta-carotene. We are currently working on Door County apple finished pork.

When you purchase beef from Narrow Gate Farm you can get just the cuts you want. We sell individual cuts and packaged bundles by the pound. Cuts available are: T-Bone, Rib-eye, Sirloin, NY Strip, Round Steak, Rump Roast, Chuck Roast, Arm Roast, Stew Meat, Short Ribs, Liver, and Ground Beef. Specialty cuts and quarters are available with pre-orders.

We sell at various local farmers markets seasonally, and from our home by appointment. Contact us for the dates and times.

Narrow Gate Farm, Jonathan and Megan Orrick, 11345 Wildwood Court (formerly Cedar Ct), Sister Bay WI 54234. (920) 854-9480.
E-mail: jonathan@grazethrunarrowgate.com. Website: www.grazethrunarrowgate.com.

Native Woods Farm is a family-run farm serving Northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.

We love our animals and the land we live on with them. We are intentional in our farming practices to support our animals' health, natural instincts, and overall well-being. We are working to regenerate the soil on our farm and strive to give back to the land rather than only taking from it.

We offer pastured lamb and pork. We sell retail cuts, lamb/pork boxes, and whole/half animals.

Seasonally, we offer small-batch maple syrup, apples, apple cider and garlic.

Please reach out for our current offerings or with any questions.

Native Woods Farm, Elizabeth Clark, 496 A Peterson Memorial Dr., Niagara, WI 54151, (715) 907-7144
Email: nativewoodsfarm@gmail.com. Website: nativewoodsfarm.com. Instagram: @native.woods.farm.

NewGrass Farm currently specializes in the production of truly grassfed and grassfinished beef—as well as healthy customers, better soil, lush pasture, clean air and clean water. Our cattle never receive hormone implants, synthetic dewormers, antibiotics, or junk food. We are in transition to organic and hope to soon offer pastured poultry, lamb, and pork.

Beef is available starting in late summer until late fall and is sold in quarters, halves, and wholes. We guarantee our products meet your satisfaction, or we'll buy them back and eat them ourselves.

NewGrass Farm, LLC., Paul and Sarah Nehring, 4009 Henry Street, Wausau WI 54403. (715) 675-0688.
E-mail: newgrassfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.newgrassfarm.com.

At Ninepatch simple pieces are carefully joined with a beautiful result. This family farm is located 15 miles northwest of Wausau. No herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or GMO seed are used in the production of poultry, eggs, beef, pork, and lamb.

Poultry are pasture raised and are fe a grain ration of mixed grains grown on our own farm. Chicken is offered fresh every other Saturday at the local farmers market or at our farm from June through October. Turkeys are available once a year in early November. Orders for turkeys must be placed before May 31 and require a deposit. Contact us for order forms. Ungraded free-range brown eggs are available year round. Stewing hens are available each fall.

Our beef is completely grassfed and is managed using rotational grazing. Beef is sold annually in late summer by the mixed quarter or half. Pork and lamb are handled similarly. Rabbit is usually available frozen.

We use and sell organic fertilizers. Our daughter's handmade goat's milk soaps make great gifts. Visitors and inquiries are welcome.

Ninepatch, Craig and Susan Carlson, 10849 3rd Lane, Hamburg WI 54411. (715) 443-6647.
E-mail: ninepatch@airrun.net.

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Northstar Bison is a family owned and operated business that encompasses several hundred acres near the Blue Hills of northwestern Wisconsin. Their premium, grassfed bison include breeding stock from nationally recognized sources. All cuts, from burger to tenderloin, including convenience foods, are available at the store on their ranch. Shipping is available year round. Scenic tours can be arranged.

Northstar Bison, 1936 28th Avenue, Rice Lake WI 54868. (888) 295-6332 or (715) 234-9085.
E-mail: bison@centurytel.net. Website: http://northstarbison.com.

Odyssey Farm, LLC produces acorn-finished, premium pastured pork and grass-fed beef on our farm outside Sun Prairie, WI.

Our farming methods focus on what is best for the animals and ecosystem. Our heritage Tamworths and Tamworth-cross pigs graze and root in pesticide- and herbicide-free pastures. Their diet includes transitional organic and organic feeds as well as windfall apples and garden leftovers of squash, melons, and brassicas. We grow almost half of the pigs’ feed on-farm in a minimum-till rotation of crops, pastures, and cover crops. We move our pigs regularly to give them the freshest pastures while previous paddocks recover. However, the pigs' natural home is in the woods. We let our animals forage woodland paddocks in the fall where they eat acorns and hickory nuts like their wild kin. Doing our best by land and livestock rewards the eater with a redder, richly flavored pork.

Our grass-fed Angus/Murray Grey-cross cattle graze our best pastures from May through October and are moved daily to fresh pasture. The animals come from an organic farm’s genetic lines that have a great reputation in the restaurant market.

All our animals are antibiotic free.

Due to consistent high demand, please contact Odyssey Farm to reserve your beef or pork as soon as possible. Our animals are butchered in October and November.

For pork we sell whole and half hogs as well as 25-pound variety boxes and individual cuts.

For grassfed beef, we sell halves, mixed quarters, and 50 or 25-pound boxes.

On-farm sales, visits or farm tours by appointment.

Odyssey Farm is a Dane County Climate Champion and a Veteran-owned business.

Odyssey Farm, LLC, Ryan Erisman, 5586 County Road N, Sun Prairie, WI 53590. (608) 616-9786.
E-mail: ryan@odyssey.farm. Website: www.odyssey.farm.

Organic Acres is a certified organic family farm offering raw milk and grassfed beef. Milk is from a jersey herd and our beef is holstein. We will have jersey beef in the future.

Our pastures are rotationally grazed to create the ultimate pasture and in turn have better herd health. This means a higher quality product for you, the consumer. Beef will be available in quarters, halves, or whole. Customized cuts available on request.

The philosophy on this farm is to have the animals in their natural environment as much as possible to produce high quality products in harmony with Nature.

Please call in advance for on farm pickup.

Organic Acres, Eli Hershberger, 1896 Ebenezer Road, Fennimore WI 53809. (608) 943-6224.

Out West Farm, Inc. has been raising bison on grass for the past fourteen years. The herd averages about 140 animals and has been raised using "organic strategies."

For more information, contact Dale and Mary Jenkins.

Out West Farm, Inc., Dale and Mary Jenkins, PO Box 423, Cambridge WI 53523. (920) 648-5433 or (608) 206-5433 (cellular).
E-mail: OutWestFarm89@aol.com.

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Ritscher Family Farm is a fifth generation family farm located in picturesque Buffalo County in western Wisconsin. The farm is a mixture of forested hillsides and fertile meadows that produce a bounty of lush grass, the foundation of our all natural farm.

We take pride at Ritscher Family Farm in producing healthy, nutritious meat that is raised humanely in an environmentally friendly way. We produce 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised poultry.

All of our animals are raised naturally with no antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemicals. We are not certified organic but everything that we do is well within the organic standards. All of our animals are produced right here on our farm so that we can personally vouch for the humane treatment and the highest quality of care. All of our meat is processed at local USDA inspected facilities that have the highest quality standards. We sell meat by the individual cut as well as in numerous bundles.

Visit our website or online store for a complete list of our products and prices. Our meat can be purchased directly at the farm which is open by appointment or through our online store delivered to one of our convenient drop off locations in the Twin Cities or western Wisconsin. We deliver to the Twin Cities once a month on the first Friday of every month and to Eau Claire, Menomonie, River Falls and other western Wisconsin locations every few months. We also plan to deliver to Winona, LaCrosse, and Rochester in the near future.

Ritscher Family Farm, Chris and Kendra Ritscher, W1137 Block Road, Alma WI 54610 (715) 651-8285.
Email: info@ritscherfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.ritscherfamilyfarm.com. Online Store: www.farmmatchcom/ritscherfamilyfarm.

Seifarm Grassfed Beef is located approximately 30 miles Northwest of Green Bay WI. We raise Black Angus Cattle on 100% grass and forage.

We were certified organic in 2007 by OCIA and are now offering certified organic 100% Grassfed Beef. We sell by the cut on our farm and at area farmers markets. We take orders for halves and quarters. Our meat is cut, processed, and prepackaged at a state inspected facility. All information for ordering is on our website.

We also have certified organic pastured chickens available. They, too, are processed at a state inspected organic facility. Brown eggs are available also.

Our animals graze freely and are outdoors year round. They have an exclusive grass diet. We use an intensive rotational grazing system on our 87 acres and our cattle get a fresh clean pasture at least once a day. Chickens usually follow the cattle 3 days later. We use no chemicals or fertilizers on our land.

Come out and visit our farm! We will give you a tour of how your food is raised. Early May you can see the baby calves play in their pastures.

Thanks for your interest!

Seifarm Grassfed Beef, Ken and Gayle Seidl, W455 Carlson Lane, Oconto Falls WI 54154. (715) 745-6017.
E-mail: seifarm@hughes.net. Website: www.freewebs.com/seifarm/.

At Serene Green Fields, our cattle and sheep are raised in a humane, natural environment without the use of antibiotics, additives and/or growth hormones. They are rotationally grazed on managed pastures of alfalfa, clovers, trefoil, and multiple grass species. We raise Black Angus, Murray Gray, and British White cattle. Our sheep are Barbados Blackbelly and Katahdin crosses. These are hair sheep raised for their meat and not wool.

We follow the National Organic Standards, but are not certified. Lamb is seasonally available by the half or whole and - Beef by the quarter, half, or whole - aged 21 days at a USDA facility to further enhance its exceptional flavor.

You may pick up your meat either at our farm, or at the locker in Winona, MN or Black Earth, WI. We are dedicated to raising tender, flavorful meat on our ridgetop farm in the beautiful driftless area of Southwestern Wisconsin.

Restaurants: The Meat-ing Place, Main Street Station, Viroqua WI.

Serene Green Fields, Roger Christensen and Joi Leighton, S8251 Peterson Road, Readstown WI 54652. (608) 629-5623.
E-mail: rogerlc@mwt.net.

Shepherd Song Farm. We raise 100% grass-fed lamb and goat meat. We believe pasture-raised is absolutely, without a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, better for your health...which is better for you! We make a commitment to you to NOT use pesticides on our land and to use NO animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones. Our lambs and goats grow naturally on Wisconsin meadows. The cool northern summers of the upper Midwest produce outstanding pastures producing premium, lean lamb and goat in a healthy environment.

Our livestock spend their days in the open air and sunshine grazing our lush, green pastures. Our young stock spend the majority of their time safe with their mothers within the protective flock learning to choose from diverse forage. We do not confine our animals to stalls, on concrete or in feedlots.They routinely carry out their natural behaviors such as grazing, browsing, lactating and exploring their environment as appropriate to their species. Quality of life for our animals is one of our main values.

We are a small family farm. We use sustainable and holistic farming practices that improve the soil, increase biodiversity, and are beneficial to our local community's environment. In practice this means what we take out of the environment we put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil and fertility can be replenished and are available to future generations.

Our products are USDA inspected, vacuum-packed for quality, and meet high standards for freshness, tenderness and flavor. Individual cuts or family value boxes can be purchased year round. Religious requirements can be met such as halal certification.

We deliver locally to the Minneapolis, Minnesota /Menomonie, Wisconsin metro areas and ship across the country.

Our products can also be found in the following restaurants and stores:

Restaurants: In Minneapolis: Lucia's Restaurant, 1432 W 31st St; Bradstreet Restaurant, 601 First Ave N; Common Roots, 2558 Lyndale Ave S; Zelo, 831 Nicolet Mall; Solera, 900 Hennepin Ave; Merlins Restaurant, 3601 E Lake Street; Restaurant Alma, 528 University Ave SE; Nightingale, 2551 Lyndale Ave S; Barbette, 1600 W Lake St; Gigi's Cafe, 822 W 36th St; Cafe Maude, 5411 Penn Ave S; Cafe Maude at Loring, 1612 Harmon Pl; In Season, 5416 Penn Ave S; Mona Restaurant, 333 S 7th St #190; and at Bacio, 1571 Plymouth Road, Minnetonka, MN.

Stores: Mississippi Market, 622 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN; Specialty Meats and Gourmet, 1810 Webster St, Hudson, WI; and Polar Pete's Seafood & Meats, 2028 US Highway 8, St. Croix Falls WI.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with questions.

Shepherd Song Farm, LLC., Judith Moses, N12835 CR Q, Downing WI 54734. (715) 265-7637.
E-mail: buygrassfed@gmail.com. Website: www.shepherdsongfarm.com.

At Snyder's Valley View Farm we raise Belted Galloway beef and Katahdin sheep.

All of our animals are raised on natural pasture during the growing season, and on hay that we grow ourselves during the winter months. Our calves and lambs are born on pasture in the spring and are raised on their mother's milk until they are able to graze our pasture grasses, legumes and forbs. We use no herbicides or pesticides on our pastures or hayfields, and practice rotational grazing, which allows the animals to utilize their natural instincts to migrate and look for the best food supply.

Our animals receive no growth hormones, no antibiotics in their feed, and a very minimal amount of grain which is used only for training purposes.

Both Belted Galloway Cattle and Katahdin Sheep are known for their ability to produce lean, tender, flavorful meat when raised in a grass based farming system, producing meats that not only taste very good, but are good for your health as well.

We sell freezer beef by the quarter and half; it is available at various times throughout the year. Lamb is sold by the half or whole from December through April. Our meats are processed by a local state inspected, family run facility, and can be cut and wrapped to your specifications.

Snyder's Valley View Farm, Pat and Nancy Snyder, 3166 172nd St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. (715) 723-8159.
E-mail: patrder@starband.net.

Solar Harvest Farm is a pasture-based family farm located 25 miles SW of Milwaukee and 25 miles N of the WI/IL border. We offer Pastured Chicken, Eggs, Grassfed Beef and "Pig-Happy Pork." (Yes, their behavior clearly demonstrates that they are indeed "happy.")

Our poultry and pigs are provided with certified organic feed as well as forage from our pastures. The cattle are raised on their mother's milk before weaning onto a diet of hay and lush forage. Our livestock are raised in sync with the natural seasonal patterns. Poultry is offered in June and August, Grassfed beef in July and September, as well as Pork in September.

Our farming philosophy is centered around the balance and rejuvenation of soil biology and fertility so as to pass this fertility on to plant, animal and ultimately our customers. Our sustainable solar farming practices are complimented by our extensive use of sustainable solar and wind energy. So much sunshine is put into our products that sunglasses may actually be prudent at the dinner table! (Please...don't look directly at the chicken!)

Our newsletters are loaded with information. Email us, call us or go directly to www.solarharvestfarm.com to receive a copy!

Solar Harvest Farm, Steve & Michelle Heyer, 7432 Marsh Road, Waterford WI 53185. (262) 662-5278.
E-mail: solarharvestfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.solarharvestfarm.com.

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Sparrow Hill Farm is a small family farm outside of Monroe, Wisconsin. Our mission is simple: Embrace life. Using sustainable, regenerative farming practices that are better for the environment, we raise and supply:

  • Pastured Pork
  • 100% Grass Fed Lamb
  • 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Pasture-Raised Poultry
  • Wild Caught and Harvested Seafood

In support of our mission, we:

  • Raise happy, healthy animals on healthy soil in fresh air and sunshine
  • Avoid overgrazing by rotationally grazing our cattle, sheep, and pigs
  • Don’t use pesticides and encourage biodiversity on the pastures
  • Manage the pastures in ways that help the soil sequester carbon and prevent erosion
  • Don’t use subtherapeutic antibiotics
  • Supplement the non-ruminant pigs with a ration of non-GMO grains
  • Only partner with local farmers who share our values and mission

As a result, our animals produce meat with superior flavor and nutrition.

The farm’s meats are delivered via expedited shipping in eco-friendly packaging with dry ice to most of the Midwest and some southern states.

You may also pick-up orders at the farm in Monroe, Wisconsin and the Dane County Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Orders placed on the website at sparrowhillfarm.net are shipped once a week.

Sparrow Hill Farm, Josiah Hertzler, N3927 County Hwy J, Monroe WI 53566. 608-588-2592.
E-mail: support@sparrowhillfarm.net. Website: sparrowhillfarm.net. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparrowhillfarmwi.


Starry Nights Farm is a Certified Organic (beef, poultry, hay, and pasture), Certified Grassfed (beef), and Animal Welfare Approved (beef) family farm raising pastured meats in southeast Wisconsin.

We practice rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture for the health of our soil, our land, and to provide stronger, more nutritious grasses for our animals. Being organic, we never use pesticides, herbicides, hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics.

Our animals are always outside in fresh air and sunshine, with clean water and shelter from the elements always available.

We sell 100% grass fed and finished beef, lamb, and pastured pork by the whole, half, or quarter, as well as pastured chicken, honey, and other specials and products. See website store for details. We also offer Farm Stays in our new, net zero, solar powered, private apartment below our house!

Contact us with questions, request a farm visit, or subscribe to our email list. We’d love to hear from you!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Starry Nights Farm, Paul Maggio, 7500 352nd Avenue, Burlington, WI 53105. (312) 286-1075.
E-mail: info@starrynightsfarm.com. Website: https://www.starrynightsfarm.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/starrynightsfarm. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starrynightsfarm/.

Sweet Grass Farm is committed to providing our family and community with quality food products by raising our animals in as much fresh air and sunshine as possible while striving to contain costs so that anyone can afford to eat healthy.

Our chickens pasture in rotation behind the cattle with an unbridled supply of green grass giving the eggs that golden yolk full of vitamins. Beef is available periodically by the pound and cut or by the quarter or half. Chicken is available from July 4 until fall. Our turkeys pasture around our buildings and are ready in time for Thanksgiving. We offer grassfed lamb and hogs every fall.

We are located just off of Highway 32 on your way up north! Call for scheduled pickup or delivery.

Sweet Grass Farm, Erin Hischke, 8742 Red Bank Road, Suring WI 54174. (920) 590-0432.
E-mail: edhischke@centurylink.net. Website: www.sweetgrassfedfarm.com.

Thundering Hoof Ranch LLC is located in Green Lake County within the beautiful and gentle rolling hills. At “The Ranch” we have a strong tie to the land. We are working to preserve and restore habitat for wildlife by replacing once highly eroded row crop land with sustainable forage based farming, restored windbreaks, and set aside habitats.

Products we offer:

  • Grassfed beef - rotationally grazed, no grain
  • Pasture-raised pork
  • Pasture-raised chicken
  • Pasture-raised eggs

All of our meat is processed locally and available in a variety of quantities on a first come, first serve basis. We mainly serve Dane, Dodge, Green Lake, Fond du lac, Marquette, Outagamie, Waushara, Winnebago, and Waupaca counties.

We raise all of our animals on the ranch where they can be seen in a healthy environment. We do not treat our animals with routine antibiotics or growth hormones.

Check out our website to learn more about us! Never bought directly from the farm? Call us, we would be happy to walk you through it and answer any of your questions!

Thundering Hoof Ranch, LLC, John Hoppa and Stephenie Buhrow, N7471 Forest Ridge Road, Berlin WI 54923. (920) 379-8551.
Website: www.thunderinghoofranch.com.

Together Farms. Looking for food you can trust and easily get? You found it! Together Farms offers a wide variety of organically raised 100% grassfed beef, and lamb, pastured chicken and heritage pork you are sure to love.

TF is dedicated to providing our community with nourishing food. All our livestock are raised humanely on pasture without any GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones. In fact, our goal is nutrient-dense products, so we add apple cider vinegar and high-quality minerals and salt to their diets in addition to the highly diverse diets from our driftless Wisconsin fields.

Not only are TF’s products raised ethically but they taste great too because they are full of good stuff and NO WEIRD STUFF! We use Animal Welfare Approved butchers that do not add any MSG, preservatives, or unpronounceable ingredients.

No time? We offer ready-to-cook, allergen-free Meal Kits using TF meats! (Subscription available.)

TF also makes ordering easy with an easy-to-use online store and WEEKLY delivery right to you! Free delivery for orders over $149.

Last, but not least, TF is a farm you can visit with weekly tours in the summer and our extremely popular on-farm restaurant (aka Burger Nights & Wine Nights) from May – October. Camping and RV reservations available (via hipcamp or harvest hosts).

Whatever your style, we are a farm that makes eating well healthy, easy, and even fun.

Heartfelt thanks from all of us at TF for your support of small family farms!

Together Farms, Stephanie Schneider, W93 Norden Road, Mondovi, WI 54755. 715-210-4740.
E-mail: stephanie@togetherfarms.com. Website: https://www.togetherfarms.com/.

Uplands Cheese, Inc. produces and distributes Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a unique, traditional style farmstead cheese.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an artisan cheese made from the milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows fed and managed using natural "old world" practices. Our cows graze lush pastures from early spring through fall and we produce cheese only when the cows are fully on a forage ration of vegetative pasture. Cows are supplemented with a ground grain mixture comprising 25% of their ration while on pasture.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the end product of a process that is inextricably linked to the seasons and life cycles of our animals, as well as to the prairie soils and climate of southwest Wisconsin. The sweet flavors of the pasture grasses, herbs, wildflowers and clovers is detectable in each morsel of our product. We hope you will try Pleasant Ridge Reserve and agree with us that producing food slowly, deliberately and with pride is a value worth preserving in our hurried, industrialized society.

Uplands Cheese, Inc., Michael Gingrich, 4540 County Road ZZ, Dodgeville WI 53533. (608) 935-3414.
E-mail: gingrich@mhtc.net. Website: http://uplandscheese.com.

ValleyGraze, LLC is located 30 miles northwest of Menomonie. We produce all-natural beef, lamb, pork, poultry and eggs.

The cattle and sheep are "grass-fed/grass-finished" on pasture, being moved through paddocks on rotation. Pigs are outdoors on pasture, free to root or wallow in the sunshine or shade. The chickens and turkeys are "free-range." Fresh water, minerals, hay (in the winter) and occasional shelter are also provided.

We are committed to producing a quality product that is all-natural, healthy and tasty for our customers. Our animals are raised free from added hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, chemical wormers, animal byproducts and other unnatural ingredients or methods. Come visit our farm to see how your meat is produced.

  • Beef is available in quarters, halves, and wholes at $4.00/pound hanging weight.
  • Pork by halves and wholes in late fall at $4.00/pound hanging weight.
  • Lamb by wholes at $4.00/pound hanging weight.
  • Chicken and turkey are dressed, bagged and frozen at $4/pound.
  • Eggs are $4.00/dozen.

ValleyGraze, LLC., Lonnie Larson, Glenwood City, WI 54013. (715) 308-5123.
E-mail: valleygraze@gmail.com. Website: www.valleygraze.com.

Wanda Farms is a 1st generation family farm where we produce grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and eggs that conveniently nourish your family's health.

As a health-conscious young family, we also value our health and produce all our products with your health in mind. We focus on regenerative practices where we NEVER use antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, GMOs, mRNA technology, or any other pharmaceutical products that may compromise the quality of food that we consume.

We produce:

  • Pasture-raised Eggs
  • Grass-fed/finished Beef
  • Pasture-raised Pork
  • Pasture-raised Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys

As a busy young family, we also understand you don't have time to travel hours to pick up your meat order. We offer EASY ordering online and HOME DELIVERY throughout the Chicagoland and whole midwest. You can also pick up your order at the FARM or shop at our small farm store anytime.

Purchase our products a la carte, in small bundles, or buy in bulk to save! We sell 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or whole Beef and Hog available for home delivery.

Come visit us on a FARM TOUR this coming summer and shake the hand of your farmer! We are only 1.5 hours northwest of Chicago!

Thanks for reading our listing. We can't wait to MEAT you! Ha ha!

Wanda Farms, Joe and Hannah Wanda, 17419 Hebron Road, Harvard, IL 60033. (815) 354-8700.
Email: info@wandafarm.net. Website: http://wandafarm.net. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wandafarmfamily. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wandafarmfamily. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@joewanda8832/featured.

Weber Pastures, located one mile east of Madison, has been raising grass-fed Angus beef since 2008.

Our animals are typically on pasture from the end of April until the end of November. They are fed high-quality hay during the winter.

We believe it takes 24 to 27 months to raise an animal to get good marbling and a proper finish. Our hanging weight is typically between 150 and 175 pounds per split quarter, and we charge $3.95 per pound hanging weight plus processing.

If you are looking for a 1/4 or 1/2, we have many butcher dates throughout the year. The only time we do not do any butchering is when our cattle are living on hay. Ground beef products are always on hand.

Ordering is simple. Just fill out the submission form on our website, send us an email, or give us a phone call.

Weber Pastures, Bill Weber, 3960 Vilas Hope Road, Cottage Grove WI 53527. 608-219-8903.
E-mail: Billweber@weberhomes.com. Website: https://www.weberpastures.net.

Westwood Pastured Poultry is a Century family farm. Their pastured poultry and beef are raised naturally with no hormones. The poultry are moved daily to fresh grass, with all the sunshine and fresh air they like.

The beef is sold by quarters, halves, or whole beef or can also be purchased as 1/4 or 1/3 # beef patties. The poultry is available from June through September, and the beef is available year round. Buy directly from the farm.

Westwood Pastured Poultry, Kris and Karla Kraft, E4108 CR P, Menomonie WI 54751. (715) 235-8516.
E-mail: westwood.farm@pressenter.com.

White Bison Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located in the Central part of Northern Wisconsin. We specialize in grass-fed, pasture raised animals! We raise Idaho Pasture Pigs and Kunekune pigs, American Bison, and Free-range chickens, all that live outside all year round with shelters for protection from the weather and plenty of room to enjoy life.

We do not use any foreign substances in our animals including vaccinations and sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Our bison are solely grass-fed with grass during the warm months and hay during the colder months. Our pigs are fed primarily grass, alfalfa hay, and fodder with a minimal amount of grain to supplement their mineral intake. Our chickens are free-range and are also fed alfalfa hay and a minimal feed.

We sell pork as a ½ or a whole. Meat is available year round. We also sell breed-quality piglets as well as feeder piglets.

We sell quarter, half, and whole bison, but we are currently sold out.

We sell our meat chickens in the fall and we have eggs year round.

White Bison Farm, Dave and Jodi Cronauer, 5711 Karls Lane, Laona, WI 54541. (715) 674-2287.
E-mail: apache_jc@yahoo.com. Website: www.whitebisonfarm.com.

Willow Creek Ranch offers farm-direct Angus beef, pork, and eggs.

All our animals have access to the outdoors 365 days per year as well as adequate shelter when mother nature shows her harder side. We use no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our 100% grassfed beef graze freely on one of our six rotating pastures. Each pasture has its own spring or creek, which offers the animals constant access to fresh water from natural sources. To remain sustainable, we only raise as much livestock as our own land resources can naturally support.

To share the wonderful experience of living on a farm, we also have a cabin that we rent out. See the "Stay overnight on the farm" tab on our website for more information and pictures.

Willow Creek Ranch, Rod Ofte, E5702 Spring Coulee Road, Coon Valley WI 54623. (608) 452-2861.
E-mail: rod.ofte@willowcreekfoods.com. Website: www.willowcreekfoods.com.

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