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Pastured Products Directory – California



Click here to find a farm or ranch near you, or browse the alphabetical listings below.

Visit our California Beyond the Farm page for stores, restaurants, markets and buying clubs that sell grassfed meats and dairy products.


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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

5 Bar Beef See below

Adelaida Springs Ranch produces 100% grass-fed Angus beef. Our cattle are bred and raised naturally on our home ranch in the coastal mountains of Central California. Our rich spring grasses and legumes produce cattle that are “grass fat” at two years, with no dietary supplements or additives.

We harvest at the seasonal peak in late spring, right here on the ranch with a USDA-inspected mobile harvest unit from J&R Natural Meat and Sausage (www.JRMeats.com) of Paso Robles. Then the beef is dry aged for 2–3 weeks before it is cut, vacuum packed and frozen. We sell 25-pound boxes of beef that include, approximately:

  • 6 pounds steaks
  • 6 pounds roasts
  • 8 pounds of ground beef in 1-lb. packages
  • 5 pounds of short ribs, stew meat, shanks, oxtails etc.

We also carry 20-pound boxes of ground beef and 10-pound boxes of organ meats (heart, tongue, liver and kidneys). We ship only to California. Watch our short video to learn more about our Lamb Club.

Adelaida Springs Ranch, Laird Foshay, 10425 Klau Mine Road, Paso Robles CA 93446. (805) 674-9232.
E-mail: laird@adelaidasprings.com. Website: www.adelaidasprings.com.

Albaugh’s Frosty Acres raises purebred Shorthorn cattle. All our animals are synthetic hormone and antibiotic free.

Our cattle are unique in that we can date their lineage back to the 1820s via the American Shorthorn Association. The Shorthorn, because of its ability to efficiently convert forage and its proven marbling and early finishing characteristics, is the ideal breed for the production of choice, gourmet, grass-fed beef.

We believe you will find our grassfed beef to be of the finest and highest quality you will find anywhere. All of our cattle are raised on native grass and forage, breath clean, fresh mountain air, and drink from crystal clear streams and springs from the surrounding Cascade Mountain Range. Our beef is aged three weeks, cut, vacuum sealed, then flash-frozen before being shipped to you.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about us, our heritage and history, and about the cattle we believe will provide you with the finest eating experience anywhere.

We sell USDA approved whole, halves and quarter beefs. Call, e-mail, or visit our website for more information.

Albaugh's Frosty Acres, Andy Albaugh, PO Box 142, Adin CA 95006. (530) 299-3261.
E-mail: sales@frostyacres.net. Website: https://www.facebook.com/frostyacresranch/.

Alhambra Valley Beef and Silver Springs Ranch are located in the Alhambra Valley/Briones Valley Agricultural Preserve. We are proud that are cattle are 100% grass-fed, and raised in a stress free open environment, just north of Berkeley and southwest of Martinez, California.

Our Cattle are Angus and Angus Hereford crosses. Between two local ranch families, our cattle do extremely well without over crowding and with plenty of pasture to graze. We have no need to enhance our cattle with hormones or additives to increase weight or size to raise excellent beef.

If you wish to make a purchase please contact us for availability of beef on hand. Our beef is USDA certified start to finish, and dry aged for 28 days locally. It is then vacuumed packed and frozen. It is available in individual retail cuts, quarter mix, half steer, and in whole. From time of harvest to finished product takes approximately 35 days.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or to call the ranch.

Silver Springs Ranch, Steven Kopp, (925) 269-7205 and Alhambra Valley Beef, Darryl Pereira, (925) 228-6560. Martinez CA 94553.
E-mail: silverspringsranch@earthlink.net. Website: www.silverspringsbeef.com/.

AZ Grass Raised Beef Company is 100% Arizona grass-raised and grass-finished beef. Our cows forage for their own food their entire lives. They are never given hormones, antibiotics, or grain or spend a minute on a feedlot.

Our cattle graze in the Arizona sun all year on naturally occurring grasses, water and flowers while roaming millions of acres of ranchlands. We manage our cattle on horseback and rely on windmills and solar power systems to ensure our sustainable ranch practices. The result to our customers is a taste of AZ sunshine with every delicious bite!

What makes our company unique is that we own our very own USDA harvesting plant where we humanely fabricate all our beef. Integrity and accountability are important to us, so in addition to being USDA inspected, we are also third-party verified through the America Grassfed Association. We stand by our claims and want to assure customers that their expectations of what our beef is can be trusted as we navigate through the grass-fed revolution.AGA_logo

In addition to providing our customers with a variety of beef options because we have our own USDA inspected harvesting plant, we have the unique ability to hand fabricate and utilize our bone spectrum to produce what we believe to be the most gelatinous, nutrient-dense, never pasteurized bone broth in the world.

Our products are available online at https://azgrassraisedbeef.com/shop/, retail at Natural Grocers, Arcadia Meat Market, Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market and various food service and retail distributors such as Albert’s Organic.

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, Nicole Amarel, 27709 N 158th Way, Scottsdale AZ 85262. 916-337-5371.
E-mail: nicole@azgrassraisedbeef.com. Website: http://azgrassraisedbeef.com.

At Balbas Farms our Natural Raised Pork is nutritious and has been raised without hormones or antibiotics on free choice pasture. They are supplemented with organic fruits and vegetables including sweet potatoes and organic walnuts as well as hog feed supplement.

We have both crossbred pigs that are more lean, and purebred heritage Berkshire pigs that have more marbling in the meat. Berkshire pigs have more tenderness. These heritage pigs are slower growing and are 50 cents a pound more than the other breeds.

You may select from a whole or half pig. The hams and bacon are naturally smoked, no MSG, chemicals, or nitrates, and the ground sausage is also all natural and can be spicy or mild. Many flavors of sausage links are available. Whole pigs with skin at any size are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your personalized pork order.

Quarter Pig: approximately 33 pounds @ $8.99 per pound.
Half Pig: approximately 66 pounds @ $8.50 per pound.
Whole Pig: approximately 132 pounds @ $7.99 per pound.

Balbas Farms, Sam Balbas / Jim Balbas, 804 Orchard Avenue, Madera CA 93637. Sam: (559) 363-8658. Jim: (831) 801-1447.
E-mail: balbass4@yahoo.com.

Bear Creek Ranch is a diverse CCOF-certified organic farm and ranch operation. We have a small herd of Angus/Longhorn cross cattle alongside our subtropical fruits (Swift Subtropicals) and various seasonal vegetables. Our beef is 100% grass fed.

We have begun to practice planned/rotational grazing—the mimicking of wild herds—to heal our hillsides, build topsoil, sequester carbon, retain water, prevent erosion, and facilitate the rehabilitation of perennial grasses. We view the cows not only as beef but also as key players in the effort to mindfully steward our landscape.

Our beef is available in quarter, half, or whole cow shares. The meat comes in a mixed box of steaks, ribs, and ground beef. Please call or e-mail for pricing.

Bear Creek Ranch, Amanda Cross, 3698 Clark Valley Road, Los Osos CA 93402. (805) 835-1729.
E-mail: swift.invoices@gmail.com.

Bear River Valley Beef is a small family run ranch located in Northern California’s Humboldt County. Our goal is to provide gourmet tender beef directly to our customers with satisfaction guaranteed.

Our All Natural 100% Grass Fed Beef has a rich and robust flavor not found in conventionally produced beef and is as lean as skinless chicken and wild deer. Our cattle are born and raised on our ranch. No grains, no added hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are used. Our farming practices ensure environmentally friendly agriculture and helps to sustain our family farm, as well as promoting a healthy ecosystem. Our beef is USDA certified.

We make ranch truck deliveries in Northern California and we also ship UPS 2nd day air. We are happy to assist you with your beef purchase and answer any questions you may have. We want to be your own personal farmer giving you a connection to our land and way of life.

Please visit our website to learn more about Bear River Valley Beef.

Bear River Valley Beef, Hugo Klopper, PO box 342 / 4415 Upper Bear River Road, Ferndale CA 95536. (707) 786-9460.
E-mail: info@bestgrassfedbeef.com. Website: www.bestgrassfedbeef.com.

Bently Ranch, located in the beautiful Carson Valley, has been raising Angus/Charolais beef cattle in an ecologically and environmentally responsible manner since 1997. Our cattle are perfectly suited for our ranches in northern Nevada and California.

In 2013 we began selling grass-fed beef. It is Certified Natural, Certified Hormone Free, and rated GAP Level 4 by IMI Global. GAP Level 4 means the cows are pasture centered, have an enriched environment, and are not crowded. The cattle regularly rotate pastures to ensure they get the most nutrient rich forage and grasses, and to allow the land to recover between grazing.

Bently Ranch grass fed beef is dry aged for three weeks to ensure the finest flavor, and the most tender meat for our customers.

Currently Bently Beef is available locally through direct retail sales, can be ordered and shipped via email/phone, and soon our online store will be available nationwide. Wholesale pricing is available.

Bently Ranch, Matt McKinney, 1089 Stockyard Road / PO Box 127, Minden, NV 89423. (775) 782-4513.
E-mail: matt@bentlyranch.com. Website: www.bentlyranch.com.

Big Bluff Ranch, twenty-five miles from the nearest Northern California town or freeway, sits nestled in the oak woodland savannahs of the Coastal Range foothills. At the ranch, being agriculturalists is not just the occasional choice, it is a conscious lifestyle commitment to sustainability and development of a balanced and viable eco-system for the health of the consumer and the landscape. We offer grass-fed, pasture raised beef, lamb, pork, and chicken.

In the late 1980s, the ranch family took a leap of faith and make a drastic change to the ranch’s operations. The ranch was transformed from a conventional cow-calf operation to a grassfed direct marketing operation based in holistic management. Today, BBR is a family-run diversified operating unit promoting grassfed and pasture animal management, eco-tourism, and wildlife health. Come see us and experience agriculture and the natural world on a whole new level.

Big Bluff Ranch, Frank Dawley, Red Bluff CA 96080. (530) 529-2291.
E-mail: frank@bigbluffranch.com. Website: www.bigbluffranch.com.

Bodega Pastures Sheep offers grassfed lamb and organic wool yarn, roving, batting, wool comforters and pillows, and sheepskins.

Bodega Pastures Sheep, Meat orders: contact Abby Killey, (707) 876-3093, PO Box 255, Bodega CA 94922. Wool orders: Hazel Flett, (707) 876-3402, Box 377, Bodega CA 94922.
E-mail: bodegapastures@bodeganet.com. Website: www.bodeganet.com/BodegaPastures/ .

Box R Beef is a third-generation family-owned and operated company, providing exceptional 100% natural beef for over 45 years. Our cows are grass fed and grass finished on open green pastures, and never given antibiotics or added hormones. Our animals' health and welfare are our number one priority. We promote low stress, humane treatment of our naturally happy animals. They are raised with a holistic approach in the Southern Oregon sunshine. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality beef, while being good stewards of the land and its animals.

Our delicious 100% natural grass fed beef is available in whole, half, quarter and eighth. Customers are able to work directly with the butcher to completely customize how their order is cut and wrapped. We also offer a premium ground beef. We call it premium because that's what it is! Our USDA inspected ground beef comes from our all-natural grass fed cows, and contains all the premium cuts (all steaks, roasts, prime, tips, etc.) for this mouth-watering 85/15 blend.

Interested in featuring our beef in your restaurant or business? We also offer USDA inspected beef at a wholesale price!

We have beef available year around and will deliver to Ashland, Medford, Klamath Falls and surrounding areas.

Here at Box R Beef, we want you to know exactly where your meat comes from and the people who produce it. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get to know us and stay in touch! Give us a call or visit our website for more information or to place an order!

Box R Beef, Nick Randall, 17575 HWY 66 Ashland, Oregon 97520. (541) 482-1873.
E-mail: info@boxrbeef.com. Website: www.boxrbeef.com.

Brandon Natural Beef offers Colorado’s traditional 100% grass fed, small ranch beef to consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We partner with Elin Parker Ganschow of Music Meadows Ranch in the Wet Mountain Valley near Westcliffe. Elin comes from several generations of ranchers and has been conducting a grass fed program for over 15 years. Music Meadows was recently placed under a conservation easement with the San Isabel Land Protection Trust, preserving its abundant natural resources forever.

On Music Meadows, our cattle graze on 100% native alpine grass and drink live water from mountain streams. In 2014, the Wet Mountain Valley was blessed with abundant rain. Our cattle ate well and our beef tastes amazing.

Our cattle never receive growth hormones or antibiotics. Elin personally selects each animal for our grass-fed program, cares for them, and keeps comprehensive records on each one. When you purchase Brandon Natural Beef, you can be confident about where it came from and how it was processed.

Our cattle travel just 90 minutes to be processed, so they endure minimal stress. At the processing plant, bar codes ensure that Brandon Natural Beef stays segregated from other beef, allowing product traceability and source verification. You can be certain that you are getting humanely processed 100% grass-fed beef.

Order steaks, slow-cook braising cuts, and ground beef online. Our goal is to provide the best value for 100% grass-fed beef. This fall we implemented a centralized pickup program for the Bay Area. We also offer smaller packages and individual cuts which can be shipped. We believe our Quarter Cow Purchase Program and 20-pound mixed 100% grass-fed packages offer the best values.

Each month, we vary our offerings. They feature: premium and mid-cut steaks; roasts, short ribs, stew meat, or brisket; and ground beef, hot dogs or brats. During the holidays we feature Prime Rib Roasts and Tenderloin Roasts, as well. All our beef is fresh frozen, packed in cryovac, and stored at minus 20 degrees.

We also partner with other amazing 100% grass-fed providers, including Lava Lake Lamb, Hat Creek Grown and Richards Grass-fed Beef.

Brandon Natural Beef, Lisa and Bob Carey, PO Box 472513, San Francisco CA 94147. (415) 637 3515.
E-mail: eathealthy@brandonnaturalbeef.com. Website: www.brandonnaturalbeef.com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Cal*Tex Cattle Company offers USDA certified split sides, sides, and whole grass-fed beef.

All of our animals are healthy Angus, 18 to 24 month-old, that have been raised on pasture grass and supplemented with alfalfa if needed. We have never used pesticides or herbicides on our pasture and forest, and our steers have NEVER been given any hormones or antibiotics to stimulate growth! We do not ship our product but it is available locally in Rancho Cordova and Roseville, California.

The mission of the Cal*Tex Cattle Company is to produce the healthiest food possible for local consumers at a price that is competitive with local markets, using the best of sustainable land management practices and humane conditions for all livestock.

The Cal*Tex Cattle Company provides convenient access to a superior beef product that improves nutrition, immunity, and general wellness for its customers.

The following are the core values by which The Cal*Tex Cattle Company operates:

We believe that the earth is a gift from its Creator as a sacred trust to humankind. With that gift comes the responsibility to use it wisely including conserving the inherent beauty and fertility of the land and its native species and restoring areas that have been damaged through neglect, carelessness, and poor practices. Sustainability is key to good stewardship.

Our other values are:

  • Humane Conditions
  • Customer Service
  • Value
  • Cooperation
  • Benevolence
  • Innovation

Cal*Tex Cattle Company, John E. Roe, Owner, 5700 Hackomiller Road, Garden Valley CA 95633. (530) 333-1980.
E-mail: john@thediscoverygroup.biz. Website: None.

Carriagedale Farm is a very small, low-tech farm run exclusively by a husband and wife team in Mariposa, California at the 3200-foot elevation in the beautiful foothills of the Sierras. We have been raising Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs—a heritage breed known for its excellent quality pork and top-notch charcuterie—since early 2014. We dabble in producing our own charcuterie for personal use and can attest to its very fine quality.

The GOS breed is a “threatened" English breed on the endangered list (https://livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/conservation-priority-list). If we don’t raise and consume this heritage breed, their genetics could be lost forever. We try to do our part to help educate people about this wonderful breed and to save them from extinction.

We love our large, gentle pigs and provide them with the best possible life we can. They play and nap in the sunshine, wallow in the mud when it’s warm, graze on native grasses and plants, fill up on acorns in the fall and receive organic feed daily. They sleep together in their houses in fluffy straw bedding whenever they choose and are free to socialize in our oak, manzanita and pine-dotted fields. Our land has never had any chemicals or fertilizers applied to it.

Our pigs’ welfare means everything to us. They are never medicated, and we support humane treatment for their entire lives--including the very end. They are very happy and healthy pigs so you can count on the most nutritious pork for your family.

We only raise a small number of pigs each year, many of which are presold, so our supply is limited. Products may vary from weaner pigs to finished pigs to breeders to mature pigs to value pigs (a sow no longer in production). Processing options vary so please call or e-mail with your inquiry and we hope to be able to accommodate you!

Carriagedale Farm, Celine or Gary, PO Box 1630, Mariposa CA 95338. 209-966-5657 (landline, no texts).
E-mail: carriagedale1@gmail.com. Website: none.

CC Family Farm in the foothills to the east of Sacramento in Penryn. We are fourth generation egg farmers located in south Placer County. We are still a family operation with three generations living on the farm currently.

Our family got into the egg business in the 1940's in southern California. In those days, they had over 20,000 chickens. We deal with much smaller flocks now and handle things very differently. But the same passion for a quality product is carried on.

We utilize sustainable practices without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Our chickens are kept in a safe house at night and then allowed out on our Crimson Clover pasture to eat grass and bugs all day.

We are very excited to provide our customers with Pasture Raised Organic (certification pending) eggs year round. We sell our eggs from the farm, and at the Foothill Farmers Market Association in Auburn on Saturday mornings year-round, Whole Foods in Roseville and Sacramento, Confluence Kitchen & Market in Auburn, and Newcastle Produce in Newcastle.

CC Family Farm, Tim Cheney, 6030 Butler Road, Penryn CA 95663. (916) 663-1630.
Website: www.penrynfarm.com.

Chaffin Family Orchards, Oroville, California, has been providing local consumers with fresh-from-the-farm products since 1924. Grassfed Angus-Based Beef Cattle are used in the management of our orchards as well as graze annual grasses on our mountain pastures. Our grassfed beef is only harvested directly off of quickly growing green grasses in order to maximize the healthy fats in our beef. This produces meat of uncompromising quality raised in the most natural and low stress of environments.

Animals are raised on annual and irrigated grasses with no chemical improvements. Our animals are truly part of a forage-dependent system. They receive minimal human inputs and no hormones or antibiotics unless ill, in which case they are removed from food production.

Our beef is available on the farm by pre-order and at the Saturday Farmers Market in Chico, California. It is available year-round and is USDA-inspected, frozen and vacuum packed. Whole and half beef may be reserved in late winter and are harvested in late spring.

Please contact us at (530) 533-1676 to discuss ordering, prices, and other arrangements. You may also check our listing at the Local Harvest website.

Chaffin Family Orchards, Carol and Kurt Albrecht, Oroville CA 95965. (530) 533-1676.
E-mail: farmoffice@chaffinfamilyorchards.com. Website: www.chaffinfamilyorchards.com.

Chileno Valley Natural Beef is a family owned business in West Marin, California. We have been selling grass-finished natural beef for three years on a ranch that has been in the family since 1862. We take pride in offering beef that has never seen the inside of a feedlot or kill room. The only grain they have received is from the grasses that have gone to seed in the pasture. These animals live their entire life on the gentle rolling hills and pastures of this 600-acre ranch. This lean Angus beef is free of antibiotics and growth hormones. No pesticides are used on the pastures.

Our beef is offered by the split-quarter, half, or whole. A split quarter is a combination of both the front and rear quarters. For those wishing less than a quarter, you have the option of making up your own group, or letting us assist you. A typical quarter is about 100 pounds, costs approximately $270.00 and includes everything from lean ground sirloin to prime rib and porterhouse steaks. Since there are many choices that can be made in dividing up the animal, each customer decides which of the cuts he wishes and how it is to be packaged. We can also arrange for delivery if pick-up is a problem. We offer our meat at near cost in order to introduce the public to our product. We believe that we offer great value to consumers of our meat.

Purchases can be made or information obtained by calling the ranch, by e-mail, by accessing our web page, or by writing the ranch.

Chileno Valley Natural Beef, Mike & Sally Gale, 5105 Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma CA 94952. (707) 765-3936.
E-mail: mgale@chilenobeef.com. Website: https://www.chilenovalley.com/.

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Connolly Ranch, located in southern San Joaquin and Alameda Counties, is a family owned and operated cattle ranch providing all natural, all grass-fed beef direct to consumers.

For over 135 years and through five generations Connolly Ranch has served as good stewards of the land and has a long history of working with government and universities on habitat restoration and research projects. Connolly Ranch Natural Beef is from our Black Angus herd. Animals are born and raised on Connolly Ranch on open range land until they are gathered on horse-back into the corral and readied to sell.

Other than milk from the cow, Connolly Ranch Natural Beef calves graze only on nature’s grasses. They are never kept in a feed lot and are not fed any corn or grain to finish them. We supplement with only salt blocks and occasional locally grown hay primarily when we gather, or if annual grasses are low due to drought. Connolly Ranch Natural Beef cattle are not given any hormones, implants, antibiotics or grain and they are not fed any supplements with animal by-products. Current veterinary and animal practice guidelines are followed to ensure cattle are healthy, well cared for and humanely treated. These management practices combine to provide locally grown natural beef.

Our beef is young and lean. The little fat that the animal has naturally may be yellow from the grasses the animal was eating prior to sale. Also, because our beef is younger, the cuts will be smaller in size. When we say Locally Grown, All Grass Fed, All Natural, we mean it.

Check our web site or email us for information about how to order Connolly Ranch Natural Beef.

Connolly Ranch, Inc., Mark Connolly and Celeste Garamendi, PO Box 1122, Tracy CA 95378 or 121 East 11th Street, Tracy CA 95376. (209) 836-0768.
E-mail: crnb@connollyranch.com. Website: www.connollyranch.com.

The Copeland Family has been ranching in Siskiyou County, California since the 1870's. In all that time we have believed and been taught to preserve and respect God's creation. Our motto is " Raising our children and livestock to the Glory of God."

We sell USDA Goat meat that is raised all naturally on high mountain grasses and naturally grown hays. We do not, as a rule, grain our goats, and they are fat and slick. We do use all natural alfalfa pellets for our milk goats. We added all naturally grown Mediterranean Lamb and grass fed beef to our sales in fall 2005. We also supply a fine line of all natural raw pet foods through our country chef gourmet pet food store. We ship coast to coast USDA meats. We do not sell anything we would not be proud to serve ourselves.

USDA Goat Sausage. We are starting our own all natural goat sausage products, just all goat, no added fat or any other meat. Our seasonings are all natural, no nitrates, nitrites or anything but all natural ingredients. Our store with secure checkout: www.goatmeats.com/Comersus/Store/comersus_index.asp

Copeland Family Farms, LLC, Dusty Copeland, 1912 Timmons Road, Grenada CA 96038. (530) 436-2348.
E-mail: dusty@goatmeats.com. Website: www.goatmeats.com.

Covenant Pastures is a small family farm nestled in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. We offer grass-finished beef, pastured pork and pastured eggs.

All our animals are raised humanely with no added hormones or antibiotics. Our pastures are managed using Allan Savory’s “Holistic Management” principles. Our philosophy is “Beyond Organic” following Joel Salatin’s model. The pigs and chickens are on pasture but are also fed 100% organic non-gmo feed. The cattle are on native grasses and planted legumes, and are fed hay for a short time during winter if the rain forces them off the pastures.

Our beef is available once a year in the fall in live animal arrangements, as whole, half, or split quarters; or we have a monthly USDA-inspected, certified grass-fed CSA box in 5, 10 or 20-pound sizes that is delivered locally year-round in Bakersfield free of charge. We can also ship beef on the west coast 20–25 pound boxes for cost of shipping (about $30). Our pork is available twice a year, in live animal arrangement for local pickup only, in sizes of half or whole hog.

Coming soon in winter 2016, we will be offering market garden produced raised using biological principles resulting in superior high brix produce.

Covenant Pastures, Jerel and Jessy Kratt, 606 Famoso Hill Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93308. (661) 205-4181.
E-mail: info@covenantpastures.com. Website:www.covenantpastures.com.

DayBreak Organics is certified through California Certified Organic Farmers and have organic pasture-grown chicken eggs for sale each day at our farm market located at 40200 Road 28, Kingsburg, CA. In addition we have limited meat birds available for sale as well. Upon special order we have certified organic 100% grass fed angus beef available on a limited basis.

The farm market sales an assortment of organic herbs, Apples,peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots and various citrus varieties available on a seasonal basis as well. We are delighted to also sell Huckabay's conventional sweet corn, vine ripe tomatoes and various other seasonal vegetables. Our hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Farm philosophy: Our animals are100% pastured on organic land year around. Our chickens and cattle are truly happy ones! Organic feed is given to the chickens for added protein and their feed contains certified organic non-GMO soy for a main source of protein.

DayBreak Organics, Robert Jackson, 40200 Road 28, Kingsburg CA 93631. (559) 790-5151.
E-mail: robertdjackson7@hotmail.com.

DeyDey's Best Beef Ever is the marketing arm for Circle JN Ranch where we focus on producing the best beef we can. Our quality program starts with the right genetics of cattle. We have chosen Lowlines, a derivative of Angus, because they are smaller (60% the size of Angus), gentle and easy to handle, finish well (i.e. marble well) on grass, and taste great.

We are great believers in Joel Salatin’s “Salad Bar Beef”program and are proud to follow it pretty closely. Beef is very much like honey in that the taste will vary with the particular grasses the animals eat. Our irrigated pastures are filled with grasses that produce great tasting beef. We rotationally graze our cattle on our pastures, providing them with an all-you-can-eat salad bar of grasses each and every day, and recycling the beeves' waste products directly back to our pastures. We raise all our grasses for our cows ourselves. We purchase mineral supplements and salt to insure the cows stay healthy. We do not feed any hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or use any chemicals such as insecticides in our program.

In order to produce quality meat, beeves must have some intramuscular fat to be juicy and tasty. Using ultrasound technology, we are able to determine prior to harvesting that our beef will grade “Choice” on the USDA grading system. We process our beef at a local Abattoir and have monitored their process from their humane harvesting, through dry aging to final vacuum packing and slow freezing. Our beef is dry aged for two weeks to tenderize and concentrate its flavor. Vacuum packing right after freezing preserves its freshness.We are not certified organic at this time but adhere to all practices of the National Organic Program for Beef.

In addition to beef, we also raise broilers seasonally, beginning April 1st after the danger of frost has passed and continuing until the end of November. We believe that there is a great synergy between our beef flock and our chickens and that they both contribute to a sustainable system which produces quality meat and enhances the environment. Our chickens are certified organic through Organic Certifiers in Ventura, CA.

We look forward to helping you with your beef and chicken needs. We appreciate the opportunity to be listed with folks like us who care about their health, the environment, and the quality of life of their animals.

DeyDey's Best Beef Ever, John and Nadine de Bruin, Business address: 229 Arboleda Road, Santa Barbara CA 93110. Ranch Address: 7261 Domingos Road, Lompoc CA 93436.
E-mail: bldegl@sbdebruin.com. Website: www.bestbeefever.com.

Diamond Mountain Ranch is a family-operated ranch in Northern California that specializes in 100% Pasture Raised, Grass Fed and Finished meats for consumers who want to know where their food is raised. Our goal is to consistently improve the land for generations of animals to come.

We raise 100% pastured and grass fed bison, (beef) cattle and yak, including Red and Black Angus, American Wagyu and Lowline Angus. We raise heritage breed pigs (pork) such as Berkshire, Tamworth, Red Waddle and Mangalitsa, as well as Californian Meat rabbits and Suffolk and Dorper sheep (lamb). Our chickens, turkey and ducks have ample room to forage for bugs and seeds while having a spacious coop to escape the heat of the day and predators at night.

We raise our animals in a respectful and kind way. We choose a “lead them with feed” method to move from pasture to processing rather than using force and fear. All the animals have an abundance of feed and fresh springs water, all sourced from our land. In the months where grass is dormant, our animals are given hay produced on our ranch. We strive to be sustainable and use everything we can to limit waste, helping to keep cost to consumer as low as possible.

Our products can be found at six Southern California Farmers Markets located in Irvine, Orange, Torrance, Mar Vista, Studio City and Long Beach. We also offer direct to door shipping on pre-determined and custom meat boxes to anywhere in the Continental U.S., as well as discounts on customized subscription boxes.

Want to save money on your purchases? Join our membership program to receive 5% off every purchase as well as access to news and recipes though our weekly newsletter.

Farmers Market Locations

Diamond Mountain Ranch, Jeff Miller, 3999 Diamond Mountain Road, Greenville CA 95947.
E-mail: info.buyranchdirect@gmail.com. Website: www.buyranchdirect.com; www.diamondmountainranch.com.

Douglas Ranch produces grassfed beef, lamb and pastured natural pork in a rural valley near Paicines, California near San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area.

The ranch is run by Rani and Don Douglas with organic practices and is sustainably managed. The pastures are not sprayed with chemicals and are kept lush with rotational grazing. Animals are treated humanely and are not confined in barns or small enclosures. Mothers and babies are sometimes briefly fenced away from other herd animals during the first few days of birth. They all enjoy the lush irrigated pastures as well as native natural pastures giving them daily choices of what they naturally prefer to browse on. The animals are never given antibiotics or hormones.

We raise Angus cattle (the meatiest and most tender), Dorper sheep (the mildest and tastiest), and several cross breeds and heritage Berkshire pigs (more marbling in the meat). Cattle and sheep are raised on grass only—no grain. Pigs are raised with free choice on pasture, and supplemented with organic milk and an organic feed supplement. The pigs are happiest when they are sampling grasses and forbes and allowed to wallow in cool pools of mud.

Animals are born and raised on the ranch, and are harvested humanely and taken to an organically certified processor. The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen at the plant to ensure you will receive the freshest products. Cuts are packaged in small quantities to allow our customers more flexibility for meals. Beef is gently aged for delicious flavor. The lamb meat is not “gamey” tasting because Dorpers are “hair” sheep with much less lanolin than wool sheep. This prevents the stronger taste many people object to in lamb. The pork cuts are very moist and delicious. Ham and bacon are naturally smoked without nitrates and nitrites. We sell meats in many sizes but most popular are the Sampler Pack, ½’s and ¼’s.

We deliver to most of the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito counties, and we ship anywhere.

Douglas Ranch, Rani Douglas, 34220 Panoche Road, Paicines CA 95043. (831) 628-3800.
E-mail: douglasr@garlic.com. Website: www.douglasranchmeats.com.

Fair Oaks Ranch in Paso Robles, California provides Angus grass-fed beef direct ‘From our fresh pastures to your plate!’ Are you looking for delicious, juicy, and tender and 100% natural Angus beef with no added hormones or antibiotics? Our beef is:

  • 100% free range pastured on sweet clovers, filaree, chicory and native wild oat forages
  • Hand selected for consistency, tenderness and quality
  • USDA cut and vacuum packed for freshness
  • Free local delivery with added fee for out of area customers

We live here and raise our cattle on our 1,200 acre family owned ranch [1959]. You can depend on the purity of lush grasses to produce great tasting meat that is high in healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids, rich in beta carotene, vitamin E and CLA. We are a model for sustainable family ranching at its finest.

Call or visit us on the web.

Fair Oaks Ranch, Coco Collelmo & David Foss, 7365 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles CA 93446. (805) 238-3811.
Website: www.forbeef.com.

Family Friendly Farms was established in 2008 as a means to produce Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, and Meadow-Grass Lamb without corn, soy, GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics. We thus produce a Health Food that can be cooked on a barbecue and eaten without limit. We now maintain a very consistent quality of healthy meat that contains plenty of unsaturated fat for tenderness, with an outstanding degree of nutrition and flavor.

We reside in Grass Valley California on 250 acres of sunny grass-lands, watered by the Sierra snow-melt. All of our products are certified USDA approved and can be provided in primal bulk or in individual cut packages.

Family Friendly Farms, Phil Zeiter, Curtis Keddy, 19625 Bear Hollow Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949. (530) 268-8000.
E-mail: fff.meat@gmail.com. Website: www.familyfriendlyfarms.com.

FarmFoods offer 100% grass fed and finished beef from four member farms in Northern California. No hormones or antibiotics. Cattle are raised in traditional ways with most of the work happening in remote areas where horseback is the means of transportation.

All our beef is USDA certified, and we are now also selling it online:

  • Free shipping if ordering 10 pounds or more
  • Prices start at $5.99 per pound (for ground beef and roasts)
  • We sell almost all cuts, including premium steaks, organs and bones
  • We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays and it takes 1–2 days to arrive
  • All beef is vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen to ensure freshness; we guarantee it arrives frozen (or money back)

Please visit our website at www.farmfoodsmarket.com or contact us on info@farmfoodsmarket.com if you have any questions!

FarmFoods, Janna Land, 171 Main Street #137, Los Altos, CA 94022. 415-316-3280.
E-mail: info@farmfoodsmarket.com. Website: www.farmfoodsmarket.com.

Felton Acres is a small hobby farm located west of Sebastopol, CA. We produce small batches of pasture-fed eggs, broiler chickens, lamb, and pork for our community.

Chickens are raised outside in chicken tractor pens, and are moved onto fresh pasture daily, which provides a large portion of their nutrition. Although not certified organic, the chickens are raised humanely and eat grass on a pasture that is never sprayed with chemicals. Of course the lamb is grass fed, but instead of being turned out in a single pasture that they'll overgraze and undergraze simultaneously, they are moved frequently to keep them on rapidly growing grass. The pigs are also raised on pasture, and are moved to new areas several times in their lifetime.

Details about availability, pricing, and frequently asked questions are on our website.

Felton Acres, Marc Felton, Sebastopol CA. (707) 861-0060.
E-mail: orders@feltonacres.com. Website: www.feltonacres.com.

Ferndale Farms is a small, diversified family owned grazing business located in Humboldt County, California. We turn sunlight into protein! We grow green clover, grasses, and sell 100% range and pasture raised, all natural, beef, lamb and goat meat.

We are committed to farming with nature, producing contented, healthy animals and good food. We provide a quality, healthy, sustainable source of protein for our customers. Our customers care how their food is raised and where it comes from.

Our Mission is to produce the best quality meat in balance with our natural environment.

Please call or visit our website if you would like more information. Look for us at the Arcata Farmers Market, Saturdays, 9am–2pm, April–November.

Ferndale Farms, Jill Hackett, 1787 Howe Creek Road, Ferndale CA 95536. (707) 986-4322.
E-mail: jill@ferndalefarms.com. Website: www.ferndalefarms.com.

Field to Feast is your personalized delivery service of beyond organic pastured eggs (not certified) and grass fattened beef, lamb and pork, as well as certified organic fruits and vegetables and honey. In addition, we offer a selection of specialty items such as organic coffee, canned fish, artisan crafted chocolates, sauces, breads, pastries, certified organic beer, wine, and artisan crafted furniture.

As a member of CAFF (Community Alliance with Family Farmers), Field to Feast honors the farmer and supports the local family farming and ranching that is currently taking place in San Benito and Santa Cruz County. Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Membership gives you access to these farms and guarantees a weekly delivery of their farm fresh goods and specialty items.

Field to Feast was formed in an effort to raise awareness about the Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices being employed by the farmers and ranchers in Panoche Valley, so that Panoche Valley would forever be preserved. Please go to our non-profit website http://savepanochevalley.org for more information.

Field to Feast, Christie Kissinger, 4601 Prescott Road, Soquel CA 95073. (831) 479-1114.
E-mail: fieldtofeast@yahoo.com. Website: www.fieldtofeast.org.

5 Bar Beef is a family ranch in Southern California dedicated to providing the best-quality and best-tasting 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef. Our beef is raised humanely, responsibly and sustainably.

We practice holistic planned grazing, which promotes a large variety of native grasses for the cattle to eat and enhances the surrounding wildlife. Raising cattle this way has eliminated the need for man-made chemicals for the past 25 years. We use NO hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, pour-ons or grain ever! The result is delicious pristine beef.

We produce food that we feel good about feeding ourselves and our family. “I won’t sell anything I won’t eat” is the premise we stand by.

5 Bar Beef Products:

  • Steaks (Fillet, Porterhouse, T-Bone, New York, Rib-eye, Top Sirloin, Flank, Skirt, Hanger)
  • Roasts (Chuck, Rump, Brisket)
  • Sausage (Organ meat, Steak & Liver)
  • Organs (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Tongue)
  • Short ribs
  • Shank (Oso Buco)
  • Bones
  • Ground beef
  • Whole and half cow, bulk meat orders

Order online at our Ranch shop or visit us at local farmer’s markets.

Want more information? Visit our website or contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you with your orders.

5 Bar Beef, Frank Fitzpatrick, P.O. Box 41, Silverado CA 92676. (714) 749-5717.
Email: 5BarBeef@gmail.com. Website: https://5BarBeef.com.

Fouch Farms is a family farm dedicated to sustainable, natural and humane farming. We raise grass fed/finished cattle, free-range chickens and eggs, pastured pork and pastured goats.

All of our animals are on pasture 100% of their lives, receive no antibiotics or growth hormones and are raised with better than organic principals. We believe in farming as close to nature as possible and strive to live a sustainable and biodynamic lifestyle.

Our goal is to produce quality products while improving our environment at the same time. We raise many heirloom/rare-breed animals including Dexter cattle, Tennessee Fainting goats and Old Spot pigs. Please see our website for more information.

Fouch Farms, Hannah and Jesse Fouch, 5610 French Camp Road, Mariposa CA 95338. (209) 966-7315.
E-mail: hannah@fouchfarms.com or jesse@fouchfarms.com. Website: www.fouchfarms.com.

Freestone Ranch is a small, family-owned, ecologically sound collaboration with the land in Western Sonoma County, CA. The Gay and Brady families are replanting our farm-family roots from Ohio and Utah for the next generation.

We raise moderate-framed Black Angus with good grassland genetics on gorgeous fog-kissed hills just inland from the Pacific Ocean. We don't use antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones: the herd's primary ration is grass, supplemented with top-quality alfalfa, kelp meal, and sea salt for minerals. Many of our customers say our beef is the best they've tasted.

Our beef is available by the quarter for pickup in Western Sonoma County.

Freestone Ranch, Jon and Misty Gay, PO Box 314, Valley Ford CA 94972. (707) 876-4610.
E-mail: nourish@freestoneranch.com. Website: www.freestoneranch.com.
E-mail: freehandfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.freehandfarm.com.

Hain Ranch Organics is a small family farm / ranch bordering the Tres Pinos Creek five miles south of Hollister in the central coast region of California. This CCOF certified organic operation blends the production of organic walnuts with a Salatin style pastured poultry system.

A section of orchard is planted with permanent pasture to provide green forage to the poultry during the May thru November seasonal production period. The poultry provide pest control benefits and contribute greatly to the fertility of the soil while receiving all of the fresh air, sunshine, grass and bugs that they desire. We also feed the poultry a high quality organic feed.

On farm processing provides on-farm and farmers’ market friends and customers with the highest quality fresh chicken possible while reducing stress on the poultry to a minimum. We are expanding our supply of frozen chicken to serve a couple of CSAs both on and off season. We currently produce 4000 broilers, 50 turkeys, and maintain a small pastured laying flock for eggs.

Our main markets are the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Monterey Bay areas. We don’t ship out of area.

Blending organic walnuts and truly free range poultry production is a work in progress and we welcome the public to visit the ranch and see how their food is grown.

Hain Ranch Organics, Paul Hain, PO Box 549 / 608 Bolado Road, Tres Pinos CA 95075. (831) 628-3390.
E-mail: paulhain@hotmail.com.

Hall Farms is a small, family-owned operation. We offer Grass Fed and finished beef, and Pastured Poultry.

Raised in the shadow of Mount Lassen on fresh water and seasonal grass, our beef is tender, flavorful and nutritious. Beef is sold by the pound in packs, quarters, halves, whole or live. We offer Angus/Dexter Cross and Dexter cattle.

Our poultry (chicken) is raised on Non-GMO and Soy-free feed with whole grains and free-choice grass. This chicken is truly the best flavored chicken you will find. Chicken is sold by the pound as whole dressed birds.

Hall farms also offers meat packs of several varieties of meat by the pound—limited availability.

Although we are not a certified organic farm we maintain and observe organic practices for the health of our family and yours.

Hall Farms, Holly Hall, PO Box 453 / 31325 Wild Mustang Trail, Manton CA 96059. (530) 200-0857.
E-mail: hall_farms@yahoo.com. Website: http://hallfarms.net.

Hat Creek Grown is located in a beautiful valley between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in northeastern California. Our beef live their entire lives eating grass raised here or on our native grass rangelands in Oak Run, California, 50 miles from our home ranch.

We have bred our cattle to have superior genetics for marbling and conversion of grass and sunlight into delicious, natural beef. They are raised humanely and free range their entire lives, never to enter a feedlot! They are artificial hormone- and ionophore-free and are never fed antibiotics or animal by products. Our beef are the best of the art and science of true grass finishing.

We are fourth generation, managing the lands that our forbears managed … in a sustainable manner. We are beyond organic, but we are not certified organic. We haven’t used fossil fuel inputs or chemicals of any kind on our property for over six years. We make our own compost that we spread on our fields and we rotate our cattle through lush pastures. We can truly tell in the response of our soil and the sweetness of the grass we produce.

Once perfectly raised and finished, we transport them to our USDA inspected and certified organic butcher where they are dry aged for at least three weeks. Then they are cut and wrapped to our specifications and flash frozen. We bring the beef back to our home freezer where we deliver and ship to customers all over the United States.

Customers can buy direct from us by calling, emailing or going to our website and using our online order form. We will deliver locally (Redding area), ship to all of California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and Washington using UPS ground. We ship across the country using UPS three day select.

One customer's response was “Quite frankly, the best beef I have ever eaten!” We have many repeat customers that now just drop us a line and say,“we are ready for another wonderful shipment, please send along what you did last time.”

We welcome your inquiry into our beef!

Hat Creek Grown, Henry or Pam Giacomini, 41363 Opdyke Lane, Hat Creek CA 96040. (530) 335-7016.
E-mail: pam@hatcreekgrown.com. Website: www.hatcreekgrown.com.

Hearst Ranch Beef. Since 1865, the Hearst family has raised cattle on the rich sustainable native grasslands of the Central California Coast.

Hearst cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished and humanely raised. Our animals are not given growth hormones or antibiotics ever. The result is sustainably produced grass-fed beef that is as memorable and natural as the surrounding landscape.

Order our grass-fed, free range beef from our website or at the Hearst Castle Visitor's Center in San Simeon. All orders are shipped overnight. We are Food Alliance certified for sustainable practices and we are certified as a humane producer by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Hearst Ranch Beef, Brian J. Kenny, Hearst Ranch, Highway 1, San Simeon CA 93452. (866) 547-2624.
E-mail: info@hearstranch.com. Website: www.hearstranch.com.

Humboldt Grassfed Beef produces cattle on the North coast of California. The long feed growing season of this area provides us with the unique opportunity to raise high quality grassfed beef and supply our markets with a fresh product on a weekly basis all year round.

Our cattle are selected for traits such as temperament, confirmation, and disease immunity. We raise them using a strict quality assurance program without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or other feed additives commonly used in the commercial cattle feeding industry.

HGB sells carcass beef to retail outlets. In this way, we believe we are helping the meat department become a truly full-scale meat market. Carcasses are dry aged 14–21 days. Skilled butchers break each carcass in-house instead of being mechanically deboned at the large industrial slaughterhouses. Ground beef comes from a single source and is ground daily thus insuring food safety and freshness.

Our meat markets can be confident that HGB is safe and wholesome. We are in complete control of each individual animal and maintain the highest standards our customers have come to expect and trust.

Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Leland Mora, PO Box 313, Fortuna CA 95540. (707) 845-7188.
E-mail: Lelandmora_hgb@yahoo.com, sarahmora@yahoo.com. Website: www.humboldtgrassfedbeef.com.

Johansing Farms. 6/21/14: Johansing Farms is not producing beef currently due to the drought conditions. They hope to be back in business in a year or so if conditions improve.

Johansing Farms, Alan Johansing, San Miguel, CA 93451.
E-mail: johansing@wildblue.net.

John’s Natural Products provides local consumers with high quality grass fed beef raised on our second-generation family owned and operated ranch in the Gold Country of Northern California.

Our cattle graze on well tended pastures scattered with native oak trees and are never confined to crowded and unsanitary feed yards. They live peaceful and natural lives. We tend them with humane, low stress methods to insure that their health and nutrition are the best. Customers praise our beef with comments like “loved the meat” and “the best I’ve ever had.”

Our beef eat only grass with occasional small amounts of hay. They are not fed grain, antibiotics, hormones or other growth stimulants. When you taste our delicious, tender, and juicy USDA inspected beef, you can be assured that you and your family are receiving the best nutrition and healthiest food available.

Unfortunately we must limit production in order to maintain top quality. We finish our beef on natural spring grasses, and only offer beef one time per year. This allows us to harvest animals while they are on the gain, maximizing the healthy grass fed benefits.

John's Natural Products, John or Mary Fitzpatrick, 5455 Log Cabin Drive, Murphys CA 95247. (209) 728-0505.
E-mail: john@seamagicco.com. Website: http://johnsnaturalproducts.seamagicco.com.

The Larder Meat Co. is a farm-sourced meat CSA servicing California, Arizona and Nevada. Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of humanely-raised pork, beef, and chicken sourced from small farms on the central coast of California.

Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised, and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically-raised meat.

In partnership with Hearst Ranch Beef, our newest box includes:

  • 6 pounds Hearst Ranch Grass Fed and Finished Beef (1.5 pounds flat iron or sirloin steaks, 1.5 pounds rib eye or new york steaks, 1 pound fajita, 2 pounds ground)
  • 2 pounds Pasture-Raised Chicken (1 pound thigh meat, 1 pound breast meat)
  • 2 pounds Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork (1 pound ground, 1 pound chops)

For over 150 years the Hearst family has raised cattle on 150,000 acres of rich sustainable native grasslands on California’s Central Coast. A conservation easement protects the Hearst Ranch’s working landscape, preserving its agricultural productivity and biodiversity in perpetuity. Hearst Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed and always hormone and antibiotic-free, produced from free-ranging and all-natural cattle.

Pay monthly or pre-pay for 3 months and take $10 off per month; skip or cancel any time.

Sign up on our website at www.lardermeatco.com. For questions call us at 1-833-SLO-MEAT or email us at info@lardermeatco.com.

Note from Eatwild: The Larder Meat Company's chicken and pork meet Eatwild's criteria, but only some of the beef; specify grass-fed and grass-finished beef for your healthiest option.

The Larder Meat Co., Grace and Jensen Lorenzen, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. 805-439-4240
E-mail: info@lardermeatco.com. Website: www.lardermeatco.com.

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LeftCoast™ Grassfed offers 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our beef is certified American Grassfed Association, Food Alliance, and Animal Welfare Approved. We never use pesticides or herbicides on any of our ranches.

Our cattle are angus crossbreds, which provides a tender finished product. They are raised on perennial grasses with no chemical improvements. We never give our cattle hormones or antibiotics (unless they become ill, in which case they are removed from the beef production)—just fresh air, clean water, and good forage. Our beef is naturally high in Omega 3s and low in saturated fats.

We are located just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in the lush, rolling hills of Pescadero and San Gregorio. Our cattle not only provide us with a healthy food source, but are a land-management tool that helps keep us in balance with the environment.

We sell our beef in 50 pounds or 25 pounds of assorted steaks, roast, and ground beef, or you can buy 25 pounds of ground beef (in 1 pound packages). All our beef is USDA inspected and vacuum packaged for freshness.

To order, go to our website, e-mail or give us a call.

LeftCoast Grassfed, Kathy Webster or Bob Stent, PO Box 726, Pescadero CA 94060. (650) 879-2147.
E-mail: info@leftcoastgrassfed.com. Website: www.leftcoastgrassfed.com.

Lewis Cattle Company is located in the foothills of El Dorado County east of the Sacramento Valley and just miles from California’s gold discovery site in Coloma, CA. Our family ranch encompasses approximately 1000 acres of natural grasslands, conifer forests, and year-round water from the Sierra Nevada snow pack through Greenwood Creek. Our family has ranched and farmed this land since the early 1960s and since 2011, raised grass fed and finished Angus beef for friends and families.

We are a small business that has grown by word of mouth and we are very proud of that. We pride ourselves in raising the highest quality grass fed beef possible for our friends and family. All our beef is USDA inspected and processed at a USDA plant to ensure it is of the highest quality. All our beef are raised in a low-stress environment and harvested at the peak of the grass season, typically at 18–24 months of age. We do not use pesticides or herbicides in our pastures and our beef do not receive antibiotics or hormones.

We sell our beef in mixed quarters, halves, or whole interests. Typically our mixed quarters run #185 pounds of the hanging hot weight. Castle Meats in Ione, CA is our preferred butcher and that is where the beef is dry-aged for 18–21 days, butchered to your specifications, and vacuum packed for you to pick up.

2019 grass fed and finished pricing is $5.25 per pound – $250 deposit/reservation per quarter reserved. Our typical harvest season is May, June, and July to take full advantage of the green spring/ summer grass forage.

The way nature intended – taste the difference.

You can also follow us on Facebook for more information, pictures, and videos. EDC Bus Lic.#2011-047940 El Dorado County Farm Trails Ranch #212

Lewis Cattle Company, LLC, Darin Lewis, Owner, PO Box 2404, Shingle Springs, CA 95682. 530-306-9828.
E-mail: lewisranch33@yahoo.com. Website: Under construction.

The Lost Coast Ranch is located on slopes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, straddling the Mattole River in Humboldt County, California—the northern end of BLM's Lost Coast Trail. Pastures have green feed year-round owing to the abundant winter rains and periodic summer fogs. Temperatures are moderate, very rarely below freezing and not exceeding 80 degrees F in summer.

Our herd of CCOF certified organic, grass fed and finished beef enjoy the peace of an ocean view and extremely low stress management. Cow families are kept together, rather than separated according to age and size. Density is low and we employ rotational grazing, moving them on horseback, and not by trailer. We like the animals entrusted to our care to have the same stress-free life we choose for ourselves.

If you would like to purchase meat directly from us, we offer quarter, half or whole beef or 50# boxed selections (the same cuts in quarters, but fewer packages). Shipping is by FedEx 2nd Day delivery anywhere in the US or you can pick meat up in Ferndale or Oakland.

There's a lot more to our practices, philosophy and product than can fit on this entry. So, if you are interested, give us a call or e-mail. You can also come visit us and enjoy life on the ranch, beach or river.

Lost Coast Ranch, MooreHill Ranch, Michael Evenson, PO Box 157, Petrolia CA 95558. (707) 834-5340.
E-mail: mike@lost-coast-ranch.com. Website: http://lost-coast-ranch.com/.

Luckybird Farm uses organic practices to sustainably raise flavorful, wholesome pastured poultry on our small farm. We began raising chickens in 2007 and are slowly developing our business to provide our local community with fresh, healthy, delicious chickens (broilers), turkeys and eggs.

We are currently raising three different meat bird breeds which have been carefully selected for slow growth and foraging ability, which adds to the nutritional value and flavor of the meat. Our egg layers are a mix of heritage and production breeds and our limited number of turkeys are all heritage breeds.

All of our birds are fed certified organic grains, kept on pasture once feathered and receive daily treats such as heirloom vegetables straight from our organically managed garden. Although we have never used herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals on our land, we are not a certified organic farm.

Our goals are to live responsibly on the land by providing habitat for native animals and plants (30% of our farm is dedicated to wildlife habitat) and by building the soils by careful livestock management to provide wholesome, healthy foods for ourselves and our local community.

Luckybird Farm, Tom and Katie Schrupp, 25426 County Road 23, Esparto CA 95627. (530) 787-3409.
E-mail: luckybirdfarm@gmail.com. Website: http://luckybirdfarm.googlepages.com.

The M & A RANCH is owned by Mark and Anne McEwen. We have been raising genuine "Angus" beef in the Sierra Nevada foothills on the same ranch since 1979.

We are dedicated to raising 100% grass fed and grass finished--no-grains—beef naturally raised in a calm, low-stress environment. We guarantee NEVER to use any type of added growth hormones, pesticides, steroids, or antibiotics!

Great beef starts with the right genetics. We are lifetime members of the American Angus Association and our herd has been strongly influenced for over eight years by New Zealand Angus bulls and females. If you are looking to start your own herd or influence your herd with our New Zealand genetics, look no further! When available, we can sell you cow/calf pairs and heifers for your own herd.

We typically raise our calves 24–30 months and currently have New Zealand Angus steers ready for harvest. We sell you the best of our live steers for butchering.

Buying a steer is easy. Come to our ranch and pick out the live steer you want or choose by video. Once you select a steer, we require a $500 down payment and we will help you schedule the local ranch harvester, a harvest date and the services of the local butcher shop.

We then arrange and pay for the brand inspection and transport the live steer to the certified weigh scale. You pay M & A RANCH the balance owed based on the certified weight of the live steer prior to harvesting as well as a flat fee up front to the harvester.

After harvest, the harvester will transport the beef to the butcher shop where it will be cut and wrapped to your specifications. You pay both the harvester and the butcher directly for their services.

For more information, check out our website, then get your freezer ready for some outstanding beef!

M & A RANCH, Mark and Anne McEwen, Browns Valley, CA 95918. 530-743-2108.
E-mail: freerangeangusbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.freerangeangusbeef.com.

Marin Sun Farms is a network of farms in the Northern California Foodshed. We are committed to producing local, humanely-raised, healthy meats for our Foodshed. We understand that the holistic management of our grazing lands is vital to maintaining the functioning stability of our ecosystem. To that end, we raise 100% Grassfed & Pasture-Raised beef, lamb, goat, pork, poultry and simply the best eggs you've ever had.

Visit our Point Reyes Butcher Shop & Cafe at 10905 Shoreline Highway One in Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (415) 663-8997. OPEN: Thursday-Monday 11am-7pm; Dinner on Saturday/Sunday until 9pm.

Visit our new butcher shop at Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland. 5655 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618. OPEN: Monday thru Friday, 9am-8pm; Saturday & Sunday, 9am-7pm.

Join our Meat Club CSA: www.marinsunfarms.com/csa

Our mission is to actively participate in the creation of a sustainable agrarian culture that restores, conserves and maintains the productivity of our land. We practice holistic pasture management to help guide us through the decisions about our land that help to sustain the whole community, including us. Holistic management is the understanding of a process where we manage our resources to promote biological diversity, producing a healthy and vibrant landscape for all life. The holistic view looks at the natural world as an interconnected whole—the web of life—rather than a collection of many different parts. If we destroy separate strands of this web, we end up destroying the web itself; if we do that, we destroy ourselves. We strive to produce a healthy landscape where all forms of life are sustainable, generation after generation.

Marin Sun Farms – Local Food for a more Sustainable Future!

Marin Sun Farms, Aaron Lander, Director of Community Development & Outreach. 1209 Tennessee St. San Francisco, CA 94107. (415) 663-8997. Fax: (415) 663-8987.
Email: alander@marinsunfarms.com. Website: www.marinsunfarms.com.

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Markegard Family Grass-Fed provides the community with locally born, raised and processed grass-fed beef, lamb pastured pork and herdshares through a community supported agriculture program where individuals and families purchase shares of grass-finished beef, lamb and pastured pork as well as a buying club with weekly delivery year-round. Markegard Family Grass-Fed is certified with the American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved.

We offer large shares of beef and lamb as well as 10-20 pound family packs of beef. Our large shares of beef are available fresh in mid-summer when the forage conditions are at their peak of nutrition. Our beef and lamb are available in local restaurants such as Pasta Moon and Chez Shea in Half Moon Bay and Cafe Gibralter in El Granada. We are at several farmers markets in the area.

Our standards:

  • Never grain fed (except for the pigs who are supplemented with grain in addition to forage)
  • Ranch is free of pesticidse and chemical fertilizers
  • No synthetic hormones or antibiotics
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • We support small family farms
  • No feedlots
  • We feed only the forage the range provides
  • Our grazing methods improve the biodiversity of the land

Markegard Family Grass-Fed, Doniga and Erik Markegard, 350 Madera Lane, San Gregorio CA 94974. (650) 747-0205.
E-mail: info@markegardfamily.com. Website: http://markegardfamily.com.

The M & A RANCH is owned by Mark and Anne McEwen. We have been raising genuine "Angus" beef in the Sierra Nevada foothills on the same ranch since 1979.

We are dedicated to raising 100% grass fed and grass finished—no-grains—beef naturally raised in a calm, low-stress environment. We guarantee NEVER to use any type of added growth hormones, pesticides, steroids, or antibiotics!

Great beef starts with the right genetics. We are lifetime members of the American Angus Association and our herd has been strongly influenced for over eight years by New Zealand Angus bulls and females. If you are looking to start your own herd or influence your herd with our New Zealand genetics, look no further! When available, we will sell you cow/calf pairs and heifers for your own herd.

We typically raise our calves 24–30 months and currently have New Zealand Angus steers ready for harvest. We sell you the best of our live steers for butchering.

Buying a steer is easy. Come to our ranch and pick out the live steer you want or choose by video. Once you select a steer, we require a $500 down payment and will help you schedule the local ranch harvester, a harvest date and the services of the local butcher shop.

We then arrange and pay for the brand inspection and transport the live steer to the certified weigh scale. You pay M & A RANCH the balance owed based on the certified weight of the live steer prior to harvesting as well as a flat fee up front to the harvester.

After harvest, the harvester will transport the beef to the butcher shop where it will be cut and wrapped to your specifications. You pay both the harvester and the butcher directly for their services.

Visit our website for more information, then get your freezer ready for some outstanding beef!

M & A RANCH, Mark and Anne McEwen, Brown'sValley, CA 95918. 530-743-2108.
E-mail: freerangeangusbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.freerangeangusbeef.com.

Massa Natural Meats: All natural, pasture-raised on our family farm, hormone and antibiotic-free, 100% grass-fed / grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised chicken, grown in the valley and foothills of Northern California.

For over 40 years, the Massa Family has been actively involved in the beef industry, beginning in the 70s with a small herd of registered Angus cattle. After searching for a healthier alternative for their own family’s diet, Duane and Wendy Massa saw the need for naturally raised meats, so Massa Natural Meats was born!

The Massa’s operate a multi-species farm with cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs, raised naturally on pasture using sustainable farming practices. We are truly a family operation. Duane and Wendy take a hands-on role with every aspect, from breeding and raising, to customer-service, marketing and shipping. Through selective breeding and careful range management, we are creating a unique group of animals that are a healthy and sustainable alternative to factory farming. We did this for a love of the lifestyle, the outdoors, the animals, and to support our ancestral diet by producing quality natural meats that you can’t find in a store.

Our customers enjoy knowing that the Massa Ranches are active participants in numerous conservation efforts in rural Glenn County geared towards agricultural sustainability. We are actively converting water wells to solar power, providing additional habitat for wildlife.

We are proud to offer fresh, all-natural grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised chicken directly to the consumer. All our meat is inspected and processed by a USDA approved facility for health and safety. Our beef is dry-aged for a full 21-days. We offer meat by the individual cut or packages of 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 beef, and 1/2 or whole hog. Local delivery and nationwide shipping available.

From our family to yours. We look forward to sharing our healthy, flavorful, tender meats we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Massa Natural Meats, Wendy Massa, 8075 County Road 29, Glenn CA 95943 (530) 680-6848.
E-mail: info@massanaturalmeats.com. Website: www.massanaturalmeats.com.

Morris Grassfed BeefSee T.O. Cattle Company below.

Music Meadows RanchSeeBrandon Natural Beef above.

Nevada County Free Range Beef takes great care in raising 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, free range beef without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Located in Nevada County, California, our cows spend their days grazing over hundreds of acres of open spaces, and are allowed to mature at their natural rate. Building on generations of ranching expertise, we emphasize low-stress management of our cattle as well as sustainable ranching techniques. We work within the natural constraints of our region, always using sustainable practices, to bring you nutritious meat from healthy, happy animals.

At Nevada County Free Range Beef, we do our best to maintain affordable prices because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy high quality beef that is healthy for our bodies, the animals, and the environment.

Our beef is available “locally” to individuals interested in a quarter, half, or whole beef (cut to your specifications) as well as to restaurants and retailers interested in our exceptional ground beef.

To order or for more info visit us on the web, call, or e-mail.

Nevada County Free Range Beef, Jim Gates, PO Box 413, Rough and Ready CA 95975. (530) 273-1025.
E-mail: orders@nevadacountyfreerangebeef.com. Website: www.nevadacountyfreerangebeef.com.

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Orvis Cattle Company is California's oldest registered Hereford herd established in 1918. The ranch has been family owned since 1873. The ranch has been placed in a conservation easement with the California Rangeland Trust. This insures our family will continue the ranching tradition for generations to come on the historic Snow Ranch 11 miles east of Farmington. As a seedstock producer for commercial operations throughout the West, we know beef. Our grass fed beef is raised entirely on green forage under native rangeland, irrigated pasture, and Alpine summer range.

Beef is available in quarter, half, and whole animal for private use. Our great tasting beef is cut and wrapped at the House of Beef in Oakdale. And our price per pound is for the finished cut and wrapped product. Our retail beef goes through a USDA inspected harvest facility with arrangements for fresh, vacuum packed boxed beef delivery to wholesale customers.

All grass fed beef are harvested to order and are available year round as supplies last. Each animal is hand picked for harvest when an ideal finish weight is achieved. It is not uncommon for our beef to grade Choice with marbling and flavor to match. Of course our beef is naturally raised with no use of artificial growth promoters and all grass fed cattle are ranch raised and "never in lifetime" treated with antibiotics.

Grocery Stores: Twain Harte Market,18711 Tiffeni Drive,Twain Harte, CA; Angels Food Market, 396 N. Main Street, Angels Camp, CA; Sierra Hills Market,117 Hwy 4, Murphys, CA.

Restaurants: Historic Priest Station Cafe,16756 Old Priest Grade, Groveland, CA.

Orvis Cattle Company, Susan Harper, 9601 Hwy 4 East, Farmington CA 95230. (209) 559-2122.
E-mail: beefsales@orvisbeef.com. Website: http://orvisbeef.com.

Page River Bottom Farm offers pastured eggs, broilers, and grass-finished goats, pigs and Black Angus this year.

Check our website for dates of availability for meat. The eggs are now available. We are offering these through a CSA structure in the Fresno-Reedley area. Anyone is welcome to join and membership is free. You pay only for your product.

Our layers are Heritage Black Australorps and Barred Plymouth Rocks.

Our eggs are from excellent layers to give us a good supply over the winter. For further information on prices and drop-off spots and how to become a drop-off spot, see our website under the tab CSA.

We do not use any pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. Our poultry feed is GMO-free. They are raised in a humane, creature-friendly way on year round irrigated pasture. This method is good for the animal, builds the soil, and is healthier for us (see “Why Grass Fed is Best” on the website).

Thanks for supporting your local farmer. For any questions, call 9am to 6pm California time.

Page River Bottom Farm, 17780 E Vino Avenue, Reedley CA 93654. (559) 638-3124.
Website: www.pageriverbottomfarm.com.

Historic Paicines Ranch in the picturesque Cienega Valley just 15 minutes south of Hollister, California, offers year round availability of grass-fed/grass-finished beef by the cut or by the split-half, half or whole beef. We also offer pastured lamb, beef jerky, beef snack sticks and a large variety of sausages.

Paicines Ranch has been a working cattle ranch since the 1840's. We are committed to preserving its resources, both natural and man-made, for the benefit of future generations.

Our animals spend their lives roaming on our organic pastures eating only grass and mineral supplements. No growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers are used. We are constantly assessing how we use the land to better understand and improve its health, as well as the health of the cattle.

Our animals travel directly from the ranch to the USDA harvest facility which is certified in humane animal handling by an independent third party. All of our meat is vacuum packed in clear plastic packaging clearly labeled by cut and weight.

We offer delivery to San Jose, California, and surrounding areas, and we ship within California. Visitors are always welcome to visit the ranch to see the cattle and pick up an order any time by appointment.

Paicines Ranch, Sherry Makabe, Controller; Kelly Mulville, Ranch Manager, PO Box 8, Paicines CA 95043. (831) 628-0288..
E-mail: info@paicinesranch.com. Website: https://paicinesranch.com/index.php.

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Potter 8 Ranch is located in the beautiful Sierra Valley, approximately 50 miles north of Lake Tahoe, CA and 45 miles northwest of Reno, NV. We raise grassfed Galloway/Angus beef. Our beef is exceptionally tender, juicy and flavorful!

Our cattle are finished on Sierra Valley meadow grass and alfalfa grown here on our farm.

Certified by American Grassfed Association. We direct market primarily live animals. We can arrange for halves. Options are available for transportation and processing at a USDA and Animal Welfare Approved facility where the meat is aged, cut, vacuum-packed, and flash-frozen.

Potter 8 Ranch, Arnold & Chris Potter, PO Box 508, Loyalton CA 96118. (530) 993-1199.
E-mail: p8ranch@yahoo.com. Website: www.potter8ranch.com.

At Primal Pastures, we believe that nature knows best. That's why we are proud to offer a full line of our pasture-raised meats, including pasture-pure beef and lamb, and certified organic-fed, soy/GMO-free pastured pork and chicken, wild local sustainably caught fish, and raw local unfiltered honey.

All of our meats are truly antibiotic-free, and rotationally grazed to benefit the environment year after year. Our animals all live outside on green pasture 24/7/365.

We offer online ordering and weekly home delivery to California, Arizona, and Nevada. We also offer bulk ordering (shares) as well as a la carte items like our famous pasture-raised, sugar-free chicken sausages.

We invite you to join us on a monthly farm tour, workshop, or event to see your food in action – so you can stop relying on marketing labels and INSPECT what you EXPECT! We look forward to becoming your local family farm.

Primal Pastures, Paul Greive, 42125 Elm Street, Murrieta CA 92562. (951) 297-9933.
E-mail: info@primalpastures.com. Website: www.primalpastures.com.

Rafter S High Ranch Country Beef provides grassfed beef and lamb. Both types of meat are available by the whole or half carcass and also in individual cuts in clear vacuum packages. Frozen beef is available year-round and the lamb is available in the fall while supplies last.

Purchases can be made at the ranch, and mail orders are accepted “occasionally.” Their products are also available at the California Certified Farmers markets in Redding, Susanville, and Montgomery Creek.

Rafter “S” High Ranch Country Beef. Mike and Linda Sawyer, PO Box 334, Bieber CA 96009. (530) 294-5285.
E-mail: rafters@hdo.net .

Redhouse Beef is a pasture + ranch proudly located in Central California, specializing in 100% grass-fed + grass-finished beef. We also offer the best pasture-raised chicken and pork to compliment our Angus beef.

We believe to get the best product you have to be intrinsically connected to the land, the animal + the operation. We, as a family of ranchers, farmers + researchers, are most importantly stewards and champions of our herd and the product we deliver. Our products are approachable, flavorful + most importantly come with the guarantee of knowing where your food comes from.

Our Redhouse process is thoughtful + respectful, from the nutritional breakdown of our soil and grass, to the low-stress environment our herds and flocks enjoy, to the way we value the whole animal for a pristine culinary experience.

We believe it comes down to two things – the way we steward the Earth and the way we steward our animals. We honor the land through sustainable farming practices, curating the best grass blend that not only works well in our Central Valley soil, but helps our animals grow and finish well.

You can find all of our Redhouse Beef cuts in our online shop. West Coast shipping is available.

Want more information? Contact the Redhouse family for any questions you may have. We’re here for you! Be sure to check us out online and follow us on Instagram @redhousebeef.

Redhouse Beef, Debbie Wise, 649 Enos Lane, Bakersfield, CA 93314. 661-772-5850.
E-mail: info@redhousebeef.com. Website: www.redhousebeef.com.


Richards Grassfed Beef. The Richards family involvement in agriculture stems back over 70 years, when Thomas H. Richards Sr. purchased the first 680-acre parcel. Four generations later, we are still running cattle on Richards Ranch which now boasts over 6,600 acres of foothill countryside.

Richards Grassfed Beef is certified by the American Grassfed Association and is the first beef company on the west coast to receive the Savory Institute's Ecological Outcome Verified certificate. Our cattle spend their entire life on pasture, in a regenerative system and encompass the essence of 100% grass fed raised and finished.

Call us direct or order online year-round! Now shipping to Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona along with California.

Richards Grassfed Beef, Kyle Meniketti/Tom Richards, Ranch location: Oregon House, CA 95962. Serving the Sacramento (95818) and San Francisco Bay Area (94621). (530) 363-8801.
E-mail: kyle@richardsgrassfedbeef.com. Website: www.richardsgrassfedbeef.com.

Rockside Ranch is a pasture-based, multi-species farm tucked in the Scott Valley of far Northern California. We raise a variety of poultry, heritage pigs, and produce.

We operate a small CSA in our county and hand-deliver our products throughout California and southern Oregon.

Our farming and lifestyle principles govern our practices, which preclude the use of any chemicals, medications, or added hormones. In our home and on our farm, we ascribe to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s nutritional philosophy and raise our animals in accordance with their standard: grassfed, pasture raised, and free of all soy and GMOs.

We treat our animals with dignity and work hard to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for them to do what they do best.

Our chickens and turkeys follow cows and range on our pasture eating bugs, grass, and grain. We process and package them on-site.

Our pigs are rotated through the woodland, foraging and disturbing the ground to make way for fresh growth and encourage biodiversity. We sell our pork by the half or whole, and butcher a portion of our herd at a USDA facility for retail sale by the package.

Our passion is raising rich, nutrient-dense, and tasty food. We love sharing our food with our family, friends, and neighbors. We can be reached by phone or email. We are also at the Mt. Shasta Farmers Market, 411 N. Mt. Shasta Boulevard, Mondays, 3–6pm.

Rockside Ranch, Craig and Jen Thompson, 2421 N. State Hwy 3, Etna, CA 96027
Ranch/Home: (530) 467-4044.
E-mail: craigandjenthompson@gmail.com. Website: www.rocksideranch.com. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rocksideranch.

Rolling Horse Ranch – All grass and alfalfa that our beef cattle graze on (even during the winter) is produced on our 50-acre ranch using sustainable farming practices. Fallon is a remote farming community so our animals have an abundance of fresh air to breath, lots of water runoff from the Sierra snow melt to drink, and more than enough forage to graze. All our cattle live a natural farm life, are not corn finished, and are raised in a responsible manner. The average yield of our beef is a about 1200 pounds, providing approximately 750 pounds of hanging weight and approximately 550 pounds of boneless retail meat cuts per whole beef.

All cattle are butchered locally and can be dry aged or cut to any specification you desire. A "cut sheet" will be provided to the customer at time of purchase to ensure the animal is processed in the most efficient / desirable manner for each customer. We are willing to do whatever we can to provide our beef to those outside the local area and willing to coordinate shipping for a small fee.

Our price per hanging weight (post 14-day dry-age time) is $4.25 per pound for butcher wrap or $4.60 per pound for vacuum-seal packaging. These prices are all inclusive of harvest, butcher fees as well as cutting and wrapping. This equates to approximately $1300 to $1500 per half of beef, depending on the animal's weight and the type of packaging selected. We sell whole, half, and ¼ beef. Occasionally we have individual cuts for sale.

Please email us or call/text for current availability.

Rolling Horse Ranch, Andrew and Karla Craig, 4405 Schurz Hwy, Fallon NV 89406. 740-396-0595 (Andrew) / 740-396-2862 (Karla).
E-mail: rollinghorseranch@yahoo.com. Website: www.rollinghorseranch.com.

St. John Family Farms was founded in 2006. We are located 8 miles West of Orland next to Black Butte Lake. The farm is 40 minutes from Chico and 1 1/2 hours from Sacramento.

We have 166 acres of lush green pasture that allows us to raise Angus Beef, Tamworth, Large Black and Red Wattle Pigs, Bronze Broad Breasted Turkeys, Cornish X Broilers, and Red Sex Link Laying Hens.

The laying hens live in portable coops (Old Cotton Trailers) that are moved daily. We collect eggs three times daily. Our broilers live in portable pens that are move daily to new grass.

Please contact us for a price list of our products.

St. John Family Farms, Ross Shoop, 19400 Newville Road, Orland CA 95963. (530) 966-5206.
E-mail: ross.shoop@gmail.com.

Salmon Creek Ranch is a family-owned 400-acre ranch on the Sonoma County coast, about 90 minutes north of San Francisco and 2 miles from the sea. We offer pasture raised, 100% grass-fed beef and goat meat, seasonal goose and duckling, and duck eggs.

Our pasture and duck eggs are all certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). No hormones or growth enhancers are ever given and they are all harvested and butchered in USDA-inspected facilities. Our beef is dry-aged before butchering (a step omitted for modern factory beef) to preserve its natural tenderness. All our meat is vacuum packed and frozen to retain freshness (tests by famous chefs could not tell the difference between our frozen and fresh meat). We ship nationwide. If any of our duck eggs arrive unusable due to breakage, we will issue a credit on your next order or a refund.

You are welcome to visit the ranch to see where your meat and eggs are coming from and how we treat our animals. You can purchase any of our products from our on-farm “mercantile” store and hike some of our many trails through pastures, redwood groves and along the mile and a half of Salmon Creek that flows through our property.

Salmon Creek Ranch, John & Lesley Brabyn, PO Box 266, 1400 Bay Hill Road, Bodega, CA 94922. (707) 876-1808.
E-mail: info@salmoncreekranch.com. Website: www.salmoncreekranch.com.

Scott River Ranch grass-fed and finished certified organic (by Oregon Tilth) beef is a healthier and more flavorful choice for you, your family, and the environment. Our beef is born and raised on a family owned ranch near the Russian Peak wilderness area in northern California. Our animals are fed only USDA certified organic grass and hay from our local pastures. This allows us to minimize the stress on the animal, reduce the environmental cost of transportation, and eliminate any antibiotics or growth stimulants.

usda logo
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AWA logo

Our beef is USDA certified start to finish, and dry aged from 21+ days locally. This allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat, and give it the delicious flavor which our parents and grandparents once enjoyed. Our beef is available in individual retail cuts. We make free local deliveries and ship Fed-Ex.

We are happy to assist you with your beef purchase, and answer any questions you may have. We want to be your own personal farmer giving you a connection to our land and way of life. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about us, our heritage and history, and about the cattle we believe will provide you with the finest eating experience anywhere.

Scott River Ranch, Amanda Schmalenberger, 1138 East Callahan Road, Etna CA 96027. (530) 467-4006.
E-mail: customerservice@scottriverranch.com. Website: http://scottriverranch.com.

Shady Oak Ranch is a small family ranch located in the beautiful oak covered hills in the Sierra Nevada foothills of western Calaveras County. Our Angus beef cattle are grass fed and finished on native pasture grasses.They are given no grain, soy, hormones or antibiotics and are handled quietly and humanely.

Our beef is USDA inspected, dry aged for 21 days and available by the quarter, half, family packs and individual cuts. Please call or email us for availability. You can check out our website and then visit our Facebook page under Shady Oak Grass Fed Beef. You can also find us on Local Harvest.com.

Shady Oak Ranch, Randy and Lori Johnson, PO Box 1390, Valley Springs CA 95252. (209) 484-5003.
E-mail: randy@shadyoakranch.net. Website: www.shadyoakranch.net.

Shafer Family Farm is a small, family owned farm in the Central San Joaquin Valley. We have been here since 1892 and have had six generations of the Shafer family call this farm home. We are now raising naturally grown, grass fed beef featuring the Lowline Angus breed.

Lowline Angus are naturally suited to grass fed/finished beef. Our cattle are raised without hormones or routine antibiotics in open pastures with lots of attention and care. We believe strongly in raising animals the way they were created to be raised; in as natural conditions as possible. Our motto is: “Happy cows make healthy cows.” Cattle are sold as whole live animals. We can arrange for processing for you if you wish. Orders can be combined for those wishing to purchase half or quarter beefs.

We also grow grass and forage hay for horses and all types of livestock. We are not certified organic. However no chemicals or commercial fertilizers are used in growing our hay. Please see our website for more information on our operation.

Thanks for considering the Shafer Family Farm and for supporting your local farmers.

Shafer Family Farm, Jack Shafer, 13378 E South Avenue, Parlier CA 93648. (559) 646-8040.
E-mail: shaferfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.shaferfamilyfarm.com.

The Shepherd Boy is a natural vegetation management service in the Sierra Nevada foothills. My sheep and I enjoy a semi-nomadic lifestyle, creating healthy landscapes and reducing fire danger through managed grazing.

The sheep are Dorper and Katahdin, hair breeds which are known for their mild flavored meat. Their diet consists of a variety of forages, occasionally supplemented with grass hay. They are handled using low stress techniques, and never receive antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines.

Lamb is available seasonally. Call or email for more info or to order.

The Shepherd Boy, Aaron Crew, 230 American Hill Road, Nevada City CA 95959. (530) 798-0013.
E-mail: aarontheshepherd@gmail.com.

Sierra Farms is located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. Our lambs live an idyllic life, on the oak savannah grasslands of our ranch.

We use stewardship principals including rotational grazing, perennial grass species renewal, and animal adaptation selection in a non-irrigated, principally forage-based regimen. Through this program we are able to develop a lamb niche market where biological conservation can be promoted to lamb eaters who prefer a product raised in a more positive ecological balance. Sheep on the land .. a perfect combination for sustainable agriculture!

We usually have lambs available from March through December. All lambs are processed by a USDA–inspected processor, which assures humane treatment and high quality standards. Sales are either whole (36-40lbs) or half-lamb (18-20 lbs), cut, vacuum sealed and boxed with a net weight label. Price currently is $7.00/lb. on the net weight. Whole lambs for pit or spit are also available.

Please call or e-mail us for current lamb prices and delivery schedule and locations. Thanks!


Sierra Farms, Mel and Mary Thompson, 2360 Cox Lane, Oroville CA 95966. (530) 532-4226.
E-mail: mmsierrafarms@oroville.com. Website: www.sierrafarmslamb.blogspot.com/.

At Sierra View Farms we are moving into our third year of providing healthy wholesome meats. We are committed to following the best practices to provide tender grass-fed products. We are currently providing our customers with grass-fed beef, grass-fed Cornish-cross chickens, grass-fed pork and grass-fed boar meat goats.

We have well-managed pasture rotation so that our animals are moving onto the highest nutrients found in grass. Our pasture consists of clovers, rye, and native, and all seed is bought organically from Peaceful Valley Farms. Our chickens are fed whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and of course grasses, throughout their life time.

My husband loves to have visitors and we welcome you to come and check us out before ordering meats. Fresh air and views of the Sierra Nevada mountains are some of the pleasures that await you when you visit us. Check out our web site to learn more.

Sierra View Farms, Rob, Candy, or Cameron White, PO Box 311, Snelling CA 95369 or 8191 Milpitas Road, La Grange CA 95329. (209) 484-2249.
E-mail: sierraviewfarms@gmail.com. Website: http://sierraviewfarms.com.

SonRise Ranch offers delicious, dry aged, Grass-fed and Grass finished Beef, true non-GMO fed, free-range Pork, and Pastured Chicken to the San Diego area.

We use rotational grazing methods, "Chig-tractors" and non-conventional ranching methods to produce true free-range animals for the Southern California area. Our methods are peculiar, strange, and frowned upon by the conventional producers that surround us, yet extremely productive and environmentally superior.

We offer CSAs, quarter-beeves, and by-the-pound cuts via our website and delivered to convenient drop points in southern Orange County and San Diego, or direct to your door.

Come join a revolution in thought, health, and conscience that will both amaze your taste buds and delight your soul at the same time. We use each part of the animals we raise and process, including the offal, heart, liver, and kidneys.

We deliver every two weeks, rain or shine, allowing us to fuse the convenience of ordering on the web with the warmth of supporting a small, grass-fed ranch. We do this by offering our entire selection of over 200 cuts with the user-friendliness of picking up your CSA or custom order (of any size) at one of our convenient drop points (free of charge). Home delivery may be available for an additional charge. It's an awesome way to support a ranch and get an incredible product. Visit our website to learn more.

SonRise Ranch, Douglas Lindamood, (858) 909-0945. Garden Valley CA 95633.
E-mail: sales@son-riseranch.com. Website: www.son-riseranch.com.

Stemple Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch in Marin County, California. We raise our animals on our own pasture land just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

We raise 100% all natural grass-fed Angus beef and lamb. Our animals eat organic grass and clover and are never subjected to artificial hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics. We typically harvest our animals between May and July of each year, depending on the strength of the grass and spring rains.

We are environmentally conscious and value biodiversity, working with mother nature to keep the land abundant and the animals happy and healthy. This is accomplished by using a variety of techniques, including protecting creeks with cattle crossings, utilizing electric fence that can be reconfigured in response to changing conditions, planting native species on creek banks, and carefully monitoring grazing to prevent overuse.

In 2002, the third of four generations of our family in the ranching business received the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Excellence in Conservation Award. This is the highest award the NRCS gives to honor those outside the Federal government for their work in conservation.

Stemple Creek Ranch, Loren and Lisa Poncia, PO Box 85, Tomales CA 94971. (415) 883-8253.
E-mail: loren.poncia@stemplecreek.com. Website: www.stemplecreek.com.

Stonyford Ranch raises buffalo that roam on thousands of acres on our family ranch in northern California. Our buffalo are fattened on sun-ripened California native grasses. They live naturally among the deer and coyotes in the shade under the oak trees and drink from the creeks and reservoirs.

We sell a limited quantity of our high quality meat each year directly from the ranch and we work with you and our local butcher to have it cut and wrapped exactly as you want it. Meat is aged and properly packaged to be eaten immediately and/or frozen for future use.

Please email or call us directly. We are only 3 hours north of San Francisco!

Stonyford Ranch, Liz Marks, 584 County Road 306, Elk Creek CA 95939 (physical location); mailling address is 250 W Main Street, Suite 101, Woodland CA 95695.
E-mail: lizmarks@stonyfordranch.com. Website: www.stonyfordranch.com.

At Sunbird Farms, we do one thing: pastured-poultry. Think of us as a small heirloom holding, offering heritage, pastured-poultry to our friends and family. Each of our breeds has been carefully selected from the top sources available. We choose only breeds that are well-suited for our climate, ensuring they meet our desired performance and production standards. Make no mistake, these are not your grocery store’s chickens, but they may have been your grandma’s. Our heritage birds demonstrate the perfect combination of historical structure and efficient, flavorful meat and eggs. Many of our selections can be found on Slow Food's Ark of Taste.

Following traditional methods like France's Label Rouge, our egg-laying flock has unlimited daily access to 17 acres of orchard, freely feasting on nuts, greens and grubs. We supplement the natural flora with organic pasture plantings, and offer soy-free, non-gmo, organic layer feed from our local partner, Modesto Milling.

We are currently working with a few artisanal meat varieties from France, including the world-renowned Bresse (or Galouise in America). From Austria, we have the historic favorite of royalty and gourmands alike, the Sulmtaler. We continue to offer these and other premium poultry breeds, bringing centuries of poultry craftsmanship to our local customers.

Our pastured-eggs are available locally for direct sales, and through our CSA partners.

A limited number of whole chickens are available by pre-order throughout the year.

Our chief chicken-raiser, Brice Yocum, is a farmer, professor and licensed attorney, but don't hold that against him. While his family thinks of him as a "busy blacksmith"...a man with (too?) many irons in the fire, he prefers to see himself as a gentleman farmer, in the great tradition of men like Thomas Jefferson and James Herriot...(though James Herriot was actually a vet and not a farmer, but those are just details).

If you are interested in any of our produce, please feel free to send Brice a note at the email address below. Sunbird Farms is a member of Slow Food USA, and was selected as a US delegate for the 2014 Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy.

Sunbird Farms, Brice Yocum, PO Box 2727, Visalia CA 93279. (559) 697-5433.
E-mail: info@sunbirdfarms.com. Website: www.sunbirdfarms.com.

Tara Firma Farms is a sustainable organic (not certified) diversified farm providing healthy beyond organic food to local families from San Francisco to Santa Rosa.

We’re best known for our pasture-raised meats that include Grass Fed and Finished Beef, Pasture-raised Chicken, Eggs and Pork. We also have seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in our bio-intensive garden.

In addition we’re an open “Destination Farm” open to the public. Our store is open 7 days a week and we do tours every Sunday on the hour from 10AM to 3PM. We are also open to our members for hiking, fishing and visits (unguided) during daylight hours, and at the Petaluma, Marinwood (San Rafael) and Pt. Reyes Station Farmers Markets.

We have social events with food, music and dancing periodically, so visit now, open an account, get a food box, get on our mailing list and check out our website.

Tara Firma Farms, Julie, Kelli, Emily, Alyx and Tara, 3796 I Street, Ext, Petaluma CA 94952. (707) 765-1202.
E-mail: tara@tarafirmafarms.com. Website: www.tarafirmafarms.com.

Tawanda Farms is a proud producer of all-natural lamb and beef. We, the owners, are also the managers and operators of the business. We are dedicated to a sustainable agriculture that supports a beautiful meat product as well as a stress-free life for our animals.

All food consumed by our animals is grown on our 120 acre farm. This food base is a combination of irrigated, mixed grass pasture as well as dry land grasses and forbs. Sheep and beeves roam year-round and self-select on our pastures and hills. We guarantee the following:

  • No hormones or maintenance antibiotics are ever used.
  • All animals are born, raised and finished on our farm.
  • Your meat order, including ground product, comes from one individual animal.
  • All animals are grass fed only.
  • Our meats are mild, tender, and succulent...high in Omega 3s.
  • Beef is dry-aged for 21 days.
  • All of our meat is USDA inspected.

Brochure with offerings and shipping options is available by request at tawandafarms53@gmail.com.

Tawanda Farms, Carol Pasheilich, 935 Lichens Road, Montague CA 96064. (530) 459-0966.
E-mail: tawandafarms53@gmail.com. Website: https://tawandafarms.com/.

The T.O. Cattle Company sells “Morris Grassfed Beef,” 100-percent grass-finished beef as split halves. (A split half will yield approximately 90 pounds of boned steaks, roasts, and ground beef.)

Our cattle are born and raised in the coastal ranges of California. They enjoy a diet of fresh grass, forbs, and legumes, clean water, and, as Julie says, better views than most of us do! We use neither synthetic hormones or fed antibiotics: our animals grow only as fast as their genetics and the range will allow.

Their “range,” of course, serves also as watersheds and habitat for other communities. We manage our animals so that they enhance the diversity of life on the range, as well as the quality of the water that falls on the range and flows to the towns. We manage this web of relationships as an integral whole: damaging the health of any member of the "whole" community damages the rest.

Our desire is to produce health with all we do. Only when this is done are we satisfied that Morris Grassfed Beef is all it can be—the best there is for all of us.

Our beef is harvested when both the animals and the grass are ready: usually, June. We time it thus so that the meat is packed with all the nutrients Jo describes. The beef is processed in a USDA inspected plant. Then it is dry-aged for 14 days, cut into individual cuts, wrapped in butcher paper, and frozen.

T.O. Cattle Company, Joe and Julie Morris, 500 Mission Vineyard Road, San Juan Batista CA 95045. (831) 623-2933.
E-mail: jmorris900@earthlink.net. Website: www.morrisgrassfed.com.

True Pasture Beef sells free range, grass fed and finished California Beef.

The beef you buy from True Pasture Beef are cattle that my family and I have raised for the cow’s entire life. Over the years, we have learned a few things. Cattle do better when you leave them alone. They like space, they like peace, and they like grass; that is what we give them.

Our cattle live in one of two locations; either Central or Southern California. The ranches total over 5000 acres. We never use hormones and we do not plant or till the ground. The grass the cattle eat is what grows naturally. Cattle and the land take care of themselves if they are managed correctly. Herbicides and fertilizers are never used on our ranch. The cattle fertilize the ground, and the ground feeds the cattle; just like nature intended.

True Pasture Beef is only available in San Diego, CA. People can buy by signing up for the CSA and beef is delivered to their door.

True Pasture Beef, Kristi Graham, San Diego, CA. (760) 954-0353.
E-mail: info@truepasturebeef.com. Website: www.truepasturebeef.com.

Turner Grass Fed Beef (San Francisco Bay Area) in Petaluma, CA, is a family owned ranch that provides 100% pasture raised, grass-fed Angus beef in mixed quarter, half, and whole steer orders. No hormones. No antibiotics. No hassle.

If you want to buy your meat for the year in vacuum packed, serving size portions from a local Bay Area ranch at a good price, visit our website for details.

Turner Grass Fed Beef, Dennis Tuma, 7000 Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma CA 94952. (707) 347-9105.
E-mail: turner.ranch.info@gmail.com. Website: www.turnergrassfedbeef.com.

TurnerKelley Farm is a 10-acre Hobby Farm in Stockton, California. We offer free-range eggs, pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, and pork from a few Berkshire hogs that we raise each year.

We started our farm in March 2011 based on the decision that we wanted to eat healthier foods and in order to do that we had to take control of how our food was grown. We are new to farming so we have spent these past years learning about the animals we raise and working hard to improve our farm so we can provide the best possible environment for our livestock.

We do not feed our chickens any medicated feeds or antibiotics. Our egg layers free-range from a movable hen house and have access to several acres giving them the opportunity to consume grass, insects and sunshine in addition to layer pellets, grit and scratch to give them the nutrition and energy they need to keep producing quality eggs.

At about three weeks of age our pastured poultry graduate from the brooder and are put in movable bottomless pens in the pasture. The pens are moved daily, providing continuous access to fresh grass, insects and sunshine in addition to a quality chick starter/grower feed.

We are raising the Belted Galloway, a heritage breed. Their meat is lower in fat as compared to other traditional meat breeds. No growth hormones or grain is ever given to these fine animals. Our cattle are raised on grass only and have free-choice access to kelp which provides additional vitamins and minerals.

It is important to us that our animals have the freedom to roam, be treated humanely, and have the opportunity to live a stress-free life. Healthy animals equal healthy food, plain and simple.

Visit our website to learn more.

TurnerKelley Farm, Todd Kelley, 13825 Copperopolis Road, Stockton CA 95215. (209) 662-1807.
E-mail: todd@turnerkelleyfarm.com. Website: www.turnerkelleyfarm.com.

Turning Leaf Ranch proudly produces slow-grown, gourmet lamb and goat meat that is 100% pasture raised in an intensive rotational grazing system. We strive to implement best practices for pasture-raised livestock, always innovating and refining our systems to produce a quality product in a way that improves the land, and provides healthy meat for our local community.

Our animals are chosen for their full and desirable flavor, and tender cuts. Our animals are chosen for the consumer experience, and forgo breeds with higher production but lower quality; we sacrifice profit margins for quality. They're 100% pasture raised - our animals don't just lay in a stall all day. They're out on pasture where they belong, eating an incredible array of different grasses and plants that give you the minerals your body needs.

Our animals are raised with no antibiotics, no vaccines, and no growth hormones and fed a grain-free diet!

Our animals are processed at a regional USDA facility, and dry-aged for three days to provide a tender, full-flavored cut of meat that is easy to cook and versatile in style and presentation. We offer a wide array of cuts, from chops to roasts and stew meat to ground, to provide you with the right cut for any dish you may dream up.

We sell direct to consumer, including free monthly deliveries straight to your doorstep for anyone in the Monterey, Salinas, or Santa Cruz area. We also offer pickup hours at the ranch, providing additional flexibility for today's busy families.

Turning Leaf Ranch, Brian Palmer, 888 River Road, Salinas, CA 93908. (559) 474-5913.
E-mail: palmer.brian@mycroba.com. Website: www.turningleafranch.com.

TX Bar Organics is a small, family-owned ranch in Northern California that raises 100% USDA certified organic, grass lUSDA Organic ogofed, grass finished beef.

Our pastures are third-party verified that they have never been sprayed with fertilizers or pesticides. Our cattle are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts or grains.

Our beef is third-party verified by the USDA and the CCOF to be 100% grass fed, 100% grass finished, and 100% certified organic. Our beef is also third party verified by the Global Animal Partnership that we treat our cattle humanely and that our cattle are raised on open pastures, in a stress-free environment throughout their entire lives.

Our cattle are processed at 2–3 years of age to provide you with the freshest, most tender grass fed beef you will ever eat.

Our company started a Food For A Cause program that is designed to give back to local families in need. For every 20 pounds of beef purchased we donate one pound of ground beef to local food banks.

Our packaging is made out of recycled materials and on solar energy. We do not use Styrofoam.

Do something for yourself, your family, your neighbors and your environment. Order Online today.

TX Bar Organics, Travis Martinez, 95 Sale Lane, Suite B, Red Bluff CA 96080. (877) 792-3229.
E-mail: contact@txbarorganics.com. Website: www.txbarorganics.com.

V6 Ranch is 20,000 acres of beautiful rangeland in the Diablo Mountains, just 37 miles east of Paso Robles, CA, near the town of Parkfield, Population 18. We are a family-run cattle ranch in business since 1962. In 2006 we were the winner of the Aldo Leopold Conservation Award for rangeland management.

Our beef cattle are raised their whole lives on the V6, however, if necessary, we can purchase cattle from a few select neighbors that raise their animals to our standards, then graze the cattle on our ranch for at least one year to guarantee that they will be of the highest quality.

Our meat is humanely harvested, hormone and antibiotic free, USDA inspected, aged 28 days and sold vacuum packed and frozen. We can deliver anywhere UPS or FedEx services are available in the United States.

We have several meat assortment options for you to choose from. We also encourage you to try our meat at one of our events or enjoy some of our V6 Grassfed Beef at the Parkfield Café. We have several events including cattle drives, trail rides and walkabouts throughout the year where we serve samplings of our grassfed beef. We will also be selling our grass-fed beef at several farmers markets on the Central Coast of California in the near future. See our website for upcoming events and specials, or for more information.

V6 Ranch Grassfed Beef, Jack or John Varian, 66450 Parkfield Road, Parkfield CA 93451. (805) 463-2493.
E-mail: barbara@parkfield.com. Website: www.v6ranch.com.

At Watkins Cattle we believe in the traditional method of ranching where cattle are free to roam on vast acres of rich pasture. Our cattle are 100% range fed (free-range). This means they are never confined to a feedlot for feeding at any time in their lives. In the old west tradition using the cowboy way they gain their weight from nature.

We butcher, process and package each cut of beef by hand in our USDA-regulated processing plant near Ojai, California. Our core values as ranchers and cowboys dictate that all animals deserve ethical and human treatment.

Visit our website for up-to-date information about farmers markets, restaurants and natural food stores where you can purchase our beef.

Range fed beef is the slow way, but in the end it's the right way.

Watkins Cattle, Rick Hemmert, 9972 Creek Road, Oak View CA 93022. (805) 649-1568.
E-mail: hemmertrick@aol.com. Website: www.watkinscattleco.com.

Winterport Farm, operated by Dan and Susan Port, offers grass-fed beef from our ranch near Ione in Amador County, California (31 miles from Sacramento). Susan’s family, the Winters, have been farming in the Ione Valley since 1867.

Our cattle are on pasture year-round. In the spring they are on upland pasture; in the summer and fall they graze Sudangrass grown on our farm; and in the winter dry pasture is supplemented with hay, which is also grown on our farm. We use no hormones or antibiotics, and we do not feed any grain.

We sell at the Rancho Cordova Farmers’ Market at Sunrise & Folsom Boulevards, 8am–noon Saturday mornings and the Downtown Sacramento Farmers Market on 5th between W & X Streets, 8am–noon on Sundays. See our website for prices and more information about our farm and beef.

Winterport Farm, Dan Port, 2690 Highway 104, Ione CA 95640.
E-mail: ports@winterportfarm.com. Website: www.winterportfarm.com.

Yolo Land & Cattle Co. raises 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, all natural, Angus beef cattle. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains west of Yolo County and near Winters CA, we are one hour northeast of San Francisco and 45 minutes west of Sacramento.

Our philosophy has always been "take care of the land and the land will take care of you." In 2005 we placed 7,000 acres in a Conservation Easement so our cattle will never share the ranch with houses, cars or factories; it will always remain a working cattle ranch. In 2007, we received the prestigious "National Environmental Stewardship Award." We are proud of our healthy cattle and the humane care we give all our animals, including our faithful Border Collies and horses.

We never ever give our grass-fed cattle hormones, antibiotics, or feed additives of any kind. They consume only wholesome pasture grass and grass hay cut from our pastures each spring. While we have been raising beef cattle for over 35 years, one of our greatest rewards has been direct marketing our grass-fed beef the past 15 years and hearing how much customers love our beef and appreciate our providing the highest quality beef for their families.

Our beef is harvested at a USDA facility in Santa Rosa, cut and wrapped into individual retail cuts, then vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to stay fresh in your freezer for one year or more. We sell our beef by the quarter side for $8.15/pound, which includes the cut and wrap fee. Each animal is divided into 4 equal quarters, each with the same amount of cuts. Quarter sides (a “Family’s Round Up Savers Package”) typically weigh 115–120 pounds. The final price is calculated on the weight of delivered beef; prices are subject to change. If you do not have freezer space for a quarter, you may purchase individual cuts based on availability. We do not ship our beef; all pickups are by appointment only.

We invite you to visit our website for more information on our grass fed beef, jerky products, weddings and ranch Ag tours.

Yolo Land & Cattle Co., Scott and Karen Stone, Woodland CA 95695. (530) 681-1406 or (530) 204-3285.
E-mail: ylccbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.yololandandcattle.com.

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