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Pastured Products Directory – Canada

Alberta - British Columbia - Manitoba - New Brunswick - Nova Scotia - Ontario - Québec - Saskatchewan




Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Canada map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

Visit our Canada Beyond the Farm page for a list of local markets, restaurants, stores and buying clubs that sell grass-fed products.

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The following farms and ranches have certified they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:


Bar P Ranch grass-finished beef is located 30 minutes south of Calgary at Nanton, Alberta. It is our family’s passion to raise beef for your table that promotes your health, intelligence and longevity without losing sight of tenderness and a tasty product. Our beef isn't certified organic, it is "beyond organic"! We promise you that our beef is free from hormones and antibiotics. These animals have never had grain or any animal by-products. The pasture these cattle graze on and the hay they eat has not had any chemical fertilizer applied. With our grass-fed and finished beef we strive for you to have the best eating experience.

Beef is harvested in the fall between the ages of 24-29 months of age after a spring, summer and fall of grazing on top quality grasses and legumes. They are processed at a local abattoir that is federally inspected. The beeves are dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure a tender, quality product.

The beef is available in quarters, halves or as a whole beef and is sold by the pound, hanging weight. Each half can be individually cut and customized to our customers’ wants and needs. You can order a whole, a half or a quarter and split it with friends or family. To order, contact us either via phone or email.

Bar P Ranch, Rob and Tami Palmer, Nanton, AB. (403) 646-5402.
E-mail: info@barpranchbeef.com. Website: www.barpranchbeef.com.

Big Coulee Farms is a small farm family in Athabasca, Alberta. Once orders are placed, we deliver to both Edmonton and St. Albert.

We are determined to develop a fertile, healthy land base and excellent quality "real food". We are looking for you – loyal, consistent, happy customers who are supportive of your ethical farmer who puts wholesome, healthy, tasty meat on your plate and in your mouth.

Livestock grown for meat include chicken, turkey, pork, beef and laying hens for their eggs are seasonally raised in a chemical-free, pasture-based environment and moved to fresh forage as needed. In many cases, livestock is moved to fresh grass every day.

Our purpose is to make our little corner of the world as healthy and productive as it can be using holistic management principles.

Big Coulee Farms, Rusty Bellamy, Box 1863, Athabasca AB T9S 2B5. (780) 675-9458.
E-mail: none. Website: www.bigcouleefarms.com.

Coen Farm’s mission is to regenerate the health of the planet & its people through nutrient dense food, permaculture education and community empowerment. We provide free seasonal deliveries of nourishing meat, fat, organs, bones, berries and tea to Camrose, Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary, and Canmore. You can also sample and purchase all of our products at our Ottewell Artisan Farmers Market booth in Edmonton every Thursday 4-7 PM.

Our nutrient-dense products include:

  • Milk Fed Berkshire Pork – custom nose to tail processing or variety packs
  • Grass Fed Galloway Beef – custom nose to tail processing or variety packs
  • Free-Range Eggs
  • Forest Garden Berries and Tea – silver buffaloberry, sea buckthorn, honeyberry, saskatoon, red raspberry, black raspberry, red currant, black currant, and cherry

Our farm has used zero biocides or chemical fertilizers for 30 years. We grow our all our own feed and any inputs brought into the farm are certified organic. Our farm is soy-, canola- and corn-free.

Visit our website www.coenfarm.ca to order or learn more. While you’re there be sure to sign up for our next free farm tour, and to get a free e-book of our favorite nutrient-dense recipes.

Coen Farm, Takota Coen, Ferintosh, Alberta, Canada T0B 1M0. (780) 781-5929.
E-mail: takota@coenfarm.ca. Website: www.coenfarm.ca.

Earth Works Farm provides soy-free, pasture-raised chicken and turkey; soy-free, pasture and bush-raised pork; and grass-fed and finished beef.

Our beef is grass and forage fed and finished. Our winter feeding program includes hay, forage and barley sprouts (this is a by-product of the barley malting process; it is the sprout and rootlet of the seed. It does not affect the pH balance of an animal’s rumen so acidosis, caused by feeding grain, is not a concern).

Through our farming activities we aim to promote ecosystems that nourish biodiversity and healthy life. We are producing food by raising breeds and species that are selected and managed in ways appropriate for our climate and ecosystem.

Our products are sold direct to customer through orders you place with us and coordinated deliveries/pick-ups. We arrange semi-regular delivery to points in and between Calgary and Edmonton, as product is available and demand regular. We also run a meat account program that allows customers to make pre-payment installments for their wholesale meat orders.

Earth Works Farm, Vance and Brenda Barritt, Box 888, Alix, AB T0C0B0. (403) 742 9827.
E-mail: vanceandbrenda@gmail.com Website: www.earthworksfarm.ca.

EAT Food for Life Canada serves Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas. We are an association of three small family farms who combined offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of select organically grazed meats, grains, flours and farm fresh soy-free eggs.

Terra Caritatis Patris Farm provides the finest in premium grassfed organically grown Alberta beef as well as pastured turkeys. Our herd is pastured on beautiful organically certified grasses throughout the spring, summer and fall, switching to green feed grazing and choice hay during the winter. Terra Caritatis Patris literally means “The Land of the Father’s Love.” The name was chosen to honour our Heavenly Father as well as our own fathers. Our family has farmed this land for 50 years.

New Life Organics Farm has its own stone-ground mill for processing the organic grains grown on the farm and produces some of the finest organic, pasture-raised pork in western Canada as well as delicious eggs. New Life Organics Farm recently celebrated 100 years of continuous family farming!

Loma Linda Farm joins Terra Caritatis Patris and New Life Organics farms in raising plump and succulent soy-free chickens on forage in organically certified pastures.

As a small family farm association, we are dedicated to providing your family with the absolute best in pastured meats, grains, flours and farm fresh eggs.

EAT Food for Life Canada, Tim Axe, Box 630, Clandonald, Alberta T0B 0X0. (780) 853-6046.
E-mail: Info@EATFoodforLife.ca. Website: www.EATFoodforLife.ca.

Grazed Right focuses on protecting and regenerating habitat in one of the most diverse and unique areas of Alberta. We protect and enhance this wildlife habitat and soil microbiome health through the planned grazing of cattle, pigs and laying hens. The byproducts of this method are Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Pork and Pastured Eggs that are nutrient-dense and delicious! We are the most local Grass Fed Beef for Calgary. Look us up on Google Maps under “Grazed Right.”

The core of what we do is ecosystem management. I am not a farmer, I am a steward of the land. I protect mice, gophers and their predators (coyotes, badgers, hawks, etc.). Rather than shoot coyotes and then poison an out of control gopher population, I let nature balance itself. Our cattle play a role in the ranch ecosystem, mimicking their bison cousins, and cycle nutrients on a large scale. The pigs and chickens fertilize the pastures and increase biodiversity wherever they go. It is an intact ecosystem, with respect and space for all wildlife.

We go to great effort to use low-stress animal handling techniques and are very proud of the “happy cows” we produce. We greatly value our partners (customers) and strive to build a long-term relationship with the goals of superior nutrition, environmental protection and animal welfare. We are not looking to be grocers selling two or three pounds of beef to thousands of strangers. We are developing a core group of people who are interested in small-scale (we have no employees), sustainable and affordable agriculture. All our partners are always welcome out at the ranch so you can take part in and enjoy the land and environment you are protecting.

If you want to buy beef straight from the farmer, this is the real deal. When you call, the rancher answers and there's good chance he'll be riding on horseback in the hills when he does.

Grazed Right, Ben and Stephanie Campbell, Box 60, Black Diamond AB, T0L 0H0. (403) 803-9190.
E-mail: grazedright@gmail.com. Website: www.grazedright.com.

Hoven Farms is a century old, family-run farm in Eckville, AB. We specialize in producing certified organic beef. All of our beef is free-range, free of hormones and antibiotics. Some of our beef is fed certified organic feed, but we are pleased to offer certified organic grass finished beef in the fall.

The animals are available in all sizes from whole carcasses to individual cuts, fresh and frozen.

Look for us at the Kingsland Farmer's Market, Thursday-Sunday, or check our website for additional locations.

Hoven Farms, Tim Hoven, RR3 Eckville, AB T0M 0X0, (403) 217-2343
E-mail: Tim@hovenfarms.com. Website: www.hovenfarms.com.

Koenig Farm (Seven Bro Farms). Dallas Koenig, along with his wife and seven sons are operating a pastured farm north of St. Albert approximately 40 minutes. We currently have chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, rabbits, pigs, beef and will be producing eggs and carrying goats/sheep for the upcoming season. We prefer to have 'pre-orders,' however also have 'left overs' from time to time.

Our land is wonderfully scenic, with natural waterways and trees along with non-certified organic soil. We welcome visitors and customers and would be glad to show you around. All we ask is when you come you are respectful to our animals, (and us of course), and we'll be glad to reciprocate.

Koenig Farm, Dallas Koenig, PO Box 144, Clyde AB T0G 0P0. (780) 348-5872.
E-mail: sevenbro@xplornet.com.

MacKillop Natural Highland Beef is produced by Holiday Ranch, a three-generation diversified family farm located in the foothills of southern Alberta. Our small herd of Highland cattle forage on native grasses and brush, overlooking the Pine Coulee south of Nanton.

Our cattle are humanely-raised, never confined or branded. We do not use growth hormones, antibiotics, animal-by-products or chemicals for the land. We are excited to offer you our natural Highland beef, which is lower in fat and cholesterol and gives you the benefits of grass-fed beef. Our natural Highland beef is the sustainable and healthy choice—it tastes the way beef used to taste!

Call or email to order a mixed quarter or half, custom cut and packaged at our local, government-inspected abattoir.

Mackillop Natural Highland Beef, Larry MacKillop, PO Box 633, Nanton AB T0L 1R0. (403) 646-5643.
E-mail: mackillopbeef@gmail.com.

Muriel Creek Cattle Co is located in the beautiful Lakeland region of Northeastern AB. We are pleased to offer our premium quality, Natural Angus beef.

We choose only young, healthy beef (maximum 18 months of age) for our customers. A combination of grass-finishing, genetics, and dry-aging serves to create a tasteful and healthy eating experience. Our natural beef is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals, and we do not use feed containing animal by-products.

The beef graze throughout the summer and fall and are given supplementary, home-grown feed during the winter months. Natural and man-made shelters are accessible to the animals during inclement weather. Our beef cattle are not confined to pens and only low-stress handling techniques are used when working with them.

Our natural beef is available from June to October. It is custom cut and packaged according to your specifications at a government-inspected abattoir. Our beef can be purchased by the quarter, half, or smaller quantities to suit your needs.

Information packages are available, and we welcome inquiries or visitors.

Muriel Creek Cattle Co., Greg and Tina Sawchuk, PO Box 321, Ardmore AB T0A 0B0. (780) 812-2561.
E-mail: info@murielcreek.com. Website: www.murielcreek.com.

Natures Way Farm is a holistic-managed, ecological, organic grass-based farm located near Peace River in northern Alberta, Canada. We raise grass fed cattle and sheep, and we grow alfalfa seed and hay. A combination of grass finishing genetics and grazing management allows us to offer some of the most tasty and nutritious beef and lamb.

Our farm is certified organic and we strive to build healthy mineral balanced soils that feed healthy diverse pastures. Our humane animal husbandry practices include spring/summer calving and lambing on grass, low-stress handling, and natural weaning.

We offer grass fed beef and lamb for sale from August - October. Orders are taken throughout the year. Our beef and lamb is custom cut and packaged to your specifications at a local abattoir.

Natures Way Farm, Peter Lundgard, Box 1258, Grimshaw AB T0H 1W0. (780) 338-2934.
E-mail: plundgard@telus.net.

Peace Country Produce strive to produce our Organic 100% Grass-fed beef in the most natural sustainable method possible. (www.pacscertifiedorganic.ca/) Our cattle are predominantly Galloway, which are well known for there quality beef.

Producing from forage only is known to increase natural CLA fats which are beneficial to human health.It is truly a joy to move our cattle herd around the farm. Moving them every few days to new pasture and water. Our cattle use nose pumps from fenced dug outs. Cattle are provided organically approved mineral at all times, bale grazing during the winter and using snow are their source of water (see pictures on our web). Calving starts in late spring with calves staying with their mum`s through their first winter and weaning onto green pasture in early spring; finishing is between18-28 months of age.

Our beef are processed in a local Certified Organic processing Plant and dry aged for nutrient-dense meat. Healthy Land = Healthy Plants and Animals = Healthy People

Peace County Produce, Soames Smith, Box 415 Rycroft, Alberta CA T0H 3A0. (780) 765-2171.
E-mail: peacecountryproduce@yahoo.ca. Website: www.peacecountryproduce.com.

Pine Terra Farm is one of few "virgin" certified organic farms. Located thirty miles west of Edmonton AB, the Phillips family has sustained a chemical-free farm and utilized methods to protect the ecosystem since 1937.

Thirty years ago, Pine Terra purchased their basic herd of 50 Angus cows, and now have 310 certified organic cattle. They are treated in a humane, low-stress manner and roam freely in lush pastures. All their feed is 100-percent certified organic. We operate the farm in compliance with strict OCIA standards (third party inspection) to ensure our customers that we have never used growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-product feed. Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides have never been applied to our land. Our cattle are grassfed, which is also better for the animal, the environment, and your health.

Pine Terra Beef is processed at its peak, dry-aged for full flavor, and is nutritious lean beef that tastes great! Pine Terra Farm currently supplies beef to a few stores and offers to their clientele halves of beef and split halves. You will be given a TCA when you receive your order to guarantee that it is OCIA Certified Organic.

Pine Terra Farm, Louise or Nadine, Box 353, Onoway AB T0E 1V0. ( 780) 967-3012.
E-mail: pineterrafarm@interbaun.com.

Prairie Wool Organics, Ltd. specializes in raising organic pastured beef and poultry, as well as eggs from organic, free-range chickens.

"Our animals are free of pesticides, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics." The finished beef and poultry are available year round, subject to supply. The eggs are available year round. The animals are sold directly off of the farm. The organic beef is sold by the hanging weight and can be sold by the whole, half or quarter. The organic poultry is sold whole, either fresh or frozen. Shipping can be arranged.

"We are a three-generation farming operation, now with organic certification. The principles we use to raise our animals are based on the humane, low-stress treatment of animals. During the winter months, the cattle are fed organically grown hay and grains, and the poultry diet consists of organic grain ration."

Prairie Wool Organics, Ltd., Katherine Griebel, PO Box 426, Castor AB T0C 0X0. (403) 882-2444.
E-mail: krstahr@telusplanet.net.

Pura Vida Farm, located south of Lethbridge, Alberta, overlooks the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. The farm, run by Wayne and Anne Wikkerink and their three energetic sons, JR, Dawson and Joseph, is based on irrigated forage and uses MiG (management-intensive grazing) techniques to produce consistently tender and flavourful grass finished beef and pastured poultry without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. Pura Vida is certified by Food Alliance.

Purebred Angus and Gelbvieh cattle are moved daily to allow for consumption of the best nutrients on irrigated pastures. The animals are born on the farm and raised on pastures their entire life. They are fully traceable. A full line of products including jerky, smokies, garlic ring, mixed quarters and halves are available both on farm and at retail locations. Chickens are pastured during the summer months in safe, moveable pens. The donkeys provide the predator control! Whole chickens are available on farm and at retail locations.

Visitors are always welcome at the farm.....there are no strangers in this world, only friends you haven't met!

Pura Vida Farm Ltd., Wayne and Anne Wikkerink, PO Box 27014, Lethbridge AB T1K 6Z8. (403) 327-9947.
E-mail: puravida@shockware.com. Website: www.pvbeef.com.

Sunshine Organic Farm is family owned and operated, selling pasture raised Angus beef, Berkshire hogs, chickens and turkeys that we raise ourselves.

Our land and livestock have been certified organic since 2003 by the Global Organic Alliance, and all land has been farmed with organic practices for the past twenty-five years. Feed rations are made on the farm from the grain and hay we grow. Our laying hens are outdoors as weather permits. Eggs are graded and packaged in our CFIA approved egg grading station.

Our products are sold at the summer Downtown Edmonton Farmers Market, farm gate sales, Homegrown Foods in Stony Plain, Organic Roots (100th Street & Whyte Avenue, Edmonton) plus two outlets where pre-ordered products can be picked up with prior arrangements—Ocean Odyssey (167th Street & 100th Avenue) and a residence on the south side of Edmonton.

As important to us as the highest quality food we produce, is the care, feeding and processing of all of the livestock that bless us with the healthy and delicious products we sell and consume ourselves. Rations are what nature intends for them to eat, they are handled with respect in a quiet manner and taken to top quality abbattoirs for slaughter and provincial inspection. Humane treatment is paramount for us and we are grateful to work with people who provide this. After slaughter the pork and beef are returned to our farm cooler and cut and wrapped in our on farm meat building at the appropriate time to assure top quality and flavor. Individual cuts are available year round and custom orders are welcome.

Farm visits are encouraged so customers can be comfortable with the source of their food and to meet the people who grow it for them.

Sunshine Organics Farm, Sherry Horvath, RR1, Warburg, AB. T0C 2T0. (780) 848-2288.
E-mail: sunorg@telusplanet.net. Website: www.sunshineorganicfarm.com.

Sunworks Farm raises Certified Organic and Certified Humane Chicken, Pork, Turkeys, Beef, Bison and Eggs.

Our chickens, turkeys and laying hens are moved every day onto fresh grass during the summer and during our cold winters they are provided with alfalfa grass to ensure that they get their greens daily. Our pork is raised outside year round and is given access to fresh pasture. Our cattle and bison are 100% grass fed and never receive any grains during their lifetime.

We believe that animals, the land, the wider environment and people should be treated with respect. “We believe that raising animals organically in a healthy and low stress environment improves the lives of animals, people as well as the environment. We are committed to providing the consumer with the best meat for a fair price.”

We have multiple farmer’s market locations as well as several retail locations throughout Alberta. For more information please visit our website or email us.

Sunworks Farm, Box 55, Armena AB T0B 0G0. To order, call toll free (877) 393-3133 or (780) 672-9799.
E-mail: info@sunworksfarm.com. Website: www.sunworksfarm.com/.

On TK Ranch we believe that nutrient-dense foods offer people a diet that supports good health and a strong immune system. We offer consumers dry-aged Alberta grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and heritage pasture raised pork. Our cattle and sheep are not fed any grain – we use the pasture model from birth to slaughter.

Our animals are born, raised and fed outside on large native grass pastures. Unlike organic and conventional grain finished beef and lamb, our animals are never confined in feedlots. Our animals never receive antibiotics, animal by-products, chemical insecticides, growth hormones or ionophores. Our land is never sprayed with chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

We fence sensitive riparian habitat, use solar waterers and manage for endangered and threatened species. We are involved with wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. We have received several awards for our commitment to the environment including the 2010 National Prairie Conservation Award.

We also have a strong commitment to animal welfare – we calve and lamb during the warm spring and summer. We use freeze brands on our cattle, practice low stress livestock handling, and move our animals frequently onto fresh pastures. Our sows are not kept in farrowing or gestation crates – they are allowed to nest naturally and and are not separated from their piglets at any time. Their piglets are not weaned until 12 weeks of age. Our beef and pork (and soon lamb) is certified humane by the British Columbia SPCA. We use a small government inspected family owned abattoir and personally handle our animals right to slaughter to ensure they are treated humanely and with respect.

Our products are available retail in Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton and Stony Plain in several health food stores. Customers can also order direct from us. We personally deliver to our customers located in Edmonton and Calgary and surrounding areas. We ship via refrigerated truck across Canada.

TK Ranch, Colleen Biggs, PO Box 2050, Hanna, Alberta T0J 1P0, Toll-free: 1 (888) TK Ranch (857-2624).
E-mail: colleen@tkranch.com. Website: www.tkranch.com.

Trail's End Ranch is a fifth-generation family operation, raising grassfed beef the way it was done before the days of feedlots. The cattle spend summers grazing the beautiful Porcupine Hills, and winters on native prairie and hay land near Nanton, always with free access to pasture. They are fed and finished on only forage, not grain. We work the cattle from horseback, and try to keep their lives natural and stress-free. Through upgrades to the watering system and rotational grazing we conserve water and minimize impact on the land.

Although not certified organic, we follow organic vaccination protocol, the beef is hormone implant and antibiotic free, we control weeds by cutting or pulling by hand (no small chore!) rather than chemicals, and let the cattle do the fertilizing.

Contact us early to order mixed quarters, halves or whole beef, available in summer and fall. Customers pick up their provincially inspected beef orders at our small artisan butcher near Calgary. We also have a wide selection of nitrite, msg and gluten free sausages made professionally by an European sausage maker. Lean and delicious, they are made only with reduced sea salt, grassfed beef, and spices.

The sausages, as well as individual packages of prime cuts, stew meat, ground beef and organ meat, are available by contacting us. We make some deliveries to Calgary, and enjoy our customers' visits to our ranch, where they get to know us, try some samples, and see how their beef is raised.

Trail's End Ranch, Linda Loree and Rachel and Tyler Herbert, PO Box 1313, Nanton AB. (403) 646-3257 or (403) 646-2550.
E-mail: tylerandrachel@trailsendbeef.com. Website: www.trailsendbeef.com. Follow us on Facebook.

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British Columbia

Beaver Meadow Farms / Natural Pastures Beef. Beaver Meadow Farms, Certified Organic Producer #14-096, is certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers’ Association for 401 acres of crop production (pasture) and 260 head of livestock (Dairy / Beef). Our Certified Angus and Certified organically raised beef herd is completely grass-fed, raised and fattened on pasture and grass silage with no supplemental grain feed, and raised in accordance with the requirements for Organic Certification. We are a “Conservation Partner,” recognizing our ecological farm standards within The Land Conservancy Program of B.C.

We’re the third generation of our family to own and operate Beaver Meadows Farms, a designated Heritage Farm. Together, these designations and certifications mean that the Farm adheres strictly to the very highest standards of land and animal stewardship, a philosophy and way of life that our family has endorsed for many years. We harvest non-grazed pastures and vacuum pack the silage so even in winter, the cows eat pristine grasses, wildflowers and herbs. Enjoy delicious terroir and superior nutrition of pasture-perfect, grass-finished Natural Pastures Beef.

The uniqueness of our mild marine climate, Certified Angus herd and Certified Organic natural farming based on grass pastures creates an unparalleled, superior taste and quality. Our Heritage Farms pristine, pure pastures, streams, forests and coastal location, provide a deliciously rare “terroir.”

For your ideal enjoyment, Natural Pastures Beef is traditionally processed to customers' specifications and dry aged for superior flavour and tenderness by Gunter Brothers Meat Company. Located 10 km from our Heritage Farms, they are a government inspected facility and a third generation Comox Valley business specializing in custom meat processing.

Our Certified Organic beef is available from local retailers on Vancouver Island under their brand “Island Pastures” at Country Grocer, and under our brand “Natural Pastures Beef” from additional stores. Beginning in September 2012, it will be available in Choices Markets in the Greater Vancouver Area. Custom orders of Natural Pastures Beef are available directly from us at Beaver Meadow Farms (full animal orders only).

For more information, visit our website, or call Edgar at Beaver Meadow Farms.

Beaver Meadow Farms/Natural Pastures Beef, Edgar Smith, 1821-E Anderton Road, Comox BC V9M 4B1. (250) 339-2913. Fax: (250) 339-4057.
E-mail: edgar.ravensnook@telus.net. Website: http://naturalpasturesbeef.ca.

Big Bear Ranch, located near Horsefly in the beautiful Cariboo Region of Central BC, is family owned and operated. We are certified organic by PACS, but our understanding of organic includes more than what can be regulated. We believe in the importance of a holistic balance between land, animals and people. This starts with naturally fertile soil to grow a variety of healthy plants, which our animals graze to provide us with nutritious and great tasting meat. An organic place has to achieve sustainability through biodiversity in the landscape, in the plants and crops and in the species raised.

We don’t feed grain to ruminants and grass finish our beef with a rotational grazing system. Our humane animal husbandry includes low stress handling techniques and grazing on big pastures. We want the animals to be able to live as close as possible to Mother Nature’s plan: cows calve on green grass, pigs grow up in large pastures with trees and wallows, chicken and turkeys are truly raised free range and horses roam on big meadows.

We sell grass fed beef and pasture raised pork as a whole as well as in halves, quarters, and by the cut. Ground beef, European style Bratwurst and pet food are also available. Broadbreasted Bronze Turkeys are available in fall, but have to be preordered. Feel free to visit us at the ranch or have a look at our website.

Big Bear Ranch, Rainer and Gigi Krumsiek, Box 128, Horsefly BC. V0L 1L0, (250) 620-3393. Fax: (250) 620-3393.
E-mail: info@bigbearranch.com. Website: www.bigbearranch.com.

Cedar Beef comes from our small family farm located in the traditional territories of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, at the edge of the Nanaimo River Estuary in beautiful Cedar, BC, on Vancouver Island. All three generations of our family help to run the farm, which provides us the opportunity to live close, and stay connected, to the land and the people we love.

Having farmed here for 30 years, we are determined to steward a fertile, healthy land base to sustain our beef cattle and the abundance of wildlife that depend on the farm’s rich grasslands.

Our Simmental-Red Angus cattle are born on the farm and live in a low stress, natural environment. They are free to roam lush, fertile, highly nutritious forage pastures throughout the grazing season and in winter are supplemented with homegrown grass silage.

Once slaughtered, the beef is dry-aged for 21 days to relax the meat and intensify the flavor. The beef is then cut, wrapped and frozen at a provincially licensed Class ‘A’ slaughter facility nearby.

This combination of genetics, grass-finishing, and dry-aging allows us to offer highly nutritious beef, free of hormones and antibiotics, and full of flavor.

Our pre-packaged mixed freezer boxes offer a convenient way to try a selection of cuts. We also sell beef by the side or split side (quarter).

You can order online at www.cedarbeef.ca/shop for delivery anywhere in British Columbia.

Cedar Beef, Jessica White, 1265 Gordon Road, Nanaimo, BC V9X 1M3 . (250) 884-9139.
E-mail: cedarbeef@gmail.com . Facebook: facebook.com/CedarBeef.

Celista Springs Ranch is located in the sunny Shuswap region of the southern interior of British Columbia. A combination of Genetics, Grass finishing, Low stress handling, and Dry aging enable us to offer premium quality Grass Fed beef, pork, and lamb to our clients.

All products are raised without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal by products as well as processed at a government inspected facility. Products are available in whole, 1/2, 1/4 and custom pack quantities. Contact us for a catalogue.

Celista Springs Ranch, Doug and Marlene Fenton, Box 60, 5067 Line 17 Road, Celista BC V0E 1L0. (250) 955-0959.
E-mail: mfenton@celistaspringsranch.com. Website: http://www.celistaspringsranch.com.

Chilancoh Ranch is an historic cattle ranch established in 1887 by the Bayliff family, who still own and operate the ranch today. We are located in the pristine and isolated Chilcotin plateau, in the interior of BC, Canada, and welcome visitors.

We sell natural, grass-fed beef that is produced sustainably using environmentally sound practices, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics (except when medically necessary). Our cattle graze wild grasses and herbs on range and pasture lands in the spring, summer and fall, and bale-graze on pastures in the winter, fertilizing our lands as they go.

Cattle are treated humanely and we use low-stress handling practices. We partner with Rodear Meats, a local, licensed, and provincially inspected abattoir located in Beaver Valley, east of Williams Lake, to provide our high quality cuts and products. Chilancoh Ranch provides healthy, nutritionally-packed beef full of omega 3s, CLAs, vitamin E, and more for the health of our customers.

Beef can be ordered in various sized packages, as well as by the quarter and the side, throughout the year. Shipping to anywhere in BC can be arranged for the customer and is paid for by the customer. It may be possible for the Ranch to deliver larger orders for buying clubs. Also, we encourage customers to come out to the Ranch: camping can be arranged, and we can make recommendations for activities and sights to see in our beautiful, wild Chilcotin.

Chilancoh Ranch, Hellen and Hugh Bayliff, Box 5, Redstone BC V0L 1S0. (250) 394-4404.
E-mail: chilancoh@gmail.com. Website: http://www.chilancohranch.ca.

Cowichan Bay Farm is a family farm that has been providing Vancouver Island and beyond with wholesome poultry, meat, and eggs for 90 years. To begin enjoying the health and flavour benefits of grass and pasture-raised chicken, meat, and eggs, contact us at (250) 746-7884. Our exceptional chicken has been recognized by the west coast publication Epicure & Travel, the radio program "Food for Thought" and by numerous distinguished chefs.

Our pasture-raised poultry is available whole, in parts, smoked, as sausage (4 kinds) and as mince. Purchases can be made at the farm. We also deliver to Victoria.

Cowichan Bay Farm, Lyle Young, 1560 Cowichan Bay Road, RR1 Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island BC V0R 1N0.
E-mail: farmer@cowichanbayfarm.com. Website: http://www.cowichanbayfarm.com.

Fairburn Farm—Cowichan Water Buffalo Dairy. Our water buffalo thrive on grass and haylage from our own property. During the 110-year history of Fairburn Farm, no pesticides or herbicides have been used on the land. No hormones or antibiotics are used in the farming of our animals. Limited milk products should be available in the fall of 2004.

Fairburn Farm has the only purebred herd of Bulgarian Murrah, the dairy water buffalo, in North America. Five percent of the world milk production is from water buffalo, although the volume per female is less than cows. As the herd increases, mozarella di bufala will be produced locally. Water buffalo meat products include a variety of sausages including salami, pepperoni, bratwurst, plus mince for burgers, roast, and steaks. Recipes are available. Water buffalo is pasture-raised and a naturally lean meat, mild flavored, low in cholesterol, and high in minerals.

At the moment, all products are available farm gate.Fairburn Farm offers farm stays and May to September Afternoon Teas on Sunday afternoons, by reservation. Come and meet the water buffalo.

Fairburn Farm, Darrel and Anthea Archer, 3310 Jackson Road, Duncan BC V9L 6N7. (250) 746-4637 Fax: (250) 746-4317.
E-mail: info@fairburnfarm.bc.ca. Website: http://www.fairburnfarm.bc.ca.

Fir Hill Farm is a sustainable heritage farm located in the beautiful Gulf Islands of BC, between Victoria and Vancouver. We raise our livestock sustainably and naturally on grass like nature intended. Our beef and lamb are finished on grass, and we also have heritage turkeys and free-range chickens and eggs.

We sell from MacDonald Farm Store (4415 Bedwell Harbour Rd, Pender Island, BC), a farmer’s cooperative located in a heritage house. They also house a farm equipment museum and have lambs, chickens and horses for visitors to enjoy. MacDonald Farm Store also has our wool products (socks, pillows, comforters, yarn) and in-season produce.

Fir Hill Farm, Barbara Johnstone Grimmer, 2310 Grimmer Road, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M1. (250) 629-3817.
E-mail: firhill@gulfislands.com.

The Gattiker Farm is a small family operation located in the beautiful Bulkley Valley, 20 km east of Smithers, BC. We believe in raising our beef naturally and pasturing them from spring until late fall. Our cows are fed home-grown, pesticide- and fertilizer-free hay during the winter months with a minimal amount of grain (less than 2 lbs/animal) fed to the weaned calves during the cold winter season.Our natural beef is free of antibiotics, growth hormones or other chemicals and we do not feed any animal by-products. Low stress handling and humane treatment of our cows result in very quiet animals who are content to roam our pastures and eat what nature intended them to.

We sell our beef by the side or quarter, as well as small amounts, depending on availability. All our products are government inspected. Please call us for our prices.

Gattiker Farm, Anika or Peter Gattiker, 14308 Bourgon Road, Telkwa BC V0J 2X2. (250) 846-5494.
E-mail: anika.gattiker@outlook.com.

Grass Root Dairies, formerly known as Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm, opened its doors in 1983. We opened our doors making Gouda Cheese and Quark (a soft German-style cream cheese). As the years passed, we expanded into making Spiced Gouda, Maasdammer, and yogurt. Since 2009 we have been processing non-homogenized Grass-fed milk sold in 2-liter reusable glass bottles and 1-liter plastic bottles. We also sell chocolate milk with only 3 ingredients: milk, sugar and cocoa.

Our products are delivered to a variety of locations in the Shuswap, Okanagan, and the lower mainland of British Columbia. Our cheese is also shipped throughout the rest of Canada via Canada Post. (See our website to order on line)

All our products are 100% Grass Fed all year long and we use organic practices, but what makes our dairy products so special is that the milk comes from our very own Grass-fed Milking Shorthorns and Brown Swiss cows. The cows get 3 to 6 times more nutrients from grass, than milk from grain fed cows. The major fats present in Grass-fed cow’s milk are Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These are considered to be good Fats. Our cows are on Pasture from May until October. They are fed with Organic Hay raised on our own fields the rest of the year.

Customers are encouraged to come visit our Family Farm, roam around and visit our cows and calves, sample our products, or sit in our picnic area and enjoy a cheese snack and a piece of cheesecake or yogurt smoothie made with our own products in our kitchen.

Gort's Gouda Cheese Farm, Yolanda Gort-Tiller and Gary and Kathy Wikkerink, 1470-50th Street SW, Salmon Arm BC V1E 3B5. (250) 832-4274.
E-mail: grdairies@gmail.com. Website: www.grassrootdairies.com.

Dave & Pat Griffith have a family-based business raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, cattle, and goats. All of the animals are raised on pasture and are not fed any hormones, pesticides, herbicides, or medicated feed.

Chickens are available from July 1st to October 5th (whole birds only). Turkeys are sold in October. Pork and beef are available year round in halves or whole carcasses. (Beef is also available as hamburger by the pound.) Goat is available in whole carcasses.

Dave and Pat Griffith, Box 1942, Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A0. (250) 567-2860.
E-mail: ebus292@uniserve.com.

K & M Farms raises turkeys and chickens like your grandmother did—the natural way. Outdoors, on pasture, with no antibiotics, growth hormones, or meat by products. They are supplemented with a grain diet while they forage in the pasture.

Fresh pasture raised turkeys are available the week before Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas. Turkeys weigh from 16 pounds up to 30 pounds. Heavy roasting chickens are available fresh from June to October. Frozen chicken is available throughout the year as supply lasts.

Check our website for pictures and current prices.

K & M Farms, Mark Robbins, 28494 Maclure Road, Abbotsford BC V4X 1L4. (604) 857-8912. Fax: (604) 857-8916.
E-mail: kmfarms@shaw.ca. Website:http://www.kmfarms.ca/.

Laughing Valley is "dedicated to producing and supplying the most natural foods possible" and fostering "the restoration of natural fertility processes through biodiversity and no-till farming." In keeping with a Paleolithic or "instinctual" diet, no preservation is used other than drying at low temperatures.

Products available include pemmican (made from shredded dry beef, fat, and wild berries), and dried beef, lamb, chicken, and wild salmon. Stocks are very limited, "so show your interest in advance."

Laughing Valley, Jean-Claude Catry, 115 Forest Ridge Road, Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1W4. (250) 653-9122.
E-mail: instinct@saltspring.com.

Morningstar Farm and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks are situated on a beautiful 68 heritage farm just minutes from downtown Qualicum Beach and Parksville. We have a herd of about 60 dairy cows that we milk morning and evening. During the day, when the pastures are drier, our girls are happily grazing while our cheese makers are processing that day's milk into one of our award winning cheeses! They graze on our farm (weather permitting) and we supplement with alfalfa. We feed our cows approximately 8 pounds of grain per day.

You can watch them make cheese from one of our viewing windows. Come for a self guided tour or an organized group tour which includes a hay ride (weather permitting), informative stations around the farm and cheese tasting in our farm gate store.

Our store has our own home-grown pork and beef, free range eggs and lots of other farmy souvenirs. If you let us know a little further in advance, we could organize a party for you. Big or small, casual or out-door dining out on the front lawn, under the willow, down by the pond...sound peaceful?

Our hours of business are:

  • March 1st – June 30th (Mon-Sat): 9–5 PM (parties can stay longer!)
  • July 1st – August 31st (Mon-Sun): 9–6 PM
  • September 1st – December 31st (Mon – Sat): 9–5 PM

We are the only dairy farm in British Columbia that is SPCA certified. We believe that our cheese tastes the best if we feed our cows the best. You can find us at Thrifty's Foods, Edible Island, Whole Foods, Naked Naturals, and other fine delis and health conscious stores in B.C.

Morningstar Farm / Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Lori Palmier, office manager, or Clarke Gourlay, owner, 403 Lowry's Road, Parksville BC V9P 2B5, Canada. (877) 248-4353 or (250) 954-3931.
E-mail: cheese@island.net. Website: http://www.cheeseworks.ca.

Outlawmeats is proud to present naturally raised outlawlambs, raised on a mix of natural grasslands, mixed forest,and deep rooted alfalfa. Importing the Kiwi Dennis and his expertise allows us to offer a delicious subtle flavoured earthy tasting lamb with the benefit of being LOCAL.

"Bringing the Farmers Market to your Friendly Local Butcher," we have hand selected butchers and made a list from which you can choose where to have your lamb delivered and custom cut. We are supplying from 100 Mile House, BC south to Vancouver and Whistler, BC East to Kamloops area. If you live outside our area and don't have a local sheep farmer to support, please contact us.

From the middle of August till Christmas we will have the perfect 55–65lb carcass weight lamb. Our lamb is also available at all Vancouver, BC. Whole Foods Market locations.

Outlawmeats, Nicola von Rosen and Dennis Clausen, Box 490, Clinton BC V0K 1K0. (604) 996-9599.
E-mail: info@outlawmeats.com. Website: http://www.outlawmeats.com.

Pasture to Plate is about providing meat that is good for you through happy livestock, abundant wildlife, happy people in a healthy environment, from our family to you and your family.

Our beef cattle are handled by low stress methods. Our mature grass-finished animals are not treated with antibiotics, chemical parasite control products, or growth promoting implants. No grain or animal by-products are fed to any of our ruminant animals.Pastures are free of herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers—the first step to ensuring that the meat you buy from us is a good choice.Predation of our livestock is discouraged with the help of guardian dogs. All meat is provincially inspected.

Beef is aged 21 to 30 days. Our meat is sold fresh-frozen and available year-round. Pricing F.O.B. Williams Lake, BC. Special cuts and pet food available upon request. Meet us at the annual farmers' markets during Vancouver market season. We also offer by mail order a 50-pound boxed selection of frozen meat to be shipped to your home!

Please visit us at our website.

Pasture to Plate, Jasmin and Felix Schellenberg, Box 88, Alexis Creek BC V0L 1A0 (250) 394-4410.
E-mail: grassfed@pasture-to-plate.com. Website: http://www.pasture-to-plate.com.

Phil's Farm has been raising pastured poultry in strict adherence to the "Salatin method" since 1998. Chicks arrive at the farm one day old, and from then on I control everything they eat. Just as important, I control what they do not eat, such as no hormones and no antibiotics. After 21 days in the brooder, my chicks are feathered up and ready to move to pasture. This results in a superior tasting, humanely raised chicken.

I sell everything I grow at my farm, including blueberries and raspberries. The best way to contact me is by phone, also check out my website.

Phil's Farm, Phil Christensen, 6080 Oldfield Road, Victoria BC V9E 2J4. (250) 652-2264.
Website: http://www.philsfarm.ca.

Prairie Gold Pastured Meats. Omnivores and Vegetarians alike are losing trust in the quality and healthfulness of meat from the grocery store. We provide you with a humanely raised source of healthy, delicious, and affordable 100% pasture-finished beef.

Discover the Prairie Gold Pastured Meats Herdshare program: 1) Buy into our herd of grass-fed angus cattle. 2) Hire us to tend the herd and steward the land. 3) Pick up your portion of the pasture-finished beef!

WHEN YOU JOIN THE HERDSHARE YOU'RE PART OF A BETTER FOOD SYSTEM: Humane Production and Processing of Animals – 75 mg of Omega-3 Per Serving – First Generation Family Farm – Community Supported Agriculture.

A half share yields 1/8th of a beef which provides you with at least 40 pounds of frozen beef from the whole animal. $390

A full share yields 1/4 of a beef which provides you with at least 80 pounds of frozen beef from the whole animal. $750

Pricing is also available on individual cuts, ground beef, boxes of burger patties, smokies, hot dogs, soup bones, offal, and more! Delivery is available to your door in Red Deer for orders over $75. We serve Red Deer, Calgary, the Bow Valley, Edmonton and anywhere in between!

Call, text, or e-mail Blake for more info or order online today. We're your source for local, humanely raised healthy, delicious, and affordable 100% pasture finished beef. I WANT TO BE YOUR HERDSMAN!

Check out how we move the cattle so they are 100% grass-finished: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmOdJqDIrPQ

Prairie Gold Pastured Meats, Blake and Angela Hall, 10-27042 Twp. Road 372, Red Deer County, AB T4E 1N6. (587) 876-5736.
E-mail: blake@prairiegoldmeats.ca. Website: www.prairiegoldmeats.ca.

Sumas Mountain Farms is the only producer of 100% certified-organic, lifetime grass-fed & finished beef in the Lower Mainland of BC. We are also the only local producers of certified organic soy-free chicken, certified organic soy-free pastured pork, and certified organic soy-free eggs.

Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford. Our beef is dry-aged, and available in small or large quantities, by the cut. Our organic certification is through Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. We also offer specialty products such as pepperoni, salami, breakfast sausage, farmer sausage, and more. Our layer chickens are in mobile chicken coops which are regularly moved around our pastures — meaning the hens have green pasture to forage on, year-round.

Sumas Mountain Farms is a family-owned farm, and our caring approach to the animals and the land results in beef, pork, chicken and eggs that are truly healthy. Our cows, pigs, and chickens are never confined, and they have vast mountain-top pasture-lands to forage on. Because our beef is 100% grass-fed & finished, the quality of the meat is exceptional, and the flavor is unsurpassed. Our pork is also delicious and filled with healthy nutrients, because the animals are raised outside, in the sunshine, on grass. Plus, our meat products are more nutrient-dense, and they are packed with healthful Omega-3's... all of which is healthier for you, your family, and the planet. You can place your order directly on our website, and pickup directly from our farm.

Sumas Mountain Farms, Kelly Newton, 32500 S Fraser Way #151-380, Abbotsford BC V2T 4W1. (604) 853-6333.
E-mail: info@sumasmountainfarms.ca. Website: http://www.sumasmountainfarms.ca.

Tatlayoko Fold produces grass fed Highland Cattle - this delicious beef is raised in the wild Tatlayoko Valley of British Columbia's Chilcotin region. No breed is better on the grassfed regime than the Highland! No beef is better tasting!

Cut and wrapped frozen highland beef is available for pick up at a central Vancouver location by arrangement, or in Williams Lake by arrangement. Fresh, never frozen sides (halves) also available by arrangement. No hormones, no routine low level antibiotics. Low stress, natural environment. Happy cows!

Tatlayoko Fold, Eliza Michell, Mare's Creek Ranch, PO Box 36, Tatlayoko Lake, BC V0L 1W0. (250) 476-1220.
E-mail: info@tatlayokofold.com. Website: http://www.tatlayokofold.com.

Vale Farms is a multi-generational family-owned and operated farm in the Okanagan Valley. We strive to provide our customers with a choice of quality farm products while cultivating a holistic balance between land, animals, and people. We have organic certification with OCIA and PACS, and we have SCPA certification since 2005.

Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd. offers certified organic Beef and Lamb, which are grass-finished (100% grass-fed and finished on fresh standing grass) and processed at a provincially inspected facility. They are free from: added growth hormones, animal by-products, antibiotics, grain and GMO feeds, pesticides and herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Our farming practices involve environmental projects, community support, sustainable agriculture and nutrition advocacy. Our humane animal husbandry practices include Low-Stress Livestock Handling techniques and spring/summer calving and lambing.

We offer individual cuts, variety packs, and bulk orders, as well as pet food. Our products are available from our farm, the farmer's markets and select retail stores in the Okanagan, and through our distributor in Vancouver. We also offer other seasonal certified organic meats (chicken, pork, etc.), as well as certified organic Garlic and Sea Buckthorn Berry products.

Check out our website for selection and prices.

Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd., 106 Dure Meadow Road, Lumby BC V0E 2G7. (250) 547-2382. Toll Free: 1-866-567-2300 (in BC only).
E-mail: valefarms@telus.net Website: http://www.valefarms.com.

Windhorse Farm is a certified organic farm raising grass-fed/finished red angus beef. The farm is dedicated to raising the finest beef while stewarding the health of the whole farm.

Managed intensive grazing (MiG) combined with high temperature composting and the use of fungal rich compost teas are some of the intensive techniques used on the farm to create the rich and delicious salad bar our beeves enjoy. Windhorse Farm is a member of the Island Organic Producers Association (IOPA Farm #1902) and is certified to the IOPA Guidelines and the Canadian Organic Standards. The farm is also SPCA Certified and has been certified as meeting the standards of the Verified Beef Production (VBP) program for on-farm food safety.

We harvest seasonally and sell our beef by the cut or in small packs through our website. Buyers are welcome to visit the farm to pick-up beef and meet the herd, or delivery can be arranged for south Vancouver Island shoppers.

Windhorse Farm, Tim and Laurice Mock, 3900 Rowe Road, Duncan BC V9L 6T1. (250) 748-2585.
E-mail: sales@windhorseorganics.ca. Website: http://www.windhorseorganics.ca.

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Harborside Farm raises and sells beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and goat all on pasture. We have beef ready in the fall, 3 pigs a week, 900 chickens and 100 turkeys in the fall. All of our products can be purchased through the farm. We can also cut and wrap all the products that we sell and make a variety of quality sausage. We use government inspected abbattoirs to ensure a safe product.

As a young family we worry a lot about the food our kids eat, so in turn we do our very best to raise a natural, quality product that we are proud to feed our family. No hormones are used, all the animals are cared for humanely. We were one of the first farms in Manitoba to be Certified by the Winnipeg Humane Society. Making a living right off the farm is so extremely difficult for young farmers. That is why we as a family are committed to try and do something different to change that. Marketing directly to the consumer allows us to maintain a connection with the families that we supply and keep a sustainable business.

Harborside Farm, Clinton or Pamela Cavers, Box 45, Pilot Mound, MB R0G 1P0. (204) 825-2465.
E-mail: cpcavers@goinet.ca. Website: http://www.harborsidefarms.com.

Hodgins Farm is a family farm that regeneratively farms within the natural ecosystems to improve the health of the land and animals. We utilize organic and holistic management principles and enjoy educating others about regenerative agriculture. We direct market multiple products from our farm.

Our Products:

  • Grassfed Beef
  • Pastured Pork
  • Pastured Chicken
  • Pastured Turkey
  • Free-Range Eggs
  • Pastured Lamb
  • Raw Honey

All of our products are produced on our farm and are free of GMOs, antibiotics and added growth hormones. We use zero pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our farm.

We deliver to Winnipeg, Brandon and Virden and enjoy hosting farm tours and educating people about our farm and regenerative agriculture.

For more information visit our website www.hodginsfarm.com or contact us at 204 838-2285.

Hodgins Farm, Cameron and Lisa Hodgins, Box 925 Lenore, Manitoba Canada R0M 1E0. 1-204-838-2285.
E-mail: hodgins_lisa@hotmail.com. Website: www.hodginsfarm.com.

HotSun Elk Company raises elk and beef cattle in natural surroundings bordering Riding Mountain National Park on a grass and forage diet.

We raise our animals in a low-stress, natural environment and treat them humanely from birth to market. We protect our streams and other natural water sources from harmful animal impact. We manage the grazing pattern of our animals to enhance the growth of the pasture, the health of the land, and the nutritional value of our products. To do this, we take into account the specific soil conditions, vegetation, altitude, growing season, and temperature range of our climate. When high-quality pasture is not available, we feed the animals stored grasses, which can include hay, haylage, and grass silage.

  • We treat the animals once a year with anti-parasite medications, but use no other medications.
  • We do not treat our animals with hormones.
  • We do not treat our animals with routine, low-level antibiotics. Those animals that we must treat with antibiotics due to health problems or injury are removed from this program.

We usually process all our animals in the late spring and summer – that’s when the grass and other forages are growing most rapidly and so are the elk and cattle. New growth is always the most tender and delicious. By autumn, our elk begin their breeding season, start losing weight and meat quality deteriorates. If you thought elk taken in the hunting seasons was good, wait ‘til you taste it from the prime season! We supply naturally produced meat products, including:

  • Elk burger, top end steaks and prime rib roasts
  • Elk sausages – several types (let us know what you like)
  • Beef burger, top end steaks and prime rib roasts

HotSun Elk Company - Ian Thorleifson, PO Box 111, Onanole MB R0J 1N0, (204) 867-0085 or 204 848 2498.
E-mail: vike@mymts.net.

Ivy Hill Farm is a small family farm. We feel very strongly about the ethical treatment of animals. We have beef, pork and occasionally lamb seasonally and as supply lasts. Raised humanely, never implanted, and no sub-therapeutic antibiotic use, our animals are on pasture 24/7 and are supplemented with high quality forages when weather dictates.

Farm gate sales and delivery to Winnipeg occasionally. Enquiries welcome.

Ivy Hill Farm, Sue and Adam Dick, PO Box 147, Steinbach MB.
E-mail: sue@ivyhillfarm.ca. Website: http://www.ivyhillfarm.ca.

At Luna Field Farm we raise:

  • Pasture-raised Chicken
  • Pastured Eggs
  • Grassfed Beef
  • Pastured Pork
  • Grassfed Lamb

Our farm management is informed by the ecological and social principles highlighted in Holistic Management and Permaculture Design. We use management intensive planned grazing to make sure our animals are on the highest quality pasture. Our focus is to produce safe, healthy, natural, nutritious,100% grass/pasture raised meats. We are committed to producing the highest quality grass/pasture raised meats in Manitoba.

No sub therapeutic antibiotic use, no added hormones or medications, feed grains from local non GM sources, no soy used in feed.

Food is available for delivery to WINNIPEG and BRANDON. To order, contact us via telephone or e-mail.

Check out our website for more details.

Luna Field Farm, Lydia Carpenter and Wian Prinsloo, Belmont, Belmont MB R0K 0C0. (204) 537-2299.
E-mail: info@lunafieldfarm.com. Website: www.lunafieldfarm.ca.

McDonald Farm is a family owned and operated farm near Cartwright in southwestern Manitoba. We have been using Holistic Management to make decisions that benefit our land, our animals, and ourselves for almost 15 years.

We offer pastured pork from Berkshire pigs, an heirloom breed renowned for the exceptional taste and texture of their meat. We also have gourmet grass-fed lamb and beef available from animals that have been genetically selected for tenderness and flavor.

For many years now we have been enjoying these premium pork, beef and lamb products from our locally adapted animals which have grazed on our abundant pastures. All of our animals are born and raised on pasture and rotated through our paddocks year round with access to fresh water and lush, green grass. None of our animals have been exposed to any antibiotics, hormones, or unsanitary housing. We replicate nature and harvest the excess that nature provides in an ethical, humane way, always putting foremost the animal's health and comfort.

To purchase the best meat that you have ever tasted, please contact us and come see the happiest animals in the world as they live in our pastures, enjoying the lush grass and fresh air.Our products are also served at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

McDonald Farm, Wayne McDonald, Box 444, Cartwright MB R0K 0L0. (204) 529-2633.
E-mail: mcdonald_farm@yahoo.ca. Website: www.mcdonaldfarm.ca.

Mother Nature's Beef "raises the beef cattle to suit what the final customer requires." You can specify if you want antibiotics withheld, whether the animals are finished on grain or grass, and the age and breed (within limits) of the animal. Most of the cattle are sold at about 850 pounds. Shipping is available.

Mother Nature's Beef, Ml. Masserini, PO Box 34, Lake Francis MB R0C 1T0. (204) 383-5828.
E-mail: ml.masserini@wanadoo.fr.

Poplar Glen Organic Farm is a small family farm located near Dauphin in north-western Manitoba. We raise certified organic beef, pork and poultry and are certified by OPAM (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba). Our grass fed animals produce meat that is flavourful, healthy and free of pesticides and antibiotics.

Frozen beef and pork are available in 25-pound boxes of assorted cuts. Frozen roasting chickens (5 to 6 pound average) are available in August or September. Turkeys (12 to 15 pounds) are available for Thanksgiving.

Products can be picked up at the farm. We occasionally deliver to Winnipeg as supplies allow. Call us to order. A complete listing of products and prices is available at our website.

Poplar Glen Organic Farm, Doug and Kathy Storey, RR 1, Grandview, MB R0L 0Y0. (204) 546-2099.
E-mail: poplar2@mts.net. Website: www.mts.net/~poplar2.

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New Brunswick

Ferme Bourque Red Angus Farm has raised cattle since 1938. Fed exclusively on natural grasses and legumes, and are free of all hormones and antibiotics. Buying direct from our farm allows you to know exactly where your beef is coming from and how it is treated, from our pastures to your table.

Our Angus beef is dry aged for flavour and tenderness, cut and wrapped in a local, provincially inspected abattoir. Our beef is available in halves, quarters and 1/2 quarters.

We are located 30 minutes from Moncton, and we deliver. We would be interested in delivering in the St-John and Frediricton area to supply buying clubs. We normally start selling in early fall and early spring.

Ferme Bourque Red Angus Farm, Jean Bourque or Gilles Bourque, 1569 Rue Principale, Memramcook NB E4K 2T1. Jean: (902) 664-8971 or Gilles: (506) 866-5176.
E-mail: info@grassfednb.ca. Website: www.grassfednb.ca.

At Triple F Farm, we have a mixed farm, raising everything organically, but not certified, so we can pass on the savings to the consumer. We have organically raised grassfed beef for sale by the side, quarter, or 25 or 16 pound box. Freezer lamb is available by the side.

Shipping arrangements can be worked out. Pricing for beef at the farm: Half beef is $3.50 a pound. Quarter is $3.75 pound. Call for more information.

Triple F Farm, Bill or Joan Flemming, 718 Union Corner Road, Union Corner NB E7N 268. (506) 277-6570
E-mail: jbflem@nb.sympatico.ca.

Nova Scotia

Bountywoods Farm is located on a 10-acre hillside farm near the Shubenacadie River, just south of South Maitland, NS. We produce pasture-raised chickens and turkeys fed only organic feed; and eggs from pastured hens; as well as vegetables grown from heirloom seeds; sun-ripened berries and fruits; fresh herbs; and naturally grown cut flowers.

We are using permaculture and organic growing methods on our sustainably managed soils. We are a small family farm with a large diversity of naturally grown products. This stems from our belief that a variety of species brings some stability to the ecosystem. Bountywoods Farm is dedicated to growing healthy foods without the use of harmful products such as GMO seeds and plants, and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We try to promote the health and fertility of the soil, the plants and the animals under our stewardship, knowing the result is ultimately better health for us as the farmers, and you the consumer.

Last, but not least, we aim to propagate fertile relationships as we serve our customers. We hope to cultivate a growing friendship with you!

Bountywoods Farm, 10580 Highway 215, South Maitland, NS, B0N 2H0. (902) 261-2077.
E-mail: marvin@bountywoodsfarm.ca. Website: www.bountywoodsfarm.ca.

Holdanca Farms is a family run farm located on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. We have been using the benefits of pasture to improve our land and provide healthy meat products of the highest quality to our customers since 1995. We presently offer grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, free range eggs (pastured in the summer), free range chicken and turkey (licensed through provincial poultry boards).

All of our meats are processed in government inspected facilities (our poultry are done on-farm). We make our own sausages, and our products are all vacuum packed to maintain freshness. All meats are available by the cut as well as in larger volumes for wholesale. We have a small store on-farm, and do regular deliveries to Truro and Halifax.

Call or email us if you have any questions!

Holdanca Farms LTd., John Duynisveld, 12628 Highway 6, Wallace, NS B0K 1Y0. (902) 257-1871.
E-mail: j.duynisveld@ns.sympatico.ca. Website: www.holdanca.ca.

Wild Mountain Farm is a small grass farm owned and operated by Lance Bishop up on Nova Scotia's beautiful North Mountain, near Wolfville. Lance produces quality 100% grass-fed beef and 100% grass-fed lamb.

The farm does not use chemical fertilizers, livestock growth hormones, or antibiotic feeds. The production philosophy is guided by mother nature and the animal husbandry is based on kindness, comfort, and respect.

Lance sells his products at the exciting Wolfville Farmers' Market every Saturday morning. You can use the online custom order sheet to build yourself a freezer order or shop at the Farmers' Market for individual cuts.

The farm also provides a meat CSA buying club program with monthly box drop-offs in the Halifax area and other locations across the province.

Wild Mountain Farm, Lance Bishop, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Road, RR#5 Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1H0. (902) 582-1208.
E-mail: lance@wildmountain.ca. Website: www.wildmountain.ca.

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4 Ponds FarmSee below

Arnold & Phoenix Grass Fed BeefSee Phoenix & Arnold Beef below

Arrowhead Meats Ltd is a family-based farm outside of Listowel, Ontario. Our values focus on creating a healthy, ethical product for everyone to enjoy. All of our animals are pasture-raised, hormone-free and free of any interaction with GMOs.

We currently offer Beef, Pork, Turkey, Chicken, and free-range Eggs when we have them. We also work with other farmers in the area, to bring you fresh produce, some of which is certified organic. Our beef receive grass, hay and fresh cut fruit (pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes, and melons) from Sun-Rich Fruit. There is always a trough of it available for the animals free-choice, but they are more likely to eat it in the winter when some of the animals prefer to be inside rather than outside during times of snow, etc.

We offer whole or half animals, but also family-sized boxes which are vacuum packed for freshness. Our site is a fully functional Ecommerce shop, so that you just have to order and have it shipped right to your door, the most painless shopping you'll ever do.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

Arrowhead Meats Ltd., Michael Palermo, 5121 Perth Line 89, Gowanstown, Ontario N0G 1Y0. (905) 616-4233.
E-mail: arrowheadmeats@gmail.com. Website: www.arrowheadmeats.com.

At Baer's Natural Beef, in the London, Ontario area, our grassfed beeves live a full, natural life. They are born on this acreage, stay with their mothers, and are weaned onto grass, hay and haylage until they are ready for harvest. The animals are fed exclusively grasses and legumes, which they forage for themselves in the summer, and are supplemented with Kelp Meal, natural trace mineral salt and certified organic minerals.

We follow organic practices carefully, but are not 'Certified Organic.' To our knowledge, this land has never had chemicals applied. We came here in 1989, and removed most of the hawthorn trees in order to better grow grass. Our rotational grazing system minimizes the use of energy burning machinery, making this one of the ‘greenest’ ways to produce high protein, healthy grassfed beef.

Our beef is available by the side, (approximately 300 pounds), warm dressed weight (before processing, in which case it can be cut to your specifications) OR purchase a representative sample, i.e., some of each: roasts, steaks, ground beef, soup bones, stewing beef, sausage, etc., in 25, 50, or 100-pound packages. Call or email for pricing.

Baer's Natural Beef, David and Marjorie Baer, 4494 Scotchmere Drive, R 2, Glencoe ON NOL 1M0. (519) 287-2488.
E-mail: davebaersr@gmail.com.

Beaver Vale Farms is a family run operation that has been in our family since 1849. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality Grass Fed Beef. Our cattle are exclusively pasture fed and in the winter eat hay and haylage. Our animals receive no antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO’s. Our pastures receive no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The animals are processed locally at a provincially inspected abattoir and are dry aged for 21 days for superior flavour and tenderness. We sell meat in quarters, halves, whole and smaller family packs.

We are located 30 minutes north of Toronto and would welcome your visit, but please call ahead.

Beaver Vale Farms, Craig and Wenda Lea Wilcox, 4736 8th Line RR#1, Beeton Ontario L0G 1A0. (905) 775-7639.
E-mail: cwilcox@interhop.net. Website: www.BeaverVale.ca.

Beretta Farms is a family-run farm business committed to providing certified organic and naturally raised meats to people who are concerned not only about what they eat but also about the health and well being of the earth.

On our farms we use No chemicals, genetically modified organisms, or artificial fertilizers in our cropping. Our animals are free from antibiotics, growth promoters, they are never used in the raising of our livestock.

We are proud to offer a unique product of "Grass Only Beef," the beef are raised entirely on grass. The cattle grown for the "Grass Only Beef" have the distinction of never having eaten anything other than forages (pasture grasses and hay). This exceptional product comes from cattle raised their whole lives on grass and hay, never having even tasted grain.

Beretta offers retail and wholesale delivery in the province of Ontario. Our website offers our clients an easy way to find information on our farm and products. Clients can also order online for their weekly deliveries.

Beretta Farms Inc., Cynthia Beretta, 4400 15th Sd Road, King City, Ontario L7B 1K4. (416) 674-5609.
E-mail: info@berettafarms.com. Website: www.berettafarms.com.

Brookfront Farms is located 10 minutes southwest of Kitchener. We have grass/hay fed Black Aberdeen Angus Beef year round from our certified organic farm. Land has been certified since 1992, currently with Pro-Cert.

No grain is given to the cattle at any time through their life. Intense rotational grazing methods are practiced through the spring, summer and fall that give the cattle fresh grass every day. Dry hay is fed in through the winter months inside and outside bale grazing so the cattle have access to the outdoors through the winter if they want. Calves are born on the pastures in the spring and stay with their mothers till they are weaned the following March and moved to top quality pastures. No hormones or antibiotics are ever given.

We offer beef by the side, prepared beef boxes, or by the cut. We also have All Beef Farmer's sausage (beef, organic black pepper, organic garlic and sea salt) and Nitrate-Free Summer Sausage (beef, honey, sea salt, organic pepper, organic garlic, Vitamin C crystals).

Visit our website for more information and pricing. All order pick ups are by appointment only.

Brookfront Farms, Andrea, RR#1, New Dundee ON N0B 2E0. (519) 498-3840.
E-mail: farm@brookfrontfarms.com. Website: www.brookfrontfarms.com.

Century Game Park has been a family farm since 1837, five generations taking a diversified approach to farming. Inspired by a book called "Grassland" by Richard Manning, we believe that the bison and elk can provide an abundance of food naturally raised for taste and tenderness.

A holistic approach to farming allows us to utilize the grassland to its highest potential and bring forth a harvest of quality meat products that everyone can enjoy. Not only do the bison produce fine food, but leather products as well such as gloves and moccasins.

Tours of the farm are available from May 24th until October 31st. Enjoy a trip through the herds as calves frolic and play. Bring buffalo back home to your table tonight. Encourage the rebuilding of the original cattle by enjoying them.

Century Game Park, Rod Potter, RR 1, Warkworth Ontario K0K 3K0. (705) 924-3019.
E-mail: bison@centurygamepark.com. Website: www.centurygamepark.com.

Devonside is an “unconventional farm” in this region, employing ecological principles of land management and a holistic approach to raising livestock.

From May until November, our (beef) cattle are rotationally grazed on 35 acres of permanent pasture. Through the winter months they eat organically grown hay, supplemented with free-choice minerals. They always have access to the great outdoors as well as cozy shelter with clean, dry straw. Our animals receive no grain, no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO feeds. They receive only grass, hay, minerals, clean water, and loving care.

Our animals are registered "American Milking Devons,” descendents of the original North Devons of England. A true triple purpose breed, they are renowned for their production of rich milk and well-marbled beef on grass alone; as well as their abilities as draft animals. In addition to raising breeding stock, we have available in season high quality grass-fed beef by the 45 pound mixed box.

We take advanced orders for our beef, so please contact us regarding our next availability and for ordering details. Visit our website for more information and photos of our animals and our farm. We welcome visitors to meet our beautiful Devon herd. Please contact us in advance in order to arrange a visit.

Devonside, John Drummond and Jacinta Willems, 5252 Perth Line 29 RR#2, Mitchell, Ontario, Canada. (226) 799-4470.
E-mail: devonside@quadro.net. Website: www.devonside.ca.

Dragonfly Garden Farm's Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef ~ Free-Range Pork & Poultry (Chicken, Duck, Goose & Turkey) ~ Game Birds ~ are raised using organic, ecological and sustainable farming principals. Our Season begins in June, and continues until December.

At Dragonfly Garden Farm our animals live outside on pasture, eating various native grasses and plants. Proactive animal management practices, fresh air, green grass, and regular house-keeping, allows us to raise a nice variety of animals on a small scale.

All our animals are given free choice to decide when they go outside, eat, drink or sleep. We provide clean and comfortable housing and ensure our farm practices are respectful of each animal, the land we farm and the environment.

We offer two kinds of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The Fall Family CSA is a 200-pound meat sampler which feeds a family of four for 100 meals. The Farm Share CSA is a meat sampler delivered monthly from June to December. We also offer many sizes of Beef & Pork Samplers, custom processing, and Local Meat Samplers which contain a small sample of beef, pork and chicken for first time grass-fed meat eaters.

Farm Tours are always welcome.

It would be our pleasure to be your farmer AND your animal feed, mineral and natural health supplement supplier. Proud to be your Homestead Organics Dealer.

Dragonfly Farm Store, Cindy & Mike Wilhelm, 216303 Concession 4, RR#2, Chatsworth, Ontario N0H 1G0. (519) 794-0471.
E-mail: info@dragonflyfarmstore.ca. Website: www.dragonflyfarmstore.ca.

Dreamach Acres is a 200-acre family run farm that focuses on an "all natural" approach to raising our grass fed Irish Dexter herd. Although our farm is not "certified organic," we follow the general principles of being organic: no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and a stress-free, calm environment.

We do not use any chemicals in our pastures, and cattle are not fed grain. Summer months they live on our rotational pastures, and winter months they eat a top quality wrapped hay/forage. Doing things natural does take time, and it takes two years for our Dexter cattle to reach market weight from birth. With their smaller size and slow growth, the meat is excellent tasting, well-marbled, and has a low fat content.

We sell our beef by the whole or half, allowing you to decide how you want it cut/wrapped and frozen. We also sell by the "sampler box" consisting of 2 roasts/4 steaks/5-lbs hamburger, all for $120.00 (great for those without a large freezer). We encourage you to order ahead of time be sure it will be available. Orders can be picked up or delivered in our local area.

We also have chickens and lamb on a spring pre-order basis for fall pickup. Please call the farm if you have questions or wish to place an order.

Dreamach Acres, John McGriskin or Royanne Pacey, 2303 Asphodel 7th Line, Norwood ON K0L 2V0. (705) 341-3122.
E-mail: grassfeddexterbeef@gmail.com.

Echo Valley Ranch produces healthy, tasty, 100% grass fed beef.

Our beef is raised on the rich grasses grown on 1st class farmland. They are handled in a low stress manner, and we only harvest in the Fall when the meat is at its prime. These 3 factors ensure that our meat is tender, tasty, as well as healthy.

We take custom freezer orders for quarters, halves, wholes, or smaller box orders of 10–30 lbs. Farm tours are available by appointment.

Please visit our website for more information on our philosophies, farming practices, and products.

Echo Valley Ranch, Brad and Donna Martin, 7074 Side Road 15, RR#2 Moorefield, Ontario N0G 2K0. (519) 638-5951.
E-mail: bdmartin@bell.net. Website: http://evrgrassfed.com/.

Elm Tree Farm started out raising a few animals for their own consumption, "so we knew what we were eating." We have now grown a bit, but you have to order early. Our Highland beef is low in cholesterol and very tender, and it has no hormones, antibiotics, or additives.

The beef is available in the fall, and occasionally in the summer. Lamb is available in the fall.

All the meat can be picked up at the farm.

Elm Tree Farm, Andreas Haelssig, Burnstown Ontario K0J 1G0. (613) 432-5893. E-mail: khaelssig@on.aibn.com. www.geocities.com/arkankennel/farm.htm.

Fairchild Farm raises grassfed beef in a natural environment. Our cattle are on pasture all summer and feed on hay all winter—no grains or corn. We are not certified organic but use no hormones or other chemicals. We believe in giving the animals a stress free and comfortable life and in return they convert grass and other plants into food for us all its a perfect system.

Please visit our website for ordering information and pictures. We sell all year, but more through the winter. We also sell halves and quarters and special orders.Thanks, Richard and Fiona Porter.

Fairchild Farm, Richard and Fiona Porter, 2091 Concession #8 West, RR#1, Cambridge ON N1R 552.
E-mail: fairchildfarm@yahoo.ca. Website: www.fairchildfarm.com.

4 Ponds Farm is where the Probst Family maintains a purebred herd of Scottish Highland cattle. They are grass-fed and naturally raised without hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. This breed is very well adapted and has been kept true to form since recorded history, never loosing their ability to thrive on grass alone. Furthermore, studies show that Highland beef is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein and iron than other beef. The result is richly flavoured and well-marbled beef.

Our beef is dry aged for 21 days and is cut and wrapped to your specifications by the half, and is picked up locally in the Cambridge area. Our animals are generally 18 months old or younger and the sides weigh from 175 to 275 lbs.

The animals are available in the fall after the pasture season. We do take orders all year long due to a limited supply. Sometimes we have a half available from our freezer as well as hamburger by the pound all year long. Occasionally we have whole frozen Muscovy ducks, raised free range where they get a significant part of their diet from insects and grass.

4Ponds Farm, Fred and Anne Probst, RR#1, Drumbo Ontario N0J 1G0. (519) 463-5335.
E-mail: probst@silomail.com.

Grandview Farms is a family run farm sitting atop the Beaver Valley and Georgian Bay. We are a Certified Organic farm with over 400 acres of pastures that have been grazed by animals for over 25 years. We raise grass fed beef cattle, angus and Wagyu, as well as pasture raised heritage breeds of pork.

Grandview does a few things differently than any other farm. First, we plant annual grasses to supplement our animals diet through the hot months of the summer. The animals will roam through the tall annual grasses prior to the grasses reaching seed stage, and will therefore be able to gain weight through the hot summer months, an unusual occurrence when pastures tend to stop growing from the heat. Second, we finish our cattle on locally grown apples and pears to promote meat that is not only very balanced nutritionally, but is very well marbled. The result is Pork and Beef that is second to none in terms of taste and nutritional profile (our beef tests at 3.9 to 1, omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a rate almost as good as wild game and 300% better than feedlot meat).

We of course do not allow anti-biotics or growth stimulants (hormones) anywhere near our animals and we provide them with the best possible living conditions, including wood lots and ponds for the hot summer days. We focus on animal welfare from birth to slaughter, and take great efforts to make sure that all of our animals live in the most pleasant and humane conditions for their entire lives.

Grandview offers boxed meat ordering (random sampling of cuts), or you can order specific cuts that your family desires. We deliver in the GTA and can ship frozen across Canada. We sell our meat directly through our website or by emailing us at orders@grandviewfarms.ca.

Grandview Farms, Matthew von Teichman, RR#1, Thornbury ON. (416) 457-9505.
E-mail: orders@grandviewfarms.ca. Website: www.grandviewfarms.ca.

Grass Roots Beef at Hillview Farm is 100% grass fed. The Canadian Galloway cattle are raised on the pastures of a family farm and are fed only a natural diet of pasture and hay. While grazing they are rotated through the pastures of Hillview Farm in southern Grey County, two hours northwest of Toronto.

Managed intensive grazing techniques maximize the quality of the naturally occurring grasses and clovers and help protect the environment by preserving grasslands and habitat for wild life. The hay grown on Hillview Farm is fed during the winter months. No antibiotics, hormones or additives of any kind are fed, and no herbicides are used in this totally grass fed diet. The water from the farm well is pumped to each of the pastures allowing the cattle to drink the same water we do.

Only low-stress, humane cattle management techniques are used on Hillview Farm and visitors enjoy watching the herd being quietly led to new pastures, and grazing fresh grass in familiar surroundings.

While grass finished cattle take a little longer to get to their finished weight than cattle in feedlots, we take the time. Their meat becomes healthier, lower in saturated fats, higher in Omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). A 100% grass fed diet also leads to increased levels of Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in the beef. Some doctors have begun recommending grass finished beef to families.

The cattle’s rate of growth and quality of their meat will be determined by their natural diet and the richness of their environment, not drugs and food additives.

Grass Roots Beef animals are processed at a nearby small family owned abattoir under government inspection and regulation, then dry aged to maximize the natural flavour benefits of grass finished cattle.

Grass Roots Beef at Hillview Farm, Dennis Starkey, 263836 Southgate Road 26, RR 4, Durham Ontario N0G 1R0. (519) 369-6966.
E-mail: grassrootsmeats@gmail.com. Website: www.grassrootsbeef.com.

Hav A Heart Beef—Grass Finished Galloway Beef, humanely produced without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and GMOs. At Hav A Heart Beef we are committed to producing beef that is consistently tender, flavorful and, most importantly, healthy.

We started with the oldest beef breed known, Galloway. Galloways are naturally hardy with an innate ability to finish on grass as opposed to grain. Grass Finished Galloway Beef is inherently tender and juicy, with the beef carrying an extremely low fat content of 3% and a healthy Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 3:1. Grass Finished Galloway beef is higher in cancer fighting Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA); up to 11% higher in Protein, higher in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene; has half the Saturated Fat; is lower in Cholesterol and has up to 55.8% less Calories than grain fed beef.We follow organic practices, however are not certified.

Our cattle are drug, hormone and pesticide free and are traceable from conception through to our end buyers. Our feed is GMO- and pesticide-free.

Hav A Heart Beef, Grass Finished Galloway Beef, is available in halves, mixed quarters, 40 lb. and 20 lb. mixed beef boxes year round. We also carry a line of gourmet all beef summer sausage and gourmet all beef pepperettes.

On farm pick-ups are welcome, but delivery is also available.

Hav a Heart Beef, Karen Bertin or Rob Unsworth, RR #2, Harriston ON N0G1Z0. (519) 338-3333.
E-mail: havaheartbeef@bell.net. Website: www.havaheartbeef.ca.

Heritage Cattle Company raise our animals the old fashioned way—free range, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

We can trace every animal on our farm from start to finish to ensure health, fresh, safe, natural beef. This is a little more work for us, but the taste and tenderness are worth it, and you have the assurance of a safe product. Our cattle are raised only on pasture / hay in a low stress environment. We further dry-age our meat for the maximum tenderness possible.

Our beef is available at the farm by arrangement or "on line."

Heritage Cattle Company, Inc. Aaron MacDonald, 1472 Heritage Line, Otonabee-South Monaghan ON K0L 2G0. (705) 295-6325.
E-mail: aaron@heritagebeef.ca. Website: http://heritagebeef.ca.

Hillview Farm Grass Roots Beef - See Grass Roots Beef above

Hungry Hollow Organics offers both free-range chickens and organic beef. "Our customers find our products tender and tasty, as well as having the nutritional benefits of grazing animals." The farm is organically certified.

The beef comes in 20 and 40# variety packs or by the quarter or half. The chickens are packaged whole. The beef is available year round and the chicken while quantities last. The beef is available at the farm or in the town of London at Bellemere's Farm Market, Chris's Country Cuts (located in the Covenant Garden Market) or Sullivan's Meat Market. The chicken is available on the farm, only.

We deliver when possible or ship through refrigerated trucking. You are welcome to come and see our farm and pick up your order.

Hungry Hollow Organics, RR 2, Parkhill, Ontario N0M 2K0. (519) 232-9458.
E-mail: hhorganics@execulink.com.

Kitley Beef Farm is located on 100 acres about one hour southwest of Ottawa near the town of Smiths Falls. We have about 50 Rhode Island Red laying hens which we bought as day old chicks. The eggs are available for pickup at the farm gate. Call ahead for availability and price if making a special trip.

They have been fed certified organic feed since birth. From spring to fall they are outside following our beef cattle around the pastures in the "Joel Salatin" method.

Our pastures are free from any herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. We use no drugs, vaccines or hormones. We use no fertilizers. The cattle fertilize as they move through the pastures. We don’t even have an ATV or a tractor (yet). All inspections are done on foot.

We don’t seed pastures with purchased seed. There are possibly 100 different plants growing and reseeding naturally (even milkweed for the Monarchs), the ultimate salad bar. We divide the pasture into paddocks with moveable fences. Twice a day the cattle move to a new paddock so that they always have fresh grass to eat. Every couple days we move the hens to keep up to the cattle.

Kitley Beef Farm, Rudy Haveman, 422 Kitley Line 3, Toledo, Ontario, Canada K0E 1Y0. (613) 275-2267.
E-mailrudyhaveman@gmail.com. Website: www.kitleybeef.ca.

Phoenix & Arnold Beef is an Ontario farming partnership between Joel Phoenix and Jeff Arnold. We run a small beef cattle operation with a herd currently of 200 head. We raise Angus, Galloway and Red Devon cattle.

We sell our product directly to the customer. There are no middlemen. We believe in good service, respect, using the whole animal and that everyone should have access to this kind of healthy beef.

Our cattle are raised outdoors year round. 100% grass fed and finished. Cattle are pastured on large wild pastures in the summer and fed hay only in the winter. No drugs, hormones or anti-biotics.

Phoenix & Arnold Beef, Jeff Arnold, SDRD 17 Cannington, Ontario, Canada L0E 1E0. (905) 872-9000.
E-mail: arnold.jeffrey1@gmail.com. Website: http://phoenixandarnold.com.

At Riverside Acres we are proud to offer grass fed beef and lamb, and pasture raised pork, chicken, and turkey.

Although we have not pursued organic certification, we have chosen not to use chemicals or growth hormones. In addition to foraging in the pasture, our pigs and poultry are fed certified organic grains.

Our grass fed beef and lamb are born and raised on our year-round pasture land. Our cattle and sheep flourish on a 100% grass fed diet and are supplemented with hay during the winter. Our hay is produced on farm to ensure that it has not been sprayed or treated. We practice intensive grazing to maximize our pasture's potential and distribute nutrients more effectively.

The grass fed beef is available in our 30-pound variety sample box or by the half animal. Our lamb is available by the half (25–30 lbs) or whole (50–60 lbs) lamb. Our beef and lamb are available from mid summer to late fall, depending on the growing season and while supplies last.

Our chickens and turkeys are started in the barn and then moved to the pasture when old enough to survive the elements. They are moved regularly to ensure they always have fresh green grass available to them. Our chickens are available from mid summer to late fall and while supplies last. Chickens can be purchased by the whole or half bird. Our turkeys are available only in the fall and can only be purchased by the whole bird.

Our pigs are started indoors in the early spring and then moved to our pasture when the temperatures allow. They are then harvested in the late fall and are available in a 30-pound sampler box or by the half or whole animal.

We are available to deliver our products to Kitchener-Waterloo, London, and the surrounding areas. We offer free delivery to these areas if your order is $150 or greater.

All of our products are processed in government inspected facilities and are only available fully frozen.

Riverside Acres, Nathan and Rosie Kuepfer, 1945 Chalmers Forrest Road, Millbank, Ontario N0K 1L0. (519) 500-5168.
E-mail: natekippy@hotmail.com. Website: http://riversideacres.ca.

Rosedene Acres is located in the heart of the Niagara Region, within the wine and fruit belt. We raise a herd of purebred Irish Kerry Beef Cattle and half-breeds well adapted to flourish on a natural pasture of various grasses and legumes.

Our animals do not receive hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. They are free from stress such as overcrowding, permanent indoor housing, or long shipping distances which decrease health, and in turn the quality of their meat. They are allowed free range of various pastures, hay, and shelter. Even in winter months, our animals have free choice to roam inside or outside the barns.

Come October/November after the pastures are finished, our animals are generally 15 - 21 months old. Hanging sides weigh-in at approximately 225lbs. Sides or quarters are frozen and can be picked up at a local butcher shop. Deliveries can be arranged. A limited number of animals are processed each season. Please contact us for more information or to be put on our waiting list.

Rosedene Acres, 1929 Rosedene Road, St. Anns, Ontario L0R 1Y0. (905) 957-4924.
E-mail: info@rosedeneacres.ca. Website: www.rosedeneacres.ca..

Stone Horse Farm offers pasture-raised heritage pork by the cut and the side.

Since beginning our farm in 2003, we have earned recognition for quality meat with delicate marbling and satisfying flavour. In addition to pasture, our pigs are 100% locally fed with buttermilk, brewers barley, artisanal sourdough bread, and seasonal harvests of apples, pumpkins and carrots.

We welcome visitors by appointment.

Stone Horse Farm, Lisa Peterson, 3869 7th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 3M4. (705) 241-7772.
E-mail: stonehorsefarm@yahoo.ca. Website: www.stonehorse.farm.

Trick's Creek Farm: 100% Grass fed Beef! Bred, born and raised to processing on our 5th/6th generation family farm.

All the workable area of the farm is eligible for organic crop production. Between grazing and hay fields, the cattle take up the majority of the ground but some organic crops are included in the rotation. The beef are processed at a local, provincially inspected facility. A variety of package sizes are available.

Please check out the website for information about us, the farm and where we are. Also on the website are package options and pricing for beef, chicken and turkey as well as blog entries.

Inquiries, questions and farm visits are welcome and encouraged! Plan for a visit to see a functional, non-GMO, non-Industrial, non-Quota, historic family farm in the heart of Huron County.

Trick's Creek Farm, Tom Trick, 73733 Bayfield Road, Clinton, Ontario N0M 1L0 (519) 955-0886.
E-mail: info@trickscreekfarm.com. Website: www.TricksCreekFarm.com.

Twin Creeks Farm and Garden is the farm of Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde and boys, Ian, Joshua, Lukas, Aaron, and Seth. We use organic and sustainable growing methods and our farm and our produce is "Certified Naturally Grown" (http://www.naturallygrown.org/ ).

All livestock, hay, grains and vegetables grown at Twin Creeks are primarily heritage breeds and varieties with absolutely NO pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, or GMO technology. We offer grass fed beef (no grain), grass fed lamb (no grain), grass-fed pork (supplemented with our naturally grown grain and milk from our grass fed cows), eggs from our grass-fed chickens, and grass-fed chicken and turkey (supplemented with our naturally grown grain).

Our beef, lamb, and pork are available by the cut, primarily vacuum packed, and in small quantities. Our grass-fed chicken, turkey and eggs are currently available in limited quantities directly from our farm only, due to provincial marketing board regulations. All produce are available at our farm from Monday–Saturday.

Please call for the availability of all our products and to make sure we are available. We also sell our produce at 3 farmer's markets: Meaford, Collingwood, and Trinity Bellwoods (Toronto). Visit our website for more information.

Twin Creeks Farm and Garden, Gerald and Shari-Lynn te Velde, 205045 Highway #26, RR 8, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5W4. (519) 538-4704.
E-mail: support@twincreeksfarm.ca. Website: www.twincreeksfarm.ca.

Vibrant Farms has been certified organic (Pro-Cert) for almost 30 years and is located just 10 minutes outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Our beef animals are grass fed and are not given any corn, hormones, antibiotics, vaccinations or GMOs. This is a “closed herd” farm where calves are born and raised on the farm and no animals are brought in from other locations.

We offer bulk freezer beef packages in various sizes and price ranges year-round. The most affordable option is to purchase a quarter, side or whole animal, but we also offer smaller mixed cut packages and individual cuts. It is our pleasure to work with you to customize a package that best suits the size of your household, freezer capacity, and budget.

All orders are pre-ordered online through our website and picked up by appointment only at the farm. Delivery of orders $200+ can often be arranged for a minimal fee.

Visit our website for pricing and details about how we farm and care for our land and animals in a humane and sustainable manner.

Vibrant Farms, Kathryn McEwin, 2669 Carmel Koch Road, Baden, ON N3A 3R9. (519) 957-9681.
E-mail: orders@vibrantfarms.com. Website: www.vibrantfarms.com.

West Court Farm is owned and operated by Martin and Johanna Driesse. Our organic farm is home to Galloway cattle which are on pasture during grazing season, and baled hay when not able to graze in winter.

Galloway beef is noted for it’s good flavour throughout. The Galloway breed has never been used in the industrial feedlot system, so the genetics are still the way they were created, to finish on pasture.

Currently the meat is sold by mixed 1/4, half or whole animal. Ground beef is available per pound year around as supply lasts.

West Court Farm, Martin and Johanna Driesse, 325569 Norwich Road, Norwich ON. N0J 1P0. (519) 863-5050.
E-mail: mjdriesse@bell.net.

Whispering Meadows delivers farm-direct natural and organic meats to your door in Southern Ontario. We offer grassfed beef and lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, and certified organic chicken. All our animals are raised free-range using all-natural organic growing methods, with non-GMO feeds that we either grow ourselves or purchase from nearby organic growers.

Many of our meats are available in individual cuts, and we also offer sides and half-sides of beef, pork, and lamb.

Beef is available either grass-finished or grain-finished. Our grassfed and grain-finished herds are kept separate, so they have completely separate production streams. We also have a very a rigorous traceability system in place that allows us to trace any cut of meat back to the animal it came from, and its entire history from conception onwards. So we can be 100% sure that if a customer orders grassfed beef, that's what they're getting. We have a similar system in place for our halal-certified chicken and beef.

We worked with a professional chef to develop three gourmet flavours of all-natural beef jerky, and several varieties of all-natural handmade pork sausages. We think they're the best you can find anywhere.

Whispering Meadows Family Farms, Randy Martin, RR2, 056404 Concession 12, Desboro, Ontario, Canada N0H 1K0. 1-800-439-3081.
E-mail: fromthefarm@whisperingmeadows.ca. Website:

Wilderness Ranch is a family-based entity where raising and producing healthy, nutritious, and sustainable, Black Angus grass fed beef is at the heart and soul of what we do. We believe that raising cattle on grass and keeping them on a grass-based diet all there lives is much more healthy for the animal and then in turn more healthy for the consumer.

Our beef is raised on top quality grass, handled with low stress practices, and we harvest in the late summer/fall to ensure a top quality product of beef that will melt in your mouth.

We take orders for wholes, halves, quarters, 30-pound and 10-pound boxes. An order for a quarter or larger you are able to specify your own cutting instructions. We also have all beef summer sausage, and summer sizzling burgers.

Take the opportunity to visit our website and learn more about us, our business, philosophies, practices, and how we do things at Wilderness Ranch.

Wilderness Ranch, Mark and Rachel Erb, 6515 Road 154, Monkton ON N0K 1P0. (519) 595-7373.
E-mail: info@wildernessranchbeef.com. Website: www.wildernessranchbeef.com.

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Miracle Farms is a no-spray apple orchard which maximizes the sun's bounty by using the lush grass to grow sheep and pastured fowl. The land has been in trees and grass for 20 years, the last 10 using permaculture principles. Lamb, turkey, chicken and guinea fowl are available in fall in limited quantities. Spring orders are best. Fall meat deliveries are combined with fresh frozen apple juice deliveries.

Lamb is sold whole (approximately 50 pounds of meat) half or quarter sampler packs. Turkey is available as whole (10-15 pounds) or half birds. The best time to visit the farm is during apple season or for spring and summer mechouis (lamb roasts.)

Miracle Farms, Stefan and Doreen Sobkowiak, 1713 Leclair, Verdun QC. (514) 830-9640.
E-mail: miraclefarms@videotron.ca.

Moylinny Farm is a small family run farm which has the distinction of being the closest working farm to Parliament Hill. Our Hereford beef cattle are grass fed and naturally raised.

The cattle live as herbivores were meant to, outdoors, eating grass and hay that is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our animals do not receive any animal by-products, growth hormones or antibiotics.

At Moylinny Farm we are committed to land stewardship and raise our animals with land sustainability in mind. We raise what our pastures and hay fields will support naturally, without the use of chemicals to force extra growth.

The farm is located directly adjacent to Gatineau Park, a 361 square kilometre refuge for hundreds of species of birds, mammals and plants. Moylinny Farm provides an important corridor for wildlife in an ever increasing sea of suburbia. The domestic and wild animals co-exist.

We sell our beef by the whole animal, side or quarter. We offer custom cutting on all orders.

Please see our website for ordering and custom cutting information. Orders are taken in the fall and on occasion at other times of year.

Reford Beef at Moylinny Farm, Stephanie Reford, 1299 ch de la Montagne, Gatineau QC J9J 3S3. (819) 827-3594.
E-mail: reford@videotron.ca. Website: www.refordbeef.ca.


Bennett Beef markets pasture-finished beef.

The Bennetts, like most grassfarmers, practice "management intensive grazing." Their farm is divided into 50 separate fields called "paddocks," which allows the animals to be rotated every day or so to clean, fresh grass. This "pulsed" grazing helps create optimum growth of the grass.

The meat is harvested in October and is available in halves or in smaller quantities by arrangement. Orders are taken throughout the year. "We encourage you to place your order early to avoid disappointment."

Bennett Beef, Box 60, Meacham, SK S0K 2V0. (306) 944-4340.

Cool Springs Ranch - Pasture-to-plate Grass-Raised Foods

At Cool Springs we raise 100% Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken,Turkey and Eggs, as well as a line of Grass-fed Raw Meat & Dairy Pet Food. In August 2010 we opened a small, on-farm Health Inspected Butchery where we can cut and process the meat into healthy cuts, burgers, sausages and other "real ingredient" products, as well as bulk packages.

Although we are not "certified," we welcome you to the farm to understand just how "beyond organic" functions. The animals naturally stay healthy by moving to fresh pasture daily and through the quality of their feed and supplements quality—there is no use for chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or vaccines on our farm! We are very conscious of using low-stress handling of the animals, including zero-stress pasture-harvesting.

There are presently two ways to purchase from us: visit our farm, or through our webstore where we will deliver to Drop-Points en-route and in Saskatoon and Regina. Please read up about how they work.

And FYI, one of the great inspirations for our farm has been through becoming a member of the Weston A Price Foundation. We encourage everyone to broaden their education on Good Food, Good Farming and the Healing Arts at www.westonaprice.org

Cool Springs Ranch, Sam & Janeen Covlin, Lyle and Grace Olson, Box 184, Endeavour SK S0A 0W0. (306) 547-5472.
E-mail: eatreal@coolspringsranch.ca. Website: www.coolspringsranch.ca.

Daleview Farm is located in the middle of grain-growing country in Saskatchewan, but the Dales valiantly produce grassfed beef, pork and poultry.

"We're really bucking the tide." They first started pasturing their animals many years ago as a way to cut costs. Then they began to notice the many benefits to the animals and to their own health. Now they are committed grassfarmers with a holistic approach to ranching.

Most of the meat is available in the fall only. Beef is available in halves or whole carcasses.

Daleview Farm, John and Karen Dale, Box 75, Meacham SK S0K 2V0. (306) 944-4241.

EAT Food for Life Canada serves Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas. We are an association of three small family farms who combined offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of select organically grazed meats, grains, flours and farm fresh soy-free eggs.

Terra Caritatis Patris Farm provides the finest in premium grassfed organically grown Alberta beef as well as pastured turkeys. Our herd is pastured on beautiful organically certified grasses throughout the spring, summer and fall, switching to green feed grazing and choice hay during the winter. Terra Caritatis Patris literally means “The Land of the Father’s Love.” The name was chosen to honour our Heavenly Father as well as our own fathers. Our family has farmed this land for 50 years.

New Life Organics Farm has its own stone-ground mill for processing the organic grains grown on the farm and produces some of the finest organic, pasture-raised pork in western Canada as well as delicious eggs. New Life Organics Farm recently celebrated 100 years of continuous family farming!

Loma Linda Farm joins Terra Caritatis Patris and New Life Organics farms in raising plump and succulent soy-free chickens on forage in organically certified pastures.

As a small family farm association, we are dedicated to providing your family with the absolute best in pastured meats, grains, flours and farm fresh eggs.

EAT Food for Life Canada, Tim Axe, Box 630, Clandonald, Alberta T0B 0X0. (780) 853-6046.
E-mail: Info@EATFoodforLife.ca. Website: www.EATFoodforLife.ca.

Etomamie Organics, Ltd is named for the river that runs by the east end of Keith and Monica Neu's 1,000 acres. Their 75 cattle are Piedmontese Crosses, from which they have enough calves to supply customers with fresh-frozen, lean, grassfed beef all year.

Etomamie Organics, Ltd., Keith and Monica Neu, PO Box 345, Hudson Bay SK S0E 0Y0 (306) 865-2103. Fax: (306) 865-3824
E-mail: km.neu@sk.sympatico.ca. Website: www.justbeef.ca.

The Grazing Goose is a sustainable farm and market located East of Regina, Saskatchewan. Our farm is sustainable, natural and pure. We offer 100% Grass-fed beef, Pasture-Raised Heritage pork, Pastured free-range chicken and turkey.

We don't use chemicals on our pastures, nor do we engage in the unnecessary use of drugs, growth hormones or antibiotics. We give back to nature by planting trees, expanding forested areas and protecting wildlife and insects.

Our open air market and farm days will be hosted on our farm every Sunday starting May 15th.

The Grazing Goose, Jeff & Sabrina Bovee, P.0. Box 958, Indian Head, SK S0G2K0. (306) 695-2676.
E-mail: thegrazinggoose@gmail.com. Website: www.thegrazinggoose.com.

K2 Elk Company has been raising grass-fed Elk since 2001.

Our animals are managed on pastures year-round. They are rotationally grazed in summer, and supplemented with hay on pasture in winter. During winter we provide portable windbreaks for shelter. Our Elk are raised without hormones or antibiotics. We do not feed grain, animal byproducts, or processed feeds. We do not use pesticides on our pastures or hayfields. When handling the animals, we use low stress techniques that are proven and very effective.

New season product is available in August. The animals are processed at a new provincially inspected facility, a short distance from where they are raised. Products include jerky, sausage, hamburgers, steaks and roasts.

Ranch tours are welcome.

K2 Elk Company, Lorne and Donna Klein, 195 Ash Drive, Weyburn SK S4H 0S3. (306) 842-7120. E-mail: d.klein@sasktel.net.

Lane Family Farm supplies organic-fed, farm-raised proteins into the Regina, Saskatchewan market. All our animals eat grass from our farm or certified organic feed from nearby farms. We deliver to your home or establishment.We offer free run eggs, pastured chicken, Berkshire pork, and grass-fed lamb.

None of our animals sold for meat receive growth hormones or anti-biotics.We can supply meat that is butchered on farm or in government inspected facilities as you wish. We follow farm principles that respect animals, the land, and wildlife. We aim for sustainable agriculture.

We have an on-farm picnic that is popular with our customers in the third week of August each year.We have organized a marketing co-operative called Farmgate Food with sister farms. Through Farmgate Food we can offer certified organic pork and beef to our customers. All participating farms are within 50 miles of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Persons interested in contacting us are invited to visit our website.

Lane Family Farm, Mark Lane, Box 33071 Cathedral Post Office, Regina, SK S4T 7X2. (306) 699-2204.
E-mail: rabbits@sasktel.net. Website: www.farmgatefood.ca.

Whole Beef Ranch. Our family is committed to using the Holistic Management decision process to restore the vitality of communities and the natural resources on which they depend. We have been using this process for more than ten years. Land and water resources have improved under our care, and the outcome is healthier and safer food.

In addition to improving our resources, we are concerned about your health. Recent studies show that diets with higher levels of omega-3 versus omega-6 fatty acids (FA) lower the risk of cancer, heart problems and obesity. Research shows that cattle, bison, sheep, and other ruminants fed grain--even organic grain—rather than grass will have two to six times more omega-6 than omega-3 FA.

Tenderness in beef comes from many factors. Many are surprised to learn that fat in the muscle from grain-fed animals only contributes 10–15% towards the tenderness of beef. Genetics contribute 30%. The remainder is a result of how the meat is processed.

Our beef are processed with care. For instance, the meat is aged three weeks or more before it is cut and wrapped. And tenderness—we guarantee it! We take care with our animals from birth to your table. They are raised as naturally as our environment will allow. They receive no artificial hormones, drugs or grain, and they are not "confined" at any time. Our animals are free to roam and have access to fresh forage nearly every day.

We offer any quantity of product you desire and guarantee it.

Whole Beef Ranch, Leonard Pigott, Box 222, Dysart SK S0G 1H0. (306) 432-4583.
E-mail: jlpigott@sasktel.net. Website: www.triple-h-beef.com.

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