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Pastured Products Directory – North Carolina




Locate a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild North Carolina map, or browse the alphabetical list below.

To find grassfed products at a local market, store, restaurant or buying club, visit our North Carolina Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

Asgard Farm is a small, family owned/operated farm following a sustainable, grass-based agricultural model. We produce pastured poultry and eggs, heritage turkey, forage fed beef/lamb and pasture raised pork.

Besides fresh, chemical-free pasture, clean water and sunshine, our animals (those requiring supplemental feed) receive a certified organic, soy-free, locally milled ration. Our products are ideal for those following a Weston A. Price, paleo, or other primal diet. We also produce hand-made, goat milk soap from our small herd of Nubian dairy goats.

The animals we raise are heritage breeds where possible. The only animals not fitting this description are our broilers, which are Freedom Rangers, a slow-growing, colored broiler bred for it efficiency on pasture under the French Label Rouge program. All poultry is processed on farm and all livestock is processed at a local, Animal Welfare Approved, USDA-inspected facility.

Our products are available for on farm pick up via appointment, or delivery can be arranged for large orders (we welcome the opportunity to establish new buying clubs; email us for minimums and delivery fee). Beginning April 6, we will also be at the Burlington Downtown Farmer's Market every Saturday, 8am to noon. The market is behind Company Shops Market, 268 East Front Street, Burlington, NC.

In addition to our regular buying options, we offer a pastured poultry CSA in whole and half shares. Limited shares are available and only prior to the beginning of the season. Some price discounts are available and subject to change. See the current season's price list for details.

If you would like to be placed on our email list to receive product updates, event invitations, etc...please contact us.

Asgard Farm, LLC, Allison or Eddie Aday, 2101-A Cullen Road, Gibsonville NC 27249. (336) 266-8113.
E-mail: asgardfarm@gmail.com. Facebook: @asgardfarm. Twitter:@asgardfarm. Pinterest: Asgard Farm.

Back To Earth Farm is a family farm located along the Uwharrie River on 110 acres, 8 miles southwest of Asheboro in the North Carolina Piedmont area. Named for our pilgrimage back to simple clean living on beautiful land, growing health-generating foods. We spend our days happily caring for the land and animals. We also host events for people interested in their health, food systems, weddings, or just a farm visit to reconnect with nature.

We are passionate about regenerative farming to renew the health of the land and connecting communities with a healthy food source. We offer 100% pasture raised gourmet grass fed beef. It is available in a variety of cuts by the pound or we offer ¼, ½, and whole animals if you prefer buying in bulk. You can order online at our website, and take delivery at a pick-up location or by appointment only at the farm.

We raise our animals in concert with nature. At present our cattle are predominately Red Devon with some Black Angus and Red Angus mixed in. The Red Devon breed was selected because they finish well on grass. They are grown completely from birth on our farm, and spend their lives on pasture enjoying sunshine and fresh air. We never use pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, or antibiotics in our production of beef. Although we are not certified organic, we are very careful to use organic practices in raising our livestock. We never feed our cattle grain or corn or GMO crops of any kind – they are 100% grass-fed.

As consumers as well as farmers, we believe there is no better way to have confidence in where your food comes from than to know your farmer. We appreciate you supporting local farmers and choosing a healthy food source!

Back To Earth Farm, Tom and Janice Henslee, 3175 Trotter Road, Asheboro, NC 27205. (336) 857 2309.
E-mail: info@backtoearthfarm.com. Website: www.backtoearthfarm.com.

Baldwin Charolais Beef is produced by Baldwin Family Farms, a family-operated farm in the rolling hills of pristine Caswell County, North Carolina.

More than 35 years ago we selected the Charolais breed, which is legendary for efficiently producing high-quality, protein-rich, lean meat by natural grazing. Our Charolais herd thrives on our nutrient rich pastures, enriched by organic compost produced on our farm. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been applied to our pastures for more than 20 years.

Baldwin Charolais grass-fed, all-natural beef provides superior taste with significant health benefits. It is naturally lower in fat than most USA-produced beef, and is robust with natural flavor. It is dry-aged and minimally processed to enhance flavor.

Baldwin Charolais beef can be purchased from our farm outlet, our website, or at a farmers' market. We sell direct in pre-packed assorted cuts and quantities. Our "Mini-Sampler,""Maxi-Sampler" and "40-Jumbo Burger" boxes are very popular for smaller families and cook-outs. We also offer internet orders for customized boxes; beef quarters and sides are also available. VISA, MasterCard, and checks are accepted. We also ship out of state.

Baldwin Family Farms, 5341 Highway 86 South, Yanceyville NC 27379. 336-694-1620.
E-mail: vmac@baldwinbeef.com. Websites: www.baldwinbeef.com.

Baucom’s Best 100% Grassfed Beef is raised exclusively on the Baucom Family Farm located just outside the Charlotte Metropolitan area in rural Union County, NC. Since we are responsible for the care of our cattle their entire lives, we can guarantee that our Black Angus cattle are fed no grain or animal by-products and are raised in a healthy and humane environment.

Our cattle are given no antibiotics or hormones and are allowed to “fatten” on high quality forages. Our pastures are never sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Our naturally tender Black Angus Beef is well marbled and dry aged to enhance its flavor and tenderness. Everyday we are crafting our product by selecting the best mix of forages and cattle genetics to create a one of a kind eating experience. Our goal is to produce a quality eating experience for our customer every time.

Our beef is available year round and can be purchased online at our website. Our beef is vacuum packed and flash frozen to preserve its freshness. Beef is sold by the cut and in specialty packages. Beef can be shipped, delivered or picked up at our family farm. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Baucom's Best, Milton and Harriett Baucom, 1002 Baucom Road, Monroe NC 28110. (704) 254-0742.
E-mail: info@baucomsbest.com. Website: www.baucomsbest.com.

Beam Family Farms specializes in grass-fed and grass finished Beef, free-range Veal, pastured Pork, and FITO’s Dog Treats.

Psalms 34:8 says “Taste and See that the Lord is good” and we hope you will “Taste and See” how good beef and veal can be by allowing us to serve you our best.

Located in the Foothills of North Carolina, Beam Family Farms is a multi-generational farm dedicated to raising livestock in high quality, sustainable pastures for the duration of their lifetime. We do not feed corn, so our cattle can develop slowly. We never administer antibiotics, nor hormones. We chose the Gelbvieh breed as the foundation of our cattle herd because Gelbvieh cows are known for keen mothering instincts and an abundant supply of milk.

We also offer pasture raised pork with pigs outside rooting and running!

If you have pets, we offer FITO’s – dehydrated grass-fed beef livers. Dogs cannot resist.

We have excellent meat packages to choose from, including ½ cow, ¼ cow, 1/8 cow, ½ hog, and various package weights and specials from time to time on our website. We can ship, but we prefer you come to the farm and see just where your meat comes from.

Beam Family Farm, Luke Beam, 5200 Seven Pines Road, Lawndale, NC 28090. (704) 538-1419.
E-mail: luke@bffbeef.com. Website: www.beamfamilyfarms.com.

Braeburn Farm specializes in grass fed Red Devon cows, born and raised on 500 acres of rolling farmland in the Piedmont region of NC. New Zealand Red Devon cows have high quality genetics and thrive on grass. Our beef does not contain growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products, is low in fat and contains significantly higher levels of omega-3s than conventional grain-fed beef. Animals are finished at about 20–30 months of age and dry aged for 2–3 weeks; beef is available in quarters, halves, or wholes and in individual retail cuts.

We raise Welsh Harlequin ducks, Barred Rock chickens, and seasonal vegetables. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care for every animal that we raise. Our high density grazing and bio-intensive agricultural practices are designed to produce sustainable and flavorful products and to ensure the health of the animal and the environment.

Come visit our farm and see our intensive garden, happy animals, and conservation easement with its native flora and fauna. Help support local and sustainable farming in the Piedmont of North Carolina by visiting our on-farm store where you can purchase beef, chicken, ducks, eggs, vegetables and more.

Braeburn Farm also includes a renowned dressage horse training facility run by Cindy and Eliza Sydnor.

Braeburn Farm, Charles and Cindy Sydnor, 6707 Bass Mountain Road, Snow Camp NC 27349. Farm store address: 1203 Longest Acres Road, Snow Camp NC 2734.
E-mail: cfsydnor@gmail.com. Website: www.braeburnfarms.com.

Captain John S. Pope Farm is located in the rolling hills of Orange County NC, about 20 miles north of Chapel Hill. Operated by third, fourth, and fifth generation descendents, the farm raises grass fed free-range Dorper lambs. The result is tasty, low fat meat with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acid, CLA and Beta-carotene.

Our Dorpers graze year-round through careful selection of grasses with legumes that produce nitrogen and reduce the need for commercial fertilizer. Ponds and wetlands are fenced out to protect soil and water quality. Fresh deep well water is provided from frost-free water troughs. Our flock is guarded from predators by llamas and Akbash-Marrema dogs. We use no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics, and our meat is USDA-inspected, Halal and NCDA-licensed for handling and transport.

You are invited to visit the farm and purchase delicious healthy meat, feed the llamas, and enjoy the pleasant country atmosphere. If you are unable to visit us, we will ship to you in fast-frozen vacuum packs. We offer your favorite cuts individually packaged, whole or halves.

Captain John S. Pope Farm, Bob Pope, 6909 Efland-Cedar Grove Road, Cedar Grove NC 27231. Mailing address: 608 Polk Street, Raleigh NC 27604. (919) 621-1150.
E-mail: rpope23@nc.rr.com. Website: http://dorperscedargrovenc.com.

Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs, a division of Double M Farm, Inc., produces delicious all-natural grassfed, grass-finished beef, free-range pastured brown eggs, pastured pork and pastured poultry.

We use no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or de-wormers on our cattle, chickens and pigs.

Beef, pork and poultry are processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum-sealed, flash frozen, and sold in our farm store.

BEEF: We start with a superior line of heritage breed Trask Polled Hereford. We knew Mr. Trask personally and have had Trask cattle on the farm since 1950. We choose animals that show phenotypic traits for finishing exceptionally well on grass based on information gained through years of studying the teachings of Gearld Fry and the late Charles Walters.

We rotationally graze our cattle, and use only small amounts of fertilizers approved for organic farming. We mix our own minerals with sea salt as the base. We feed no grain, grain by-products, or animal by-products to our cattle. Beef is dry-aged for four weeks and sold by the cut, half, and whole carcass. We have a waiting list for half and whole beef.

CHICKEN & EGGS: Our chickens free-range 500 acres and do what chickens do: scratch the ground, eat bugs, grass, and the soy-free feed we mill ourselves. We do not use commercial layer feed or animal by-products. We sell whole chickens, livers, feet, and brown eggs by the dozen and the flat (2 1/2 dozen).

PORK: Our pastured pigs spend their days doing what pigs do: rooting, wallowing, and eating weeds, roots and the soy-free feed we mill for them. Our heritage breeds include full and crossbred Berkshire, Duroc, and Hereford for exceptionally delicious pork. We sell pork by the cut.

We are located in the beautiful foothills of Anderson, SC, 13 miles from the Georgia State Line. Our family has owned and operated Double M Farm, Inc. since 1847 and produced the finest Grassfed Beef since 2004.

Carolina Grassfed Beef and Free-Range Eggs, Mac & Robin McGee, John & Kalyna McGee, 3456 Highway 187 South, Anderson SC 29626. For Beef and Eggs call Mac @ 864-844-1621. For Pork and Poultry, call John @ 864-844-1505.
E-mail: robinmcgee16@gmail.com. Website: www.carolinagrassfedbeef.com.

DahnMar Farms, LLC is a small hands-on family farm operation that sells grass-fed beef.

Our cattle are pasture-raised with humane treatment. Cattle are rotated regularly on fresh grass pasture with abundant clean water. No hormones or antibiotics are feed.

The choice of delicious beef is yours: Family 5, 10 or 20 PACs (10-40 pounds). Family PACs include steaks, roast, hamburger patties, ground beef, stew beef, and cube steak. Individual cuts of savory beef include flank steak, skirt steak, beef liver, soup bones, and short ribs. Visit our website for a complete listing.

DahnMar Beef is shipped in a reusable styrofoam chest packed in dry ice to insure that your beef arrives in perfect condition. We ship on Tuesdays every week to insure that your beef arrives in top condition before the weekend. Delivery is by UPS ground 1-3 days for locations east of the Mississippi. Estimated packaging and handling charges plus estimated shipping charges for our beef east of the Mississippi range from $17.00 to $30.00

DahnMar Farms, LLC, Don and Marie Leathers, 787 Dailey Road, Blanch NC 27212. (336) 514-5444.
E-mail: don@dahnmarfarms.com. Website: www.dahnmarfarms.com.

Deep River Cattle Company is a family farm located on over 200 acres in northern Moore County, North Carolina. Our family is devoted to providing lean, healthy, 100% grassfed beef to consumers.

Our philosophy is simple. Healthy cows make healthy meat. Our naturally fertile riverside pastures, with over one mile of river frontage, with our rotational grazing philosophy, are the key ingredients to healthy cows.

We sell by the quarter, half, or whole and are extremely competitive on our prices. Check us out!

Deep River Cattle Company, Allen Smith, 588 Trivett Road, Robbins NC 27325. (910) 309-8494.
E-mail: smithfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.deeprivercattle.com.

Double R Cattle Services, Inc. is a family farm owned by Ritchie and Beverly Roberts and our two children. In our 100% Grass-fed Beef program, we graze our cattle on fresh green pasture as much as possible. (This helps increase the CLAs in the beef.) We also strive to be the best stockmen we can be, raise healthy, happy cattle, care for our soil and water, and grow beef that is safe, healthy, and tastes great.

Our family eats what we grow, too. Our overall goal is to produce beef that we are proud to sell.

Our products are available at the farm. Small and large orders welcome. Volume discounts available. Check our website for more information. Ask about our shipping and delivery options.

Double R Cattle Services, Inc., Ritchie and Beverly Roberts, 701 Ollie's Lane, Hillsborough NC 27278. (919) 949-8157.
E-mail: info@doublercattleservices.com. Website: www.doublercattleservices.com.

Fairfax-Lewis Farm is a 100% grassfed beef farm located in Cerro Gordo, NC. We have a limited availability of 100% grassfed beef.

For more information, e-mail or give us a call.

Fairfax-Lewis Farm, Geoff Lewis, 442 Tuton Road, Cerro Gordo NC 28430. (910) 234-1012.
E-mail: fairfaxlewis@gmail.com.

Farm to Fork Meat is a modified, third-party CSA serving the Raleigh/Cary markets in North Carolina. We are partnered with several farmers and ranchers in our area and a fish monger on Oak Island supporting real anglers that fish off the coast of NC. (seafood). Our anglers use lines and hooks and go out on day trips only. We offer soy-free, GMO-free, milk-fed, Heritage Breed pork, chickens and eggs. We offer grass fed and finished beef, lamb, goat and veal. We also have pasture raised dry land Muscovy ducks and seasonal GMO-free, soy-free Heritage breed turkeys. We offer soy-free, GMO-free, grass fed & finished milk, butter and cultured dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream and buttermilk. We have chemical-free produce and we even have a gluten-free baker that is producing soy-free, nutrient dense baked goods for the membership.

We believe that eating local is best so we do not ship outside of our hunting range. Our livestock is ethically raised on sustainable and bio dynamic farms that have balanced eco systems. None of our partners are certified organic; they are BEYOND organic, raising the animals in their natural environment without any antibiotics or artificial and synthetic supplements. Our partners treat their livestock humanely and their meats are flavorful with wonderful texture and nourishment for our optimal health. Our farmers and ranchers are true stewards of the land.

We offer a unique al a carte shopping experience directly from the farm. We strive to make shopping from the farm more accessible for the consumer while allowing our providers to focus on producing the best food possible. We operate year round so you can shop regularly without buying in large quantities during limited times each year.

We are a member’s-only CSA program; space is limited. Annual membership fee of $20 is used to provide produce boxes, coolers, egg cartons, etc. There is a Monthly CSA fee of $25 and all orders are picked up at a location near you. Minimum $10 purchase required each week. Please visit our website for more details.

Farm to Fork Meat, Niti Bali, Raleigh NC 27615. (919) 606-0320.
E-mail: niti@farmtoforkmeat.com. Website: www.farmtoforkmeat.com.

Floyd Brothers Farm & Livestock is a family operation providing 100% traditional grass-raised Longhorn Beef and Pork for consumers looking for healthy meats with no hormonal treatment, antibiotics, or animal by products.

Our longhorn beef is 100% lean and offered by the whole, half, or quarter, specifically packaged for freshness. Our pork is a Hampshire, Duroc and Yorkshire cross being sold by the whole, half, quarter or specialty box (pork chops, fresh ham shoulder, or sausage). All meat is USDA inspected.

All items can be shipped direct or picked up on the farm. VISA, Master Card and checks are accepted. We also ship out of state.

Floyd Brother Farms & Livestock, Von or Mark Floyd, 1534 Progressive Farm Road, Fairmont NC 28340. (910) 628-1056 or cell: (910) 237-1365.
E-mail: vfloydjr@aol.com.

Franchesca's Dawn Farm in Halifax, Virginia offers grass-fed beef and lamb, free-range pork, and pastured eggs, with delivery routes in Virginia and North Carolina.

Grass-fed Beef: Our heritage-breed American Milking Devon and Red Devon cattle finish superbly on grass and other forages. Beef is sold by the cut, quarter, half, or whole animal.

Free-Range Pork: We raise heritage-breed Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs. They spend their entire lives outdoors in the clear-cut areas of our farm. The pigs are frequently moved to new areas and fresh forage. Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO feeds and peanuts. Pork is sold by cuts or by whole animal.

Pastured Poultry: We source pastured eggs and pasture raised chicken and turkey from other area farms who are committed to keeping their poultry to our high standards.

Grass-fed Lamb: Our lamb is raised right here on our farm. We breed our own sheep from Katahdin and St. Croix cross hair sheep. Franchesca’s Dawn Farm lamb is always grass fed and free from GMOs.

Three Easy Ways to Buy:

  • Visit our Farm Store, located right here on the farm! You’ll find not just meat, but top quality locally made artisan products such as soap, pottery, knit and crochet goods, yarns, cutting boards and more.
  • For your convenience, we now offer Home Delivery through FedEx.
  • Buying Club Delivery: We have a delivery routes to Midlothian, Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, and Norfolk in Virginia and Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Durham in North Carolina.

More drop locations coming soon to Northern Virginia and Norfolk. Check our website for more information about our monthly drop spots.

Check out our online store at www.franchescasdawnfarm.com/store.

Franchesca's Dawn Farm, Amie Herrera, 2137 Clays Mill Road, Halifax, VA 24558. (703) 424-6497 or (434) 579-4160.
E-mail: amie@franchescasdawnfarm.com. Website: www.franchescasdawnfarm.com.

Green Leaf Farms, located in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, has a long history of loving and healing the land. It has been in the Safrit family for over 100 years. Dad, at 86, still tends the cows and works the garden.

Our Beefmaster cross cattle were the first Beefmasters in North Carolina 45 years ago. We raise them exclusively on grass under an intensive rotational grazing program, holistic in nature, designed to improve pasture, soil and water retention. Our farm’s primary current efforts are concentrated on improving our soil and grasses, as we feel these contribute to our very own terroir of taste and flavor in our beef.

Beefmasters are a low-maintenance, easy handling breed of cattle. They receive no feed, growth hormones, nor antibiotics. They look forward to, and eagerly move to new paddocks of grass almost daily during the growing season, to produce our own exceptional beef flavor.

We also offer the best non-GMO pastured eggs available. Our chicken fruit yolks have shoulders and are a bright sun orange. We provide The Sweet Life Bakery, in downtown Concord, with these amazing eggs.

Currently all our products are available at the farm. We welcome and encourage your visit to our farm with a short notice beforehand. Our grass-fed ground beef and non-GMO eggs can also be purchased at Union Street Market in downtown Concord.

Green Leaf Farms, Taska or Danny, 1639 St Johns Church Road, Concord NC 28025. (828) 243-2958
E-mail: greenleaffarmsnc@gmail.com. Website: www.greenleaffarmsnc.com.

Hardy Creek Farms offers all natural, grass fed beef.

We raise Red Angus cattle on green pastures and clean water. We sell our beef by the whole, half and quarter.

All meat is processed in a USDA facility, dry aged for 14 days and vacuum sealed for freshness.

Hardy Creek Farms, Shaun Morgan, 4580 Plank Road, Norwood NC 28128. (704) 906-9547
E-mail: smorgan@servpro9954.com. Website: www.hardycreekfarms.com.

Hereford Hills Ranch is a sustainable family ranch where our animals enjoy a natural lifestyle to provide the best possible meat for our customers, while preserving and improving the land for future generations.

Our beef cattle are grassfed on a pasture rotation system to provide them with fresh natural forage 24/7 all year long. They have access to fresh well water and wooded areas for afternoon naps. They enjoy a natural breeding and birthing system and all babies stay with their mothers until weaning.

Our heritage pork is pasture raised in our natural breeding and birthing system with plenty of nuts and roots for them to eat. They have great mud holes for wallowing in, fresh well water and wooded areas for keeping cool on warm southern summer days.

All our meat is slaughtered and processed in a USDA approved facility, vacuumed sealed and flash frozen to assure the freshness our customers are looking for.

None of our animals receive any hormones or antibiotics at any time and there is no animal by-products added to our pig feed.

Please see our web-site for more background on our family ranch and a complete listing of available products and prices.

We sell our products at the Union SC Farmers Market and at our ranch. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Hereford Hills Ranch, Lewis and Libby Oliver, 1141 Pineland Road, Union SC 29379. (843) 367-1820.
E-mail: info@herefordhillsranch.com. Website: www.herefordhillsranch.com.

Hickory Hill Farm offers pastured Poultry, pastured Eggs, pastured Lamb and a pastoral setting for your family to enjoy some time outdoors. Come to pick up healthy clean food for your family, stay for a visit and enjoy some food for the soul! An easy drive from Richmond and Hampton Roads.

We are a grass-based regenerative farm, and all of our animals are moved frequently (sometimes multiple times a day!) or free ranged to give regular access to fresh pasture and the best nutrition. In brooders and winter housing, we bring fresh greens to the animals and use deep bedding and compost to keep everyone healthy. Feeds are locally milled, non-GMO. We garden organically and mostly no-till, using inputs like waste wood chips from local arborists and composted manure from neighboring farms to build fertility in our soils. This diverts materials that would otherwise go to the landfill, and turns “waste” into valuable nutrients.

As a new farm, we are investing in livestock now that will build sustainability into our farm. Chicks are not vaccinated, debeaked, or fed medicated feeds. We have heritage breed roasting chickens available in addition to the more common Cornish cross, which saves male chicks from being disposed of at the hatchery. Throughout our farm, we are planting berry patches, fruit trees, asparagus beds, and other vegetation that will feed our family and yours for decades to come. We value producing food that honors the value of each life, and it feels good to feed wholesome clean meats and veggies to our children. We are excited to offer that same nourishing food to our community!

Follow our progress online at www.hickoryhill.farm and come by for a visit, soon!

Hickory Hill Farm, Becky Kee, 33373 Seacock Chapel Road, Ivor, VA 23866. (757) 266-6694.
E-mail: eatwild@hickoryhill.farm. Website: www.hickoryhill.farm.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is a fourth and fifth generation family farm located in the mountains of western North Carolina, just 20 minutes outside of Asheville, NC. We strive to connect people with where their food comes from by providing a family friendly farm experience in which visitors are able to meet the animals, talk to the farmers, and purchase high quality meats on-site at our farm store.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is the perfect place to purchase locally and sustainably raised grassfed beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken. Free of hormones and antibiotics, our meat is the safe and healthy choice for you and your family. We also ship our meats frozen on dry ice via hickorynutgapfarm.com/shop.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Jamie and Amy Ager, 57 Sugar Hollow Road, Fairview NC 28730. (828) 628-1027.
Contact Us: www.hickorynutgapfarm.com/contact. Website: www.hickorynutgapfarm.com .


Hilltop Angus Farm is located in central North Carolina on the edge of the beautiful Uwharrie (URE) National Forest. Our family is excited to offer beef, pastured pork and lamb.

We are committed to the humane treatment of our animals and our farm is Animal Welfare Approved. Our farm is certified with the American Grassfed Association.

Raising healthy and peaceful cows eliminates the need for multiple vaccinations and antibacterial medications. Our cows are NEVER given hormones or growth-promoting additives. Our specialty is grass fed beef but we also raise pastured pork and lamb.

Our meat is packaged by the cut in clear vacuum sealed packages and flash frozen for freshness. Visit our website to see what we have to offer and to view a pricelist.

You may purchase our meats from our website, email us, or by giving us a call. We do not ship. Orders may be picked up at our farm or at the Southern Pines Farmer's Market on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Farmers Markets: Moore Co. Farmers Market, Saturdays, 8am–Noon, SE Broad & NY Avenue, Southern Pines, NC. or Thursdays, 604 W. Morgantown Road (Armory), 9am–1pm, Southern Pines, year-round.

We deliver to the Wilmington, NC area once monthly. Email us to be added to the Wilmington Meat-Up group list.

Hilltop Angus Farm, Sharon Thompson, 1708 Pee Dee Road, Mount Gilead NC 27306. (910) 439-5261.
E-mail: sharongt59@gma il.com. Website: www.hilltopangusgrassfed.com.

Holly Grove Farm—Raw Milk through Cow Share Program. Real milk from your share of a dairy cow boarded at our farm. Pasture fed beef available through Beef Share Program.

Serving southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina. Visit us at our website. Located 45 minutes from Norfolk VA, Hormone and antibiotic-free farming. Small family farm.

Holly Grove Farm, David Crane, 13081 Corinth Road, Ivor VA 23866. (757) 373-2643.
E-mail: hollygrovefarm@gmail.com. Website: www.hollygrovefarm.com.

Holton Family Farms LLC is a small family regenerative farm located in Louisburg NC. All of our animals are slow-growing heritage breeds, raised on holistically-managed pastures/woods in a very bio-diverse ecosystem. We offer grass-fed and finished beef, pastured/woodland pork and pastured poultry. Our pigs and poultry do receive supplemental feed which is all organic/non-GMO and is a custom mix our farm created. This feed contains NO CORN, NO SOY and NO WHEAT.

We go above and beyond any "labels" you may find on grocery store meats. We encourage all potential customers to schedule a visit to the farm, to see first hand how our animals and land are cared for. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides on the farm and NO antibiotics or hormones on our animals.

Our products are available for on farm pick up via appointment, or delivery can be arranged at certain drop off points in the Triangle area. We currently do not ship for several reasons. One of the main reasons is we believe a small family farm should provide to its community and surrounding areas first.

We do not have a traditional "CSA" which means there are no membership fees for you to pay. We prefer to call it our "Shares Program" and all our products are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We often have a waiting list so it is good to contact us about availability.

If you would like to be placed on our email list to receive product updates, information, price list, newsletter, etc., please contact us.

We also offer custom seeding for pastures, right of ways, food plots, etc. Hauling services for livestock, hay and equipment.

Holton Family Farms LLC, Paul or Monika Holton, 384 Greys Mill Road, Louisburg NC 27549. (919) 853-2282.
Email: info@holtonfamilyfarms.com. Website: www.holtonfamilyfarms.com.

KW Homestead is located in Stokes County, North Carolina. We raise delicious, pasture-raised, non-GMO Heritage Turkeys, Pekin Ducks, and Red Ranger Chickens. We also produce pasture-raised, non-GMO Duck Eggs. We also offer various Poultry CSAs, at a discount from our regular prices!

We take extra care to raise and harvest all of our animals humanely. When they’re not eating wild native plants, grass, bugs, and other small creatures, our animal clan is fed sprouted grains and non-GMO feed from local farmers. We do not raise any of our animals with antibiotics or hormones (ever!) and all of our animals live their lives on pasture, free ranging throughout our property. The products we raise are ideal for people following Paleo or Weston A. Price diets.

KW stands for "Kuska Wiñasun," which means "Let's Grow Together" in Quechua, and that is exactly our philosophy when it comes to providing nutritious, healthy products for you and your family. We raise our birds from infancy through the day of their processing, and we complete all meat processing ourselves. We believe very strongly in this accountability, and in the seasons of our animals' life cycle.

We also believe very strongly in running a sustainable homestead and business and want you to know that none of the bird you purchase is wasted. While you purchase the meat, we use all of the remaining parts and nothing is discarded.

Nature and sustainability education is important to us, and we have various outlets for sharing our homestead life with the public: our blog, our Farm to Your School Program, and our Kids Wondering educational videos. In addition to raising poultry, we raise gourmet mushrooms and other tasty vegetables.

We currently sell our products at The Corner Farmer's Market in Greensboro, NC and deliver our products to customers at various NC Triad and Southern VA locations.

KW Homestead, Emma Thomas Breslin and Jason Breslin, 1839 Dillard Road, Madison, NC 27025. (336) 419-0724.
E-mail: ourochreway@gmail.com. Website: http://kwhomestead.com, Facebook: @kwhomestead.

Leaning 7 Farms is a small, family-owned and operated farm between Apex and Pittsboro, NC. We offer non-GMO fed pasture-raised eggs and chicken, and non-GMO fed, pasture-raised holiday turkeys as well as honey from our own beehives.

Our laying flock is housed year-round in a mobile "egg-mobile" and moved frequently to provide fresh forage. Holiday turkeys, once old enough to leave the brooder, live free-range, protected by temporary electric poultry net fence that is moved frequently both through pasture and woodlots to provide variety to their diet. All supplemental feed provided is locally milled and GMO-free. All poultry are processed on farm.

Check our website for current availability. You can purchase directly through our website for on-farm pick up or local delivery, or email, text, or call if you'd like to purchase with cash at delivery or pickup. Either way, we'll arrange a convenient pickup time with you after your purchase.

Leaning 7 Farms, Jason Mercer, 215 East Deer Run, Apex, NC 27523. 919-491-1997.
E-mail: jason@leaning7farm.com. Website: https://leaning7farm.com.

Lick Skillet Farm is a Tennessee Century Farm offering forage-finished beef, pastured heritage pork, and pasture-raised eggs.

We provide holistic management, regenerative land practices, and compassionate husbandry from birth to slaughter with no hormones, antibiotic supplements, GMOs, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and no broadcasted herbicides.

Our focus is on science-based policies for soil health, biological diversity, carbon sequestration, pollinator support, and maintaining and improving local ecosystem integrity, along with humane treatment and respect/dignity for animals we raise. Animal well-being translates into an awesome taste sensation, as well as healthier protein for your family.

Order online for home delivery, or pick up at the farm.

Lick Skillet Farm, Shannon Miller, 800 Lick Skillet Lane, New Market TN 37820.
E-mail: farmers@lickskillet.farm. Website: https://lickskillet.farm/.

AWA-logoLucky 3 Farm LLC is just 30 miles north of Raleigh in beautiful Franklin County, NC. We raise 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured poultry on our small family farm in Louisburg, NC.

We are a small farm raising beef the old-fashioned way—We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures, we don’t give our animals hormones or antibiotics, and animal welfare is top priority. Our cattle are 100% grass fed; our pigs forage in pastures and eat an organic feed; and our meat chickens eat grass, bugs and an organic feed. We have small herds of livestock so we can intensely focus on their health, the quality of meat they produce, and growing the most nutritious grasses year-round for them to enjoy.

Happy Animals, Healthy Meat. That's the philosophy of Lucky 3 Farm. We believe in what we're doing and we're passionate about it. Period.

Visit our website for more information on our exclusive CSA. While you’re there, be sure to check out our blog about farm life! Or feel free to visit our farm to see our cows for yourself—we love to show off our beauties and our farm.

Lucky 3 Farm LLC, Calvin and Traci Nachtrab, 384 Greys Mill Road, Louisburg NC 27549. (919) 853-6304.
E-mail: traci@lucky3farm.com. Website: www.lucky3farm.com.

Massey Creek Farms is centrally located in the rolling hills of Rockingham County, NC, about two miles west of the county seat of Wentworth on Highway 704 toward Madison, NC.

We provide, naturally nurtured products from our farm for your family, carefully cared for just down the road from your home. For over 200 years our family has dedicated ourselves to cultivating the land in Rockingham County. For the last 20 years we have produced primarily pork on a commercial scale. However, in the last year we totally changed our model to deliver all natural, pastured products that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our pigs, lambs and chickens roam on fresh grass, breathe fresh air and are never injected or fed hormones or additives. We supplement the pigs’ and chickens’ pasture grazing diet with locally purchased all-vegetarian grains.

Several generations of our family currently farm our land so we can provide you with locally grown, quality food products from your local community, vastly decreasing the carbon foot print required to bring your family a healthy hearty meal. As you enjoy our products, you can be confident in knowing that choosing Massey Creek Farms lamb, pork and eggs keeps a larger portion of your food dollar local, supports the viability of family farms, decreases our dependence on foreign nonrenewable resources and improves the environment we all share.

Massey Creek Farms, Garland McCollum, 140 Massey Creek Road, Madison, NC 27025. (336) 427-7030.
E-mail: info@masseycreekfarms.com. Website: www.masseycreekfarms.com.

Mountain Valley Farm, located in the beautiful Clear Creek Valley in the North Georgia mountains, about an hour from North Carolina. It has been owned and operated by our family continuously since 1840. All animals are raised on pasture in a stress-free environment and handled humanely throughout all life cycles.

Our Grass Fed Beef is dry aged, locally butchered to our specifications, and sold by the individual cuts in our Farm Store.

Our Free Range Pork is a Hamp/York and Berkshire Heritage Cross - high quality, tender, moist and well marbled with a rich deep flavor. Our pork is also locally butchered to our specs and sold by the individual cuts in our Farm Store.

All of our meats are USDA inspected, and we are licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. No hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no commercial fertilizers.

Fresh Eggs from our pastured poultry are also available at our Farm Store. Farm Store Hours: Every Day, 10am to 6pm.

Mountain Valley Farm, Suzanne Wright, 2021 Homer Wright Road, Ellijay GA 30536. (706) 889-0999.
E-mail: suzyw@ellijay.com. Website: www.grassfedgeorgia.com.

Nature's Roots Farm is a diversified family farm that produces beyond-organic, nutrient-dense foods by centering its farming practices around holistic agroforestry, animal husbandry, and pasture management principles. The farm also serves as an educational outreach for individuals of all ages to be equipped with the knowledge and support to start small farms and create local food markets.

We offer many products and services including grass-fed beef and dairy, forest-raised pork, pastured eggs and chicken, ferments, fresh bread, many specialty items, fruits and vegetables (seasonal), plants and tree nursery (seasonal), milled lumber, wood chipping services, firewood, agroforestry consulting, educational seminars and workshops and free farm tours.

We do not ship our products, but offer home deliveries throughout the Triangle Area or on farm pickup. Please visit our website to learn more about our farm and to find out where you can get our products.

Nature's Roots Farm, Brian and Angela Bowen, 2017 Sunset Road, Oxford, NC 27565. Home/office: (919) 603-5493.
E-mail: support@naturesrootsfarm.com. Website: https://naturesrootsfarm.com.

Ninja Cow Farm, LLC is a true farm homestead where we live and work. Our family eats what we sell every day, nearly every meal. We are located only 15 minutes from the heart of downtown Raleigh on an oasis of traditional farming and ranching.

All of our farm-produced protein (beef and pork) eat no commercial food, ever. We feed forage, hay, and produce from the Raleigh Farmers Market every day. In 2018 we kept over two and a half million pounds of produce from going to the landfill and produced some of the best beef and pork around. We sell baldy Angus beef with a blood line that has been on our farm for over 30 years. We sell exclusively through our on farm store, along with products from over 40 other local farms and suppliers. Our store hours can be found at our website, under the link "Hours."

Our heritage breed pigs are born and bred on our farm and are Large Black, Berkshire, and Chester White breeds. They eat only produce from the farmers market and free-range forage.

We are fully pasture-based, high intensity grazing with daily moves to fresh paddocks for our cattle. We use no artificial additives, medicines, or hormones. We feed zero commercial feed to our animals.

We document everything we do with daily blog posts on our website so you have full visibility to our practices. Subscribe to our email or like us on Facebook to see what we do every day.

Ninja Cow Farm, Dan Moore, 7125 Old Stage Road, Raleigh NC 27603. (919) 322-0197.
E-mail: dan@ninjacowfarm.com. Website: www.ninjacowfarm.com.

Old Paths Farm is committed to the goal of producing the world's best food—food that is nutritious, delicious and reasonably priced—in a manner that protects, nurtures and improves the land we're blessed to farm. In pursuit of that goal, we use no chemical fertilizers, animal hormones or pesticides of any kind in production of salad bar beef, pastured pigs, eggs from pastured hens, and garden vegetables.

Customers may order fresh beef and pork in bulk year-round, or stop by the farm for frozen goods, baked items, and other family-produced wares. We offer garden produce when we have excess from growing our own veggies and fruits. We also make the farm available for weddings, parties and other family events. We welcome visitors to the farm, and can arrange tours in advance. No Sunday calls or visits, please.

We view our farm as much a ministry as a profitable business. We want to provide what our customers can't get anywhere else, namely locally-produced food that's fit to eat and that supports the rejuvenation and continuation of the family farm for the generations to come.

Old Paths Farm, Travis and Stacy Childers, 144 Strawberry Road, Gaffney SC 29341. (864) 504-5401.
E-mail: thegoodlife@oldpathsfarm.com. Website: www.oldpathsfarm.com. Facebook: @OldPathsFarmLocalFood and @OldPathsFarmEvents.

Our Chosen Heritage Farm is a family farm that provides grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry and pork, and fresh eggs. We also grow vegetables.

Farming practice is rotational grazing. All animals are grown according to their individual, unique design. Our Heritage Delaware flocks are certified by the Sustainable Poultry Network. They are egg layers and meat broilers as well. We sell Delaware chicks in the spring that are fertilized and incubated on the property. We use and distribute Reedy Fork Soy-Free Organic feed.

Eggs are available anytime, broilers are available bi-weekly between May and October, turkeys are available in the fall. All poultry processing is done on farm. Beef and Pork are available spring and fall. Please call for availability.

Our mission is to provide healthy, sustainable food for our family, community, and our on-site Upper Room Hospitality Center where we host farm-to-table meals two times per month, catered events, and seminars.

Our Chosen Heritage Farm, Todd Morse, 513 Burge Road, Pinnacle NC 27043. (336) 325-3285.
E-mail: farm@ourchosenheritage.com. Website: www.ourchosenheritage.com.

Peaceful Meadows Farm, a family farm established in 1996, is owned and operated by Philip and Sheila Brooks and Jeremy and Laura Brooks. It is located just 25 miles from the Charlotte city limits in eastern Union County, NC.

Our animals are grown completely from birth on our farm and enjoy wide open free range, sunshine and fresh air. We never use pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or other growth enhancers in our production of beef or pork.

Although we are not officially organic we are very careful to use organic practices in raising our livestock.

At present our cattle are a mix of Black Angus, Red Angus and Red Devon. They are completely grass-fed without ever receiving any grain. Our pork consist of the Berkshire and Tamworth Heritage breeds that are crossed to provide a delightful eating experience of ruby colored meat with a rich distinctive flavor. They eat a diet of home blended grains with organic mineral supplements, as well as grass, berries and nuts found in the wooded pastures.

All of our meat is processed in a very clean USDA facility and packaged in clear vacuum sealed packages. We sell both the beef and pork in bulk quantities picked up at the farm. Watch our web site for offerings in the near future for pricing by the cut or smaller sample packages.

Our products are available at various times throughout the year, so it is best to send us an email address notifying us of your interest. It is our practice to send out a broadcast email at least a month in advance of when we plan to have bulk meat to be purchased.

Your questions are welcomed any time about our products or our farm in general.

Peaceful Meadows Farm, Philip H. Brooks, 1740 Camden Road, Marshville NC 28103. (704) 233-4902.
E-mail: peacefulmeadowsfarm@windstream.net. Website: www.peacefulmeadowsfarm.com.

Poplin Farms is a third generation, family owned and operated farm located 40 miles from Charlotte NC. We raise all natural grass fed beef and produce.

Our cattle are humanely treated, pasture raised and never confined to a feedlot. Steers in our grass fed program are born and bred on our farm. We don't use any hormones or antibiotics, and we don't feed any weight gain supplements or by-products, so our meat is lean and healthy. Our produce is also grown without chemicals or synthetics.

We sell beef by the cut, or by half or whole sides, and for 2009 we are offering CSA subscriptions for beef and/or produce. We also grow and sell fescue, orchard grass and alfalfa hay and silage.

Poplin Farms, Shane Poplin or Jill, 16647 NC Highway 73, Albemarle NC 28001. (704) 699-2208.
E-mail: poplinfarms@ctc.net or jill@poplinfarms.com. Website: www.poplinfarms.com.

Proffitt Family Cattle Co is located in the foothills of North Carolina just 35 miles west of Charlotte. Our mission isUSDA_organic_logo to produce the highest quality 100% Grass Fed, certified organic beef available. We are a local source for all USDA Certified Organic, 100% grass fed beef for Charlotte and the surrounding region. We are certified by ICS and have been certified since 2009.

We provide our animals with an environment that lets them live their entire lives as nature intended, by allowing them to forage exclusively on pasture 365 days a year for their entire lives. On our farm we let the cows and pasture land sustain each other with only rain and sunshine. Being certified organic doesn’t only mean no hormones and antibiotics it also means no chemical fly sprays or dewormers. We practice a low-stress style of cattle management. We raise healthy, happy animals that creates amazing rich beef! There is no ‘feed’ of any kind in our operation. Our cattle eat grass growing out of the ground and our own home made organic hay.

We have a North Carolina meat handlers license and use Mays Meats as our USDA approved and licensed processor. They are also certified organic to ensure the processing is as sterile as possible. All of our beef is hung for 14 days to assure tenderness, and then vacuum sealed in individual packs.

We sell our frozen product by the cut and by the pound or in bulk one weekend per month at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market and from the farm here in Kings Mountain by appointment.

Feel free to stop by the farm to check us out, visit our website for more information.

Proffitt Family Farms, Brian and Shelley Eagan, 150 Old Home Place, Kings Mountain NC 28086. (704) 751-6455.
E-mail: shelley@proffittfarms.com. Website: www.proffittfarms.com.

Puddle Moon Farm is located in Edgemoor, SC, just below Charlotte, NC. A delicious eating experience awaits you from fresh air, sunshine, clean water and livestock raised the way God intended in a natural environment.

Our pastured pork are rotated in shaded paddocks every few weeks and are only fed Non-GMO all-natural grain.

Our grass fed beef are purebred Red Devon and Red Devon/Black Angus crosses. They are rotated daily to fresh grazing paddocks.

We also have Cornish Cross organic chickens raised outside in fresh air and sunshine. Like the pigs, they eat Non-GMO grain grown by local farmers. Please check out our website to see what our customers are saying about the healthy, delicious meat products from our farm.

Puddle Moon Farm, DeAnn Harris, 4354 Simpson Road, Edgemoor SC 29712. (803) 487-7103.
E-mail: deann.harris@yahoo.com. Website: http://puddlemoonfarm.com.

Rainbow Meadow Farms is a multi-generational family farm in Greene County, NC that has been in our family since 1746. Our mission is to employ sustainable farming practices to produce superior tasting and healthy meat products and preserve and enhance the ecological health of our farmland, water and local wildlife. Eight generations have taken pride in producing a healthy food product for the people of eastern NC. Now we want to share what we feel is simply the best meats for you and your family.

Distinguishing characteristics of our products:

  • No hormones or animal by-products used.
  • No antibiotics administered to animals used for meat consumption.
  • No pesticides/herbicides or chemical fertilizers applied to pastures.
  • Symbiotic relationship between livestock and nature through the use of Multi-Species Management Intensive Rotational Grazing/Sustainable Farming Practices thus reducing internal parasite load and need for de-worming.
  • Follow the Five Freedoms of Animals Husbandry.
  • Our products are high in Omega-3s, CLA and Beta-Carotene.
  • No preservatives or MSG in our meat products.

Available Products:

  • RMF Pasture Pure Dorper Lamb – mild, tender and delicate flavor.
  • RMF Free-Range Chicken – “gourmet taste,” air-chilled for enhanced tenderness and texture.
  • RMF Pastured Pork – Berkshire sired pork. Rich, deep color with good marbling. Lush, incredible, a uniquely distinctive taste experience.
  • RMF Free-Range Eggs
  • Seasonal meats including, turkey, guinea, quail, duck, rabbit.

We offer our meat products as whole carcasses and individual cuts. Value-added cuts and gourmet lamb sausages available. Slaughtered under USDA inspection. Vacuum packaged. Shipping available. Interactive ordering website for your convenience.

Rainbow Meadow Farms Pasture Pure Premium Meats, Genell Pridgen, 3181 Gray's Mill Road, Snow Hill NC 28580. (252) 523-0298.
E-mail: genell@rmfpasturepuremeats.com. Website: www.rmfpasturepuremeats.com.

Reverence Farms is a diversified, thriving polyculture. We treat our animals with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet. Our pastured eggs are from chickens fed a locally milled organic ration, and our hens are moved to fresh pasture daily where they eat a full complement of bugs and fresh forages. Our broiler chickens get a fresh salad bar daily.

Rations for our poultry (chickens and turkey) and pig (pork) contain diverse proteins (including flax and field peas) to improve the taste and nutritional profile of our products and reduce our reliance on soy. The soy in our rations are different from conventional feedstuffs; it is derived from whole, roasted organic soybeans instead of soybean meal, an industrial waste product customarily fed to livestock.

The hens follow our dairy cows and sheep (lamb) in rotation, allowing the grass to regenerate to provide the best nutrition for all animals and the soil to capture carbon from the atmosphere. We raise our dairy calves on mama cows, with all the milk they can drink. The normalcy of running in a mixed-aged herd ensures the best and brightest dairy herd for the future, and an outstanding life to even the young males, which later become our signature ambrosia beef.

We are committed to whole food and diligent about the ingredients in our value-added products. We cure our bacon the old-fashioned way, using just salt (no nitrates) and molasses; our bulk sausages are free of sugar. 

Visit our Reverence Farm Store for Jersey, A2A2, grass-fed, raw pet milk; Grade A pasteurized chocolate milk and A2A2 buttermilk; pasture-raised, house-smoked BBQ to-go; or a house-prepared meal from our retail freezer. Open Tuesday–Saturday, 11–2.

We started this farm as a homestead to feed our family and we are serious about what it means to say, “This is food.”

Reverence Farms, Suzanne Nelson Karreman, 1568 Haw Ranch Road, Saxapahaw, NC 27253. (336) 310-9713.
Reverence Farm Store (open Tuesday–Saturday, 11–2), 6056 NC 87, Graham, NC 27253.
E-mail: reverencefarms@gmail.com. Website (to order through our Mobile Farm Store): https://reverencefarms.grazecart.com/. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reverencefarm/. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reverence.farms.

Riley’s Ranch is a 75-acre family farm located in Moore County, North Carolina. Our current stock consists of registered Shorthorn and Black Angus beef cattle and free-range heritage chickens.


Nestled in the beautiful Sandhills of North Carolina, our animals are treated with the utmost respect and receive the best of care. We actually have proof of this with our Animal Welfare Approved certification. We are dedicated to the use of sustainable and humane farming practices which include rotational grazing on our fresh pastures and woodlands with access to natural spring water, the use of compost on our gardens and pastures instead of chemical fertilizers, Temple Grandin-style low stress handling techniques, and no antibiotics are ever added to our feed.

Here at Riley’s Ranch our cows lead a very happy life, and can be cows; our chickens can be happy chickens, just as God intended!

We are currently taking orders for NCDA inspected, AWA approved, vacuum-packed cuts of pasture raised beef, purchased by 1/2 or 1/4 shares. Pick up in November 2016. Please visit our website for details.

Riley's Ranch LLC, 950 Lamms Road, Carthage NC 28327. (803) 517-5476.
E-mail: rileysranchnc@yahoo.com. Website: http://rileysranchnc.com.

Rock House Farm offers beef from 100 percent grass-fed Wagyu/Angus cross cattle, pork from forest-fed English heritage breed pigs, pastured eggs, poultry, duck and turkey. All of the animals are raised naturally without inorganic inputs, petroleum-based products or man-made chemical additives or medicines. No corn or soy products are fed.

Rock House Farm is owned by individuals who care about how the food we eat is produced, cared for, and handled, and the sustainability of our farm with regard to the land it occupies and the community around it. Our aim is to supply sustainable, environmentally sound and healthy food to our family, friends and community while taking seriously the responsibility for our land, plants and animals in a holistically managed way.

Farmers markets: Charlotte, NC, Saturday mornings; Morganton, NC, Saturday mornings.

Grocery stores: Rock House Farm Retail Store, 1120 N Green Street, Morganton, NC.

Restaurants: Harper's Restaurant, Mimosa Grill, Upstream, and Zinc American Kitchen, all in Charlotte.

Rock House Farm Burke, LLC., Pride Sasser, owner, or Russell Waldock, farm manager, 1120 N Green Street, Morganton, NC 28655. (828) 438-3881 or (828) 391-6883.
E-mail: sales@rockhousefarm.info. Website: www.rockhousefarm.info.

Running T Farms. 100% grass fed, pasture-finished beef raised without antibiotics, raised without added growth hormones.

Healthy soil, healthy animals, healthy people. Get beef shipped direct from our farm to your door in a variety of packages.

Located in Cleveland, NC in the heart of the Cool Spring Community, we are just a 10 minute drive from Statesville and Mocksville. We are locally owned and operated. Our beef is raised in a grass, pasture-based system and finished entirely on live growing forage without grain supplement. We use natural model principals and regenerative grazing techniques to keep the land and animals healthy.

Order online at http://runningtbeef.com. Barn pick up is available during specified hours. Shipping available on all packages. For more info visit our website.

Running T Farms, Brandi Teague, 159 Bobbitt Drive, Cleveland, NC 27013. 704-746-3276.
E-mail: info@runningtbeef.com. Website: https://www.runningtbeef.com.

Russell Family Beef is located in the foothills of Morganton, North Carolina. Morganton is located between Asheville and Hickory along I-40. We are a small family farm that strives for excellence through our 100% grassfed, chemical/medication/hormone-free cattle. We use rotational grazing techniques. Fresh deep well water is provided from frost-free water troughs.

Our cattle are processed at about the tender age of 2 years. They are dry aged for 15 days, then vacuum packed and flash frozen in a USDA inspected facility to preserve its freshness. We support small to large families by splitting the cow in 8ths. This way you get approximately 50 pounds of beef with an assortment of cuts. Get as many 50-pound deals as you like. Orders for a side of beef (1/2) can be processed to the customer's specifications. OUR FAMILY EATS WHAT WE GROW!

Russell Family Beef, J.R. Russell, 116 N Sterling Street, Morganton NC 28655. (828) 437-1850.
E-mail: russellfamilybeef@yahoo.com Website: www.russellfamilybeef.weebly.com. Visit our Facebook page.

The Sanders Farm is located in the foothills of Clinch Mountain in upper east Tennessee, close to neighboring Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. We have tended a small beef cow/calf herd at our family farm since 1979. We have kept our pasture and hayfields herbicide and pesticide-free for over 40 years. We use no antibiotics, pesticides or growth stimulants of any kind on any animal to be sold on Eatwild. Flies are kept under control with a walk-through fly trap and dustings of diatomaceous earth.

The calves I am selling eat only our own pasture and hay and their mother's milk. They free-range with their mothers and the rest of my closed herd until the day they are processed.

I prefer to sell my calves whole or by the half in the late Spring or in the Fall. Hanging weight for a whole beef is around 300 pounds (give or take 50 pounds) and take-home meat averages 200 pounds. I deliver your calf to a state-inspected butcher near Rogersville, TN and you pick up your frozen (vacuum-packed in plastic) meat there. You decide which cuts you want using a cut-list I will mail you. All the soup/stock bones and organs from your beef are also available to you.

My price, as of the spring of 2020, is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight and the butcher charges $.50 per pound based on hanging weight.

We would rather sell our beef calves to individuals who want untainted beef than into the feedlot industry where they live a little longer but in an unnatural and highly stressful way.

The Sanders Farm, Doris Sanders, 235 Clinch Valley Road, Eidson TN 37731. (423) 921-8489.
E-mail: hydro_8@hotmail.com.

Stack Rock Mountain Farm, named for the mountain ridge on its eastern border, has been a working farm in the same family since the early 1950s. Located in the North Carolina Piedmont, the rich soil is ideal for naturally raised, grass-fed cattle and free-range poultry.

We use no animal bi-products, hormones, or antibiotics and our animals are processed at a nearby USDA inspected facility. Our beef is dry-aged to enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Good things take time and grass-fed cattle are no exception, but the advantages are obvious to the health-conscious consumer. We sell beef in packages comprising a variety of cuts and by the whole, half, or quarter animal.

Give us a call or visit our website for more details.

Stack Rock Mountain Farm, Butch and Betty Chandler, Hawthorne Drive, Asheboro, NC. (910) 692-3130 or (910) 215-8820.
E-mail: stackrockmountainfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.stackrockbeef.com.

Summerfield Farms – A Working Farm. A Beautiful Venue.

Summerfield Farms is a working farm that produces high-quality, great-tasting, nutrient-dense 100% grass-fed beef and a bountiful garden of organic produce. A beautiful venue, we offer our guests two distinct settings for life’s many celebrations.

Our on-farm market is stocked with a variety of local products and is open daily. Our hours are Monday–Saturday, 9am–7pm, and Sunday 1–5pm; we stand ready to help you make selections that will nourish the body and soul of your family. Our goal is to bring health, responsibility and ethics back to farming and land management.

Summerfield Farms, Holly Stressman, 3203 Pleasant Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC 27358. (336) 643-2006.
E-mail: emily@summerfieldfarms.com. Website: www.summerfieldfarms.com.

Triple "B" Farm is our beautiful, small family farm located in Bullock, NC. We are about 50 miles north of the big city of Raleigh. We have been farming our land for over a century. It is our great pleasure to offer you the most delicious grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef, chicken, pork, and eggs you've ever tasted.

Our animals are content, healthy, and raised without using hormones or antibiotics. We treat our animals with the respect and attention they deserve. We take the time to rotate our pastures daily, grazing our animals on native grasses. We maintain fertile soils and green grass pastures by relying on compost and time-tested pasture grazing methods. We do not spray harmful pesticides or apply chemical fertilizers to our pastures. We do all we can to be the best stewards of the land and our animals. You'll taste the grass-fed difference in our premium quality livestock products.

Our products are available for pick up at our farm throughout the year, or seasonally (April–October) at our farmstand in Wake Forest, NC. (Visit www.localharvest.org/farmers-markets/M9232). You can contact us anytime. Please call us to order our products or request a brochure.

Triple "B" Farm, Bailey Newton, 3564 Harry Davis Road Bullock NC 27507. (919) 691-0013 (cell) or (919) 693-4246. Fax: (919) 693-9290.
E-mail: triplebfarms@gloryroad.net.

Truman Hill Farm offers 100% grass fed and finished beef by the quarter, half and whole. We also sell burger shares that are an eighth of a beef with every cut ground for grass-fed steak burgers. Custom processing is only 7 miles from our farm for a low-stress journey for the cattle. Reserve shares for pick up in June and December.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Franklin County, we are convenient to Roanoke, Blacksburg and Smith Mountain Lake.

Truman Hill Farm has a strong focus on stewardship. Our land is protected by a conservation easement, our creek banks have been fenced and reforested, and we were named a 2012 Outstanding Forest Steward for woodland management.

Our Angus, Hereford, and Red Devon cattle are rotationally grazed with zero grain, artificial hormones or antibiotics. They are given free choice Thorvin Kelp and Redmond Salt for minerals and managed in a low-stress environment so they can focus on grazing to produce healthy grass-fed beef.

Truman Hill Farm, David Hurt, 814 Truman Hill Road, Hardy VA 24101. (540) 598-9645.
E-mail: info@trumanhillfarm.com. Website: www.trumanhillfarm.com.

Warren Wilson College Farm. Since 1894, Warren Wilson College has operated a mixed crop and livestock farm in the Swannanoa Valley near Asheville, NC. Originally the Asheville Farm School, the student-run College Farm produces 100% grassfed beef and lamb, as well as pastured pork, poultry and eggs.

The College Farm utilizes a long-term crop rotation of alfalfa, corn, soybeans and small grains on its bottomland, with improved forage mixes used for finishing Angus and Devon beeves. Hogs are raised with farm-grown grains and graze a variety of forages.

Beef, lamb and pork are sold in bulk packages through our seasonal meat sales and picked up on-farm. We also produce a variety of sausages, salami and hickory smoked nitrate-free bacon.

Please visit our website to be added to our mailing list for our seasonal meat sales. We sell out every year, and the feedback has been excellent!

Warren Wilson College Farm, Asher Wright or Virginia Hamilton, 701 Warren Wilson College Road, Swannanoa NC 28778. (828) 771-3014.
E-mail: meatsales@warren-wilson.edu. Website: www.warren-wilson.edu/farm/.

Watson Farms Pastured Meats is proud to offer 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, and pastured eggs. We don’t use any added hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products.

Our animals are all raised on our family farm near Lowrys, S.C. We are a real farm and depend on agriculture for our livelihood, so you can be assured that sustainability is one of our foremost concerns, along with offering a great product to keep our customers coming back. We serve south Charlotte, N.C. as well as York and Chester counties, S.C.  For select zip codes in these areas we offer Home Delivery with our refrigerated van. We also have many pickup locations in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, SC. Click here for more information.

We now ship our meats throughout North and South Carolina and select zip codes in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. We ship via FedEx Ground. Check out our FedEx Eligible Category to see all the items available for shipping.

Take a look at our website, and experience for yourself the benefits of Watson Farms Pastured Meats.

Watson Farms, Matt and Kelly Watson, 713 Colony Road, Chester SC 29706. (803) 581-8926.
E-mail: kelly@watsonfarmsbeef.com. Website: http://watsonfarmsbeef.com.

Windy Hill Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm in New London, NC (approximately 40 miles NE of Charlotte). While we are not a “certified” organic farm, we focus on producing quality, safe, chemical-free products using sustainable farming practices.

Our offerings currently include: Pastured Pork, Grassfed Beef, Pastured Chicken, Grassfed Lamb and Free-Range Eggs. We strive to raise our animals the way nature intended—outdoors, humanely, without using antibiotics or growth enhancers. Windy Hill Farm is a proud member of the "Goodness Grows in NC" program.

Our farm operates and most products are available year-round. Products are sold as individual cuts, packages, or in bulk and may be purchased:

  • At the Farm (schedule is posted on our website; you may also request an appointment)
  • Buyer’s Clubs (contact us to start or participate in a Buyer’s Club in your area)
  • Farmer’s Markets (schedule is posted on our website)
  • Subscription Program (small and large shares available)
  • Online Store (view current inventory, place orders and choose delivery/pick-up locations)
  • Home or Office Deliveries can be arranged or we can ship to you (packaging and shipping/delivery fees apply).

Animals raised on our farm are allowed to behave naturally. Unlike most large-scale factory farms, our animals rely on natural immunities and mature at a slower pace with minimal stress: Healthy Animals = Healthy Food!

We feel people should see first-hand where their food comes from, how it is produced and establish a relationship with their farmer. We welcome and encourage visitors at our farm! For more information regarding our farm, products, or schedule, please visit our website or contact us by e-mail or phone. From pasture to plate, we’re passionate about providing wholesome food for our family and yours! If we haven’t already, we look forward to meeting you!

Windy Hill Farm, Charles & Dana Burrage, 20735 Bear Creek Church Road, New London NC 28127. (704) 463-0338.
E-mail: windyhillfarm@ctc.net. Website: www.windyhillfarmnc.com.

Yesterways Farm is a second generation farm producing pastured chickens, eggs, pork, and beef. In days of yesteryear, farm and garden were the results of a tried and proven way of life. We have chosen a name for our operation that we feel reflects our effort in taking the best of those methods and way of life combined with responsible animal and land management to provide our customers with quality and wholesome products!

We practice pasture rotation which means we move the cattle regularly to fresh pasture. This is good for the pasture and for the cattle. They have access to clean water and free choice organic minerals. The cattle are free of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs. We use organic and unaltered soil amendments on our pastures. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on the land.

The pigs are on pasture and woodland, spending their days rooting and feeding on plants and roots. They are fed a custom made feed to ensure they have a balanced ration. They are in a low stress environment that affords them exercise, clean water, and feed ration to produce quality pork.

Broiler chickens are raised in open-bottom pens and moved daily onto fresh grass. They are fed a custom made feed to ensure a quality ration. In addition to broilers in the fall, we offer roasters for those folks that prefer roasters over turkeys for the holidays. The goal weight is between 10 and 12 pounds.

The products are available at the Yesterways Farm market on the farm. Call or email for availability and other information.

Yesterways Farm, Susan Wolfe, 15401Short Cut Road Gold Hill NC 28071. (704) 279-5859.
E-mail: info@yesterwaysfarm.net.

Page last updated on 10/19/2020.

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