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Pastured Products Directory – Illinois


Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Illinois map, or scroll through the alphabetical list below.

Find local stores, restaurants, and markets that feature grass-fed products on our Illinois Beyond the Farm page.

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The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:

At Afterthought Farms we find it is more important to know where our food comes from than how much it costs. We take great pride in working very hard to provide the safest and best food available.

We have a very small herd of French Alpine Dairy Goats. In keeping our herd small we can provide individual attention and the best care possible. We can guarantee that the RAW goat milk we get is absolutely the safest and best available. We also keep a small flock of Welsummer and Cuckoo Maran Chickens. These girls provide us with the safest and prettiest eggs available. We pasture-raise chickens to guarantee the best tasting chicken you'll ever have. There growth is supplemented by Illinois Grown Organic Feed. They are processed at a USDA inspected facility. This guarantees a level of food safety you can't find in your "big box store."

We know exactly what all of our animals eat from day one so you know you are getting the safest, tastiest food available in the area. We also have fresh, chemical-free produce available. Our farm is small and our quantities are limited so please call for availability. Also we love visitors so please call and we'll show you around.

Afterthought Farms, Vicki Boliard, 882 North 1700 East Road, Owaneco IL 62555. (217) 824-7833.
E-mail: vicb66@gmail.com.

All Grass Farms is a diversified organic pasture farm providing our Chicago-area customers with grass-fed, nutrient dense meats, eggs, poultry, and raw dairy products including:

  • 100% grass-fed BEEF – calves are raised on milk, pasture forages, and hay; no grains ever
  • Raw Guernsey A2 MILK – grass fed, supplemented with a small amount (one 2.5-pound scoop in the morning and one at night) of certified organic, soy-free dairy ration at milking time only
  • Pasture-raised Organic CHICKEN – pasture supplemented with certified organic feed
  • Pasture-raised/free-range EGGS – supplemented with soy-free organic feed
  • Woodland/Pastured PORK – supplemented with certified organic feed
  • Pastured Thanksgiving Organic TURKEYS – pasture supplemented with certified organic feed
  • Raw local HONEY – from hives on our farm
  • Organically Grown VEGETABLES – available through our seasonal CSA and farm store

All of our livestock are raised outdoors on organic pastures, eating what nature intended – ryegrass, timothy grass, meadow fescue, clover, chicory, and alfalfa in the pastures, with the chicken and hog pasture forage diet supplemented with certified organic grains and surplus garden fruits and vegetables. All of our animal feeds are certified organic and GMO-Free.

We practice regenerative agriculture and management-intensive grazing, rotating our livestock to fresh organic pasture daily during the spring, summer, and fall months, and providing stockpiled forages supplemented with grass and alfalfa hay during the winter months. We don't use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics on our land or in our animals. We follow organic practices and will be certified organic in 2019.

Visit our farm store for raw milk, eggs, meats, and vegetables in season, open weekdays from 10 AM – 6 PM weekdays, and on weekends 9 AM – 5 PM. Located inside the Brunner Family Forest Preserve. Visit our website to order bulk meat packages and for more information about upcoming farm tours, our farming practices, pricing info, or to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

All Grass Farms LLC, Cliff McConville or Anna Lipinska, 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118. Store: (847) 852-7081.
E-mail: info@allgrassfarms.com. Website: www.allgrassfarms.com.

Apachowa Farm is located in Blanchardville, just north of Monroe, WI. We raise 100% grass-fed beef.

They are Red Devon cattle, no breed has a purer genetic base than the Red Devon. For more information on Red Devon cattle, visit the Red Devon USA web site.

We sell whole, half, or split quarters. Our price is $4.00/pound hanging weight, plus butchering fee.

Call for availability.

Apachowa Farm, Tom, W8571 Yankee Hollow Road, Blanchardville WI 53516. (608) 214-6116.
E-mail: apachowa@gmail.com.

Hello, and Welcome to Attadale Farm. We are Steve and Sandy Fahsbender. We raise 100% Local Grass-Fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Grass-Fed Lamb and Honey Bees on an old Amish farm near LaPlata, Missouri, just across the river from Illinois.

Our grass-fed cows are the Galloway breed. We selected Galloway because they score high on carcass evaluation tests for tenderness, juiciness and flavor. With big stomachs, they do an excellent job of converting our pasture's seven varieties of mixed grasses and legumes into tasty, tender beef. We do not feed them anything except our pasture and/or alfalfa. We do not give them hormones, antibiotics, grain or grain byproducts. Our cows are humanely raised. We offer our beef by the individual cut, 1/4, 1/2 and whole.

Our pasture-raised Hereford hogs are heritage and are rotationally grazed through our timber to enjoy our naturally abundant grasses, vines, berries, bushes, leaves, roots, acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts and whatever else is on their menu. If we need to supplement their diet, it is with a certified non-GMO ration. Our pork is marbled and delicious. You will not be disappointed. We give them no hormones or antibiotics. They, too, are humanely raised. Our pork is available in 1/2, whole and by individual cut.

Our sheep are grass-fed and graze along side our Galloway cows. There is safety in numbers. Grazing sheep and cows together also help control harmful parasites in the pastures. We give them no hormones or antibiotics. Our sheep are humanely raised and the great tasting lamb is available by the 1/2, whole or individual cut.

Our bees help with all the pollinating of pasture and timber flowers as well as provide us with great pure raw honey.

Please visit us on line, call, or better yet, stop by. You should always examine your product source to confirm that you are getting what you think you are. Hope to see you soon!

Attadale Farm, Steve and Sandy Fahsbender, 14027 Hilton Avenue, LaPlata MO 63549. (660) 651-5788.
E-mail: eatright@attadalefarm.com. Website: http://attadalefarm.com.

Bauer Custom Meats is a family owned and run business in northern Illinois, centrally located between Chicago, Peoria, La Salle/Peru, Rockford, and the Quad Cities. We serve all of northern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and even some folks in southern Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana. We raise grass fed and finished whole and half lamb and beef year-round. We also offer pastured chicken (whole) and pork (whole and half) raised on locally produced grain and forage.

We believe in the humane treatment of animals allowed to live similarly as they would in nature, not crowded in a feedlot and fed unnaturally high levels of grains and concentrates. Our animals are never treated or implanted with hormones, or fed antibiotics to unnaturally increase rate of weight gain. We use an inspected meat processor nearby and butcher to your specifications.

Bauer Custom Meats, Anthony or Sandy Bauer, PO Box 237, Mineral IL 61344. (309) 288-5110.
E-mail: info@bauercustommeats.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/BauerCustomMeats/.

Big Muddy Hogs is a regenerative, pasture-based farm located in Southern Illinois. We raise Heritage Mulefoot and Red Wattle Hogs (pork), along with broiler chickens, turkeys, and laying hens.

All our animals are humanely raised outside on pasture and we are 100% antibiotic-free.

Shipping is available to all of Illinois plus the St. Louis area.

Big Muddy Hogs, Roger Schuttek, 300 Adams Street #572, Hurst IL 62949. (618) 922-8724.
E-mail: bigmuddyhogs@gmail.com. Website: bigmuddyhogs.com.

Boru Farms:

  • Grass fed beef, $6.50 lb. hanging weight; averages 75 pounds per quarter
  • Grass fed goat, $7.00 lb. hanging weight
  • Grass fed lamb, $7.00 lb. hanging weight
  • Pastured pork, $6.00 lb.
  • Free-range chicken eggs, $5 dozen
  • Free-range duck eggs, $6 dozen
  • Free-range duck, $30 each
  • Pastured broiler chickens, $20 each

Beef, goat, lamb and pork are cut, wrapped and frozen by Green County Locker in Monroe, WI. Poultry is processed by a local custom processor. All prices include processing. Orders taken for future delivery, no animal is slaughtered until ordered to provide the freshest meat possible.

Can arrange pick up at 136 Skyline Drive, Carpentersville, IL 60110, or at the farm near Freeport.

Boru Farms, Jeanne Radke, 8225 IL Hwy 26 N, Freeport IL 61032. (815) 291-9766.
E-mail: naimhe@aol.com. Website: http://naimhe8.wix.com/borufarm.

Brass Family Farm: 100% Grass-fed Red Devon Beef

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe farmers have an exceptionally important calling: To grow and raise the most healthy, nutrient-dense food possible so that current and future generations can thrive and be nourished.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: We are not in the commodity beef business. We are in the food production business and are directly responsible for the health, intelligence, and longevity of the consumer. We refuse to compromise our convictions for the almighty dollar. Sadly, not every farmer or business shares in this philosophy.

OUR FAMILY: We are a 4th generation family farm located 5 miles Southwest of Rockford, IL. near Stillman Valley, IL.

OUR CATTLE: We raise Red Devon cattle. Red Devon cattle are one of the oldest heritage beef breeds in existence today. They are the breed that the Pilgrims chose to bring with them to America in 1623. George Washington also owned a herd of Red Devon cattle. Devon grass-fed beef has a particularly rich and robust flavor that is juicy and fine-textured.

OUR FARMING PRACTICES: Our herd is 100% grass-fed. They never receive grain. Our cattle are born on our farm and spend their entire lives on pasture. During the growing season, our herd is moved once a day to a new “salad bar” slice of pasture. During the dormant season, our herd either grazes winter cover crops or is fed grass/alfalfa hay.

Please visit our website for more information about our farm and our 100% grass-fed beef.

What we offer your family is the same meat we feed to our family. You get the very best of what our labors produce. Put another way, we won’t ever sell you something we wouldn’t happily eat ourselves.

Brass Family Farm, Stephen Brass, 9402 North Meridian Road, Stillman Valley IL. 61084. (815) 218-5076.
E-mail: Stephen@Brassfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.BrassFamilyFarm.com.

Broad Branch Farm is run by Anita and Brian Poeppel with help from our three young daughters, Lucy, Susannah, and Laura. We are a small diversified family farm trying to grow the best, cleanest food possible, for ourselves and for you. We are not a Certified Organic farm, but all purchased inputs are Certified Organic, and we never use antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers.

We raise grass finished beef, pastured chickens and eggs, vegetables, and pastured pork. Cattle spend their whole lives outside except for extreme weather events eating green growing pasture, stockpiled dormant pasture, or Certified Organic hay, depending on the season. We use management intensive grazing to ensure the highest quality pasture, and also for the health and sustainability of the land. The cattle are grown to about 26 months to ensure fully finished, juicy, flavorful meat.

Laying and broiler chickens are raised on the farm from 2 day old chicks in our brooder house, and begin grazing once they can tolerate the weather. Every chicken enjoys fresh pasture in a rotational grazing system. All purchased chicken feed is Certified Organic. Our pastured eggs and broilers are exceptional in flavor and nutrition.

We offer our beef, chickens, pork, eggs and vegetables through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. This is a subscription which customers sign up for and receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries. Visit our website for details.

Broad Branch Farm, Ltd., Anita and Brian Poeppel, RR 1 Box 44, Wyoming IL 61491. (309) 695-2051.
E-mail: broadbranchfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.broadbranchfarm.com.

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm is an old-fashioned family farm conveniently located in north central Illinois.

Our farm is a living system that thrives on responsible stewardship of our resources. We raise our animals in ways that nurture and respect their natures. Chickens, pigs, and beef cattle are fed high quality pastures and locally grown feeds; they don't need drugs, hormones or antibiotics.

Milk & Meadow Beef ™ is unique. Our calves are NOT weaned prematurely, are NOT altered (dehorned or castrated). They go to the butcher at 8–10 months of age to ensure a consistently lean, tender, delicately flavored product you can feel good about feeding your family.

Beef can be purchased as a whole, half, or mixed quarters. Pork is available in wholes or halves. We offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares that include a monthly assortment beef, pork, chicken and eggs. Shares are for a period of three, six, or twelve months and can be renewed around the calendar. An "every other month" delivery option is also available. From June through October you can find our products at the Logan Square Farmers Market.

More information and share sign up is available at our website.

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm, Jody & Beth Osmund, 1985 North 3609th Road, Ottawa IL 61350. (815) 431-9544.
E-mail: cdrvalleyfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.cedarvalleysustainable.com.

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm is committed to educating producers and consumers about the importance of local, healthy, environmentally friendly foods. We offer informational programs to local government, volunteer and civic groups, churches, and groups concerned about health and the environment. If you have a group of 10 or more people interested in learning more about local food production and Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm, please contact us to schedule a presentation.

Jody & Beth Osmund host field days at their farm and offer farmer training in pastured poultry at workshops and conferences in Illinois and Wisconsin. In 2007, Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm received a USDA grant to develop and present materials to encourage and teach other farmers how to sell sustainable meats directly to consumers. In 2008 & 2009 the Frontera Farmer awarded Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm grants to help them improve farm infrastructure to increase the farm's food production and improve animal handling and grazing rotation. In 2010, Jody participated on a panel discussion "Let Them Eat Grass" at the Family Farmed Expo in Chicago; and Beth presented at the National Women in Agriculture Educators Conference in Baltimore, MD.

Coriander Fields offers chicken, turkey, eggs and more!

Raised on pasture with plenty of fresh air and sunshine, our animals never receive any GMO feeds or antibiotics. Our meats are sold as retail cuts at St. Louis area farmer’s markets, and are butchered and vacuum sealed under USDA inspection. Check our website for current pickup and delivery options.

Our environmentally friendly and humane practices have been third-party verified by Known & Grown STL.

Coriander Fields, Mindy Cory, 8448 Paddock Hills Lane, Dorsey, IL 62021. 618-960-6489.
E-mail: MindyTheChickenLady@gmail.com. Website: www.CorianderFields.com.

Dearing Country Farms is a small family farmstead located just 3 miles west of Bloomington, IL. We have raised-from-chicks, organically fed, cage-free, pastured laying hens that produce healthy, great tasting top quality eggs, as well as broilers and fryer chickens.

Through earth friendly and organic farming practices we grow and cultivate a wide variety of fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables. We have a small shop on our property where you can purchase all of our goods, and also sell through a variety of local grocery and specialty stores. In addition, we sell at the Downtown Bloomington Farmer’s Market every Saturday, June through October.

logoWe follow the USDA National Organic Program Standards, but are not NOP certified; we are a member of Certified Naturally Grown.

Dearing Country Farms, Brad Dearing, 16410 N 800 E., Bloomington IL 61705. (309) 963-4932.
E-mail: farms@dearingdesigns.com. Website: www.dearingcountryfarms.com.

Dierks Farms would like to introduce you to the Dierks family: Violet, Larry, Pam, Lari, Lane and Lathan Dierks. Violet, Larry's Mother, is part of the third generation of Dierks Farms, a grass-fed Beef operation in Southern Illinois.

We are proud to have an intergenerational farm. Violet, adds history and wisdom to our farming practices. Our family is the 4th and 5th generation of Dierks to farm our family farm. Our family works everyday to improve the world around us by using farming practices that will preserve our farm for generations to come.

Dierks Farms was founded on the basis of grass-fed beef even before the health benefits were brought to light. Today, we believe in grass-fed because it benefits our family, our animals, our customers and our environment. Our farming practices are centered around the humane treatment of our animals. Our animals are raised on stress-free grass that is rotated on a regular basis both for the animals and the environment. Our cattle are never fed corn and are not given antibiotics. This creates the best quality grass-fed beef possible. Our family farm has a close relationship with the soil and water conservation service and has received Soil and Water Farm Family of the Year. This proves that our environmental farming spans all throughout our farming practices.

Don't just take our word for it, try our meat and fresh produce for yourself. You'll love the taste and your body will love the healthy benefits. We strive to be "America's Grass Fed Beef!"

Dierks Farms, Pam Dierks, 273 West Point Road, Ava IL. 62907. (618) 559-9302.
E-mail: pam@dierksfarms.com. Website: www.americasgrassfedbeef.com.

Flying S is a family farm in East Central Illinois devoted to taking care of the land AGA logoand animals. Intensive Grazing practices are used to produce naturally healthy grass fed beef. We are approved by the American Grass Fed Association; we’re not certified organic, but you can come inspect us anytime!

Flying S beef is dry-aged for 14–21 days and is frozen in thick, clear vacuum packages. With advance notice we can cut your steaks any thickness you like.

NEW! Das Schlact Haus, our Amish butcher in Arthur IL, was so impressed with our beeves they now stock our beef as an option for their health-conscience consumers. Open 8AM–4.30PM Mon–Fri, and 8AM–3PM on Saturday.

Whole frozen pastured chickens available year-round.

NOW AVAILABLE: Home delivery! We are partnering with Hasselmann Farms who will deliver our beef each month to homes in Champaign, Bloomington, Naperville, Elgin, Fox Lake, Schaumburg, Evanston, Aurora, Downers Grove and everywhere in between.

Pricing and Order info on our website.

If you care about what you're eating call or email to order some natural grass-fed beef today. Thanks for supporting local farms!

Flying S Beef, Penny Shaw, 17594 East 500th Avenue, Palestine IL 62451. (618) 586-9999.
E-mail: beef@flying-s.com. Website: www.flyingsbeef.com.

Forest Hill Farm raises certified organic, 100% grass fed beef from registered Red Angus cattle. The beef is dry aged for flavor and tenderness. We follow MIG grazing practices for both cattle and sheep.

Our Lamb is certified organic, 100% grass fed. Organic certification is through OCIA.

Forest Hill farm offers pasture-raised pork from our Gloucestershire Old Spots which graze certified organic pastures. Seasonal plantings of oats, buck wheat, rape seed, clover, and pumpkins add to the quality of our pork.

Pasture-raised poultry is available beginning each June. Free-range, heritage bred turkey is available beginning in November. Duck is available beginning in September.

All our livestock is raised using organic practices, however only the beef and lamb are certified organic.

We sell retail cuts of organic beef, organic lamb, and pastured pork and poultry.

Interested in buying larger quantities?

  • Whole, half, quarter steers
  • Whole and half lamb
  • Whole and half hogs

Iowa Delivery Locations: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Dubuque

Illinois Delivery Locations: Oak Brook, Crystal Lake, Woodstock

Wisconsin Delivery Locations: Prairie Du Chein

Forest Hill Farm, Glenda Plozay, St. Olaf, IA 52072. (563) 783-2670.
E-mail: foresthillfarm@netins.net. Website: www.foresthillfarm.com.

At Fox Family Farms, our goal is to produce nutrient-dense, pasture-raised products. We believe that we are to steward the land to the best of our ability.

We raise 100% grass fed to finish beef, pasture raised eggs, chicken, and pork on our family farm and offer different pickup locations and home delivery so you can enjoy the convenience of nutrient-rich food to your neighborhood or door step.

We believe our farm should mimic nature as much as possible. Our animals are always raised on pasture, allowing them to have access to fresh air, sunlight, and grass. Our animals spread natural fertilizer and trample organic matter onto the ground which feeds the living microbes in the soil. Healthy soils produce healthy plants, animals, and most important healthy families.

By following these practices, we have eliminated the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. All our products are GMO-Free.

If you want to nourish your family with nutrient-rich food, we encourage you to check out our website. We want to make shopping easy and convenient. You can find all the products we offer and choose from different delivery or pickup locations.

Thanks you for supporting local farms and our passion for raising real food!

Your farmers,
Taylor and Ashley Fox

Fox Family Farms, Taylor Fox, 14959 S. Markley Road, Danville, IL 61834. (217) 304-4009.
E-mail: foxfamilyfarms8@gmail.com. Website: https://foxfamilyfarms.net/.

Freeman Bros. Ranching is a USDA Certified Organic Grass finished beef producer.

USDA logo

We are a third generation ranching family practicing Holistic Ranch Management in west central Illinois. This philosophy focuses on the balance that can be achieved by incorporating all specie involvement in the decision making process. We strive to protect our pasture eco-systems with sound management goals that will ultimately improve all interacting and involved species whether they be plant, animal or insect.

We sell wholes, halves or specific cuts of meat directly to the consumer. Delivery is possible, but we encourage everyone to come for a visit and see first hand what we do and the benefits we have achieved. Visit our website for a more detailed look at our Ranch and our philosophies.

Freeman Bros. Ranching, Ron Freeman, 1861 Arcadia Road, Jacksonville IL 62650. (217) 473-7692.
E-mail: freebro@hotmail.com. Website: www.freemanbrosranching.com.

Fresh Pasture Farms is a family-owned farm that produces wholesome pasture-raised products for your family. We offer pasture-raised eggs, chicken, pork and turkeys.

All our chickens and turkeys are raised and rotated on pasture. Our laying hens travel around the farm with an eggmobile that keeps them safe during the night and provides a place to lay their eggs. Our broilers are raised in field shelters and moved to fresh pasture daily. Every chicken has access to all the grass, bugs and sunshine they want. All our chickens and turkeys are supplemented with a custom non-GMO feed ration.

Our pigs are raised outdoors on the pasture. They have access to woodlands where they can find acorns and get shade for warmer days. They are rotated regularly giving them access to fresh pasture and woods. They are also supplemented with a non-GMO feed ration.

Check us out on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with Fresh Pasture Farms. All of our products are available in our on-farm store, which is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 1 to 5:30 pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm.

Fresh Pasture Farms, Wade Sutter, 1931 Kropp Road, Millstadt IL 62260. (618) 719-1983.
E-mail: info@freshpasturefarms.com. Website: www.freshpasturefarms.com.

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Golden Rose Livestock offers Black Angus beef and cross-bred lamb that graze naturally on our farm located in the Kishwaukee River Valley of northern Illinois. Our family has been raising grass-fed livestock and selling custom meats directly to our customers since 1971. Our customers come as far away as central Illinois, Chicago, Rockford and Milwaukee. References available upon request.

Black Angus beef is available in 1/4, 1/2 and whole shares. Lamb is available in 1/2 and whole shares. All is cut to your specifications, wrapped, frozen and labeled at two locally owned state inspected butcher shops.

Our principles: At Golden Rose, we adhere to sustainable management practices through rotational grazing. Our animals are not crowded into feedlots, fed grain, antibiotics and animal byproducts, or implanted with growth hormones. We do not spray our pastures with herbicides and pesticides (just ask our resident honey bees!). Rather, our animals are raised in a stress free, humane manner and are always moving to the next pasture full of fresh grasses, native foliage and the occasional apple tree.

Please contact us and we will send you our newsletter that will have information about pricing, weight estimations, freezer space needed, processing and how you can order from us.

Golden Rose Livestock, Rob McCormack, Woodstock IL 60098. (773) 818-6627.
E-mail: goldenroselivestock@yahoo.com.

Our ranch, Graized, is based in Moweaqua, IL where we raise and finish all of our beef!

We began operation after the three of us graduated college with the vision of bringing a locally-raised, grass fed and finished beef product that benefited the soil all the way to the consumer. We were frustrated with all the misconceptions that exist around production agriculture so we set forth to bring our beef products direct to you, sharing our story all along the way.

We partner with local butchers from here in our backyard of Moweaqua to Springfield. Having these partnerships allows us to maintain full traceability of your beef and a high quality product, all while keeping your money local.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the American Grass Fed Association and prioritize transparency in every aspect of our business. We would love the opportunity to show you the ranch.

Graized, Kolten Postin & Luke Frantz, 2912 North 645 East Road, Moweaqua, IL 62550. 815-615-1012 (Kolten).
E-mail: Kolten.postin@graized.com; luke.frantz@graized.com. Website: www.graized.com.

Grateful Graze began as a way to provide healthy food from healthy soil to local families. Today we offer 100% Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Beef, Lamb and Pasture-Raised Chicken online. It is available for home delivery around our region and for pickup at a growing number of locations (enter your zip code on our website to find the location nearest you). In the future, we will offer eggs and pork all raised upon the same soil health and animal health principles with which we began this journey.

We have worked for many years to adopt soil-improving practices such as no-till, buffer strips and cover crops on our family farm in Cambridge, Illinois. Now we are bringing livestock back to the land in the way God designed the soil-plant-animal system to work. We believe that soil health, animal health, and human health are linked together in ways that we are just beginning to understand.

Our cattle are outside in fields, never eat grain, and move across the land like a herd. They never receive hormones, and only a few get an antibiotic in the event of a life-threatening situation, never in their feed.

We are grateful for your belief in us, our team who makes this possible, the animals in our care, and the land we steward. Thank you for choosing Grateful Graze.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates! Join us for a farm tour to learn how our animals live and how they impact your family's health!

Grateful Graze, Monte Bottens, 19065 IL-81 Cambridge, IL 61238. (309) 852-3276.
E-mail: monte@gratefulgraze.com. Website: https://gratefulgraze.com/.

Green Pastures Beef is a small family farm in Wauconda, in the northwest suburbs. We raise 3–5 cows on our land at any given time. We do not use any grains with our animals. They are grass fed from start to finish and receive no antibiotics or hormones.

Our cows live outdoors 12 months of the year with fresh air, sunshine, water and clean sleeping and feeding areas. They also have shelter to recline in. They graze on pesticide-free grass/alfalfa/clover mix during the growing season and pesticide-free bailed grasses during the winter. We think of them as part of our family.

We have the best prices for beef in our area. We can deliver locally and offer pick up. We do not ship.

Like us on Facebook and check out our beautiful cows!

Green Pastures Beef, Jim or Chris Brust, 27320 N Williams Park Road, Wauconda IL 60084. (847) 338-6749.
E-mail: GreenPasturesBeef@aol.com. Website: www.GreenPasturesBeef.com.

Our family at Growing N Grace Natural Farm delights to provide our patrons with premium pasture products from our natural farm. We have a passion for sustainable farming, pasture raised and chemical free food.

Although we are not certified, all our farming is done with organic methods. We want a transparent trust relationship with our patrons. We offer broiler chickens, turkeys, eggs, pork, real milk through a herd share, and vegetables.

We are located in Southeastern Iowa fairly near the Iowa/Illinois border.

Growing N Grace Natural Farm, Ivy Steiner or Mahlon Steiner, 23783 North Field Road, Mediapolis IA 52637. (319) 572-9761 or (319) 572-9762.
E-mail: mikesteinerfamily@gmail.com. Website: www.growingngracenaturalfarm.blogspot.com.

Hasselmann Family Farm, Pasture Raised Meat and Eggs Delivered right to your door!

Hasselmann Family Farm offers all natural farm fresh eggs, Berkshire pork, chicken, lamb and 100% grassfed beef. We are a small family farm located in beautiful northern Illinois.

We firmly believe in using a pastoral approach to farming, meaning we strive to make sure all the livestock on our farm has a forage-based diet that is self harvested. Our goal is to produce healthy and happy animals that can express their true characteristics in a natural setting. They in turn provide us with delicious and nutritious meat and eggs. The proof is in the superior taste and flavor of our products.

We use NO antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products in any of our feed rations. On our 80-acre farm, we grow organic hay and non-GMO grains like wheat, oats, corn and barley, which we then feed to our chickens and hogs. Furthermore, we practice sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation, composting and pasture farrowing of our Berkshire sow herd.

Finally, we believe that America's small farms are one of its greatest assets and worth preserving. By providing safe, nutritious locally grown food we hope to have a positive impact on our community and the environment.

Farmers Markets & Farm Store: You may find our products at numerous farmer's markets. Please consult our website for the current farmer's market schedule. Our farm store is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. (NO SUNDAY SALES)

We also offer:

  • Weekly home delivery service to Chicago and suburbs. Qualifying orders may receive free home delivery! Sorry, we do not ship or deliver out of Illinois.
  • Pick up your order for free at our farm in Marengo, IL (Please arrange in advance, not available on Sundays).
  • Pick up your order for free at any scheduled farmer’s market
  • Convenient online ordering

Hasselmann Family Farm, Scott Hasselmann, 23706 Harmony Road, Marengo IL 60152. (815) 572-4833.
E-mail: hasselmannfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.hasselmannfamilyfarm.com.

At Hephzibah Farms we raise our animals with the utmost respect and loving kindness, believing that happy and healthy animals will help create happy and healthy people! All our animals enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and freedom to roam, living humanely and naturally.

We raise 100% Grass-Fed Beef outdoors on high-quality pastures. Our cattle are never fed corn or grains, they are 100% Grass-Fed & Finished! The beef our cattle produce has a higher Omega-3 ratio, is extra lean and extremely tasty! Beef is available in fall and sold in quarters, halves, and wholes.

We raise Range-Raised Pork outdoors on wooded pastures from spring through fall. The Range-Raised Pork our pigs produce is exceptionally wholesome and remarkably flavorful! Pork is available in fall and sold in halves and wholes.

We produce Pastured Eggs from our layer chickens that have freedom to roam all over our farm to forage. Eggs are available year-round from the farm.

We raise Broilers and Turkeys with outdoor access to forage. Broilers and turkeys are available for pickup from the farm on a seasonal basis.

Beef and Pork are cut to your specifications and picked up from our butchers. Our meat is wrapped, frozen and labeled at locally owned, state-inspected butcher shops.

We are located just minutes south of the Wisconsin state line!

Hephzibah Farms, Inc., Anita Miller, 13202 Hebron Road, Hebron IL 60034, (847) 530-7373.
E-mail: Anita@hephzibahfarms.com. Website: www.hephzibahfarms.com.

Hillside Pastures raises Red Devon cattle on grass, and nothing but grass, in the rolling hills of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. Moderately-framed cattle that came to the US colonies about 150 years before American independence from Great Britain, Devon were—and still are—known for their docility and ability to finish on grass without additional inputs.

Hillside Devon beef is available for purchase as mixed quarters, halves, and whole carcass and is sold by the pound, based on hanging weight. The buyer has the ability to direct the butcher to cut and wrap to meet the needs of the household.

Visit the Hillside Pastures website or call Daniel for additional information about pricing and availability.

Visitors to Hillside Pastures are always welcome by appointment.

Hillside Pastures, Daniel Marquardt, 6511 Hillside School Road, Spring Green, WI 53588. 608-588-5367.
E-mail: danielfmarquardt@gmail.com. Website: https://hillsidepastures.com/.

Honeysuckle Farm in Morris, Illinois is a family-owned and operated, small scale, pasture-based farm. We utilize organic and regenerative agriculture methods to produce delicious food with high nutrient density, integrity, and transparency.

Our family farm produces pork, chicken, eggs, and honey.

Pastured Pork: We breed our own Berkshire-Duroc hogs, so all of our pork is born and raised on our farm. 100% pasture-raised, our sows are never confined inside buildings or small crates. Piglets are able to root and roam, consuming pasture forage and supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed. Pork is processed at a certified organic, USDA inspected facility.

Pastured Chicken: Cornish-Cross meat chickens are moved out to pasture from the brooder at three weeks of age. Supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed, they are rotated to fresh pasture daily. Available as whole birds or individual retail cuts.

Pastured Free-Range Eggs: Available Spring-Fall, free-ranging hens are able to roam and scratch, consuming pasture grasses and supplemented with locally milled non-GMO feed.

Raw Honey: We keep our own honeybee hives in our small, on-farm apiary. Hive management includes chemical-free treatments and feed supplements during the non-growing season. We only harvest a portion of the honey from each hive, ensuring the bees are able to overwinter on the honey and pollen they worked hard to produce during the growing season. Harvested honey is simply strained and bottled; never heated, in order to preserve enzymes and local pollen proteins for healthy local raw honey.

Raw Milk: Coming soon!

Our family is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. We strive to emulate other regenerative farms such as Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm. We invite those interested in learning more to contact us and come to see how our farm produces nutrient-dense food.

Honeysuckle Farm, Joe Conley, 2900 Conley Road, Morris, IL 60450. (574) 323-7919.
E-mail: HoneysuckleFarmMorris@gmail.com. Website: https://honeysucklefarm.grazecart.com/.

The Honored Prairie Fellowship of Family Farms represents a local group of like-minded farmers and artisans. We are working together to produce and market healthful pasture-raised foods that are a direct result of sustainable farming practices that honor the Creator's intended design of our land.

Products Offered:

  • Grass-fed Beef
  • Raw Milk Cheese
  • Free-Range Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Duck and more.

How and Where to Buy:
Our Farm-to-table distribution model works by taking online orders on our website (www.honoredprairie.com). We then deliver your order to an established Honored Prairie Buying Club pickup location. (View our Welcome Video to learn more about who we are and how to order.)

We are currently establishing pickup points in Chicago, Illinois & surrounding areas. Contact us about starting a buying club in your neighborhood!

Honored Prairie, Blaine Hitzfield, Chicago IL. (877) 997-9449.
E-mail: sales@honoredprairie.com. Website: www.honoredprairie.com.

Indian Creek Farm is a family farm located in west central Illinois offering grass-fed beef and pastured poultry. We are certified organic and raise 100% grass-fed Angus beef in a non-stressed, natural environment with clean air, clean water, plenty of sunshine and a natural diet of lush, nutritious grass.

We randomly submit beef samples for testing at Utah State University to quantify the higher levels of CLA and Omega 3’s in our beef. Our pastured chickens are raised in the healthiest way possible just like our cows and are moved to lush, nutrient-rich forage daily. We use no antibiotics or synthetic hormones. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality meat that is healthy, nutritious, lean and rich tasting.

Indian Creek Farm, Jim and Mary Burrus, 2095 Arcadia Road, Jacksonville IL 62650. (217) 886-2552 or (217) 473-5529.
E-mail: indiancreek3@yahoo.com.

Indian Valley Beef is located in the beautiful hills and valleys of Tiskilwa, Illinois. We are raising Australian Lowlines to supply your family with natural grass finished beef.

Our pastures are herbicide and pesticide free and animals are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle roam free and are never confined to feedlots.

You may place an order by contacting us by phone or e-mail and have beef packaged to your specifications. Thanks.

Indian Valley Beef, Ron and Brenda Skaggs, 11705 IL Highway 40, Buda IL 61314. (309) 895-3581.
E-mail: coalcrk@yahoo.com. Website: www.indianvalleybeef.com.

Irish Grove Farms was established in 1910 and has been home to five generations of the Flynn family. Our products include organically-managed hay, 100% grass-finished Murray Grey and Angus beef and pastured eggs, both of which are marketed directly to consumers. Please email Jackie for product availability and to be added to our product mailing list.

Irish Grove Farms is situated in beautiful north-central Illinois, only 7 minutes south of the Wisconsin border. We are within easy driving distance of Galena, Rockford, Freeport, Chicago, and Madison, WI.

Irish Grove Farms, Inc., Jackie Flynn-Batista, 9027 Best Road, Pecatonia, IL 61063. (815) 239-1325.
E-mail: jackie.de.batista@gmail.com. Website: www.irishgrovefarms.com.

Jake's Country Meats is a 6th generation family farm dedicated to becoming "Your connection to Your Food." We raise antibiotic-free and pasture-raised pork, chicken, and turkey, along with 100% grass-fed beef.

AWA logo

Our farm is Animal Welfare Approved and we strive to preserve and better the land for future generations. We also partner with others to bring our customers responsibly-sourced Wild-Game Meats and Wild-Caught Great Lakes Fish.

We sell our products all year-round through on-farm sales, farmers markets, stores, distributors, and restaurants. We work closely with our customers to bring you high quality products every single time you buy. We offer bundle packages with bulk discounts for our CSA and we also sell products by the individual cut. Email or call us for more information.

Jake's Country Meats, Renee Robinson, 55721 Decatur Road, Cassopolis, MI 49031. (269) 445-3020.
E-mail: jakescountrymeats@gmail.com. Website: www.jakescountrymeats.com.

Jersey Hollow Farm is a 180-acre diversified farm in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin near Potosi.

We raise jersey dairy cows, jersey steers for beef, and butcher lambs as well as pork. The dairy cows, beef and lamb are strictly grassfed for their entire lives. The pork is pastured and fed organic wheat, whey and skim milk from the dairy herd. We also have pastured broiler chickens which we move twice a day in a portable chicken tractor, giving them access to plenty of lush grass, many bugs, worms, and fresh water.

We use regenerative agricultural practices to boost soil, animal, and human health. Although we are not certified organic, our farming practices, would meet the requirements for certification. Here at Jersey Hollow we have been farming under this system for over 15 years without using any harmful inputs such as antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, etc., and no soy in the poultry and/or pork feed. All of which can cause harm to the soil, plants, and animals.

Our beef, pork, and lamb are available in the fall, while our chickens are available June–November.

For more information, please visit our website, call, or e-mail us. We would be happy to talk to you!

Jersey Hollow Farm, Jim and Sandy Kammes, 6280 Dutch Hollow Road, Potossi WI 53820. (608) 794-2638.
E-mail: harmonyhills7@yahoo.com. Website: https://www.jerseyhollowfarm.com/.

Johnson Buffalo Farm is operated by Ryan Johnson. The Buffalo Farm began when we got our first two buffalo on September 11, 2001. We decided to name them the twin towers. Little did Ryan know that a year and a half later he would be serving in the Marine Corps in Iraq. Shortly after returning to the states he began breeding them and selling the meat to friends and acquaintances. Parents Dave and Suzy Johnson own the farm and help with the operation. The farm is located in Hoopeston, IL, about 50 miles northeast of Champaign, or 25 miles north of Danville.

Buffalo is America's original red meat. They are high in protein, low in cholesterol, calories and fat. Our buffalo are raised on high quality pastures and supplemented with hay in the winter. They are never given antibiotics or steroids, or implanted with growth hormones. No animal is confined to a building or feedlot.

The buffalo are taken off the farm to be processed and packaged at a licensed USDA inspected facility. The meat is frozen and sold in whole, half, quarter, or individual cuts. Please call in advance.

Johnson Buffalo Farm, Ryan Johnson, 425 N 6th Avenue, Hoopeston IL 60942. (217) 304-4965.
E-mail: johnson_farms2000@yahoo.com.

Joy-of-Illinois Farm is a small family farm that offers limited quantities of a wide variety of products including pork from American Guinea Hogs and Kunekune Hogs; Katahdin lambs, Saanen goat kids, Freedom Ranger meat chickens, free-range eggs, Muscovy ducks, and LEGAL natural, unprocessed (raw) goat milk. There are now six farms in Illinois who have earned their raw milk permits from the Illinois Department of Public Health, and we are the newest one.

Large animals can be sold live for the buyer to process himself off our farm, or we can truck the paid-for animal to our local meat locker. The customer pays the locker separately and picks up the frozen meat there.

We serve many international customers. Se habla un poquito español.

Our animals are humanely raised on pasture and are free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

Joy-of-Illinois Farm, Penny,1689 CR 400E, RR 3, Champaign IL 61822. Call or text: (872) 205-0801.
E-mail: joyofillinois@yahoo.com. Website: www.joyofillinois.com.

Kate's Cottage Farm raises pastured poultry (classic broilers/fryers, heirloom chickens for slow cooking and heritage turkeys (pre-order please) at Thanksgiving). Our chickens and turkeys are humanely slaughtered and processed here on the farm. We offer eggs from pastured chickens in limited quantities. Look for soy-free chicken and eggs by August 2011.

Home-hatched chicks and one-day-old chicks from an Iowa hatchery are raised in "Salatin-style" pasture pens and moved to fresh grass daily. Small natural sized groupings, constant access to fresh, green growing pasture and fresh air and sunshine reduce stress on chickens allowing them to mature naturally. No pesticides, drugs or other chemicals are needed or used. All this, coupled with exercise and greens in the diet, substantially increase the nutritional value of our pasture poultry, particularly in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and in Vitamin A. When you eat one of our broilers or heirloom chickens, you'll remember what real chicken tastes like! We think it will be the best chicken you'll ever eat.

Kate's Cottage Farm sells pastured chicken and eggs on the farm and through the Good Earth Food Alliance CSA. We will deliver bulk orders to nearby areas.

Limited quantities of 100% grass-fed goat and beef are also available.

Kate's Cottage Farm, Kate Potter, 120 N Cramer Road, Elmwood IL 61529. (309) 338-7876.
E-mail: potter_kate@hotmail.com.

Kinwood Farm is a fifth-generation family farm in northwestern Illinois. Our goal is to lovingly raise food and products that nourish the land and its people. We offer:

  • 100% rotationally grazed grass-fed beef and lamb.
  • Pastured chicken and turkey moved daily to fresh grass, with 100% organic grain.
  • Organically-grown produce and flowers.
  • Gourmet mushrooms.
  • Pastured eggs with 100% organic grain.
  • Raw, local honey from on-farm hives
  • Wool and naturally-processed lambskin.
  • Farm tours, farm school, and events!

We deliver to your home near our drop off locations, which include the areas of Wheaton, Elburn, DeKalb, Sterling, Prophetstown, Cambridge, and the Quad Cities (for now!). Meat is sold as individual cuts and bulk. We offer bulk discounts and payment plans.

Our animals are moved daily to fresh pasture loaded with nutrient-rich forbs, legumes, and grasses, a practice called adaptive grazing. You won’t find any antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, or fungicides here. Our hope is to restore our community, health, and soils, and we appreciate you partnering with us.

Stop by our website to order products, check out events, classes, and tours, and sign up for our newsletter.

Kinwood Farm, Isaiah Jones, 28009 Seyller Road, Prophetstown. IL 61277. 563-370-5891.
E-mail: kinwoodfarm@gmail.com. Website: https://www.kinwoodfarm.com/.

Koukol Farmssee Momma's Eggs below

Liberty Ridge is a small family farm in SW Wisconsin, 50 miles southeast of La Crosse and 100 miles west of Madison.

We market our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef competitively at $3/pound hanging weight and limited quantities of ground beef at $5/pound finished weight.

Our non-GMO and organic fed pastured broilers are $3.25–3.75/pound, on farm, fresh.

We have a small herd of mostly angus beef cattle. We pasture them on a rotational system, moving them to a new paddock every day, and hay in the winter. We finish our beef on grass which takes longer than conventional beef, for us about 27–29 months. Our beef is processed at a local facility. We sell quarters, halves, wholes, and ground beef, mostly in the summer and fall.

We raise and process pastured meat chickens on farm. We use the Joel Salatin style moveable shelters, and provide our chickens fresh pasture every day. Customers pick up their dressed chickens fresh on specific dates in the summer and fall when we process.

Liberty Ridge Pastured Meats, LLC, Chuck Kauffman, owner, general farm questions; Teddy Kauffman, specific questions related to beef; Ben Kauffman, questions related to pastured broilers, E5916 Cina Road, Viroqua WI 54665. Phone: Chuck (608) 632-2762; Teddy (608) 632-4252; Ben (608) 632-6688.
E-mail: kauffman@libertyridgefarmwi.com. Website: libertyridgefarmwi.com.

Little Bit Farm is a small farm located in east central Illinois. Katahdin sheep roam the pasture along with their guardian donkeys and Haflinger horses. Free range chickens dash under fences and come and go as they please.

Fresh brown eggs are available in the cooler at the end of the drive, come early, they sell out quickly. Lambs are available to take to the processor of your choice in late summer and early fall.

No hormones or antibiotics are used. Pastures do not get treated with herbicides or pesticides.

Little Bit Farm, Kathie Lawrence, 1542 W Polk, Charleston IL 61920. (217) 348-1406.
E-mail: littlebitfarm1-kathie@yahoo.com. Website: www.littlebitfarm.net.

Loony Acres is a family-owned and operated farm in the far NW suburbs of Chicago. We are within a half hour of the Wisconsin border. We farm utilizing sustainable methods but are non-certified organic at this time. We offer pasture-raised poultry, free range eggs and locally grown vegetables.

Our animals are drug-free, meaning we use no growth hormones or antibiotics. Our poultry and eggs are naturally grown and treated humanely. Our pasture-raised chickens and turkeys are happy and receive lots of sunshine, fresh air and plenty of natural food they find in the pasture. They receive certified organic feed 2x per day. We use moveable chicken coops/tractors for shelter and protection. The chicken tractors are moved on a daily basis or more if needed.

Our vegetable produce is grown chemical-free – no pesticides or herbicides are used on our farm. We use certified organic and heirloom seeds and are proponents of seed-saving. We practice crop rotation within the season and for our cover crops.

Our children operate a bake stand and offer a variety of baked goods and homemade organic lemonade.

Currently, we sell our products at our on-site farm stand and through a small vegetable/meat/egg CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture). Please contact us for product availability and hours of operation.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@LoonyAcres)

Loony Acres, Robert and Theresa Gould, PO Box 78, Island Lake IL 60042. (815) 308-5655.
E-mail: loonyacres@gmail.com.

McCluskey Brothers put the steak in your burger! We're grassfed beef producers, and when we grind our burger, we grind all the cuts but two (ribeye, tenderloin). Think ground sirloin plus. It's a burger beyond anything you've ever tasted.

Just as important, our farm is committed to making the planet a better place. We rotationally graze our cattle, frequently moving the livestock from pasture to pasture. These frequent moves – or “rotations” – give our pastures a period of rest and regrowth between grazings. Roots grow deeper, soils recycle more carbon, plants grow stronger, there's less rain run off and less soil erosion. Biodiversity is enhanced. All with the help of cattle doing what nature has always intended: graze grass.

We choose rotational grazing for a reason. Continuous grazing – giving cattle continuous access to the same pasture for the entire season – actually damages the pasture, weakens the plants and diminishes soil health. Honored to be among the first farms in the country certified Real Organic (2018), we're also USDA certified organic (certifying agency is ICS). And 100% grassfed at Shillelagh Glen Farms means no grain. Ever.

We're the 4th generation on our family farm, a farm founded on the belief everything is connected → everything from the sunshine, soils, plants and cattle on our farm to the food on your family table to the air we all breathe and water we drink. And that's the way we farm.

We're growing wholesome, healthy, flavorful food with sunshine, grass, and the rich organic soils of Shillelagh Glen Farms. Try McCluskey Brothers' grassfed beef and cheese, and maple syrup. Inquiries about beef shares (quarters or halves) welcome.

One click brings 100% grassfed goodness direct to your door. Yes, we ship!

McCluskey Brothers Shillelagh Glen Farms, Brian and Pat McCluskey, Office: E3609A Croal Hollow Road, Hillpoint, WI 53937; Farm: S7544 Hwy G, Hillpoint, WI 53937. 608.495.2552.
E-mail: mccluskeybros@gmail.com. Website: www.McCluskeyBros.com.

McGreal Family Farm is a small farming business rooted in Clayton County, Northeast Iowa. Currently managed by a third generation Iowa farmer and his partner, this land is home.

Firmly planted in a small town, we believe in local connections but we also service areas as far away as Chicago with our beef. We are not shipping at this time but we can provide a delivery service. We specialize in pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, custom beef, although we have big plans to grow flowers and vegetables during the next growing season. Deeply inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, we implement organic practices on our farm without an official certification.

Our cattle are rotated often, allowing them to always have access to the most nutritious plants, and allowing the native flora to replenish naturally. Our Black Angus and Hereford Angus crossbreeds graze on 1,000 acres of driftless land composed of fields and timber. Our nearby creeks are fenced off to prevent unnecessary impact. Our beef is unadulterated, meaning they are hormone and antibiotic-free. Always.

Our cattle will become available for purchase January 2019, and we are currently accepting reservations for whole, halves and quarters. Contact us at info@mcgrealfamilyfarm.com or give us a call at 563-245-1041 with any questions or orders. We are located at 20447 Elm Road Strawberry Point, IA 52076. You can find us on Google Maps and Facebook under “McGreal Family Farm.” And, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by.

McGreal Family Farm, Jake McGreal and Lara Mangialardi, 20447 Elm Road Strawberry Point, IA 52076. (563) 245-1041.
E-mail: info@mcgrealfamilyfarm.com. Website: www.facebook.com/mcgrealfamilyfarm.

Meadow Haven Farm, in central Illinois about two hours west of Chicago, is certified organic, and raises purely grass-fed, grass-finished beef and free-range chickens & eggs, pasture-raised pork, and free-range pastured turkeys.

Allan Sexton, a retired holistic veterinarian with a life-long interest in nutrition and health, started the farm with wife Jeanne originally to provide good healthy food for their five children and growing number of grandchildren. They searched for the best farmland they could find for their idea of an organic farm that would raise grass-fed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, as well as Allan's large garden and orchard. They found it in Bureau County, Illinois. Jeremy and Cherie House joined them a few years later. Jeremy farmed and dairied with his father and Cherie was a junior high school physical education teacher and coach. They now live on the farm and have three children to add to the population of well-nourished farmers here.

We are committed to the idea of food that is not only organic (free of chemical, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) but highly nutritious, rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. We are constantly working to enhance and re-mineralize the soils that feed the plants that feed the animals that feed you, the consumer. We think of food as medicine and work toward that end.

Check our delivery locations into the Chicagoland area, central Illinois and the Quad Cities on our website.

Meadow Haven Farm, Jeremy or Cherie House, 6139 1700 North Avenue, Sheffield IL 61361. (815) 303-6223 or (815) 303-6226.
E-mail: jeremy@meadowhavenfarm.com. Website: www.meadowhavenfarm.com.

Middlebrook Farm, located east of Chicago, in Harbor County Michigan, was established in 1844. We purchased the 22-acre property in 2005. In December 2007, we left the city to live on the farm full time. Our mission has been to return the land to the biodiversity of the past, and to raise happy, healthy animals using the pasture rotation method. With pregnant cows, a bull, steers, one llama, numerous cats and two bee hives, our lives are full.

We raise Lowline Angus for beef and breeding stock. We believe animals should be raised entirely on their natural diet. Our cattle graze pastures of grasses, clover and alfalfa. In winter, they eat lots of hay!. We use no chemicals on pasture, and our animals receive no added hormones or antibiotics.

Studies show that 100% grass-fed beef are lower in total fat and calories. It is higher in omega-3s, CLA, vitamin E and beta-carotene. Good things come from pasture salad mix!

Our beef is USDA inspected, processed and frozen in individual packages. It is priced per pound. We sell direct to you from our farm store.

We are happy to e-mail a price list. Call to pick up beef or to visit the farm. We deliver in the Chicago area. We'd like to introduce you to our "happy" cows!

Middlebrook Farm, Bob and Janet Schuttler, 6678 Forest Lawn Road, Three Oaks MI 49128. (269) 756-9778 or (269) 357-5162.
E-mail: janetschuttler@sbcglobal.net. Website: www.middlebrookfarm.net.

Milk & Honey is a suburban farm and cooperative located in Wauconda, IL. We specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry (chickens and turkeys) and eggs, chemical-free produce, and natural lifestyle products.

We want to bring more flavorful and nutritious food to the table. We focus on soil quality and care for our animals in a way that honors them. We are grateful for the food they provide and show our gratitude by raising them as closely as possible to the way nature intended.

Our philosophy is that you are what your food eats. Our animals are pastured, which results in superior taste and higher nutritional content than conventionally-raised meat. Buying directly from our farm removes the middlemen and ensures optimal freshness.

All of our birds have access to the outdoors so they can do what they love most: forage for insects and even small rodents. We raise chickens year-round and turkeys seasonally. Both are naturally omnivorous, and it’s important to us to maintain their natural instincts.

We raise pastured pork year-round. Our pigs have access to the outdoors so they can root, even in the snow. We supplement the foraging of our poultry and pigs with food scraps from our farm and non-GMO feed that is free of animal byproducts.

We raise Scottish Highland pastured beef year-round. Highlanders, well-known for their large horns, are one of the world’s oldest breeds. Their thick, shaggy coats have a wool-like layer. making them well suited for Illinois winters. Grazing on pasture provides them with a happier, stress-free life, creates more nutritious milk for their calves, and healthier meat for us--in at least ten different ways. They receive a mineral supplement, plus apple cider vinegar in their water. We never use antibiotics or hormones.

Although we produce most of the items in our foodshed, we occasionally allow others, such as soap makers and beekeepers, to showcase their products that complement our practices and philosophy.

Milk & Honey Farmstead, Karen Guerriero, 27451 IL 176, Wauconda, IL 60084. (224) 993-0520.
E-mail: karen@milkhoneyfarmstead.com. Website: www.milkhoneyfarmstead.com.

Mint Creek Farm is located 80 miles south of Chicago, an island of grass in the midst of corn and soybean fields. We produce grassfed lamb, beef, veal, goat, pork, turkey, chicken, and eggs on our 230 organically certified acres.

We rotationally graze our pastures to help build our soil, capture carbon, and prevent erosion. Grazing provides exercise and a nutritious diet for our livestock. We also feed kelp as a supplement to give our livestock a good balance of trace minerals. Our pigs and poultry are raised on pasture and fed soy-free, organic feed. We pay careful attention to the animals’ diet, and the result is consistently high-quality meat and eggs.

Most of our products are available year-round. We ship via UPS, and can deliver to anywhere in Chicagoland or the Kankakee area. We sell individual cuts of meat as well as whole and half animals. CSA shares (5 or 10 pounds of assorted meats per month) are also available. We go to many farmer’s markets in Chicagoland throughout the year. Visit our website for locations and times.

Mint Creek Farm, Harry Carr, 1693 E 3800N Road, Stelle, IL 60919. (815) 256-2202.
E-mail: hcarr@mintcreekfarm.com. Website: www.mintcreekfarm.com.

Momma's Eggs (Koukol Farms) is a small farm focused on giving our chickens the best of the best so they can produce great eggs for our customers.

Licensed by the state, certified organically-fed chickens, they are pasture-raised with organic feed. Our chickens receive living food every day of the year (winter or not) with our fodder system.

Supplemented with daily probiotics from our homemade Kefir and homemade Kombuchia, the chickens also get soil-based probiotics as well from the roots of the plants in the fodder system.

By fall of 2016 our giant "worm room" should be in full production so the chickens don't lose amino acids in winter when the ground is frozen.

We are currently working on becoming a level #1 processing plant so we can package our own organically-fed ground chicken, sell our own homemade organic chicken stock, kombuchia, kefir dehydrated dog treats made from the bones from our chickens, sterilized encapsulated pulverized eggshells, and sterilized encapsulated dehydrated beets.

Momma's Eggs (Koukol Farms), Melodie Koukol, 1713 Hobe Road, Woodstock, IL 60098. 815-236-3338.
E-mail:koukolsamazingpups@gmailcom. Website: none.

The Moore's family farm is located near Watseka, Illinois. Jim and Diann Moore and their two teenage sons own and operate their nearly 100 year old farm. The Moore's raise seasonal grassfed beef, lamb, goat and pasture-raised pork, chicken, and turkeys, and farm fresh brown eggs.

No animal is confined to a conventional building. Jim and his sons mix all of the feed for the animals on the farm, providing a nutritional, drug-free diet for each species. The poultry raised on the farm is purchased and delivered as day-old birds from hatcheries. All of the other animals are raised on the family farm from conception to processing age.

The animals currently raised on the farm include Bourbon Red Turkeys, Katahdin Sheep, Tamworth and Hereford Pigs, Nubian Goats, Cornish X Broilers, Buff Orpington and Black Australorp Hens, Broad-breasted White Turkeys, and a cross bred Angus, Hereford cow/calf herd. The different species are all taken off the farm to be processed, inspected, packaged, frozen and labeled in licensed facilities. You may obtain our family-raised products directly from the farm or contact us for other Central Illinois locations.

The Moore's, Jim and Diann Moore, 2013 N 1950 East Road, Watseka IL 60970. (815) 432-6238.
E-mail: Moore Family Farm.

Muller's Lane Farm is a unique experience in the old homestead way of life. We are rich in tradition and still farm our hayfield using Belgian draft horses and steel-wheeled machinery. Our fresh (non-certified) organic produce and herbs are available at the Rock Falls Farmer's Market on Saturdays and always at the farm throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

While at the farm you can get a glimpse of the Milking Devon ox or a wide variety of rare heritage chickens, turkeys and geese strolling around the barnyard and acreage. The poultry is available from day-old chicks to ready-for-your-oven. We also offer pastured-poultry eggs (both brown and white) and honey.

Contact us to raise your grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-ranged poultry or rabbit for your freezer. Products can be picked up at the farm or from the processor.

Muller's Lane Farm has fresh and dried herbs and vegetables for sale. Many of the herbs are used in our Farm Fresh Milk Soaps & Salves made by Cyndi. These soaps and salves are found in area stores, but can also be bought directly from the farm or through mail order. The apple orchards have been supplemented with cherry, plum and peach trees in addition to the grape vines. We hope to have our first cherries, plums and peaches in 2004! We are conveniently located just a few miles from the I-88/IL-40 interchange.

Muller's Lane Farm, Cyndi and Paul Muller, 9767 Hickory Hills Road, Rock Falls IL 61071. (815) 625-2607.
E-mail: mullerslanefarm@coiinc.com. Website: www.mullerslanefarm.com.

The Nadig Family Farm is located one hour west of Chicago and 25 minutes west of Geneva/St. Charles—only minutes off of I-88 and only a half hour south of Rockford. We offer pasture finished beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, and turkey.

Our livestock and land are cared for in synergy with natural design. Under this simple premise, the animals and pasture are allowed to flourish, producing ideal results. The food's flavor and quality are authentic homegrown and are not available at your local super mart.

The land is vibrant. The families that we feed are enriched and nourished. We would like the opportunity to serve you. Please e-mail or call for more information or pricing.

Note to fiber enthusiasts: We offer prepared fibers and yarns, including merino and angora.

Nadig LLC, John and Charlotte Nadig, 9N Loves Road, Cortland IL 60112. (815) 748-3782.
E-mail: nadigfamilyfarm@gmail.com. Website: www.nadigfamilyfarm.com.

Naomi's is a small, woman-owned farm in Bremen, Indiana—close to South Bend, Warsaw, Elkhart, Valparaiso, Peru and two hours from Indianapolis, West Lafayette and Chicago—and willing to deliver larger orders directly to you!

Naomi's offers 100% grass fed and finished Hereford beef and Katahdin lamb by the quarter, half, or whole. My beef and lamb are raised from birth at my small family farm and all have free range of the fields with their mother so that each animal is raised with the proper nutrition and love, making for the most delicious meat available.

I also have free-range whole pastured chicken and raw honey. The chicken is available each summer via pre-order. Pastured eggs and honey are available year round. My egg customers consistently tell me I have the best eggs around. I do not use antibiotics, hormones, steroids, vaccines, herbicides, or pesticides. My chickens are offered non-GMO corn to supplement their diet during the winter months.

I am not certified organic, but am applying regenerative farming practices to build soil, provide a haven for wildlife, sequester carbon and do my part to help climate change and save the world!

Naomi's, Naomi Enamorado, 752 Dogwood Road, Bremen, IN 46506. 574-546-4587.
E-mail: naomienamorado@hotmail.com. Website: www.facebook.com/naomis.grassfed.

Nature's Choice Farm is owned by Eric Sexton and his wife Samantha. We pride ourselves on raising animals naturally and on open pasture. Our beef is completely grass-fed and our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics. We also sell pasture-raised pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey.

Our products are available as individual cuts or bulk orders (1/4 beef, 1/2 pig) and can be purchased on the farm or at our listed farmers' markets. See our complete product line on our website.

We are grant recipients of the Frontera Farmers Foundation and continue to grow each year. This fall we will begin a CSA that will provide customers with a variety of meats year round.

Nature's Choice Farm, Eric and Samantha Sexton, 9445 E 5000 N, Grant Park IL 60940. (815) 472-2934.
E-mail: natureschoicefarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.natureschoicefarm.com.

Nettle Creek Farm and Pantry is a very small operation where we raise wholesome food for our own family and have some to sell. We never use antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers.

We raise our beef on pasture and hay only, but our dairy cows and goats are fed a small amount of grain-based supplements (1/2 pound per goat per day while they're in milk and about 2 pounds of oats per day and some molasses for the dairy cows).

We have non-GMO corn rations for the chickens and pigs (pork), which includes some soybean meal. The broilers that we raise each spring and fall, are on grass from 3 weeks to processing at about 8 weeks.

We use management intensive grazing to ensure the highest quality pasture, and also for the health and sustainability of the land.

Aside from milk, whatever we have available is listed on our website: www.nettlecreekfarmandpantry.com. Milk is usually available, but not for purchase through the website.

Nettle Creek Farm and Pantry, Kyle Fisk, 8245 Nettle Creek Road, Seneca IL 61360. 815-357-6970.
E-mail: info@nettlecreekfarmandpantry.com. Website: www.nettlecreekfarmandpantry.com.

Odyssey Farm, LLC produces premium pastured pork on our 32-acre farm outside Sun Prairie, WI.

Our farming methods focus on what is best for the animals and ecosystem. We raise our pigs as true to their nature as we can, giving them large paddocks with room to run and a variety of feeds from which to choose. Our Tamworths and Berkshires graze and root in pesticide- and herbicide-free pastures. Their diet includes non-GMO and organic feeds as well as windfall apples and garden leftovers of squash, melons, and brassicas. They do not receive antibiotics.

We move our pigs regularly to give them the freshest pastures while previous paddocks recover. But the pigs’ natural home is in the woods. We let our animals forage woodland paddocks in the fall where they eat acorns and hickory nuts like their wild kin. Doing our best by land and livestock rewards the eater with a redder, richly flavored pork.

We sell whole and half hogs as well as 25-pound variety boxes and individual cuts. On farm sales and visits by appointment.

Odyssey Farm, LLC, Ryan Erisman, 5586 County Road N, Sun Prairie, WI 53590. (608) 616-9786.
E-mail: ryan@odyssey.farm. Website: www.odyssey.farm.

Pasture’s Delights Farm in Decatur, IN offers fresh, organically-produced (non-certified), lab-tested, unpasteurized, unhomogenized REAL (raw) MILK available through its herdshare program.

The herd of Ayrshire dairy cows are pasture-grazed year round (weather permitting) on quality forages grown in the farm’s own pesticide and herbicide free soil and they receive absolutely no grains. The cows are naturally raised receiving no hormones or antibiotics and the herd is managed so that the rich, creamy raw milk is available 52 weeks a year.

Visits to see the operation are encouraged and regular tours are offered. In addition to farm pick-up, they deliver raw milk to their herdshare owners throughout northern and central Indiana including:

  • Northeast Indiana—Roanoke and 3 locations in Fort Wayne: North, Central, and South
  • East central Indiana—Muncie and Yorktown/Daleville (planned)
  • Central Indiana—Indianapolis (Broad Ripple), Carmel, and Pendleton
  • Northwest Indiana—Munster, Knox, and Valparaiso (planned)
  • North central Indiana—South Bend, Middlebury, and Warsaw
  • West central Indiana—Lafayette (planned)

Pasture's Delights Farm, 4579 North Salem Road, Decatur IN 46733. (260) 366-6455.
E-mail: marketing@pasturesdelights.com. Website: www.pasturesdelights.com. Delivery location map: http://goo.gl/maps/sbaC.

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Plum River Farm is located in the rolling hills of Jo Daviess County, in the northwest section of Illinois. Whole animals, sides and quarters of 100% grassfed beef can be reserved for later summer/fall pickup, and we try to maintain an adequate supply of individual cuts and 20-pound sampler boxes for those who would rather purchase smaller quantities throughout the year.

Our herefords and red angus are 100% grass fed and grass finished and are fed no antibiotics or hormones. They eat only grass and hay grown on our farm without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, though we are not certified as organic.

We ensure the health and well being of our animals and the quality of the resulting beef by following the stringent standards developed by Animal Welfare Approved and the American Grassfed Association, of which we are proud members.

Our animals are processed at a small, family-run facility located only 15 miles from our farm, where they are dispatched quickly and humanely by practices specified by Animal Welfare Approved.

Plum River Farm, Sonia Nelson and Conrad Iandola, 5886 S Loran Road, Pearl City IL 61062. (815) 443-9908 or (815) 291-7797.
E-mail: puregrassfedbeef@gmail.com. Website: www.plumriverfarm.com.

Here at Prairie Creek Pastures our family delights in producing healthy, nourishing and sustaining food. We are an organic farm resisting the use of chemicals and GMO seed. Instead we are seeking biological ways of improving our soils, which in turn will boost the nutrition of the meat and eggs we produce. We do not use any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants.

Our desire is to work with nature instead of against it. All of our fields and land are certified organic by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association). Our animals are fed the certified organic crops and are raised by organic standards, however, we have not pursued organic certification for the animals to prevent extra costs and paperwork. We rely on farmer-to-consumer trust relationships.

From our farm we offer: pastured chicken, pastured turkey, pastured brown eggs, pork (1/2 and whole sides of pork) and 100% grass-fed beef (1# packages ground beef and 1/4 & 1/2 sides of beef).

We are located approximately 25 minutes from Peoria and 30 minutes from Bloomington.

Please contact us with questions and orders!

Prairie Creek Pastures, Todd and Val Steiner, 12011 Miller Road, Tremont IL 61568. (309) 431-1846.
E-mail: service@prairiecreekpastures.com. Website: www.prairiecreekpastures.com.

Providence Farms, LLC is a family-owned farm anchored by a herd of over 100 South Poll beef cattle. Cattle are 100% Grass-fed, NEVER any grain. Pastured-raised meat, poultry, and pasture-raised eggs are available.

Poultry rations include ROASTED soybean, not bean meal exposed to hexane.

Certified Organic maple syrup available while supplies last. Green vegetables (green beans, lettuce, broccoli) and carrots are grown in soil (not pots or aquaponically) with green houses added for winter 2019AD for an extended season.

Delivery routes in Indiana to Sullivan, Terre Haute, Linton, Bloomington and Vincennes and to Robinson, Illinois beginning in May 2019AD on a monthly basis (cooler bag deposit required, no disposable packaging products are used). We also encourage all buyers to visit the farm at least once per year to see “Where Their Food Comes From” and to “Meet Their Farmer.”

The farm pastures are certified USDA Organic by CCOF since 2018AD. All farming practices EXCLUDE all toxic pesticides, and herbicides. Soil biology growth and conservation is promoted. The farm is sustainably and holistically managed with the attitude of stewardship and appreciation for the Intelligent Design intertwined in the natural ecosystems.

Order your family bundle today . . . only a limited number available (125 total). Pastured organic eggs, $4.00/dozen; Grass-fed hamburger, $5.00/pound (1-pound and 2-pound packages); Grass-fed Chuck Roast, $11.00/pound (2.5–5 pounds each); pastured frozen Chicken (parts and wholes), $2.81–3.89/pound; Organic Maple Syrup, $7/pint; organic greens (beans and lettuce in late June 2019AD), $3/pound.

Providence Farms doesn’t just want to sell you food . . . we want to be your farmer. Come and See!

Providence Farms, LLC, Scott Foster, 5113 N CR 800 W, Fairbanks IN 47849. (812) 572-4293.
E-mail: scott@pasturesofprovidence.com. Website: http://pasturesofprovidence.com.

Roller Coaster Farm is a family-owned-and-operated farm located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area. Our family has continually raised animals on the farm for over 30 years and it is currently operated by multiple generations of the family. We are firmly committed to the utilization of heritage breeds and natural farming methods that promote the health of our animals, our land, and our consumers.

At Roller Coaster Farm, we raise delicious, grass fed and grass finished Highland beef and Katahdin lambs as well as pastured Tamworth pork. We use Management Intensive Grazing techniques to rotate our cattle and sheep through lush pastures to produce lean, flavorful meat. Our Tamworth hogs enjoy grazing in the sunshine without any confinement for farrowing or feeding. None of our animals ever receive any added growth hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics or animal bi-products.

To ensure the highest quality product and processing methods, we have partnered with Avon Locker Plant, a state inspected plant just 3 miles from the farm. Custom processing and packaging can be arranged after consultation with Avon. We direct market our products in quantities ranging from entire animals to 20-pound. variety packs as well as supplying select restaurants, catering, and processing facilities that share our vision and value our animals and their stories.

Farm visits are welcome upon request by email. We are located in the southwest corner of Wisconsin, just over an hour from Madison, and 50 minutes from both Dubuque, Iowa and Galena, Illinois.

For a current price list and availability, email us or give us a call.

Roller Coaster Farm, Charlotte Doherty, PO Box 153 / 12971 Roller Coaster Road, Darlington WI 53530. (608) 776-2718.
E-mail: rollercoasterfarm@gmail.com.

Seven Sons is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Our mission is simple: We strive to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes our land and the people who eat of its bounty.

We offer a variety of pasture-raised meats and organic groceries. Including: 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry, lamb, and bison. Pasture-raised eggs. Wild-caught seafood. Raw-milk cheeses. And much more!

We have pickup locations in and around these areas:

  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Toledo
  • Cincinnati

Visit our website to see all our pickup locations and products.

Seven Sons, Blaine Hitzfield, 15718 Aboite Road, Roanoke IN 46783. (877) 620-1977.
E-mail: support@sevensons.net. Website: www.sevensons.net.

Shire Regenerative Farmhappy soil, happy plants, happy animals, healthy food

We grow high nutrient-density pastured Eggs, highly-pastured rich and tasty American Bresse Chicken, highly-pastured Duck Meat and Eggs, savanna-pastured Lamb, high antioxidant and phytonutrient Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, and more. Learn about our farm and schedule a visit at https://ShireRegenerative.Farm.

Our farming practices go beyond humane to happy, beyond conservation and beyond sustainable to regenerative. We orchestrate these knowledge-intensive practices to reinforce each other, to enhance the nutritional content of the food. We optimize for human health, and as a natural consequence this optimizes for environment, water, soil, plant, and animal health.

We serve the Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa regions; schedule a visit!

Shire Regenerative Farm, Coal Valley, IL 61240.
E-mail: See contact form on website. Website: https://ShireRegenerative.Farm.

Solar Harvest Farm is a pasture-based family farm located 25 miles SW of Milwaukee and 25 miles North of the Wisconsin/Illinois border. We offer Pastured Chicken, Eggs, Grassfed Beef and "Pig-Happy Pork." (Yes, their behavior clearly demonstrates that they are indeed "happy.")

Our poultry and pigs are provided with certified organic feed as well as forage from our pastures. The cattle are raised on their mother's milk before weaning onto a diet of hay and lush forage. Our livestock are raised in sync with the natural seasonal patterns. Poultry is offered in June and August, Grassfed beef in July and September, as well as Pork in September.

Our farming philosophy is centered around the balance and rejuvenation of soil biology and fertility so as to pass this fertility on to plant, animal and ultimately our customers. Our sustainable solar farming practices are complimented by our extensive use of sustainable solar and wind energy. So much sunshine is put into our products that sunglasses may actually be prudent at the dinner table! (Please...don't look directly at the chicken!)

Our newsletters are loaded with information. Email us, call us or go directly to www.solarharvestfarm.com to receive a copy!

Solar Harvest Farm, Steve & Michelle Heyer, 7432 Marsh Road, Waterford WI 53185. (262) 662-5278.
E-mail: solarharvestfarm@yahoo.com. Website: www.solarharvestfarm.com.

Sonrise Farms has been serving families who are seeking to improve their health for over 20 years! Located near Penfield, IL (approximately 25 miles northeast of Champaign-Urbana), the Hesterberg family has a diverse customer base covering much of central Illinois.

  • Grass-finished Beef from our herd of red angus cattle
  • Chickens fresh during the summer and fall

We are not certified organic, but our sustainable methods and rotational grazing practices put us above and beyond organic.

Chickens are sold fresh. Beef is sold frozen by the quarter, half, whole, and sample packs. Individual frozen beef cuts are available in our on-farm store.

Sonrise Farms, Dan and Diane Hesterberg, 1330 East 3000 North Road, Penfield IL 61862. (217) 595-5603.
E-mail: sonrisefarmsinfo@gmail.com. Website: www.sonrisefarms.net.

Sorensen’s Heritage Farm raises all-natural heritage breed pigs on pastures in the scenic Southern Illinois. We are located close to Interstates I-57 and I-64. Our farm is miles away from "industry" on pastures that have only been used for natural grass or woodlot for over 25 years.

We initially began raising pigs for ourselves, but found that others were also interested in healthier, highest quality, naturally raised pork that is never fed any antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Our pigs are Gloucester Old Spots, Large Black, Berkshire, and Red Wattle. These breeds produce excellent quality, hearty tasting pork. Our pigs are raised in the fresh air and sunshine where they have room to roam and develop naturally. Our pigs are treated with great care and love, and we make sure that they are humanely processed by a small packing facility.

Currently, we raise small groups of pigs (4-6) at a time. We can supply whole pigs, halves, or individual cuts. Please call and let us provide you with the best pork you have ever had.

Contact us today for details on how to place an order that will fill your freezer with great tasting, high quality, natural pastured pork at reasonable prices! Delivery is available in Southern Illinois for a reasonable fee.

We also offer stone ground chemical-free, non-GMO flour, naturally raised vegetables in season, and farm fresh eggs.

Sorensen's Heritage Farm, Tom and Sandy Sorensen, 21661 Knob Prairie Road, Thompsonville IL 62890. (618) 663-5722.
E-mail: sandy1951@hughes.net. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SorensensHeritageFarm/

SS Backwards Longhorn Meats is a family owned and run business registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. We are located in western Illinois, 45 miles south of Springfield. We serve all areas of Alton, Bethalto, Brighton, Godfrey, Jerseyville, Greenfield and more.

Beef can be purchased from our home or at Farmers Markets during the spring/summer seasons. We sell our products at the Alton and Edwardsville Farmers Markets. The Meat sticks can be shipped but we do NOT ship frozen products.

Longhorn beef is leaner than that of other breeds, it is also lower in saturated fats. The flavorful Longhorn beef has less cholesterol and calories than chicken. Including lean beef in a heart-healthy diet can positively impact blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase 'good' cholesterol and reduce 'bad' cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels. Nutritional content of Longhorn beef (based on a 3.5oz serving): Calories: 140; Protein: 25.5; Fat: 3.7; and Cholesterol: 61.5.

Want a healthy snack? Try our Lean Beef Snack sticks available in teriyaki, jalapeno and regular flavors.

SS Backwards Longhorn Meats, 34716 Sanders Road, Medora IL 62063. (618) 729-2004.
E-mail: ssbackwards@yahoo.com. Website: www.ssbackwardslonghorns.com.

Starry Nights Farm is a certified organic family farm raising beef cattle 100% in pasture and only grass fed and finished. We practice rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture for the health of our land, environment, and stronger more nutritious grasses for our animals. Being organic, we never use pesticides, herbicides, hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics; and we never feed grain.

Our animals are always outside in fresh air, sunshine, and with clean water and shelter from the elements always available.

We sell grass fed beef by the whole, half, or quarter as well as through a monthly “beef box” program, and other specials and products. See website store for details. Delivery available or farm pick up.

Contact us with questions, request a farm visit or to get in our email list—we’d love hearing from you!

Starry Nights Farm, Paul Maggio, 7500 352nd Avenue, Burlington, WI 53105. (312) 286-1075.
E-mail: info@starrynightsfarm.com. Website: www.starrynightsfarm.com.

Stutzman Family Farm is a food coop in the western suburbs of Chicago. We have food pick-ups at 1620 Stoddard Avenue in Wheaton between 4-7pm. Please email us for order deadlines, drop off locations and pick up dates. We offer grass fed raw dairy (sheeps milk and yogurt, goat milk, cow butter and cheese), grass fed beef, and pastured eggs.

We offer the highest quality grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free foods available. We maintain relationships with various farms that hold strict standards of quality. Organically raised animals are often grain finished, however, our animals are never fed antibiotics or hormones, and are always 100% grass fed. If our standards are not met, we will change suppliers to assure that our clients experience the same healthful quality they have come to expect.

Stutzman Family Farm, Nathaniel Stutzman, 15863 North County Road 300, East Humboldt IL 61931. (217) 254-0042.
E-mail: stutzmanfamilyfarm@gmail.com.

Summerdale Farms is located in Boone County, IL. We are nestled on beautiful rolling acreage with pastures, orchards, gardens and woods. The original farm was established in 1837. The land is chemical-free, and to our knowledge, has never had herbicides or pesticides applied, ever. We raise grass fed beef and pastured, free-range chickens. We are firmly committed to the utilization of natural farming methods that promote the health of our animals, our land, and our consumers.

We use Management Intensive Grazing techniques to rotate our cattle through lush pastures. The results of these methods produce lean, flavorful meat. The animals are raised in the healthiest, most natural environment possible. All our animals enjoy the pure water from our private well. Our water is free of fluoride, bleach, and chlorine.

The cattle have unlimited access to pastures year round. We grow most of our own alfalfa and grass hay for winter feedings. We do not give them growth hormones, vaccinations, maintenance antibiotics or animal bi-products. The cattle have peaceful lives and are allowed to run together in a herd as nature intended.

Our chickens are also outside, running free in their pastures from dawn to dusk. They spend most of the time pecking and scratching at seeds, plant material and insects. We supplement their diet with Organic and Soy-Free feed. The birds grow slowly over 10 weeks and are quite large, finishing out around 6 pounds. They are processed by a local USDA-approved facility. The meat is absolutely delicious, tender, and succulent.

Summerdale Farms, Inc. Sean and Cathy Rosedale, 9957 Grange Hall Road, Belvidere IL 61008. 847-721-2276
E-mail: Cathy100M@gmail.com. Website: www.summerdalefarms.com.

Tallgrass Beef is a pure, natural product of the Great American Prairie. Founded by Bill Kurtis—journalist, rancher, conservationist, and proud owner of The Red Buffalo Ranch in Sedan, Kansas—Tallgrass Beef Company is raising cattle that roam in the open and graze on natural grasses rich in nutrients and high in anti-oxidants. The result is beef that's rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, high in Vitamin E, higher in beneficial unsaturated fat, and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. You can taste the difference.

Tallgrass works with independent, family-owned farms and ranches to raise cattle in their grass-fed, grass-finished program. Their beef is sold in restaurants, select specialty food and grocery stores, and through their website. Although their office is in Kansas, they are primarily marketing and selling in Illinois.

Tallgrass Beef Company, 107 East Main, Sedan KS 67361. (877) 822-8283.
E-mail: info@tallgrassbeef.com. Website: www.tallgrassbeef.com.

Thankful Harvest is a grass-based, organic farm applying organic management for the benefit of the consumer, the environment, the animals and the farm. If you grew your own food, we believe you would do it like we do. We supply 100% grass-finished beef; 100% grass-finished lamb; organic, pastured, free-range poultry (chicken and turkey); and organic, non-soy farmstead eggs.

We feed our crops minerals based on detailed soil testing so that the crops are able to put more nutrition into what the animals and the consumers eat. If the minerals are not in the soil, they cannot make it to the table. We feed our chickens organic flax which is shown to increase beneficial fatty acids in the eggs. We strive to deliver maximum human nutrition to your family's table.

We deliver to homes, food coops, and buying clubs in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We also ship nationwide via appropriate shipping options.

Thankful Harvest’s Tenderheart Beef, Tom and Kristi German, 5139 210th St, Holstein IA 51025. (712) 830-3281.
E-mail: tom@thankfulharvest.com. Website: http://thankfulharvest.com.

Three Spring Farms is a new venture in 2011 by Andrew Bachmann, Jacob Bachmann and Bryan Meyers. The Bachmann brothers have loads of knowledge and experience: they are 4th generation farmers in the neighborhood with recent degrees in Agriculture from Missou. Meyers is a recent convert after an inspiring farm experience a few decades ago. Together they are raising grassfed beef and taking steps to protect and heal the farmland that they are working.

The Bachmanns have added to their previous knowledge by attending a grassfed grazing school in 2011, while Meyers perpetually bugs them with ideas gleaned from The Stockman Grassfarmer and other journals. We are simultaneously building our pastures and our grassfeeding skills. Initial work includes the building of a herd around some cows and calves that the Bachmanns have moved from their family farm up the road. The first year has seen the conversion of tilled fields to pasture and the development of plans to protect the ponds and streams by providing internal fencing and managed grazing. The grazing company is off to a strong start and has a small number of grassfed steers to offer at the end of the first year of operations.

We feed grass and hay only. We offer mineral supplements but absolutely no hormones and no antibiotics. The cattle are outside all the time and have had minimal health issues.

The beef will be sold direct to the consumer with options on how and where it will be processed. Will deliver to the St. Louis area and will discuss options outside that immediate region. Our farm is just across the river from Illinois, so it is a worthy consideration for those in Southern Illinois as well.

Three Spring Farm, Bryan Meyers, 1097 Perry County Road 330, Perryville MO 63775. (314) 605-2416.
E-mail: info@threespringfarms.com. Website: www.threespringfarms.com.

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Trail's End Organic Farm, certified by EcocertICO, is located 4 miles west of Putnam, Illinois in the Crow Creek Valley. Our farm consists of 385 acres and has been in the Morse family since 1921, and certified-organic since 1992. The farm is divided equally between cropland and pasture, with oak, walnut, and hickory timber. Crops include soybeans, popcorn, wheat, oats, and rye.

Our USDA Certified Organic grass-fed cattle are a Scottish Highland/Aberdeen Angus cross which ensures lean and flavorful beef. Of course, we don’t use growth hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are not confined in a feedlot, but spend their time out on pasture with access to clean water and shelter. Through the winter months the cattle are fed hay. It takes approximately 20 months to raise a calf to market weight.

The beef is sold by quarters, halves, or whole. The cattle are taken to a USDA certified-organic locker, Bittner’s Eureka Locker, Eureka, Illinois, for processing according to the customer’s cutting order. The employees at Eureka are very good at talking you through a cutting order, if you have never done one before.

Customers pick up their finished beef at the locker and pay the processing fee, or delivery can be arranged.

Trail's End Organic Farm, Janet Morse, 20001 195th North Avenue, Putnam IL 61560. (815) 437-2606.
E-mail: trailsend56@yahoo.com. Website: www.trailsendorganicbeef.com. Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/trailsendorganicfarm.

Tuthill Farm, a family farm in west central Illinois, offers local, clean, heritage pork.

Our heritage breed hogs are raised naturally outdoors where they root, eat grass and thrive, while enjoying humane treatment. Yes, they actually eat grass. Our delicious pork is a result of sunshine, fresh air and plenty of room to roam. The fact that we raise Large Black and Duroc hogs—both Heritage breeds known for their gourmet taste and pasturing ability—makes a big difference as well. Large Blacks are gaining popularity with restaurant chefs and home-chefs alike because they are a large, sweet-fleshed bacon-type pig famous for fine-grained, sweet-scented meat.

Our meat is processed in a local USDA inspected butcher shop. Our meat is available in bundles. Breeding stock is available.

Tuthill Farm meat is available online, local stores and is featured on the menus of local restaurants.

Tuthill Farm, Jonathan Tuttle, 3540 Payson Road, Quincy IL 62305. (217) 222-7689.
E-mail: info@tuthillfarm.com. Website: www.tuthillfarm.com.

Wallace Farms is the ultimate one-stop shop for conscientious consumers who insist on only the best foods to support their family’s health.

100% Grass-Fed Beef

  • We Believe……Cows were built to eat grass, not grain
  • We Believe……Soil health is pivotal to the quality grass that our cows thrive on
  • We Believe……Cattle should be rotated to fresh pasture daily
  • We Believe……High levels of CLA in grass-fed beef support a strong mind and body
  • We Believe……Our grass-fed beef is not only healthy, but tender and flavorful
  • We Believe……Grass-fed is Best

Fresh-Air Pork

  • We Believe……Pigs should have access to plenty of mud and sunshine
  • We Believe……Agriculture should be sustainable and diversified
  • We Believe……Healthy eating gives new meaning to family life

Free-Range Chicken & Turkey

  • We Believe……Poultry need access to green pasture, bugs and sun
  • We Believe……Small family farms can be resurrected by producing quality, artisanal foods
  • We Believe……Animals should remain free of antibiotics and growth hormones

Wild-Caught Seafood

  • We Believe……Seafood should always be sustainably fished – not farm-raised
  • We Believe……Cook Inlet waters are the best in the world

Wallace Farms utilizes the “Buying Club” approach, which allows our customers to pre-order a wide variety of foods. We ship to all 50 states and currently offer pick-ups at the following locations:

ILLINOIS LOCATIONS: Chicago, IL (Downtown); Naperville, IL (Western Chicagoland); Wauconda, IL (NW Chicagoland).

IOWA LOCATIONS: Ankeny, IA; Ames, IA; Cedar Rapids, IA; Clive, IA; Des Moines, IA (Downtown); Johnston, IA; Iowa City, IA.

Wallace Farms, Inc., Naperville, IL. (319) 442-3244.
E-mail: info@wallacefarms.com Website: www.wallacefarms.com.

Wanda Farm. Where's the Beef??? Wanda Farm's got the beef!

  • Grass-fed beef (grass-finished – no grain)
  • Free-range pork

Mission: Wanda Farm is a family farm that is committed to provide the best care to our animals and land, in return, we receive wholesome, great tasting, and high-quality meats for you and your family.

Practices: We believe in raising our animals in a free-range, natural environment where the cattle can graze on green pastures. We do not feed any growth hormones or antibiotics to our animals. All our animals here at Wanda Farm are treated like family and given the best quality life we can give them.

We currently only do bulk orders. Farm visits our welcomed (please call ahead). Please contact us for more information or visit our website.

Wanda Farm, Joe and Hannah Wanda, 17419 Hebron Road, Harvard, IL 60033. (815) 354-8700.
Email: joe@wandafarm.net. Website: http://wandafarm.net.

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Beyond the Farm
Illinois Restaurants, Stores, Markets & Buying Clubs that feature grass-fed products


Inventory Closeout
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Books about Farming,
& Food Politics

Special Sale
on books
by Eatwild Founder
Jo Robinson

NY Times Bestseller
by Eatwild Founder
Jo Robinson

Eating on the Wild Side


Pasture Perfect
by Jo Robinson

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